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Red Leaf Raspberry Tea Pregnancy

Possible Benefit: Lowers Inflammation


Red raspberry leaf is rich in polyphenols, plant compounds that have antioxidant properties. Even better: The leaves have been found to have higher concentrations of these anti-aging compounds compared to the fruit itself.

Not only do antioxidants protect cells from damage, they also help with lowering inflammation, says Galvin. Inflammation is linked to a number of chronic diseases, including heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and perhaps even Alzheimers disease.

Side Effects Of Red Raspberry Leaf Tea Use In Pregnancy

While studies are very limited, one study concluded its safety during pregnancy. Red raspberry leaf tea is considered safe for pregnant women in their second and third trimesters and while breastfeeding. As a general precaution, I always recommend talking to your doctor before you start to drink herbal teas. However, there are a few potential drawbacks to be aware of.

  • It can have a laxative effect and stimulate your bowels. If you are already having issues with diarrhea during pregnancy, it might make matters worse.
  • It may cause noticeable uterine cramping. When some women begin drinking this tea, they feel cramping or in rare cases see spotting. If this happens to you discontinue use until later in pregnancy.
  • May trigger a miscarriage in early pregnancy. Because red raspberry leaf can stimulate strong contraction, its generally advised to avoid it during the first trimester.

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Is Red Raspberry Leaf Tea Safe

In Botanical Medicine for Womens Health, physician, herbalist and midwife Aviva Romm writes that Of all the herbs that might be considered for labor preparation, raspberry leaf products appear to be the safest.

According to the Botanical Safety Handbook: 2nd Edition, its a Safety Class 1A herb, which is the safest rating possible. Herbs in this category are described as:

Herbs that can be safely consumed when used appropriately.

  • History of safe traditional use
  • No case reports of significant adverse events with high probability of causality
  • No significant adverse events in clinical trials
  • No identified concerns for use during pregnancy or lactation
  • No innately toxic constituents
  • Toxicity associated with excessive use is not a basis for exclusion from this class
  • Minor or self-limiting side effects are not bases for exclusion from this class

Always check with your doctor before adding herbs to your diet, and listen to your intuition to help you make the best choice for yourself.

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Key Red Raspberry Leaf Tea Benefits For Fertility That Will Help You Conceive Faster

by Avi Steen | Jan 1, 2022 | Fertility Diet, Trying to Conceive

Last Updated on January 2, 2022 by Avi Steen

Want to know the red raspberry leaf tea benefits for fertility? In this post were going to be discussing the benefits for both fertility as well as further along in your future pregnancy for labor.

This post may include affiliate links, please see our full disclosure.

I used red raspberry tea in my first two pregnancies and while trying to conceive my third child. There are a lot of benefits to red raspberry leaf tea for labor as well as fertility.

In this post youll learn what those benefits are and how they can specifically help you in your current TTC journey.

After reading this post youll be able to know how this herbal tea benefits fertility, when to drink it and how to prepare it as well.

This post is all about red raspberry lead tea benefits for fertility.

Laboratory And Animal Studies

Everything You Need to Know About Red Raspberry Leaf Tea During ...

Laboratory studies have focused on the effect of raspberry leaf on smooth muscle including the uterus, ilium and rectum. The earliest laboratory study was in 1941 with three of five studies more than 50 years old and the two more recent studies conducted in 2002 and 2010 . Included studies used a variety of raspberry leaf preparations, dosages, methods of extraction and animal tissues making comparisons difficult.

Rojas-Vera, Patel et al and Beckett, Belthle et al highlight that raspberry leaf extraction methods confound the effects of raspberry leaf. Relaxant effects for Rojas-Vera, Patel et al ranged from none to moderate to a strong dose dependent relaxant effect, using three different elutes. Beckett, Belthle et al found that the component causing spasmolytic effects in their sample antagonised those inspiring smooth muscle stimulation and anticholinesterase effects suggesting that purification methods might be responsible for some of the contradictory effects of raspberry leaf found in some studies .

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Why Red Raspberry Leaf Tea During Pregnancy

Red raspberry leaf tea is most often recommended during pregnancy, and statistically up to 63% of midwives recommend red raspberry leaf to their clients.

The research is somewhat divided about how much red raspberry leaf consumption during pregnancy can benefit a woman in labor, but recent clinical studies have concluded that:

The findings suggest that the raspberry leaf herb can be consumed by women during their pregnancy for the purpose for which it is taken, that is, to shorten labour with no identified side effects for the women or their babies. The findings also suggest ingestion of the drug might decrease the likelihood of pre and post-term gestation. An unexpected finding in this study seems to indicate that women who ingest raspberry leaf might be less likely to receive an artificial rupture of their membranes, or require a caesarean section, forceps or vacuum birth than the women in the control group.

While red raspberry was not found to shorten the first stage of labor, it did shorten the second stage of labor by almost ten minutes and reduced the risk of forceps delivery with no adverse effects for mom or baby.

Another study in rats showed that RRL could both strengthen or lessen contraction intensity, but that it did not affect the bodys ability to go into labor or duration.

What Is Raspberry Leaf Tea

Red raspberry leaf tea is a herbal tea that is made from the leaves of the red raspberry plant. It has been used as a pregnancy tea for at least two centuries. Although often recommended to induce labour, its actual role is to increase blood flow to the uterus and ready the uterine muscle for more organised contraction during labour.

While there are no studies to suggest that this fruity herbal tea can induce labour, by understanding how it works with the womb, one can see how drinking the tea prepares pregnant women for birth.

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Raspberry Leaf Tea Benefits

Red raspberry leaf tea is a herbal tea loaded with benefits, both nutritionally and functionally. It contains a rich assortment of vitamins including b vitamins, calcium, iron, magnesium and fragarine. Unlike black tea, it doesnt contain caffeine. And of all the herbal teas, its one which tastes closer to black tea.

Across the world, red raspberry leaf is used to treat flu, diarrhoea and acne.

Its used to lower the blood sugar of diabetic women, regulate irregular menstrual cycles, decrease heavy periods and lower blood pressure.

When taken during pregnancy, red raspberry leaf is said to aid the mothers immune system, ease morning sickness and promote better circulation. Its often used by women in the third trimester of pregnancy, as a natural means to have an easier labor.

Implications For Future Research

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea and Evening Primrose Oil for Pregnancy and Natural Birth Prep

This review highlights the need for further research into the effects of raspberry leaf use in human pregnancy. The only randomised controlled study on human subjects in this area used a sub-therapeutic dose of raspberry leaf, taking a conservative approach as it was the first study of this kind. This however, leaves the question of the efficacy of raspberry leaf un-answered. We suggest that we can have some confidence that raspberry leaf does not have significant detrimental effects given the long history of raspberry leaf use and the large proportion of women that currently use it in pregnancy. There is scope to conduct further research in this area and both clinical trials and well conducted prospective cohort studies would add significantly to the evidence base. Such studies should provide detail on the type, form, dosage, and timing of raspberry leaf consumed and have a sample size that can accommodate sub analyses based on differences in these parameters.

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Benefits Of Red Raspberry Leaf Tea For Pregnancy Childbirth And Postpartum

Red raspberry leaf tea is recommended by midwives, herbalists, and other womens health providers for use during pregnancy. Its known to relieve menstrual cramps, lessen PMS symptoms, promote fertility, balance hormones, and improve reproductive health. It is also associated with an increase in breastmilk supply.

Most of the popularity around its use is specifically geared towards pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period. The concept behind drinking red raspberry leaf tea is that it can tone and prepare your uterus for delivery. This results in more effective contractions and spontaneous labor, both of which prevent the need for medical induction, birth interventions, and unplanned c-sections.

Surprisingly, there havent been a huge number of studies on this very popular herbal recommendation for pregnancies. Largely, recommendations are based on anecdotal but convincing evidence. And many women use it to benefit their pregnancies and deliveries in a variety of ways.

Is It Safe To Drink Raspberry Leaf Tea

You might assume that if a box of red raspberry leaf tea is sold in a drugstore or online, it cant possibly be harmful. But thats not actually the case. Herbal supplements are only loosely regulated in the U.S., and manufacturers dont have to test them for safety or efficacy before putting them on the market. In fact, there’s no guarantee that what’s in the package matches what it says on the label. That alone is reason enough to proceed with caution, especially when youre pregnant.

And, in fact, quality research on red raspberry leaf tea is limited. So experts dont know enough to say for sure whether drinking red raspberry leaf tea to induce labor is safe. As for drinking it earlier in your pregnancy? Even herbalists and midwives who recommend the tea say women should steer clear during their first trimester. If red raspberry leaf does in fact stimulate the uterine muscles, it could potentially pose a risk of miscarriage.

Ultimately, you should be careful before using red raspberry leaf tea or any other herbal supplements during your pregnancy. And if you are thinking about giving the tea a try, you should always get the green light from your health care provider first. If your doctor does okay it, its best to drink the tea in moderation.

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How Much Red Raspberry Leaf Should I Take

It is difficult to be exact with dosages if you drink loose leaf tea, because it depends on how long you steep your tea, and the quantity you use.

The best way to prepare your raspberry leaf tea is to boil a cup of water, placing it into a teapot.

Put in a teaspoon of red raspberry leaf tea, then stir or swish it before letting it steep for ten minutes. When ten minutes is up, pour it into your favourite mug and enjoy!

The taste is a little bitter, so you may want to sweeten it with some honey or stevia.

You can have up to 4-5 cups per day of raspberry leaf tea in your third trimester, but have at least 2-3.

If youre in your first trimester, one cup per day is fine.

If you prefer tablet form, it is suggested that you take two 300mg or 400mg tablets with each meal, three times a day, from 32 weeks .

It May Prevent The Need For Artificial Induction And Naturally Induce Labor

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Red raspberry leaf tea is probably most known for its potential to naturally induce labor. And research supports that! Mamas who regularly drink red raspberry leaf tea during their third trimesters are more likely to go into labor spontaneously. This means they are less likely to receive an artificial rupture of their membranes.

Whats more, you can brew very strong red raspberry leaf tea once you reach your due date to try to initiate contractions and induce labor naturally. Anecdotally there is a lot of support for this method!

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Raspberry Leaf Tea In Pregnancy

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If youre pregnant or have been, youve probably heard of Raspberry leaf tea for pregnancy and labour. But why take it? When is the right time during pregnancy to take raspberry leaf tea? Are capsules better? There are so many misconceptions about the whys and wherefores of raspberry leaf tea for pregnancy and birth that I thought I would clear it up in this post. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments below. This post is intended as a guide only and not to replace medical advice.

How Long Does Raspberry Leaf Tea Take To Work

It may take up to a few weeks for the benefits of red raspberry leaf to get accumulated in the body and take effect. You should begin by drinking one cup of red raspberry leaf tea every day, and work your way up to three cups over the course of a week. If you decide to use capsules, make sure to follow the recommendations for the appropriate dosage that are printed on the packaging.

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Data Extraction And Analysis

Salient features of included studies were extracted in tabular format facilitating analysis and comparison across studies. The data extraction table included information on study design, sample, methods, dose and form of raspberry leaf used where reported, analysis, findings, critique and comments. Table summarises the characteristics of included studies and main findings. A constant comparison method was the overarching approach taken to data analysis . Extracted data were grouped and categorised by design and sample for example in vitro studies examining effects on raspberry leaf on animal or human tissue, in vivo studies in animals and humans. This process facilitated analysis and comparison of findings for similar sorts of studies.

Fig. 1

How To Make Red Raspberry Leaf Tea


The world of tea is enormous. Today, you’ll find a wide range of teas and tea blends in the market. All the varieties of tea boast their own flavors and advantages. One of the significant tea leaves that are popularly called a woman tonic is red raspberry leaf tea.

As the name implies, it’s a brew prepared from the red raspberry plant. For generations, this tea is used globally due to its severaltherapeutic benefits as per research. The leavesare full of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C, B vitamins, magnesium, iron, zinc, potassium, and phosphorus.

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Raspberry leaves tea is a caffeine-free infusion. But the levels of caffeine content will vary if you blend them with other tea leaves, such as black or green tea. You can even make a herbal tea blend using raspberry leaves for other medical purposes. So, you can say there are various techniques to make this tea.

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How Can You Tell If Your Cervix Is Softening

Some possible symptoms of effacement include:

  • Braxton Hicks contractions, also known as practice contractions or false labor. They do not cause dilation but may help to soften the cervix. …
  • You lose your mucus plug.
  • An increase in vaginal discharge.
  • Feeling like your baby has dropped lower into your pelvis.

Raspberry Leaf Tea Or Capsules

Raspberry leaf tea made from the dried raspberry leaves and boiling water is thought to be more effective than the capsules. There are lots of different brands around, it doesnt have to be organic and the most expensive, look at the ingredients and make sure it is made from the raspberry leaf herbal tea rather than raspberry fruit tea. I really like this one from Hottea Mama, it is a mix of raspberry leaf and peppermint herb infusion for a different taste. If youre buying loose-leaf raspberry leaf tea, you will need to be careful with your measurements and make a pot of tea or use an infuser.

If you really cant stand the taste or if youre suffering from nausea, then try the capsules. They come in 300mg or 400mg doses. Go for the higher dose if you can.

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Can Red Raspberry Leaf Tea Lengthen Your Period

When I went in for my initial consultation with my acupuncturist, she suggested that I begin drinking one cup of red raspberry leaf tea every day in order to increase the number of days that my period lasted from two to five. It occurred on the very next cycle, which amazed me at how quickly it worked!!!

Does Raspberry Tea Soften Your Cervix

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea for Pregnancy (Budget

In addition, it is recommended that you begin getting your body ready for labor as soon as possible.According to Ginger Breedlove, CNM, principal consultant at Grow Midwives in Kansas City, Missouri, women through the centuries have believed that red raspberry leaf tea can act as a softening agent in helping prepare the cervix and the uterus, says Breedlove.Grow Midwives in Kansas City, Missouri, is one of the few places in the country that offers this tea.

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Are There Any Warnings About Using Red Raspberry Leaf Tea During Pregnancy

Herbal supplements are unregulated in the U.S. While a box of tea looks innocuous on store shelves, anything that can affect your physiology can have potential adverse effects. It may also interfere with other prescription medications you take so please check with your OB-GYN or midwife before use.

Too much of anything can lead to harm, and its wise to drink red raspberry leaf tea in moderation. One cup a day should produce the benefits you desire without putting you into the danger zone. Avoid drinking more than four cups daily during your first trimester, as more might cause you to miscarry.

This brew has a diuretic effect, meaning it makes you shed excess water. While this property will delight your puffy ankles, if you already race to the bathroom multiple times daily, you might want to moderate your consumption for that reason. Likewise, it can have a mild laxative effect please dont overindulge before that strategy meeting!


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