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Where Can I Purchase Hibiscus Tea

Could Help Fight Bacteria


Bacteria are single-celled microorganisms that can cause a variety of infections, ranging from bronchitis to pneumonia to urinary tract infections.

In addition to having antioxidant and anticancer properties, some test-tube studies have found that hibiscus could help fight bacterial infections.

In fact, one test-tube study found that hibiscus extract inhibited the activity of E. coli, a strain of bacteria that can cause symptoms like cramping, gas and diarrhea .

Another test-tube study showed that the extract fought eight strains of bacteria and was as effective as some medications used to treat bacterial infections .

However, no human studies have looked at the antibacterial effects of hibiscus tea, so it is still unclear how these results may translate to humans.

Summary Test-tube studies have found that hibiscus extract could fight certain strains of bacteria. More research is needed to determine how hibiscus tea may affect bacterial infections in humans.

Buddha Teas Organic Hibiscus Tea

  • Amount: 18 tea bags
  • Type: pure organic hibiscus tea bags

Buddha Teas was founded by John Boyd who grew up in the U.K. and later moved to the US. Based on his vast knowledge of tea culture he decided to start a company focused on healthy and sustainably sourced teas.

Here is a very high-quality organic hibiscus tea that comes in a pack of 18 unbleached teabags. The only ingredient of this product is hibiscus, there are no additives. This hibiscus tea has a natural and smooth flavor!

Just Add Honey Tea Company

Owners Brandi and Jermail Shelton started their Atlanta-based company to bring tea lovers together. They like to use hibiscus as a base for their fruity offerings, and their Berries! tea blend includes blueberries, raspberries, black currants, elderberries, and raisins. They have several other combinations that also highlight the fruity hibiscus flower. $15 for 3-oz. tin at

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Health Benefits Of Our Hibiscus Tea

There are numerous benefits associated with regularly drinking hibiscus tea. One of the leading advantages revolves around weight loss. Its important to remember that healthy weight loss should never happen quickly. Instead, it should take place gradually and over time, which will improve the possibility of keeping the weight off in the long term. Hibiscus tea can help to aid in weight loss because it can speed up your metabolism.

Do you struggle with high blood pressure? Do you know that your cholesterol levels are not where they should be? Incorporating hibiscus tea into your diet can help you see a continuous change for the better regarding these important aspects of your health. Just by drinking 500 millilitres of this type of tea before you eat breakfast can help to lower your blood pressure and cholesterol level over time.

Another one of the leading reasons why you should drink hibiscus tea is the fact that it can help to boost your immune system while acting as an anti-inflammatory at the same time. During the colder months when there is an uptick in seasonal sicknesses, hibiscus tea can help you to maintain a stronger immune system. Additionally, if you struggle with pain as a result of inflammation, hibiscus tea can act as a natural anti-inflammatory.

To Learn more on further

health benefits of Hibiscus Tea, click here.


  • Place 1-2 whole hibiscus flowers within strainer and then add boiling water. You should see the flowers release a red to purple color.
  • Tea Forte Wildberry Hibiscus Tea

    Strawberry Hibiscus Iced Tea
    • Amount: 3.88 oz
    • Type: loose leaf hibiscus tea blend

    Known to focus on both the quality and presentation of their teas, Tea Forte offers handcrafted luxury tea blends in elegant packages.

    Tea Forte Wildberry Hibiscus Tea is an excellent blend that consists of organic ingredients including hibiscus, apple pieces, licorice root, blackberry leaves, orange peel, raspberries, and rosehip. It comes in their award-winning loose leaf tea canister.

    This herbal tea has a nice and complex flavor with floral and fruity notes and tastes great hot and cold.

    If you are looking for an exquisite and delicious organic loose leaf hibiscus blend, try this one!

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    Does Hibiscus Tea Cause Hallucinations

    There have been some reports of people claiming to feel woozy after drinking hibiscus tea. Its happened often enough that the terms hibiscus drunk and hibiscus intoxication have been created.

    To date, there is no scientific evidence of hibiscus tea making people drunk and/or causing hallucinations.

    A common theory for why hibiscus intoxication happens is that its result of peoples blood pressure becoming too low. As I mentioned, hibiscus tea is known for lowering your blood pressure.

    When your blood pressure becomes too low, this can lead you to feeling light headed, and well, drunk, and possibly hallucinating.

    What Do I Need To Make Hibiscus

    We are taking the simple route with this recipe. Instead of drying hibiscus leaves, youre going to purchase hibiscus and green tea from your local grocery store. There are a lot of great herbal tea combinations, including coconut hibiscus and strawberry hibiscus. This recipe uses tea bags instead of loose leaf tea.

    Pro tip: Compost your teabags! If the teabag itself is made of something biodegradable like paper, you can compost the whole bag. If not, empty the contents in your bin and toss as you usually would. Damp tea leaves help speed up the decomposition process and can add richness to your garden.

    Youll also need liquid stevia. One thing you may not know about me is that I have a stevia plant of my own. Growing stevia is effortless once the plant itself is stable. I prefer using stevia from my garden or liquid stevia because you have more control over it. Plus, liquid stevia blends into drinks without leaving clumps.

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    How Long To Steep Hibiscus Tea

    You should steep your cold brew hibiscus tea for at least two hours, but no more than four for the best possible flavour. How long you steep the tea depends on the freshness of the flowers. The drier the flowers, the longer youll need to steep it.

    Look for fresh dried flowers. Even with packaged hibiscus, the flowers should not be brittle and crumbly. If you squeeze the package, the petals should feel soft and pliable.

    If you steep it for too long the flowers will begin to disintegrate and add an off-putting flavour.

    Shocking Benefits And Risks From Hibiscus Tea

    How to Dry and Make Hibiscus Tea for High Blood Pressure or Hypertension

    I recently discovered hibiscus tea and completely fell in love with it. But unlike other herbal teas, there are both benefits and risks from hibiscus tea.

    As it turns out, this vibrant coloured tea doesnt affect everyone the same way. What can be a benefit to some, is actually a risk for others.

    Ill go over everything you should watch out for when drinking hibiscus tea to know whether you should drink it or avoid it altogether.

    Not sure how to drink hibiscus tea to add it to your diet? I found these 5 different ways to make hibiscus tea, Im sure theres at least one youll love!

    Psst! This blog post contains affiliate links in it which sends me a bit of extra money if you use them at no extra cost to you!

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    How To Use Hibiscus

    Because of its demulcent properties and tart flavor, hibiscus forward teas are often best cold brewed. This captures the best of the cooling and moistening benefits while not getting too tart a flavor. Some teas, however, keep hibiscus as a more subtle supporting flavor.

    Either way, a hot brew is perfectly acceptable and will bring out more of a cranberry flavor to the tea. Whether you choose to brew your hibiscus hot or cold, you dont want to add any milk to your cup. The acidity in hibiscus causes milk to curdle.

    Since you can grab a bag of Just Hibiscus, you can try your hand at blending your own teas! Check out our line of single ingredient teas which includes Just Rosehips, Just Elderberries, Just Elderflower, and Just Ginger for more blending ingredients.

    Try using a simple green tea like our Hope Blend, a blend of black and green with citrus notes in our Kitchen Table blend, or a basic black tea like our Fog Cutter Irish Breakfast tea as a base tea. If you want to try blending with more of a flavored tea, hibiscus would pair well with any fruity blend.

    Hibiscus is great for tea, tropical drinks, and cocktails, but it can also be used to make food! This vanilla-hibiscus cake soaks a vanilla cake with homemade hibiscus liqueur. This hibiscus smoothie is another great way to use hibiscus in your mealtime.

    Ready to get started? Check out our hibiscus teas and pick your favorite. Youll fall in love with its delightfully sweet and tangy flavor.

    Organic Hibiscus Tea Bags

    Tea bags provide an easy and convenient way of brewing a nice cup of hibiscus tea wherever you are. You only need hot water and a cup, and youre ready to go.

    It is best to choose a product with unbleached tea bags to avoid any chemicals getting into your tea.

    There are dozens of brands that have hibiscus tea bags in their selection of products. Below is my personal favorite from the dozens I have tried.

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    Hibiscus Tea Health Benefits

    Hibiscus tea is known as a healthy beverage, that has been traditionally used for treating high blood pressure. It also has a high antioxidant content that can help with reducing oxidative stress that causes aging.

    To most notable health benefits of hibiscus tea are:

    What Does Hibiscus Tea Do For My Body

    AHOY! Hibiscus Tea Loose Leaf 50 gm Pack of 2: Buy AHOY ...

    The health benefits of hibiscus are astounding. Its high in Vitamin C and can support your immune system. Hibiscus is great for detoxing your liver, and its full of antioxidants that help your organs perform better. Some say that this tea works as a diuretic and helps get rid of excess salt and bloating. I find that this particular recipe energizes my body, and I like that hibiscus is caffeine-free.

    Drinking a cup of herbal tea is excellent for your waistline. Its low in calories while indulgent enough to trick your mind into thinking youve had a treat. Drinking herbal tea boosts your water intake and helps you feel fuller. When your body is hydrated, you stave off false hunger pangs, which are really water me signals!

    In my opinion, green tea is what makes this recipe so great!. Sipping green tea always makes me feel like Im at a spa. Its my little oasis amid busyness. The flavor of green tea complements hibiscus beautifully. Aside from the flavor factor, green tea boosts the nutritional benefits of this recipe too. Green tea has been an abundant living staple in the health community for decades. It can speed up your metabolism and reduce abdominal fat.

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    Are Hibiscus Tea Bags Plastic Free

    Another good reason to buy Hibiscus Tea Bags UK is the fact that theyre Plastic Free Tea Bags. We create them with wood pulp and vegetable starch, making them bio-plastic.

    Although not a perfect solution, they serve mother nature better than petrochemical-based Tea Bags microplastics. If youre looking to do your bit for the environment, in other words, then look no further.

    Health Benefits And Dangers

    Many people might wonder Is homemade hibiscus iced tea good for you? The answer is it depends.

    A natural diuretic, hibiscus tea may offer health benefits for some people when enjoyed in moderation. For example, the red pigment in hibiscus flowers is an anthocyanin, a flavonoid compound with antioxidant effects.

    Potential benefits include lowering blood pressure, reducing free radicals, fighting bacterial infections and boosting liver function.

    However, much as with any beverage made with botanicals, hibiscus tea may also have side effects, risks and dangers. For example, pregnant or breastfeeding women should not consume hibiscus.

    Follow these safety guidelines for herbal supplements published by the Mayo Clinic before consuming herbs or flowers in tea or any other form.

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    The Republic Of Tea Natural Hibiscus Superflower Tea

    • Amount: 36 tea bags
    • Type: organic hibiscus blend in tea bags

    The Republic of Tea is one of my favorite tea brands that offers a great variety of teas, herbs, and bottled ice-teas.

    The Natural Hibiscus Superflower Tea comes in a nice airtight tin that contains 36 unbleached and stringless tea bags. The ingredients of this blend are hibiscus flower, sweet blackberry leaves, and stevia leaves.

    This is a super healthy blend with a sweet floral taste.

    Ingredients Of Cold Brew Hibiscus Tea With No Refined Sugar


    Dried Hibiscus Flowers Loose, dried organic hibiscus flowers, also known as rosa de jamaica, flor de jamaica or sorrel.

    Apple Juice We use apple juice as a natural sweetener rather than refined sugar. You can add as much or as little as you want. For the most attractive drink, opt for clear apple juice rather than cloudy cider.

    Water filtered, purified or distilled.

    Garnish fresh mint, a wedge of lime or even a slice of fresh apple.

    Ice serve over ice made with filtered, purified or distilled water.

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    Should I Use Basil Or Hibiscus

    Its totally up to you!

    Hibiscus tea is one of my absolute favorite drinks ever, and the flavors pair perfectly with blueberry.

    I buy dried hibiscus flowers online to use in tea. Make sure to buy food-grade dried flowers, because non-food grade may have been sprayed with pesticides.

    As much as I love hibiscus, though, Im basically always looking for a way to use extra basil in the summer. Blueberry and basil are delicious together!

    This recipe also works perfectly with frozen basil leaves.

    Basil plants can be prolific, so the more basil recipes the better!

    What Does Hibiscus Tea Taste Like

    The first thing youll notice about Buddha Teas Hibiscus Tea is its intense color, reminding one of garnets, or perhaps a glass of Côte-du-Rhône wine. This tea, however, is well known as iced tea, and regularly served throughout warm summer months. Often served sweetened, as the tartness lends itself to such additions, it can also be enjoyed naked.

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    Drinking Hibiscus Tea Every Day Could Curb Soda Cravings

    Hibiscus tea just might be the thing that helps you demolish your soda addiction once and for all.

    It’s not exactly a secret that soda is probably one of the most unhealthy choices you can make when it comes to your diet even if you’re a diet soda drinker. As WebMD reported, sodas are loaded with empty calories and high in sugar. Additionally, there have been numerous studies linking soda with a variety of diseases. However, drinking hibiscus tea instead of soda could help keep those diseases at bay. As registered dietitian Amanda A. Kostro Miller told , hibiscus tea is “great for people who are trying to lose weight or maintain their weight and want a little flavor in their fluids,” because it can replace soda. Additionally, if you drink unsweetened hibiscus tea, you’ll be working to fend off those sugary cravings that lead to soda consumption.

    “Sweets feed a sweet tooth, and the more sweets you get, the more you tend to want,” Dr. David Katz told WebMD. By replacing soda with hibiscus tea, you just might stop craving the sugary beverage altogether.

    Best Hibiscus Tea Brands And Where To Buy Them

    Drink of the Flower. Hibiscus Tea. â KetoCookKC

    Hibiscus is a beautiful flowering plant that can be used to make healthy and delicious herbal tea. Whether you are looking for hibiscus in tea bags, loose leaf form, or a blend of hibiscus flowers and other ingredients, the finest products are introduced in this article.

    Continue reading to find out what are the best hibiscus tea brands and where to buy them.

    Here is a complete list of hibiscus teas reviewed in this guide:

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    Drinking Hibiscus Tea Every Day Might Lower Blood Sugar Which Could Be Dangerous For Some People

    Drinking hibiscus tea every day could mean trouble for people battling dangerously low blood sugar.

    While some people are lucky enough to have normal blood sugar levels, many others struggle with either high blood sugar or low blood sugar both of which produce negative side effects and need to be managed with medication. Low blood sugar, or hypoglycemia, is especially tricky for hibiscus tea lovers, as the delicious beverage might lower blood sugar too much. Obviously, that can be dangerous for people with blood sugar problems. According to Medical News Today, it’s important for people with diabetes or low blood sugar to “monitor their blood sugar” when they drink hibiscus tea. “This is because it may decrease blood sugar or blood pressure levels,” the website reported.

    Of course, having your blood sugar drop too low can be seriously dangerous. Side effects of low blood sugar include rapid heartbeat, hunger, headache, sweating, and dizziness, among other things, and can even lead to a seizure or coma, according to Healthline. So, whether or not you already have hypoglycemia, make sure you take note of any low blood sugar symptoms you experience if drinking hibiscus tea.

    Organic Hibiscus Berry Herbal Tea 14 Oz

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