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Where Can I Buy Hyssop Tea

Anise Hyssop Digestive Benefits

Hippophae Rhamnoides – Seaberry & Anise Hyssop (TEA)

A form of hyssop known as anise hyssop, Agastache foeniculum, is a member of the mint family that has a licorice-like flavor. Native Americans made tea from the leaves and valued anise hyssop as a medicinal herb for its ability to improve digestion, according to the Illinois State University Horticulture Center. Limonene, one of the main components of anise hyssop essential oil, neutralizes stomach acid and promotes healthy muscular function of the digestive tract, making it potentially useful for relieving symptoms of heartburn and gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, according to a study published in the September 2007 issue of the “Alternative Medicine Review.”


How To Plant Hyssop

  • Best location: Hyssop grows best in full sun but will tolerate partial shade.
  • Soil preparation: Plant hyssop in compost-rich, well-drained soil. Add aged compost or commercial organic planting mix to planting area ahead of planting. Hyssop grows best in a soil pH of 7.0 to 8.0slightly alkaline.
  • Seed starting indoors: Sow hyssop seed indoors in early spring just a week or so before the last frost. Start seed in flats under fluorescent lights. Germination takes about 14 days.
  • Transplanting to the garden: Transplant hyssop outdoors in mid- to late spring after the last frost.
  • Outdoor planting time: Hyssop can be grown from seed, division, or stem cuttings. Sow seed outdoors after the last spring frost. Seeds also can also be sown in autumn. Start plants from cuttings in late spring or early fall. Start plants from root divisions in early spring or late summer.
  • Planting depth: Sow seeds ¼ inch deep. Cover seeds lightly.
  • Spacing: Space hyssop plants 12 to 18 inches apart.
  • How much to plant: Grow 2 hyssop plants for cooking; grow 10 to 20 plants for tea and preserving.
  • Companion planting: Grow hyssop with lavender, rosemary, garlic chives, and catmint. Hyssop repels flea beetles and other pests; it lures cabbage moths so it can be used as a trap plant. Hyssop attracts bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. Plant hyssop near beehives; the collected nectar will flavor the honey. Hyssop is said to increase the yield of grapevines. Radishes are said to suffer if planted near hyssop.

Hyssop Uses Purifying And Uplifting

Many of the Hyssop uses go back to ancient times. Spiritually it has been used to cleanse, purify and even to “forgive sins”. It has been used for meditation and rituals as well.

Did you know that the Romans used Hyssop to protect themselves emotionally?Did you know that Hyssop oil contains 20-40% monoterpenes and almost 50% ketones? Monoterpenes awaken information in the DNA of the cell.; Ketones are known to be calming emotionally.My favorite blends that contain Hyssop essential oil are ImmuPower and Relieve It.More Hyssop uses? There are more! Keep reading for more information on how to use it and what to use it for. This section will also provide you with some fun suggestions, safety precautions for you and your pet!As I receive more Hyssop uses and new tips and testimonials for Hyssop Essential Oil they will be added to the page, so check back frequently!

Want to Purchase Therapeutic Hyssop Essential Oil?

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Special Precautions & Warnings

Pregnancy and breast-feedingUNSAFE

Its not known whether hyssop is safe to use during breast-feeding. Stay on the safe side and avoid use.

Children: Its UNSAFE to give hyssop to children. Convulsions were reported in a child who took 2-3 drops of hyssop oil over several days.

Seizures: If you have a history of having seizures, dont use hyssop. It might trigger seizures or make them worse.

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Anise Hyssop lose leaf herbal tea 4 grams with optional

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Hyssop Helps Heal Respiratory Conditions & The Gut

By Christine Ruggeri, CHHC

Hyssop has been used for centuries as an antiseptic agent; one of its common uses as an essential oil is;as a medicinal plant and aromatic herb. Hyssop oil spiritual uses date back thousands of years ago. Theres even a hyssop oil Bible reference in verse 7 of Psalm 51, it states, Thou shalt purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean.

What is hyssop and what is it used for? For thousands of years, hyssop has been an herb used as a purifier and cleanser; the Romans even used hyssop because they believed it helped protect them against plagues. Its reputation as a protector has led people to hang dried hyssop at their homes in order to keep out the evil eye or negativity. It has also been left at grave sights to protect the dead.

Hyssop, or Hyssopus officinalis, is a;herbaceous;plant;of the genus;Hyssopus, and its;native to Southern;Europe, the;Middle East;and the region surrounding the;Caspian Sea.;Its name comes from the Hebrew word adobe or ezob, which literally means holy herb.

Today, hyssop is used for digestive and intestinal problems, including;liver;and;gallbladder;conditions, intestinal pain and;loss of appetite. Its also used for respiratory problems in various ways, such as eliminating coughs, helping to;prevent the;common cold;and respiratory infections, soothing sore throats, and;as one of the;natural remedies for asthma.

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The Health Benefits Of Hyssop Tea

Hyssop tea is full of very beneficial nutrients and compounds including tannins, rosmarinic acid, caffeic acid, flavonoids, resins, bitter lactone, and glycosides. It also contains volatile oil, which means that it evaporates easily. Overall, the nutrients provide a lot of significant health and cosmetic benefits that can be obtained by either drinking the tea or even using it topically.

Hyssop Tea As A Sedative

Anise Hyssop Herb (INFO)

Much like its more famous cousin; lavender from the same scientific family, hyssop tea may also be brewed for its calming properties. It can help relieve muscle tension and calm the nerves. Drinking this tea before going to bed could help clear your mind and help you fall asleep more quickly.

You may also drink hyssop tea if you are experiencing an anxiety attack as it can help to stabilize your blood pressure and calm your stomach. These properties could help calm your nerves and ease your anxiety. Its natural sedative abilities could also be used to reduce inflammation and soothe the pain associated with rheumatism and joint stiffness.

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The Hyssop Plant And Components

Is hyssop same as lavender? No, its certainly not even though both produce pretty purplish blooms. Hyssop is a shrub that ranges from 12 to 24 inches in height. It has a woody stem that serves as the base, from which grow the straight;branches. The leaves are dark-green, and the flowers are fragrant and colorful; in the summer months, the plant produces purple-blue, pink and white flowers.

The stalks are cut twice a year, at the end of spring and beginning of fall. Once they are cut, theyre dried, which takes approximately six days. When it dries, the leaves and flowers are chopped finely, and the mixture can be stored for up to 18 months. The plant is also used to make an essential oil, extract and capsule.

Hyssop is part of the mint family, so it has a minty taste that can be rather intense when added to foods. Its best to use the herb in smaller quantities when adding it to salads,;broths or soups. The;main components of hyssop oil include monoterpenes and sequiterpenes ; however, the chemical composition does vary depending on the plants growth stage when extracted.

Inside The True Benefits Of Hyssop Tea

When it comes to tea, most people tend to stick to the basics. If its not green tea, chai tea, or chamomile tea, many probably wont know about it. Of course, there are plenty of types of teas available on the market and each of them provides different benefits. Overall, there are a lot of teas that you might not know and doing a little bit of research could uncover a lot of surprising facts. Today we are looking at hyssop tea and its amazing health benefits.

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External Uses Of Hyssop Tea

For people who want to expand the benefits that hyssop tea can provide them or for people who simply dont quite like to drink tea, you can also use it topically for a variety of purposes. For example, it has antiseptic properties that could make it good when used to wash out cuts, scrapes, bruises, and other types of wounds. Doing this would speed up the regeneration of tissue and reduce the risk of infection.

Soaking in a bath of hyssop tea could also help relieve muscle pain, especially if it may be associated with rheumatism. You could also use it as a typical facial or skin care product. Its cleansing properties could also be used to make a wash for fungal infections on the foot, such as athletes foot. You may also choose to use it to treat other skin ailments such as sunburns, irritations, bug bites, or stings.

Delaying The Aging Of Skin

1oz organic Hyssop Hyssopus officinalis tea natural

A 2014 study published in Preventive Nutrition and Food Science named hyssop among several plants researchers believe to have two properties that give them anti-aging effects on the skin: they’re antioxidants, and they suppress the storage of fat in the body.

Antioxidants fight against the effects of oxygen and environmental toxins, which can not only age the skin but lead to numerous diseases. They do this by stabilizing cells called free radicals that are harmful to our health.

Excessive accumulation of fat, according to the researchers, can cause unwanted changes to the tissue structure of your skin, which make it appear older.

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Hyssop Tea For Muscle Pain

because of its antispasmodic properties, hyssop team may also have a relaxant effect on the muscles. Again, there is no evidence to suggest that hyssop tea will work but research has demonstrated that hyssop oil can help relax the muscles throughout the body.

According to a study done on rabbit and guinea pig intestines, treatment with hyssop oil inhibited muscle contractions and spontaneous muscle movements. Potentially, applying hyssop tea as part of a topical treatment or applied in a compress can help soothe muscle cramps, aches and charley horse.

Hyssop Tea Side Effects

Although this is generally considered a safe tea, pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid it, as there is a lack of research on the effects. Furthermore, people with a history of seizures or epilepsy should not consume this tea, as there is some evidence that the teas active ingredients can trigger these episodes.

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What Does Hyssop Tea Taste Like

Smooth, subtle, and oh-so nurturing drinking hyssop tea tastes like nature. Imagine you are sitting on a worn, wooden bench, amidst a field of fragrant flowers, as a rising sun takes you to soothing places in your mind. A cup of hot, mellow tea keeps the chill away, as you meander back in time to a simpler era, where long walks, preparing food from your garden, and gatherings with neighbors filled your days with peace, comfort, and feelings of total contentment with the way things are.

Hyssop Tea For Coughs And Sore Throat

Herb of the Day Hyssop

If you have a sore throat or an uncontrollable cough, you could also benefit from gargling hyssop tea before you drink it. Hyssop has antispasmodic properties meaning that it can relieve spasms that occur in the respiratory system and relieve coughing.

It also has excellent expectorant properties meaning that it can help tom loosen the build up of phlegm and mucus in the respiratory tract.

Coughing can be extremely uncomfortable and highly irritating but is simply a reaction to your respiratory system working to expel irritants, dust and harmful microbes. Because of its outstanding antiseptic and antispasmodic properties, hyssop tea is a wonderful natural remedy for your persistent cough.

Hyssop is also an excellent remedy for a sore throat. You can either gargle or drink some hyssop tea or apply some hyssop oil topically to your chest and throat area.

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Hyssop Tea For Hormones

Although its not nearly as significant of a benefit as the others, hyssop tea may still do a lot of good for the balance of your hormones as well. Hyssop tea can help cleanse your liver and improve its ability to balance hormones. Because of this, it could help regulate menstrual cycles. Uterine fibroid discomfort could also be treated by its ability to increase blood flow to the area of the pelvis.

Recommendation In Consuming Hyssop Tea

Although you can easily buy hyssop tea from herbal stores, you can guarantee the health benefits of homemade hyssop tea. It is very easy to pick some hyssop plants from your perennial herb and turn them into beneficial tea loaded with antioxidants. Here is the recommendation consuming homemade hyssop tea.

  • Cut some stems of hyssop plants before it flowers. Gather some stems and tied it together with a rubber band. Hang the tied hyssop stems upside down in the dry and warm place for some weeks until the leaves are perfectly dry and crispy. Remove the dried leaves and flowers then place it in a zipped plastic bag or containers.
  • To make a cup of tea, pour 4 to 6 teaspoons of hyssop in a teapot. Add boiling water and steep the tea for about 10 minutes.
  • Pour the steeped tea through a strainer into the tea cups. Add natural sweetener to enhance the health benefits of hyssop tea such as local raw honey with its Health Benefits of Local Raw Honey . Or else, you can also add cinnamon to enhance the taste and have Health benefits of Drinking Cinnamon Water.
  • Serve the tea instantly before it cools down and have the health benefits of hyssop tea.

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How To Grow Hyssop

  • Watering: Let the top inch of the soil dry between waterings. Do not overwater hyssop. Hyssop can tolerate drought. It will thrive with light, even watering.
  • Feeding: Feed hyssop compost tea or dilute fish emulsion a couple of times during the growing season.
  • Care: Remove faded hyssop flowers to prolong bloom time and encourage bushy growth. Renew plants by cutting them back by half or more in early spring or late fall; this will encourage more flowering the second year. Hyssop should be divided every three or four years or plantings will become sparse. Plants lose vigor after 5 years and should be replaced with plants started from cuttings or division.
  • Container growing: Hyssop can be grown in a container 14 inches or more deep and wide.
  • Winter growing: Small plants can be brought indoors for winter. Established outdoor plants do not need protection. Cut hyssop almost to the ground and put a few inches of mulch over the plant in cold winter regions.

Experience Hyssop Essential Oil

Hyssop seeds

What is the Genus Species?Hyssopus officinalisWhy is this information Important? It’s always important to know your genus species of your oil. Just the common name on the bottle doesn’t really tell you exactly what youre getting!What is the Origin of the Plant Name? Hyssop comes from a Hebrew word “ezob” meaning “holy herb“.Why is this Information so Important? Its not, its just a fun fact!What Part of the Plant is Used? Stems and leaves.What is the ORAC Value? 20,900 µTE/100gWhat Does this Number Mean? ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity. It tells you the antioxidant capacity of a food item. This was developed by the USDA researchers. For instance: Oranges = 750; Clove = 1,078,700. Wow! The number for clove is NOT a typo!Most Interesting Historical Reference?Did you know that Hyssops is mentioned 12 times in the Bible? Jesus was offered a fragrant branch of Hyssop in the last minutes of his death.What are the Plant Properties?; Purifying and warming.What are the Documented Hyssop Uses and Benefits? Spiritual and emotional connection and wellbeing.What is the Aromatic Affect on the Mind? Its earthy and woody aroma brings stimulates meditation and creativity.What is Nan’s Mental , Emotional and Spiritual Interpretation of this Oil?

  • Apply several drops on location
  • Apply to chakras
  • Diffuse

Can this Oil be Used for Animals? Yes, in small amounts or in Raindrop.

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