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Where To Buy Chinese Tea

Who Attends The Tea Ceremony

Getting into Chinese Tea: A Beginner’s Guide

The tea ceremony is extremely important, but who should be included? Typically the couple, their parents, and close family members such as grandparents, aunts, and uncles take part in the ceremony. The bridal party is usually present, with bridesmaids acting as attendants making the tea, handing over teacups, and holding any gifts the newlyweds receive.

What Our Clients Say About Us

This was a highlight of our time in Singapore! Charlene was so knowledgeable, friendly and fun! We loved the tea appreciation workshop as well as the delicious lunch that followed. I love that each morning when I am home I can have my lung Ching green tea in my beautiful new mug and remember our fun day!

I was pleasantly surprised by the good service. The lady boss and her family really made the effort to engage me by asking me if the food was ok, telling me more about the tea and etc. The tea house really felt homely and comfortable. Will go again.

Ho Wei Pin

Charlene and Vincent provides such good service and I can feel their enthusiasm. Apart from just that, their good knowledge has given me as first time buyer a good insight of what I bought and got me all excited about my tea! Thank you Yixing Xuan Teahouse!

Jason Toh

feel free to

Peony Chinese Natural Herbs

We have large selection of Chinese Herbs and specialized teas

Recommended Reviews

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  • 5 star ratingGreat
  • 16610/15/2015

    Great store and location found this place just across from my hotel. ;They have a huge selection of herbs, vitamins and raw products as well. ;The lady in the store was very helpful and knowledgeable. Great products, reasonable prices. I will certainly return for more ginseng whenever I visit Calgary again.


  • 11/5/2009First to Review

    This herbal store has such an entertaining owner; he is so pleasant and funny and he even does tours of the Dragon City Mall. ; Plus if you go to his store always expect the ginger and Chinese tea to be on. ;I often frequent his shop to buy his natural products. I know I can count on him for his expertise on natural remedies for weight loss, and fish oil for my arthritis.He is a very honest fellow always informing me on my many options and prices, the pros and cons of each of his products. ;Affordable shopping and at a very accesible Dragon City Mall.


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The How And Why Of Dragon Well

Like any other produce, tea has its seasons. Dragon Well is not shy about this. I stick my nose into a handful of freshly roasted tea and am struck down by the crisp, green aroma of springtime. The farmers brew a cup and the flavor is mellow but distinctly vegetal, spinach and fresh grass tempered by cream and chestnut. I sip and take a moment to appreciate the cool breezy feeling left on my tongue. With a quality Dragon Well, that feeling lasts for minutes.

Mellow sweetness is a hallmark of the Chinese style of green tea, one that emphasizes the aroma and texture of a brew as much, if not more, than its flavor. And if your Dragon Well is the good stuff, it wont turn bitter from oversteeping, nor will it twist an empty stomach into knots the way other green teas might.

What Dragon Well means exactly is a little muddled. In China, Xihu longjing refers to a specific tea variety dried into a flattened feather shape and grown exclusively in the Xihu district surrounding Hangzhous West Lake, a region with cool, moist air, rocky mountains, acidic soil, and dramatic temperature fluctuationspractically designed for growing good tea.

But the tea is grown and sold all over Zhejiang province, and overseas the regional distinctions are usually lost in translation. As a result, any mellow-vegetal green tea thats dried into a Dragon Well-like shape might be sold as Dragon Well.

Raw Puer Tuocha Of Fengqing

Most Famous Chinese Tea And Where To Find Them I ...

Raw Tuocha, a hollow, hemispherical-shaped compressed tea primarily produced in Yunnan. Tuocha has its origins in Fengqing district. The teas that make up Tuocha come from the species that come from Fengqing. The leaves of this tea, after the harvest, are dried in a traditionally-crafted method: it is for this that they are pressed into the shape of a nest. The appearance of Tuocha tea is reminiscent of a mountain shape.

Price: 12.90 Dollars

Cultivated in the Fengqing district, YunnanHarvest time: July

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Where To Buy Amazing Tea Online

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So you’ve fallen in love with tea. You’ve learned how to tell your high mountain oolongs from your shade-grown gyokuro. Now you’re ready to buy some tea of your own.

Whenever I buy tea these days, I think back to a story from Verdant Tea‘s David Duckler:

When I was studying tea, one tea master forced me to drink only the foulest, lowest grade tea he had until I could describe and appreciate its flavor, aroma, and texture. Only then was I allowed to drink the “superior” tea. If someone brings you an ordinary tea bag and you can’t find anything good in it, that’s your fault, not the tea’s fault.

It’s a good reminder for tea lovers to not take themselves, or their tea, too seriously. Judging is easy. Appreciating is hard. And even seasoned experts have something to learn from tasting teas across a wide range of quality.

But when you want the good stuff, and you’re willing to pay for it, you deserve to actually get it. This post is here to help you sort through the many, many tea sources out there to find one right for you.

But specialty tea is a niche market, and a good shop is hard to find, even in big cities like New York. So us tea-loving folk have to take to the internet to find our tea. Start searching for sources and you’ll get flooded by options at all kinds of price points, along with crowdsourced websites full of reviews.* Who’s trustworthy? What tea is really worth the cost? It’s often impossible to tell until it’s too late.

Learn About Our Tea For Trees Campaign

Our Tea for Trees campaign creates a sustainable model that restores one of our most precious resources while offsetting the paper used in our products. Weve partnered with The National Forest Foundations Trees for Us, a program that annually plants millions of trees throughout our national forests. By giving back whenever possible, Buddha Teas strives to honor the earth and its many blessings. Help us plant trees while enjoying an unadulterated tea thats healthy for you and our planet.

By giving back whenever possible, Buddha Teas strives to honor the earth and its many blessings. Help us plant trees while enjoying an unadulterated tea thats healthy for you, and our planet. Read more about it here.

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Where To Buy Tea In China

Teas can be found everywhere in China, from street markets to supermarkets, from tea shops to tea malls. The more upscale the shop, the more expensive the tea will be, even if itâs not any better than what youâd find in a street market.

Tea is a kind of regional thing in China . On the one hand, most of famous Chinese teas are named after their production area, such as West Lake Dragon Well Tea and Huangshan Maofeng Tea. Some areas of China are particularly known for their tea. See Top Tea Cities.

On the other hand, it means that different teas from different places have unique features. For example, you could get green Puâer tea in Yunnan, which you donât find anywhere else.

Can Chinese Tea Help You Lose Weight

Tea Tasting in Beijing Tea in China Shopping for Tea preparing and drinking tea

It is difficult to determine the best Chinese Tea for weight loss. Perhaps it is Green Matcha, which evidence shows can increase thermogenesis from an average of 8-10% of daily expenditure to 35-43%? Or maybe it is Pu erh Tea, which, according to a study by the United States Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, boosts the metabolism of fat cells.

Similar traits have been recognised in White Tea. A 2009 study published in Nutrition and Metabolism can shed further light. It concluded that it effectively reduced the deposition of triglycerides in human adipocytes and promoted the breakdown of fats. Take comfort, too, in knowing that, whichever one you have, it will contain no more than two calories per serving.

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What To Look For When Buying Tea Online

When cutting through the digital clutter of online tea stores, it helps to have some guidelines. Here are mine.

Beware the chains. I don’t need to name names, but you know the ones I’m talking about. You see them in malls and major tourist shopping districts. They carry more chocolate chai or lavender-lemongrass blends than straight tea. By and large, these chains just don’t carry quality tea. They buy leaves in vast quantities through middlemen brokers, then add so many spices and herbs to their blends that it’s often impossible to taste the tea underneath . The straight tea these chains do sell tends not to be particularly great, either. Better than teabags to be sure, but hardly first-rate stuff. You can do better.

Instead, think small. My favorite tea shops don’t have huge selections. That’s because the teas they sell have been picked out by the owner or some stake-holding staff member who’s visited individual tea farms. Some of the best tea in the world is sold entirely through personal deals and never makes it to wholesale accounts.

When reading product descriptions, look for detailed descriptions of farmers’ methods for growing and processing their tea, evidence that company buyers have seen the tea fields with their own eyes and have a good relationship with their farmers.

The Dry Dragon Well Tea Leaves Before Brewing:

In Dragon Well green teas, the appearance of the dry leaf is smooth, flat and spear-like. For grade A, the color of the dry leaf is yellow-green with a straight flat body, and one leaf and bud which are well-proportioned. It has a light, delicate grassy fragrance and is smooth to the touch.

The Grade B is called Premium Grade Dragon Well Green Tea, which also has a green color, but the color is a much deeper green with a much more intense fragrance and flavor.;It has a very elegant flavor to it.

The leaf of Grade C is much darker and the leaves are tight and heavy.;It smells very mild and light but does not keep well in storage for as long as the other grades.

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The 7 Classes Of Chinese Tea And The 10 Most Famous Brands

  • Frequently asked questions
  • Rather go without salt for three days than without tea for a single day, Chinese Proverb.

    Im in love with Chinese tea. I drink it every day and every time I come back to Europe I bring some nice tea packages to my family and friends. Most importantly, I buy a ton of tea for myself.

    My favorite Chinese tea is the Long Jing, the green tea produced close to the West Lake of Hangzhou. I also like flower tea and Puer, the fermented tea from Yunnan Province.

    If you do a quick search on the internet youll find a lot of information about Chinese tea.

    I decided to limit this first article about Chinese tea to two topics that I find interesting: the different classes of Chinese tea and the most famous tea brands of China .

    Beijing’s Expats’ Guide To 4 Best Places To Buy Tea In Beijing

    where to buy chinese tea

    Chris Quan

    Although drinking in traditional tea houses is more of a novelty in Beijing these days, tea culture in the city is still alive and kicking. From taxi drivers to street vendors, most locals will keep a flask of tea at close quarters throughout the working day.

    Whilst you are able to pick up a good variety of teas at most supermarkets across Beijing, for tourists looking for the best price and selection, as well as a more authentic tea buying experience, the following tea retailers come highly recommended.

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    Ancient Chinese Tea Facts

    According to a legend from 2737 BCE, it was an ancient Chinese emperor called Shennong who discovered tea. The story goes that he had come to rest underneath an unknown tree with a cup of boiling water by his side. He eventually fell asleep in the midday sun, only to wake and find leaves in his drink. They had appeared to infuse with the water. Shennong, an avid herbalist, tried the creation – and loved it.

    This was Chinese Green Tea, which became widespread throughout China and beyond. Chinese Black Tea came many centuries later, though again the product of pure accident. The first type was Lapsang Souchong, a Smoked Tea made by farmers attempting to dry the leaves hastily over a fire. A chemical reaction consequently took place, changing them from green to brown to black.

    Black Tea Health Benefits

    Many people worry that indulging in their craving for black tea might make them lose out on green teas numerous health benefits, but scientific studies recently find out that drinking black teas actually has its own unique heath benefits.

    A long-term study by the Netherlands National Institute of Public Health and the Environment found a correlation between regular consumption of black tea and reduced risk of stroke. Researchers looked at data from a study examining the health benefits of foods that are high in flavonoids – phytonutrients with antioxidant benefits. While some of the flavonoids were obtained from fruits and vegetables, 70% came from black tea.

    Caffeine: one cup of brewed black tea contains about 43 mg of caffeine, while coffee has 150 – 200 mg per cup. Black tea is a perfect alternative for people who are sensitive to the adverse effects of caffeine in coffee. Researchers find that the L-theanine in black tea can interact with caffeine, allowing a smaller dose of caffeine to have a stronger effect in terms of boosting concentration and alertness. Therefore, black tea is a perfect energy drink for in the morning. Though black tea can be drunk at any time of the day, its not suggested two hours before bed, immediately after drinking alcohol, or when hungry.

    Service & Info

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    Huang Shan Maofeng Green Tea

    Gathered and worked with care to offer a sweet tea Huang Shan Maofeng tea like Longjing green tea is close to the top of the top ten list of Chinese teas. Huang Shan Maofeng is cultivated very close to the top of Mount Huang, in Anhui province. These beautiful mountains manage to produce fantastic tea, since the high hills create a better aroma. Huang Shan Maofeng by TeaVivre is cultivated in an area of altitude of about 1,200 and 1,400 meters that enjoys great exposure to the sun and is covered by clouds and fog.

    Price: 17.90 Dollars

    Cultivated in the Huang Shan region, AnhuiHarvest time: April

    How Much You Should Pay

    How to Brew Golden Monkey Tea: Learn to Make This Famous Black Tea From China

    Chinese tea prices are all over the place. You may be able to find a package for as little as 10 yuan, but don’t expect it to be a quality tea. In fact, it may taste more like saw dust than tea!

    Minimum prices: Plan on paying at least 30 yuan for a drinkable tea in a supermarket. At a tea shop or mall, you could end up paying a minimum of 100 yuan for an ounce or two.

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    Shopping With China Highlights

    China Highlights promises zero shopping sell to our customers to enhance the quality of your travel experience, unless of course requested for. If shopping is on your mind, we help tailor just the right combination to fit your desires, be it for souvenirs, cultural purchases or simply Chinese wholesale items at a steal! Your local guide can also help with some great shopping tips.

    Real Chinese Tea Now Available Worldwide

    Even though tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world, real Chinese tea is still hardly available to most tea lovers outside of China. With Teasenz, it’s now just a few mouse-clicks away! We deliver your favourite loose leaf teas and teaware anywhere in the world at a surprisingly affordable 5 USD flat fee . For rush orders we also offer super fast EMS express shipping.

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    The Best Places To Try And Buy Chinese Tea In Hong Kong

    From yum cha to herbal brews, Hong Kong has a strong tea culture. Heres a guide on where you can find the best Chinese tea in town

    From a young age, Hongkongers have been steeped in tea culture. Customs such as family dim sum lunches or yum cha and greeting elders during special holidays like Chinese New Year all involve the act of serving tea. And lets not forget the almighty 24 flavours a type of tea made with 24 medicinal herbs that is every Cantonese grandmothers go-to remedy for treating minor ailments such as a sore throat and the common cold.

    Theres a diversity of Chinese teas to choose from. Whether your tipple of choice is Yunnans puer, Hangzhous longjing or the humble chrysanthemum tea, Hong Kong is blessed with a wealth of shops in which you can pick out your favourite brews. Yannie Chan Sin Yan, author of Tea is for Everyone: Making Chinese Tea Accessible, gives us a rundown of her go-to shops to buy tea in Hong Kong, as well as tips on how to improve your tea-making skills.

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