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What Happened To The Twisted Tea Guy

Man Beaten With Hard Iced Tea After Saying N

Guy Gets Hit With Twisted Tea Can (Mixed w/Impractical Jokers)

Thats when things heated up, with the unidentified white man firing back, You aint my mama. My mama let me say the word.

Im , Fk your mama,’ Allen said. Hes starting to be in this tough-guy act.

The final straw came when Allen dropped the can of Twisted Tea.

Thats when I pick it up and he goes to kick it, he told Mark One. He really didnt kick me but I felt the kick coming. So I just reacted at that point.

Thats when he picked up the can and walloped the mans face. When the man squared off, Allen threw him to the floor and slugged him.

He said the woman who filmed the encounter gave him a high-five as he left.

Allen said the clip went viral before he even got home.

I called my wife soon as I got in the car, said Allen, a married father of five. By the time I got in the car and started moving and backed out and got on the road, Im telling my wife, I hit a guy in the face with a can.’

Shes like, I know. Im watching it,’ he said. The lady had 5,000 views by the time I drove two blocks home.

Allen said he worried police would come to his house, but they never came.

His wife has now capitalized on his newfound celebrity creating a Twitter page with the handle Mrs TeaKO OFFICIAL, and the hashtag #TeaKO going viral online.

Made this for me and my husband or as everyone is calling him MrTeaKO! she wrote. Yes I am really his wife! Yes this is my only official Twitter 🙂

As for Allen, he said, Its history now.

It Offers Nine Different Styles For Taste

To make its combination of tea and alcohol even better, Twisted Tea offers nine different flavors, so that every fan can have just the taste they like. These include offerings such as Half & Half, Slightly Sweet, Blueberry, Light, Peach, Mango, Blackberry, Raspberry, and, of course, the ever-present Original. Last summer, the brand also offered some new flavors in the form of Black Cherry and Passion Fruit, according to Delish.

For those who really want to step things up a notch and enjoy all the Twisted Tea that they can, fans can also purchase the Twisted Tea Bag N’ Box, a five-liter cardboard keg full of the brand’s Original flavor. As the labeling says, it’s “Like a box of wine. “

The brand’s Original flavor tastes quite a lot like iced tea with a natural lemon flavor, according to the Twisted Tea official website. All varieties are bottled at 5% alcohol by volume and come in multiple packaging options, such as a six to 18 pack of 12oz cans, as well as a 24oz can, five-liter Bag N’ Box, and the 10-liter Bag N’ Box.

It Has Deals With Nascar

Although it didn’t choose to sponsor Mr. TeaKO himself , Twisted Tea does have a few deals with other brands and teams under its belt. Namely, NASCAR. In 2021, the brand geared up to sponsor the 59th annual World Series of Racing at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park on October 9th, according to RaceDayCT.

Additionally, back in 2017, Twisted Tea and racer Ty Dillon, along with Germain Racing and Richard Childress Racing , entered into a long-term agreement to sponsor the number 13 car, a Chevrolet SS . Twisted Tea served as the sponsor for select races during the 2017 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series.

“We’ve been involved with NASCAR for a few years, and we know that Richard Childress Racing, Germain Racing and Ty Dillon are the best of the best, and we couldn’t ask for a better team to race with,” Senior Director, Head of Marketing Michelle Sullivan told NASCAR at the time. “Our team members and Twisted Tea drinkers are fiercely loyal NASCAR fans, and we wanted to partner with a team and driver who share the same commitment to a captivating race day whether it be on the actual race track or with a twisted tailgate featuring Twisted Tea.”

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Shocking Twisted Tea Video Drunk Guy Smacked

Latest Shocking Twisted Tea Video after drunk guy gets smacked has Gone Viral on social networks Twitter and WhatsApp with the full original clip footage foto been .

Twisted Tea Video Drunk Guy

The incident that happened at Circle K gas station on East Broad Street in convenience store at Elyria, Ohio with a drunk man fight with each other and one of them use a can of twisted tea slap and hit the other man. Thats why the twisted tea going viral and everyone talking about it during christmas week.

Who Is the Guy in the Video?

There still no confirmed official source to identify who the guys are. But some of the twitter user posted a picture of both of them. One of them name randy teter and the black TeaKo guy name is barry allen.

It has obviously gone viral on the internet, but to my knowledge it was never called in or reported, Elyria police Lt. James Welsh told The Chronicle-Telegram.

Some best comments from internet user

If twisted tea doesnt capitalize on the upside potential of greet marketing and jokes

I dont know if Twisted Tea has that kind of liability insurance! haha newfashion2u

Stock in Twisted Tea probably just went crazy because of a video.Social Media is wild.

That dude who bust that clown with the twisted tea needs an advertisement check ASAP

If the cranberry juice skateboard guy can get a car ? TwistedTea should at least get this guy a Segway!

If Anyone Wants 2 Get Me Anything, Donate To My Twisted Tea Addiction.

Viral twisted tea memes

Twitter Memes About The Twisted Tea Guy

Who Is the Guy in the Twisted Tea Video? Sleuths Have IDd ...

Once again Twitter has done its thing and turned the video into an opportunity to make hilarious memes.

Almost all of the memes are sticking up for the Twisted Tea man as Twitter users think he made the right choice with some users even calling him a hero.

So where are you from?Elyria

Esmam Mahi

This Twitter user took the chance to make a Christmas rhyme about the Twisted Tea video.

This aint no sweet tea baybahhh #twistedtea#whereyoufrom

This Twitter user incorporated the keep that thang on me meme, referring to the twisted tea as a weapon.

If I EVER hear a white person say the N-WORD#TwistedTea#Elyria

This Santa made a hilarious meme sticking up for the Twisted Tea man.

This one is my favourite so far, and I usually hate Phil Collins! .#Repost via IG @stevebeck_wwizard

Jason G

People have been editing the video so that it has music behind it to make it more funny.

#TwistedTea who do you have your money on?

Kev Stieneker

Who do you think would win in a fight?

Styles Davis

Another has edited a screenshot of the moment on to the back of the Twisted Tea can.

I hope twisted tea guy in Elyria runs for Ohio governor in 2022.

Dr. EntropyDoc.

This user loved the Twisted Tea guys actions so much she thinks he should run for governor.

You can always count on Twitter to be able to make a meme out of just about anything.

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How To Spot Hidden Cameras In Hotels And Vacation Rentals

The man nicknamed Mr. TeaKO for smashing a belligerent, N-word-spewing customer in the face with a can of Twisted Tea opened up about the beatdown, saying he initially tried turning the other cheek.

Barry Allen said the customer was already hurling profanities at workers at the Circle K shop in Elyria, Ohio, when he walked in, Allen told .

As soon as I walk in, hes standing with his friends, I was assuming, and calling the employees, two black guys, ners, he said. Im like, all right. Lets just hope he leaves by the time I get up there So, I ignored it.

But when Allen got to the counter with his malt beverage, the loudmouth, a white man, was still going off.

And hes still there, still saying the word like he was just a normal black guy having fun with all his buddies, just chilling, Allen recalled. And you could tell by their faces they wasnt really feeling it, but they cant say nothing cause thatll put their job on the line.

Me, I didnt feel that way, he said. Im like, Cmon bro, stop saying the word. Why you shouting out ner, bro?’

Hes like, Man, I say ner whenever I want. Leave me alone and pretty much went back into his conversation, Allen said. Im like, Cmon, stop saying the f-ng word. Youre really pissing me off now.’

What Happened In The Twisted Tea Video

In the video, a white man can be seen in a shop, repeatedly saying a racial slur in front of a black man who is stood waiting in the line.

The man appears to initially ignore the racial slurs until he drops his drink and the white man attempts to kick it away from him before he can pick it up.

After doing this the black man picks up his can of drink which is a can of Twisted Tea and hits the man saying racial slurs over the head with it.

The white man falls to the floor and the video ends.

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A Black Man Smashed Twisted Tea In The Face Of A White Man Who Repeatedly Taunted Him With Racial Slurs

In the video, a gentleman is seen waiting in line at a gas station as a seemingly inebriated white man verbally assaulted him. Viewers don’t know what happened leading up to this point, but the drunk guy repeatedly used a racial slur while egging on the Black man to “smack” him with the can.

“What? You gonna smack me with that?” he taunted. “Smack me. Smack me, n—a!”

To his credit, the guy managed to keep his cool for longer than some people might until he fumbled his Twisted Tea while trying to flip and catch it in his hand, and the drunk guy attempted to kick it, but missed. That’s when he had evidently had enough he smashed the Twisted Tea squarely onto the white man’s head, resulting in an explosion of the carbonated beverage.

Allen Said The Altercation Escalated When The Other Man Tried To Kick The Tea & He Just Reacted

White guy yelling N word gets hit with twisted tea can


Allen told Heavy and about the incident and the moments that couldnt be seen on the video. He had just woken up from a nap when he made a run to the store. He said the white man was using the n-word while talking to employees at Circle K, and Allen was hoping the man would be gone by the time he was ready to pay. He said he could tell the employees were upset, but they were unable to do anything since they were working.

Im like, all right. Lets just hope he leaves by the time I get up there he said. And hes still there, still saying the word like he was just a normal Black guy having fun with all his buddies, just chilling. And you could tell by faces they wasnt really feeling it, but they cant say nothing cause thatll put their job on the line. Me, I didnt feel that way.

Once Hall got in line, he told the white man to stop using the word. That set him off even more, he said on the show.

Hes like, Man, I say n***er whenever I want. Leave me alone,’ Allen continued. Im like, Cmon, stop saying the f****** word. Youre really pissing me off now.’

The situation escalated when Allen dropped his tea, he said. The other man tried to kick the can of tea, and Allen reacted.

Thats when I pick it up and he goes to kick it. He really didnt kick me, but I felt the kick coming. So I just reacted at that point, he explained.

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Allen Said He Is Honored By Those Who Call Him A Hero

Allen said he has been overwhelmed by positive support, and that people have been calling him a hero.

I never in a million years thought anyone but my kids would call me that, he said.

People have been asking to talk with him, meet with him, and requesting pictures of him with a can of Twisted Tea or asking him to autograph a Twisted Tea can, he said.

It just means a lot. Its a really good feeling. Its a lot to handle. Ive never had my social media accounts blowing up like they are, he said. I feel like Im some kind of celebrity when Im just some 30 year old who hangs out with his kids.

He can barely keep up with the influx of messages on social media, and he said he wants everyone to know he is grateful. He is trying to keep up with messages and does not want anyone to feel slighted, he said.

Allen said in the January 2 interview that the stardom still seems surreal.

It hasnt set in that this is real. I feel like any day Im gonna wake up and its just gonna be a dream, he said. Im excited about it. I cant thank everyone enough.

When Did Twisted Tea Video Happen

The internet had no idea the gift it was about to receive on Christmas Eve 2020 but now it will never be the same thanks to that viral Twisted Tea video. On 24, the clip featuring a Black man obliterating his can of spiked iced tea across the face of a racist white man started circulating via social media.

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What Happened Behind The David Matthew Twisted Tea Meme

The video is filmed in Elyria Ohio, where a white man who is seen in the video is repeatedly saying racial slurs in front of the black man while he waits in line.

The man seems to be minding his own business, while the man carries on by saying the N-word and other racial slurs. But then the black man drops his twisted tea can on the floor.

As the man goes to pick it up, the racist man attempts to kick the drink which then the man hits him with the twisted tea drink knocking him out.

Then the video ends.

Elyria Police Said No One Reported The Incident Before It Went Viral & Allen Said The Other Man Was Not Pressing Charges

By sethuraman s


Elyria police Lieutenant James Welsh told The Chronicle December 24 he had seen the viral video, and said he had an idea of who was involved. No charges were filed, he said, because no one had reported it to police.

Allen said on Mark One Sports the white man left shortly after the smackdown. He was concerned he may face legal repercussions, but the other man declined to press charges, he said. Allen did not name the white man.

The video was already going viral by the time he left the store to call his wife and tell her what happened, he said on the show.

By the time I got in the car and started moving and backed out and got on the road, Im telling my wife, I hit a guy in the face with a can,’ he recalled. Shes like, I know. Im watching it.

The video had 5,000 views by the time he drove two blocks home, he said.

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Hilarious Twisted Tea Memes That Need No Introduction

Despite our attempts to find the silver lining in 2020, one things for sure: that year still sucked. With the pandemic, the rising unemployment, and overall negativity, it was difficult to imagine how it would it all end. That was, until 24, when social media blew up with memes about one specific incident.

If you havent heard the tea yet, here it is.

Fans Can Be Featured On The Cans

The brand shows its fan appreciation not only by keeping its beverage largely free of allergens but also by putting the faces of those same fans right on the cans. That’s right: your face can be plastered on a cold can of Twisted Tea. As part of that process, the brand looks for the most creative and “twisted” photos to display on the back label of its cans, according to its official website.

With categories such as food, sports, DIY, and the great outdoors, there are endless possibilities as to what you could submit and have shown off on the side of a can. Of course, there are rules to the submission. Drinkers depicted in the photo must be at least 25 years old, while any photo submitted must not depict anyone actually drinking. And of course, Twisted Tea won’t cotton to any displays of drunk driving, sexually explicit content, or any illegal activity. Quite a few other rules follow that can be found here if you’re interested in submitting a photo and showing off your love for Twisted Tea yourself.

The brand is also currently running a “TeaDrop” contest, wherein fans can win a year’s supply of the beverage, as well as Twisted Tea summer merch.

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Twisted Tea Circle K Fight Video Spreads Virally

Footage of the incident, which involved racial slurs and a can of Twisted Tea, was shared to r/PublicFreakout alongside a concise but comprehensive title Drunk guy yells N Word and gets SMACKED with Twisted Tea Can:

The video, which was just under two minutes long, was evidently filmed by a third customer. It opened with a white man at the register already loudly addressing the black man behind him in line and peppering him with racist epithets at a Circle-K store in Elyria, Ohio.

Another popular iteration was shared on on December 24 2020, with a far more vague title Smacked with can LMAO!! A popular comment on that version praised the off-camera narrators ability to capture the entire altercation:

That girl with that camerawork is the real MVP. Caught everything without even shaking the camera a little bit.

A second commenter commended the man wielding the beverage for his restraint:

Whats crazy is the black dude gave him a lot of chances, had a lot of patience, and even let him off really easy. Much respect for his self-control.

And a third posited that the man smacked with the can of Twisted Tea had spent too much time using racist language on the internet and had therefore forgotten that real-life racist interactions carry a not-inconsequential risk of being smacked across the face:

People are forgetting that you cant talk to people face to face the same way they do online. He literally opened a can of whoop ass


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