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Does Fit Tea Really Work

Skinnyfit Detox Tea Review Summary


So that concludes our SkinnyFit Detox Tea review.

All in all, we think this product has a few great ingredients, including green tea for fat loss, Milk Thistle for detoxification, and goji berries for general health.

However, due to having potentially high amounts of caffeine, we wouldnt recommend SkinnyFit Detox Tea as the safest supplement. Its not very trasparent either since you cant see the ingredient doses in the label which is typically a red flag for us.

Its also missing some core ingredients that would make it better at burning fat. And, for a price of $70 per packet , youd at least expect more servings per day to maintain the fat burning effects throughout the day.

Disclaimer & Disclosure

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The information provided on this site is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician or other health care professional.


Skinny Teatox Ingredients List

Skinny Teatox claims their ingredients are 100% natural with no chemicals or preservatives.

I was unable to find a complete ingredients list for each of the listed teas, but was able to scrape together this comprehensive list from their website and also by sending the company an email request for ingredients.

Should You Try A Teatox

Still thinking of trying a detox tea? “On a short-term basis, it’s unlikely to cause permanent harm, though there’s possible dehydration and sometimes stomach upset,” says Scott Gavura, R.Ph., a pharmacist at the Science-Based Medicine blog. “My bigger concern is that people are under the assumption theyre doing something thats beneficial for their body, and its not.”;

It’s wisest to run the idea by your doctor or pharmacist first to make sure teatox ingredients dont conflict with any medicationprescription or OTCthat you take. Thats especially important if you have a chronic condition and use medication regularly, says Gavurabecause you may be more likely to become dehydrated or to experience an unwanted interaction. And if you have issues such as abdominal pain, rapid heart rate, dizziness, or unusual amounts of weight loss, stop taking the tea and let your doctor know.

Most important, say experts: Don’t rely on a teatox as a way to lose weight and keep pounds off. “If weight loss is the goal, there are better strategies for long-term success than doing a teatox,” Hultin says. These include reducing your calorie intake if its too high, paying attention to;proper portion size, focusing on;fiber; and lean protein, keeping a food diary, and ramping up;your physical activity.

And if you enjoy a cup or two of traditional tea a day, go for it, our experts say. It’s a reasonable part of a healthy diet and may have some small weight-loss benefits.

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Fit Tea Promotes Weight Loss

The majority of each tea bag is made up of tea, and other beneficial ingredients. Green tea, Oolong, and Matcha come from Asia and are known to boost metabolism. Citric Acid, taken from citrus fruits, aids your metabolism as well. Fit tea also contains Garcinia Cambogia extract which is the new craze in weight loss. This native Indonesian fruit is famous for reducing appetite and improving endurance during exercise.;

Not only do these ingredients boost metabolism and reduce appetite, but they also have little to no calories. So Fit Tea can actively support weight loss and taste delicious without adding extra calories to your day.;

How Does It Work

Does SkinnyFit Detox Tea Really Work?! It helped me ...

Most of the ingredients in these products are intended to increase the speed of the metabolism. This puts the body into a state of thermogenesis, where it rapidly burns fat and you lose weigh. A study published in the International Journal of Obesity showed the connection between fat loss and thermogenesis.

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Flat Tummy Tea Reviews

It is easy to get excited by some of the Flat Tummy Tea reviews and online pictures. But it is important to consider the source of each review. You’ll see many reviews posted by reality TV personalities and other influencers. These celebrities often get compensated for their endorsements.

Some social media channels require that influencers clearly mark content that they are being paid to post . But not all social media channels make the requirement known, and not all influencers follow the rules. So it is important to view these photos and reviews somewhat skeptically.

If you read comments under Flat Tummy Tea reviews on Amazon or other sites, you might get a better sense of customer satisfaction and concerns. Many customers report little to no results, but others claim that the tea was effective. There are also YouTube videos that both support and criticize the product.

Some customer comments mention difficulty tolerating the teaâfor example, some mention gassiness or diarrhea.

How do you know which reviews to believe? As with any product, results will vary from person to person. Reading the actual product claimsâwhich are regulated to some extentâmay be more helpful than reading product reviews on the company’s website or on social media.

How Much Does Skinny Fit Cost

When you purchase any Skinny Fit product, youll notice two prices; the one-time purchase price and the Subscribe & Save option. You can cancel the Subscribe & Save option at any time.

  • Skinny Fit Detox $69.95 ; $59.95/month
  • Skinny Fit ZzzTox $69.95 ; $59.95/month
  • Skinny Fit Super Youth $79.95 ; $59.96/month
  • Skinny Fit Belly Balance $59.95 ; $47.96/month
  • Skinny Fit Snack Attack $54.95 ; $43.96/month
  • Skinny Fit Daily Glow $47.95 ; $38.36/month
  • Skinny Fit Jump Start $44.95 ; $35.96/month
  • Skinny Fit Repair & Recover $42.95 ; $34.36

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Fit Tea And Weight Loss

Does Fit Tea help weight loss? That really would depend on how many calories you were consuming. For example, if you drank Fit Tea, while eating pizza, then my guess is it probably wouldn’t help. If, on the other hand, you drank Fit Tea while eating more fruits and veggies and reducing portion size of what you ate, then yes I’m pretty sure it would work.

If you only drank the tea -and nothing else -I’m sure that would work too because fit tea has very few calories. At the end of the day, it’s still about calories.

So, does Fit Tea really work? The company that makes the product has been under some scrutiny concerning its online testimonies. ; Testimonies from celebrities aside, if the product truly works, I think its mostly because people are reducing calories while they drink the tea.

Study Design And Methods


Fifty participants between the ages of 18 and 60 years were recruited for the study.

It was a;non-experimental study design;looking at the effects of FitTea 28 Day Detox tea to:

  • Aid in weight loss ; and
  • Increase energy levels, concentration levels, and decreasing appetite
  • A physical exam was conducted on study participants which included:

    • Height
    • DEXA scan for body composition
    • 1-10 Likert scale questionnaire to assess appetite, energy, concentration, and adverse events

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    Back to the Fit Tea review now, and sorry for promoting my work so shamelessly.

    What Is Fit Tea Detox

    Fit Tea Detox is a natural tea blend containing antioxidants and vitamins. As part of a healthy diet and exercise regimen, the Fit Tea Detox company formulates this product to improve your energy levels and enhance the results of your weight management program through teatox.

    The company offers a 28 Day Fit Tea Detox diet plan as well as a 14-day detox package.

    Does Fit Tea Work?

    • Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry Overall, guarana is generally recognized as safe as a dietary ingredient marketed for its flavor and caffeine content. If guidelines for caffeine intake are respected, guarana consumption is not likely to be associated with any serious health risks.
    • Journal of Medical Investigation These results suggest that oolong tea increases EE by its polymerized polyphenols.
    • Pediatrics International Rooibos tea may prevent DNA damage and inflammation by its anti-oxidative activity in vivo. As Rooibos tea is free from caffeine, routine intake may be safe and useful in reducing oxidative stress in children.

    Is 14 days too long for a detox?

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    How To Use Skinnyfit Detox Tea

    Using SkinnyFit Detox is simple. It is recommended that you drink SkinnyFit Detox at least once each day for a minimum of 28 days. To see optimal results, Detox tea should be taken in conjunction with a sensible, healthful diet and exercises regime. You can drink SkinnyFit Detox either hot or cold, simply steep your tea in hot water for 5-7 minutes or do a cold brew and steep your Detox overnight. You can also use SkinnyFit Detox in a;variety of ways to see all of the delicious ways you can drink SkinnyFit Detox!

    To read more about SkinnyFit Detox, how it works, and why it is the most effective way to lose weight naturally and sustainably, .

    Is Fitteam Fit A Scam

    Green Tea For Weight Loss

    This organization is absolutely not a scam, because if this would be a scam, there wouldnt be affiliate vendors around the world. Instead, this organization is getting popularity with such an extraordinary pace that hardly any other organization has done this ever before.

    It is becoming of the leading organizations in the business. Its products are being used throughout the world, and reviews suggests that this product is getting more and more attention.

    Editors Tip

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    Who Is The Manufacturer Of Biofit Probiotic

    The manufacturer of this weight loss support drug is BioFit Labs. The company is located in the USA and has a great reputation in the manufacture of probiotics.

    According to BioFit Labs, extensive research has been used to make this diet pills effective. This products key ingredient is Senna leaves and works with other ingredients to boost the overall fitness of your body.

    Additionally, the product also has a website where consumers and buyers can obtain useful information about it.

    Does Skinny Teatox Work The Verdict

    Whether or not Skinny Teatox actually works depends on your individual definition of the words detox and cleanse.;

    If you consider urine and feces to be toxins then, sure, diuretics and laxatives will do the trick.;

    But its unlikely to fix that little mercury poisoning thing youve been dealing with.

    Youre going to get real cozy with your toilet while using the product and you probably will lose weight.;

    But if your expectation is that youre going to lose stored body fat, then youre probably going to be disappointed.

    It wont turn your metabolism into a raging inferno, nor will it send your energy levels spiking through the roof.

    Youre free to spend your money on whatever you please, but remember that no teatox on the market is a substitute for a healthy lifestyle that includes eating a nutrient-rich diet, doing regular physical activity, getting adequate sleep, and reducing stress.

    In closing, my final recommendation actually comes directly from Skinny Teatox website:

    Skinny Teatox should not replace a healthy diet or exercise! Use your head, and continue to eat healthy foods like fruits and vegetables, eat the;recommended amount of calories per day, and be happy with who you are.

    I couldnt agree more.

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    Skinnyfit Tea Health Benefits

    This natural herbal tea gives you all the usual benefits of natural teas like green tea and coffee such as weight reduction, antioxidant activities against cancer, anti-inflammatory activities, boosting of the immune system, blood sugar and cholesterol reduction, detoxification and promotion of blood circulation.

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    However, in addition, SkinnyFit:

    • Promotes Healthy Weight: Naturally, slim down with this iconic blend of 13 superfood ingredients to better achieve your weight loss goals. Skinny Fit helps lose weight, promotes smooth digestion and you sleep healthier inside and outside.
    • Promotes Natural Energy: Without the crash or jitters, this unique blend of all-natural ingredients helps raise your energy levels. Skinny Fit includes 13 superfoods, including Matcha, Oolong, Sencha and Milk Thistle, as well as natural herbs and berries. Skinny Fit herbal tea does not contain any chemical flavours or sweeteners, is non-GMO and is 100% raw and laxative-free.
    • Help Reduce Bloating: Skinny Fit is an anti-inflammatory detox tea that helps to reduce stomach bloating, flush out unwanted toxins, and improve digestion to help with flattening your tummy!

    Claim: Fit Tea Cleanses Your Digestive System

    Review: Does the Keyshia Kaoir slimming tea really work??

    It is unclear exactly which ingredient in Fit Tea cleanses the digestive system. The tea itself does not appear to be of use in treating chronic constipation .

    Many detox teas incorporate a herb called senna, which is a proven laxative .

    However, Fit Tea does not contain senna. If you are seeking a herbal tea to ease constipation then a blend that includes this herb may be a better choice.

    Alternatively, consuming a fiber-rich diet and keeping yourself hydrated can help reduce the risk of constipation .

    Again, the excessive price of Fit Tea makes it a poor value option in improving digestive health.

    Rating: D

    Bottom Line:

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    Does Skinnyfit Detox Tea Have Side Effects

    There are high amounts of stimulants in SkinnyFit Detox Tea, which naturally raises the risk for side effects.

    High blood pressure is just one of the side effects of caffeine in SkinnyFit Detox Tea. We cant tell how much caffeine is inside, so its best to drink half a serving to check how you react to it.

    Some users also ask, Does SkinnyFit Detox Tea make you poop?This entirely depends on your genetics, metabolism and lifestyle. But yes, some ingredients in SkinnyFit Detox Tea, such as Green Tea and Oolong tea, can speed up the digestion, which can result in more frequent bathroom visits!

    How To Use Fit Tea As Part Of A Healthy Lifestyle

    A photo posted by Fit Tea ? 20000s Of Reviews on Apr 25, 2016 at 10:24am PDT

    Fit Tea detox is sold in different quantities based on how many days you want to use it to detox. What does that really mean, though? Sure, you might get plenty of health benefits from drinking it, but theres something you should know about the Fit Tea detox: there is no evidence that its necessary. Your body does a pretty good job of keeping toxins at bay, professionals promise. Drinking Fit Tea wont benefit you that way, but that doesnt mean it still cant in other ways.

    You can still incorporate tea into a moderate diet and exercise routine to optimize your health. Drinking tea in the afternoon instead of reaching for a high-calorie snack, for example, can help you cut down on empty calories and curb cravings for excessive junk food.

    Drinking tea might also be able to give you more energy, at least temporarily, simply because it naturally contains caffeine. Replace that specialty coffee drink with more calories than you eat in an entire meal with a mug of Fit Tea for even more energy from caffeine without the added fat, sugar and calories.

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    Less Caffeine Than Coffee

    Teas have less than 50 percent of the caffeine of what is found in coffee meaning if you consumed it doesnt have effects on your nervous system compared to drinking coffee. If you are opting to not have caffeine at all herbal tea blends are known to have no caffeine. With or without caffeine tea will give you a kick of energy as well.;

    Skinny Fit Belly Balance


    According to the website, Skinny Fit Tea Belly Balance promotes digestion, and alleviates bloating, and improves nutrient absorption.; But other information on this product has been tough to come by, including supporting studies and literature. It runs $49.95/bottle if you buy it, or $39.95 if you subscribe to their monthly shipment package.; Its not a tea, but rather a pill-based supplement.

    • Price: $49.95/bottle $39.95/bottle
    • Reviews: 4 Stars
    • Supplement Type: Pill
    • Pills/Bottle: 60

    Skinny Fit Belly Balance Ingredients

    In looking at the ingredient label for Skinny Fit Belly Balance, were seeing a few things that stand out.; First off, its probably working as a colon cleanser, as we see two common ingredients sticking out.; Check out the ingredients, and well talk about them below.

    The big ones that stick out for us are the psyllium seed husks and alfalfa, and the Aloe Vera leaf.; The husks and alfalfa are easy to peg as fiber sources.; Aloe Vera, of course, is a popular natural laxative.; Combined, theyre forming the classic colon cleansing duo.; They make you poop, and give you the fiber that helps clean you out .; We dont really like the term cleanse, as it associates it with the more unhealthy cousins of this form .; This one seems safe, but a quick chat with your doctor can make sure its right for you.

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