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How To Pass The Teas 6 Exam

What Not To Bring


Do not bring calculators, electronics, personal items, food, or drinks. These items are not permitted during the exam. Exceptions are made for food and drinks if there is a medical necessity. No backpacks or purses are allowed. Additional unnecessary apparel, such as jackets and hats, are also restricted.

Examinees may use a four-function calculator and scratch paper while they are completing the exam, but these will be provided by the testing site.

Register At Least Two Weeks Ahead Of Time

Another smart TEAS test tip is to register for the exam early. While you can do plenty of independent preparation beforehand, ATI may send you a study guide and other important materials once you do officially register for the test.

Providing yourself with that extra time can help you stay calm and collected as you parse through the study guide materials. Going into the test stressed out will only lead to more stress when it matters most to keep a calm head.

Follow This Advice When Taking The Teas Test

  • Do not cram just before the test.
  • Plan your route ahead of time so that you can arrive early. This ensures that you are in the right mindset.
  • Get at least 8 hours of sleep on the night before the exam.
  • Ensure that you eat a healthy breakfast and that youre properly hydrated.
  • Read the instructions carefully.
  • Read each question at least twice. A mistake that we see a lot of students make is trying to rush through questions. There is plenty of time to carefully read every question so dont rush.
  • If you dont know the answer, skip the question and come back to it later. Dont spend too much time on a single question. There will be some questions that you dont know the answer to. A big mistake is wasting too much time on those questions.
  • Dont try to keep a mental record of how youre performing. Just answer each question and then move on.

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Does The Teas Test Have The Same Questions

The TEAS test consists of all multiple choice questions. There are 170 total multiple-choice questions on the TEAS test. However, your score will only be measured on 150 questions, while the other 20 are sample questions. You will not know which are scored questions and which are sample questions.

What is the hardest part of the TEAS test?

The ATI TEAS Science section is 63 minutes long with 53 questions. It is one of the most difficult sections and has questions mainly on human anatomy, but also on scientific reasoning, and life and physical sciences.

Learn How To Pass The Teas Reading Section With Strategy


To learn how to pass the TEAS reading test you need to learn time-saving strategies.

Most study guides do not discuss time-saving strategies. In my online TEAS prep course, we cover methods to save time on specific types of questions.

One of the TEAS test reading tips I give my students is to look for TEAS Reading questions where you likely dont have to look at the entire passage. These include

  • Questions that ask you to find the authors opinion or bias
  • Questions that ask you to follow a set of instructions
  • Questions that ask you to define a specific word or phrase

Using these strategies is a skill but so so helpful!

One of my past students said, My Reading section score was crazy! I scored a 90 percent. Im so happy that I found your program. I really feel that it prepared me, especially with that awful Reading section. These tips take practice, but they do work.

One of my best TEAS reading tips to improve your TEAS Reading score is to always read the question first. This is helpful for a few reasons:

  • You can see if theres a time-saving strategy to use quickly, as specific question types can use specific strategies.
  • You can avoid getting confused by purposely confusing extra information.
  • You can quickly determine if the question requires you to read the entire passage or just a section of the passage.

Finally, the TEAS is a standardized test, and standardized tests are designed to make you feel the time pressure.

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How To Score A 91 Or Higher On The Teas Exam And Guarantee Your Seat Into Nursing School

I realized early on that in order to get into nursing school the biggest determining factors were going to be my grades in my science classes as well as what I scored on the TEAS exam.

In fact, at the state school I wanted to get into, 60% of admission was based on my TEAS score.

In August, I scored a 91 on the exam during my first and only attempt and am proud to say I will be starting nursing school at my college of choice in January.

Ive since spoken to many students who want to follow in my footsteps and are pretty lost on how to go about preparing and taking the TEAS test. This post is for you.

Ive also spoken to fellow classmates who just barely made it into nursing school because they scored in the high 60s on the test. There are many others who didnt score well enough to get into their first-choice school.

If you are serious about getting into nursing school like I was, dont wing this test.

I believe this test is less about smarts, and more about proper preparation.

Preparation, I can help you with. Im going to tell you exactly what to do so you too can get a high score on your TEAS exam and guarantee your seat into nursing school.

But before we can get into what to do, there are also a few things not to do.

Three Things Not to Do

1. Do Not Take the TEAS Without Studying

Thats right. Under no circumstances should you take the TEAS test without properly studying for it. This is totally pointless.

3. Do Not Schedule Your Test Too Early Either

Can I Retake The Ati Teas

Yes. However every program has different restrictions on how many times you can take it and how long you need to wait in between taking it.

Some schools allow up to 3 retakes while others only allow for one test attempt and some schools will make you wait 30-45 days before you can retest.

The best thing you can do is to check with the program you are applying to and see what their requirements and restrictions are and plan accordingly.

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What Is On The Teas

The TEAS exam contains four sections. There is a Reading section that contains 53 questions that are timed for 64 minutes. The Mathematics section consists of 36 questions that are timed for 54 minutes. The Science section of the TEAS exam has 53 questions and are timed for 63 minutes. Finally, the English and Language Usage section has 28 questions which are timed for 28 minutes.

How Hard Is The Teas Test

How I Passed the TEAS 6 Exam | 87% ADVANCED Tips & Tricks

The TEAS has 4 sections: Reading, Math, Science, and English. Each section has a standardized level of difficulty, and youll need to master roughly 150 different concepts. How hard the TEAS test depends on how familiar you are with the material covered and how prepared you are to pass the test.

The full test includes 4 sections, Reading, Math, Science, and English, and youll get a total of 209 minutes to take the exam, but each section has its own time limit.

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Tip #: Know The Types Of Questions On Teas Reading Passages

Youll notice that the TEAS Reading Test features different kinds of questions and that you might have to flip back and forth between the questions and the passage to answer them.

This can get overwhelming quickly, so I recommend that my students focus on breaking these questions types into three general categories:

  • Questions that require you to examine the entire passage
  • Questions that require you to look at specific sections or words
  • Questions that require you to use critical thinking and make connections beyond the passage
  • Understanding what you should do on each of these types of TEAS reading questions can help you pass the reading test!

    Pay Someone To Do My Ati Teas Exam

    The reason Iâm writing this article is to help you save money on your ATI TEAS exam. If youâre not familiar with it, then I suggest taking a should look at my previous articles to get a better understanding of what this online test entails.

    In short, there are several different levels of the ATI TEAS test. You can choose the level you are most comfortable with and complete the exams that you want to take. However, for those who know little about computer passing programming in general, you may find that it is a bit overwhelming to do one level or the next. It is much easier if you pay someone to do your ATI TEAS exam for you.

    I donât know about you, but I hate doing things by myself. I prefer to have someone do my work for me. This way, I can finish all review the necessary tasks and finish the test in one sitting. Then I can focus on the things I need to do and not worry about the rest of the project.

    The best part about paying someone to do your ATI TEAS is that you donât have to worry about the cost of the course. They offer a wide variety of different prices so that you can find the price that is most affordable nursing for you. They even offer discounted prices for members of certain websites. This means that you will be able to buy the test and then add it to your membership.

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    Teas Section : Reading

    Registered nurses frequently send and receive documentation while on the job. Therefore, it is necessary to be able to convey, read, and interpret different types of information. In this section, you will have 53 questions to answer within 64 minutes. Six will be sample questions that do not contribute to your score.

    Questions fall into three categories:

    • Key ideas and details
    • Integration of knowledge and ideas

    How Difficult Is The Teas Test

    TEAS 6 EXAM l 87.3% Advanced l Tips and Tricks l How to ...

    The TEAS test is about the same level of difficulty as the SAT and ACT tests. Its based entirely on skills that should have been developed in high school. Just because you were taught these skills does not mean you do not need to review them.

    Many students end up forgetting these skills and get stumped on the TEAS exam. Make sure you are not one of those students. Prepare for the TEAS exam.

    The score itself is what goes on your application so its essential that you take the proper steps to score as high as possible on this exam.

    The key is to develop better study habits to give yourself every advantage. While the questions are all based on standard educational knowledge, the sheer number of questions can quickly become overwhelming.

    In fact, the test is designed to be stressful in its volume because nursing school is vigorous and this test ensures students are prepared for that level of stress. They want to make sure students are able to excel in their programs.

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    What Is The Teas Test Passing Score

    The TEAS test is not a pass or fail exam and every schools passing score is different which can vary from anywhere between 50%-90%.

    Many programs will have a minimum passing score that you will need to achieve in order to be considered, the schools will typically select applicants with the highest scores among other application factors like pre-requisite courses, GPA, and any relevant experience you may have.

    The TEAS passing score can vary widely and its more typical to see lower score requirements for a 2 year associates degree program which is usually somewhere between the 50% to 65% range.

    If you are applying to a bachelors degree program the score requirements can be much higher well into the 70-80%+ range.

    Another big factor for the TEAS Test passing score for any particular school is how competitive the school is.

    Some states like California are very competitive and might have 300 applicants for only 50 seats, in those types of situations the required TEAS test score can be on the highest end which can be in the upper 80% range.

    The official ATI TEAS test passing score break down is:

    • Developmental 0% to 40.7%
    • Exemplary 90.7% to 100.0%

    Ati Teas Reading Test

    Being able to read and comprehend is critical in the nursing profession. Medical orders and medication labels must be understood to maintain proper care of patients. Reading written and digital records of medical procedures, patient histories, and other texts make the ability to read and understand them extremely necessary.

    31% of the ATI TEAS test is comprised of reading questions. Nursing school hopefuls will need to brush up on their reading skills and strategies to do well. Twenty-two of those questions pertain to key ideas and details. When given a large amount of information, students need to be able to find the most important information related to the topic at hand.

    Students will see several passages with questions about summarizing, making inferences, and drawing conclusions. Having the ability to condense written or oral communications down to the most vital pieces helps expedite patient treatment and eliminates unnecessary paperwork. Many questions deal with understanding graphic data.

    Interpretation of text and being able to decipher visual data such as charts and graphs that aid in tracking patient information over time is one of the constant duties of health professionals. Picking out the most important information in a report quickly in order to render proper assistance is also essential.

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    In My Online Teas Prep Course You Can Learn These Concepts In Several Ways So That Its Easier To Process:

    Multimedia lessons including video, text, and interactive practice.

    Practice questions, including quizzes and full-length practice TEAS math exams .

    Time-saving strategy tips and tricks specifically tailored to the TEAS math section.

    Support and guidance from a friendly instructor and communityyoull get your questions answered and study inspiration along the way.

    As you can see, youll see everything you need to know in lots of different ways. This helps the information stick and makes it easier to study.

    Good Luck On Your Teas Test Prep

    How To Pass the TEAS 6 TEST TIPS

    The TEAS Test is a standardized exam used in the admissions process by many nursing programs in the U.S. The exam is similar in purpose to the HESI. Some students may even have to take both the HESI and TEAS exams.

    Both the TEAS and HESI tests are only one factor that schools use in their admissions processes, but it can be an important factor so you should prepare and strive to do well on the test. Using a free TEAS practice test is a great start!

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    What Is The Teas Test

    The ATI TEAS VI test is used by many schools as an admissions test for candidates seeking entrance into a nursing program. The exam is similar in purpose to the SAT or ACT, and the exam is developed and administered by ATI.

    ATI stands for Assessment Technologies Institute and they are the maker of the TEAS test.

    The test is intended to assess a candidates aptitude in reading, math, science, and English and language usage. Studies have shown that the TEAS test is an accurate predictor of early success in various college programs.

    The four subtests contain a total of 170 questions, of which 150 are scored. Many students ask, “How long is the TEAS test” – candidates are given a total of 209 minutes to complete all four sections. provides a TEAS practice test for each of the subtest topics. The TEAS nursing test is summarized below.

    Study The Teas Study Manual And Review The Questions

    Once you have the study manual, please read it carefully and try to answer some of the questions. You can then see at the later pages of the book if you got the right answers.If you didnt get the correct answers, you can review the question again and study the concept or subject behind it. For example, if its a question related to grammar, you may want to review sentence construction topics like subject-verb agreement.

    Furthermore, please pay attention to diagrams, charts, and bold areas as they are also likely to be included in the exam. Whenever you encounter something you dont understand, you can always research online and find out what the idea behind the topic.

    YouTube videos are also excellent resource materials that can help you understand some of the more difficult subjects in the reviewer. Overall, you want to get to know the different concepts and ideas covering the four subjects, rather than just memorizing specific facts.

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    What Is The Teas

    Many programs require TEAS scores to determine the academic fitness of potential nursing students. You should prepare to take the TEAS before applying to any nursing program, since a favorable score can give you a competitive edge even if the exam is not explicitly required for admission.

    ATI administers the TEAS and also offers preparation services. You can sit for the TEAS in person at school, at an ATI testing site, or online by using a school- or ATI-approved proctoring service. Some schools specify which type of TEAS format is required, while others let you choose whether to take the test in person or online.

    ATI scores the test by assigning a weight to each question. While you may sense fluctuating levels of difficulty throughout the test, you wonât be able to differentiate the point values of each individual question. Each school sets its own requirements for a passing score.


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