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How To Make Matcha Milk Tea

Recipe + The Secret Ingredient

How to Make Green Tea Latte with Oat Milk | Matcha Recipe

Big Square Ice

Youll need 2 ounces of room temperature or warm water for 1 teaspoon of Matcha; for a stronger taste and more caffeine use two teaspoons. With a spoon, scrape the Matcha through the mesh strainer creating a very fine powder into a measuring cup. Here I add two teaspoons of Truvia Cane Sugar Blend, my sweetener of choice, then pulse whisk in the water until its throughly mixed. Add one ice cube to the glass, then add the Matcha. Add the second ice cube and slowly pour ½ Cup of your milk of choice into the center of the ice, creating a waterfall. Do the same thing with 2 ounces of cold espresso. The big ice is the secret ingredient! If I use regular ice, it does not layer properly. The layering process needs a slow waterfall of the last two liquids.

These are nice ice cube trays but I bought mine from Walmart.

Full disclosure, my espresso is and the original recipe calls for full caffeine espresso and two teaspoons of Matcha. I imagine youd feel like Superman for days with that amount of caffeine. For me the Matcha just gives me a nice boost in the afternoon and I can still go to sleep at night.

In the end you have to stir your drink and it looks like dirty matcha womp womp. The drink tastes the same no matter what it looks like. Im just obsessed with making mine into art.

Do you think youll try it?

Best Matcha Powder For Lattes

There are two main grades of matcha: culinary and ceremonial. The culinary grade matcha is best for cooking and baking while ceremonial matcha is best for lattes.

Ceremonial grade matcha green tea leaves are picked by hand and tend to be more sweet-tasting. They are stone-grounded to reduce heat and friction, which prevents bitterness. As a result of this care and craftsmanship, ceremonial matcha is more expensive than culinary grade but also more flavorful.

Starbucks uses Tazo matcha powder that has two ingredients: sugar and green tea powder. I use ceremonial grade matcha green tea powder that has pure matcha green tea taste.

Pour Into Mug & Add Milk

Pour the frothed matcha green tea into your favourite 16 oz mug and top with foamy milk. done.

Pro tip: Use a large spoon to hold back the foam and allow the liquid to pour in first. As the liquid runs out, release the spoon to let the foam fill the balance of the cup

Top with milk for the finishing touch.1% or 2% or whole milk, doesnt matter. In fact, why not make your green tea latte a plant-based drink by using soy, almond, oat or even coconut milk. Sometimes tea can take on a different flavour, depending on the type of milk you choose. Have fun & experiment.

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How To Make Matcha Milk Tea

Heres a quick overview of the steps to make matcha milk tea. For full ingredients and instructions, scroll to the bottom.

1. Combine water and matcha in an airtight container. Shake.

Im using a small water bottle with a wide opening. If you have a cocktail shaker, you can use that too.

Tea Sommeliers Tip: Water goes in first to make sure the matcha doesnt clump in the bottle.

2. Add maple syrup, vanilla extract, and salt. Shake.

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3. Combine milk and sweetened matcha.

Im using these completely adorable;milk bottles with leakproof silicone lids. Each bottle is 16 oz., which is the same size as a Starbucks grande.

What Is Matcha Green Tea

Matcha Bubble Tea

Originated from Japan, matcha is a powdered green tea containing;137 times;more antioxidants than classic brewed green tea. Both come from the tea plant , but with matcha powder, the entire leaf is consumed.

During the last few weeks of their growth, the tea leaves are shaded from the sun to increase their;chlorophyll content and produce vibrant green color. The leaves are then ground to produce;a fine powder which is known as matcha green tea powder.

Matcha powder has been used in Japanese tea ceremonies for centuries but has become more widely known and popular in recent years. Matcha latte is one of the many ways it’s consumed now. Matcha green tea powder can be used in smoothies,;cookies,;and more! You can learn more about the history of matcha;here.

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Are Matcha Lattes Healthy And Will It Help Me Stay Awake

A matcha latte can be healthy, but you have to pay attention to the type of milk and sweetener you are using. Certain milks and sweetener are high in calories or fat, and would make your matcha latte more of an indulgence than a healthy alternative to your usual coffee-based drinks.

  • Matcha has nearly zero calories, but any sweetener or milks you add in a matcha latte has the usual amount of calories.;
  • We recommend using a slightly higher quality matcha that has less bitterness.;
  • A drink with a cup of milk and more than 2 tsp of sugar will quickly add to your recommended daily intake!;
  • Also be mindful that some milks like coconut milk have high levels of saturated fat.

A matcha latte can help you keep away thanks to the caffeine in matcha. Because the caffeine comes from matcha, you should evaluate the caffeine content based on how much matcha you are adding to your matcha latte. In our experience, a tsp of matcha has about 70mg of caffeine which will help you stay alert for approximately 4 hours. Obviously, these effects will change if you use more matcha.

How Do You Make Matcha With A Whisk

If you love ritual and ceremony this is your matcha method.

Add your matcha to a matcha bowl . Pour in a small amount of water and use a matcha whisk to stir the matcha into the water and eliminate any clumps. Heat your milk of choice in a saucepan. Once it steams, add in your optional sweetener of choice and stir. Pour the matcha mixture into your mug then follow with your warmed milk. Enjoy!

Pros: no appliances needed, matcha whisks are very affordable

Cons: no foam, more manual work, cannot use a date as a sweetener

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Dilute The Matcha Powder

First, use a little milk or water to dissolve the matcha powder. This will help you to avoid any clumps in the matcha latte.

Chefs note: Its traditional to use hot water, but Ive found it works just as well with warm milk.It can also help to sift the matcha into the mug first, to really avoid any clumping.;

Then, using the matcha whisk, whisk vigorously back and forth in a W pattern until the powder has completely dissolved .

What Is Boba Made Of

How to make matcha milk tea? How to make matcha bubble tea?

Boba refers to the little chewy balls at the bottom of bubble tea. These are made from tapioca pearls that are boiled in hot water, which makes them slightly enlarge and become chewy.

When served, you usually need a larger than usual straw to be able to drink the boba along with the tea! Flavors can be also be added to the boba to make different types for different tea combinations.

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How Do You Make Matcha In A Milk Frother

If foam is your thing then the milk frother is you matcha lattes best friend.

Add your milk of choice to the frother and turn it on. While its spinning, add in the matcha and sweetener of choice. Once well mixed and to your desired temperature, pour into a mug and enjoy!

Pros: only requires one appliance for heating and mixing, creates the best foam

Cons: milk frothers can be expensive and another appliance to add to you kitchen, not all milk frothers can handle powders, cannot use dates as a sweetener

Getting The Brown Sugar Boba

First, you will need to get your boba. Either buy shop-bought or better still make your own. Check out my recipe for making homemade brown sugar boba. You can use the same recipe picking up the process starting at cooking the homemade boba and through to the end where its cooked in brown sugar syrup.

The boba cooking process and making the brown sugar syrup is the same whether using shop-bought boba or making it at home.

You can pick up packaged boba at your local Asian store or online as you can see below.

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Iced Matcha Latte Recipe

  • In your Latte Tumbler, mix the matcha green tea powder with the filtered water just enough to form a paste at the bottom.
  • Use an Electric Frother to ensure all matcha is fully dissolved, like a thick syrup almost.
  • Add non-Dairy milk, and sweetener if any. Move Electric Frother closer to the middle of the latte to create the right blending motion.
  • Add Ice Cubes one-by-one to help the latte reach the brim of your Latte Tumbler for easy sipping.
  • Kick back and enjoy!
  • More About Matcha Milk Tea Recipes

    Matcha Bubble Tea
    • Pour water and matcha into an airtight container.Use filtered water if possible. A small water bottle with a wide opening or a cocktail shaker work great.Add water in first to prevent matcha from clumping.
    • Close lid and shake for 10 seconds.Shake it vigorously to make sure the water and matcha get mixed well.
    • Bring a pot of water to a boil and add tapioca pearls. Once pearls have floated to the top , cover pot and boil for 3-5 minutes, until soft and chewy. *Note: instructions may vary depending on the type of tapioca pearls. Follow instructions on the package for best results.
    • Whisk together hot water and matcha. In a separate cup, whisk together the milk and remaining agave nectar.
    • Add the tapioca pearls to the bottom of a glass and pour in milk/agave mixture. To create a layered drink, pour the matcha tea slowly over the back of a spoon on top of the milk layer.
    • Pour in the 2 ounces of the hot water. Using a matcha whisk or small regular whisk, whisk briskly from side to side until the matcha is fully dispersed and there is a foamy layer on top.
    • Add the remaining 6 ounces hot water or steamed milk and whisk again until foamy. Sweeten to taste, if desired.

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    Art Of Iced Matcha Milk Latte

    Looking for the perfect matcha latte recipe that you can make from home? Look no further!;Blend a delicious cafe style matcha iced latte that is sure to please.


  • Scoop and sift Art of Tea matcha into a bowl or wide cup.
  • Add the cold freshly drawn filtered water.
  • Whisk with a handheld frother or matcha whisk until foam appears and;the matcha is fully suspended in the id. Otherwise, shake vigorously in;a Matcha Shaker with ice.
  • Pour into a glass over ice.
  • Finish with your favorite frothed milk.
  • Dust the top with Art of Tea matcha.
  • Prep Time: 1-2 minutes

    Pick up new skills on brewing tea by reading our resources to help make the perfect cup.

    Check out all of our resources on matcha and become an expert!

    Brewing the perfect iced tea can be hard, but not with Art of Tea! Learn how to brew the perfect iced tea here.

    An Important Note About Oat Milk And Sweetener

    Most brands of oat milk are naturally sweeter than regular milk. The sweetness comes from starch in oats being broken down into simple carbohydrates . When making matcha lattes, you should account for this sugar in oat milk too.

    Our preferred brand has about 8 grams of sugar per cup. When using Oatly, we only add half a teaspoon of powdered brown sugar. We like our matcha lattes mildly sweet so we can taste the matcha and find this to be the perfect level of sweetness.

    To calibrate the sweetness to your liking, be sure to read the labels of your oat milk brand and adjust the added sweetener accordingly. We know that certain oat milk brands like Pacific Foods come sweeter, and you may not need to add any extra sweetener at all.

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    How To Make A Matcha Latte Matcha Green Tea Latte Recipe

    Have you been wondering how to make a Matcha Latte? An ice cold matcha latte is one of the most refreshing experiences imaginable. In fact, preparing the matcha powder in a cold way can actually allow more of the naturally sweet flavors to be enjoyed with every sip.

    Here well show you how to skip the cafe drive-thru and the high price that youre used to seeing. Just follow along for this simple Iced Matcha Green Tea Latte recipe.

    Oh! And trust us, itll be more delicious than your common chain cafes, not to mention home-made means control over the type of milk, and how sweet you make it.

    • No hidden sugar or any other surprises, and a fraction of the price!

    Let Me Tell You About The Inspo For This Drink

    How to Make Traditional Matcha Easy Way to Make Matcha Green Tea

    So to set the stage. MATCHA GREEN TEA IS THE BOMB.COM.

    I didnt know about it until, like, two months ago. It all started with an obsession with a local tea bar in St. Paul, where Id order this thing called a Royal Tea Latte and because the Royal had to brew for a few minutes, Id sit there and watch all the other tea people ordering and navigating the scary-exciting menu of a tea bar.

    And thats when I realized: whoa, matcha.

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    How To Make A Matcha Latte

    Three easy ways for how to make a matcha latte at home! Enjoy a steamy latte every day of the week dairy free and naturally sweetened options!

    Its no secret I love a good matcha latte. I have written about my deep, deep love for this drink before. I think it is about time to shout it from the rooftops and share a Plant Basics Guide with three, yes three! easy ways to make a coffee shop worthy matcha latte at home.

    Lets lay some ground rules here:;

  • Each method will make one matcha latte.
  • All methods need 1 teaspoon matcha and 1 ½ cups milk.
  • All methods can use any milk youd like coconut, almond, soy, dairy, you name it, it works.
  • You can sweeten any of these methods as much or as little as youd like. Some methods limit you to liquid sweeteners like maple syrup, agave, etc. and others allow for dates.
  • Each method has a pros and cons list so you can easily see which method works for you!
  • Lets make some matcha!

    How To Make Bubble Tea With Any Tea

    Homemade bubble tea is the perfect afternoon pick-me-up!;In my recipe, I add a twist by combining three favorites – matcha, latte, and bubble tea. You can make this recipe with any tea, and I’m showing you how. It’s a beverage with something for everyone. Just look at those fun bubblesI promise this tea will make your day that much better!

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    Starbucks Latte Recipe What Do They Do

    Starbucks latte recipe is pretty well-known around the Internet, but these days theyve made it easier for their staff to make. While this recipe is fairly similar to what the original recipe called for , a close friend told us that they have transitioned to a premade matcha powder with the sweetener included.

    This recipe will help you skip the line at Starbucks and let you adjust iced matcha lattes to your taste buds and hopefully save you the cost! You can even make your own boba and make it into bubble tea. If you want to to try other boba tea, I would recommend making taro milk tea or jasmine sea cream boba, too. For more easy Asian recipes , click here.

    Health Benefits Of Green Tea

    How to make matcha bubble tea

    Thai green tea which is used to make regular iced green tea latte, comes in powder form as a mix and has a distinctive taste.

    It has the same health benefits as other green teas, reputedly offering a little protection from heart and cancer problems more information here.

    Asian societies have been using green tea in alternative medicine for thousands of years so there is probably some benefits even though these have not been proven yet scientifically.

    We really dont know we just like the taste!

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    What Is Bubble Tea

    Bubble tea goes by many different names: milk tea, tapioca tea, pearl milk tea, boba, boba tea… The names can be confusing, as bubble tea can, in fact, be made without tea and without bubbles!

    The drink itself is of Taiwanese origin and is traditionally made with a base of tea, milk, and sugar with chewy tapioca pearls at the bottom. While most bubble teas are indeed tea-based, they can have a fruit juice or a coffee base also.

    Go to a bubble tea shop and you’ll see all kinds of wild combinations – honeydew, taro, mango, coconut, lavender, sesame… the tasty flavors are endless!


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