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Is Snapple Tea Good For You

Juices And Juice Drinks

Peach Tea DIET Snapple Review!

Snapple’s 100% Juiced line may prove a better option than its juice drinks because of the nutrients it contains, such as vitamin A, C, E and calcium. The juice drinks only contain a small percentage of real fruit juice and lack significant amounts of vital nutrients. Both the 100-percent juices and the juice drinks contain a good deal of sugar, however. For example, Snapple’s 100-percent fruit punch contains 40 grams of sugar while its fruit drinks contain 27 grams. Both the juice drinks and the 100-percent juices contain a significant amount of calories as well. As such, you may do well to drink these in moderation and opt for water, milk or drinks with more nutrients and less sugar whenever possible.

Hidden Sources Of Caffeine

While caffeinated tea and coffee have been linked to some health benefits, such as lowering risk of skin and liver cancers, caffeine has some downsides. Some people are more sensitive than others and in addition to jitters, it can deplete sleep quality, especially in folks over 40, amp up anxiety and itâs addictive.

If youâre looking to limit your caffeine intake, itâs important to know what products contain the stimulant and thatâs not always obvious. Here are some hidden sources of caffeine:

For comparison, an 8-oz. cup of brewed caffeinated coffee has 100 to 200 mg of caffeine, depending on the kind.

1. Energy drinks: Why do energy drinks perk you up? While many have other ingredients that claim to boost your energy, a lot of them still rely on caffeine. Case in point, a 12-oz. can of Red Bull has 111 mg of caffeine. 5-Hour Energy delivers 207 mg in just 1.93 oz., while Vitamin Water Energy Tropical Citrus has 50 mg in 20 oz.

2. Decaf coffee: Itâs a far cry from regular coffee, but a cup of decaf will still give you around 5 mg of caffeine.

3. Iced tea: It might seem obvious that iced tea would have caffeine, since hot tea does, but sometimes we donât really think of those peach- and raspberry-flavored sweetened iced teas as having caffeine. But they do: Snapple , for example, has 42 mg per 16 oz.

5. Non-cola sodas: If you think cola is the only soda with caffeine, think again. Sunkist Orange Soda , Mountain Dew and Barqâs Root Beer all contain caffeine.

Don’t Think Green Is Better

There are a lot of good things about green tea. Some research suggests that the type of antioxidant in green tea;called epigallocatechin gallate may help lower risk of certain cancers and reduce the risk of heart disease.

But dont be blinded by green teas health halo. Many bottled green teasjust like bottled black teasare loaded with added sugars. For example, a 14.5-ounce bottle of Teavana Peach Green Tea has 21 grams of sugars and 90 calories.;

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Sobe Elixir Green Tea

Rather than brewed tea, SoBe just adds a green tea extract this brew. Which is enough to mislead customers into thinking their product may provide the same fat-burning benefits as the real stuff. Alas, this beverage is basically just caramel color, natural flavor, and an entire day’s worth sugarsupplemented with extra sweetness from stevia extract.

For more healthy eating tips, be sure to .

Arnold Palmer Real Sugar

Snapple Lemon Tea

It may be made with real sugar , but there is still over three-quarters of your daily limit of added sugars in these drinks. The good thing is that sugar has less fructose than HFCS, so these beverages “made with real sugar” will have less of the simple carb which directly contributes to fatty liver disease and insulin resistance.

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Enjoy Some Great Snapple Green Tea

Snapple green tea is a collection of authentic green teas. They contain 55mg of the natural antioxidant EGCG, which is beneficial because it will help to boost your metabolism. This is part of Snapple’s “good for you” platform, which was created to inform and inspire consumers about the health benefits of green tea.

About the Makers of Snapple Green Tea

Snapple was founded in 1972 and is now the leading creator of great-tasting premium beverages, including Snapple green tea . This company is ran by 3 childhood friends who started out providing beverages to their local community in the state of New York. Now these beverages are available throughout the United States and in 80 countries worldwide.

The Snapple brand is built upon the concept of developing, producing and marketing a wide variety of premium beverages. Besides Snapple green tea, this company makes juice drinks, 100% vitamin-fortified juices and water. It is no wonder that this down-to-earth company delights so many people across the world. In fact, in 2003 Snapple made history when it became the official iced tea of New York City.

What You Should Know About Snapple Green Tea

Snapple green tea was developed with consumers in mind, especially those who are looking for pure, all-natural, high quality ingredients with great taste and real functional benefits in their drink. This drink was created for the 5% of the population who know and understand that consuming green tea can boost their metabolism.

Snapple Tea Green Tea

Snapple’s Green Tea flavor has a clean, refreshing taste that we would categorize as “fine.” But once again, it’s worth noting that in very ranking, something has to come in last. As far as Snapple teas go, Green Tea earned that honor because we don’t happen to enjoy the taste of green tea enough to bother drinking it as iced tea certainly not when there are so many other flavors of Snapple iced tea out there, every one of which we preferred to the Green Tea.;

The issue we have with green tea, in general, is that among its various earthy and otherwise pleasant flavor notes is a distinct bitterness. While some people may enjoy that quality, others can’t quite latch on to it.; We happen to fall into the latter category, meaning, we would likely not choose green tea for its flavor, even when it comes to a sweet treat like ice cream.;Rather, if you ever see us drinking green tea, it’s probably mostly because we know of its;numerous potential health benefits. But, since Snapple’s Green Tea lists sugar before green tea in its ingredients, it seems as if flavor and not its healthy qualities are meant to be the draw here. That’s where we drew the line.

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Is There Caffeine In Diet Peach Snapple

Snapple Peach Iced Tea review

4.1/5Diet Snapple PeachCaffeine

Yes, caffeine is naturally found in tea, and actual amounts may vary for each flavor of Snapple tea. We currently do not offer a decaffeinated variety of any Snapple tea. However, all our juice drinks are caffeine-free.

Subsequently, question is, how much caffeine is in Snapple diet peach iced tea? Caffeine content varies however, most of the teas contain about 18.5 mg of caffeine per 8 floz serving. Since most bottles are 16 floz this makes the total caffeine content 37 mg.

Beside above, how much caffeine is in Diet Peach Snapple?

Caffeine Database


What is in Diet Peach Snapple?

Our Real Tea Starts with the Finest Tea Leaves and is Made From: Filtered Water, Citric Acid, Tea, Aspartame, Potassium Citrate, Natural Flavors, Malic Acid.

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The Serving Size Is Confusing

Gif courtesy of

You grab a Snapple and down the whole thing in between class. But hear this, the classic 16-oz. bottle is really meant to be drunk in two servings, which is completely idiotic since people arent usually disciplined enough to just have a half a bottle. Serving size is an important thing to look out for, along with the rest of the nutrition label.

Honest Tea Berry Hisbiscus

It may be certified organic, and have Fair Trade Certified hibiscus, but just because the cane sugar is organic doesn’t mean you can guzzle this iced tea down without a care. Although it has less sugar than some of other the drinks on this list, it still has over half a day’s worth of your added sugarsnot great. That being said, not all Honest products are bad. In fact, their Honey Green Tea has the highest amount of free-radical-fighting catechins out of any bottled green tea product.

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Diet Snapple Raspberry Tea

Like we said, whereas good-tasting diet lemon-flavored iced teas have become readily accessible from a variety of beverage brands, diet teas flavored with sweeter fruits such as raspberry are a far rarer breed. And Snapple’s Diet Raspberry tea is absolutely delicious.;Its raspberry flavoring is assertive but gentle. Smooth and refreshing, it carries just the right level of sweetness with no artificial sweetener aftertaste. And there’s nothing medicinal about it, which is something to be said when compared with some other brands employing similar flavors.;

In fact, it’s something to be said when compared with Snapple’s own Diet Cranberry Raspberry drink, which can sometimes bring to mind unpleasant notes of cherry-flavored cough syrup despite not containing even a drop of cherry juice. That being said, we can’t say for sure how much raspberry juice, if any, is in a bottle of Snapple Diet Raspberry. The ingredients list makes no reference to raspberries in particular, though it does mention some vague “natural flavors”. But that doesn’t mean we don’t love ourselves some Snapple Diet Raspberry on a hot summer day.

Potential Risks Of Hibiscus Tea

Diet Snapple Lemon Tea, 20 Fl. Oz.

While hibiscus tea may provide health benefits, it may also present some risks. These risks include:

Hibiscus and Mallow Allergies

If youre allergic or sensitive to hibiscus flowers , you should avoid drinking hibiscus tea.;

Medication Interactions

Hibiscus tea may interact with certain medications. It can decrease the effectiveness of the malaria drug chloroquine. If you take medications for high blood pressure or diabetes, it can cause a significant drop in blood pressure. The plant also contains phytoestrogens that may decrease the effectiveness of birth control medication.;

Pregnancy Concerns

The phytoestrogens in hibiscus tea may cause complications during pregnancy. For instance, they may trigger preterm labor. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you may want to avoid hibiscus tea or look for an alternative.;

Liver Damage

Some research points toward high concentrations of hibiscus extract potentially causing liver damage.;

Most of the current research on hibiscus tea is limited to animal and test-tube studies. More research is needed to fully understand the true benefits and risks the tea has to offer.;

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Review: Snapple Diet Green Tea

The Snapple Diet Green Tea is quite possibly the healthiest drink EVER.

I have no scientific data, testimonials from fake nutritionists or fancy Microsoft Excel pie charts to back up that statement. All I know is that green tea is healthy, diet is healthy, and Snapple is Made from the Best Stuff on Earth®. Put all three of those things together and you have a threesome of healthiness.

Now just like MC Hammer, lets break it down.

As many of you know, green tea is full of antioxidants, which have the ability to kick the asses of bad free radicals in your body and make them their bitches. The Snapple Diet Green Tea has a natural antioxidant called epigallocatechin gallate, or EGCG for short, which is only found in green tea.

According to the bottle, EGCG also has the ability to boost your metabolism, although the bottle also says it takes 300 milligrams of it to effectively boost it. A bottle of Snapple Diet Green Tea has only 55 milligrams. So just like drinking six beers in one sitting will give you a better buzz and make all the ugly people look slightly better, drinking six Snapple Diet Green Teas in a day will increase your metabolism and maybe help you forget about whomever you brought home the other night after drinking six beers.

Snapple Half N’ Half Lemonade Iced Tea

That brings us to the best five in this ranking of popular Snapple flavors. Considering that there are no truly “bad” Snapple flavors it actually is quite an accomplishment for Snapple’s Half N’ Half Lemonade Iced Tea flavor to turn up in this top-five pantheon.;

Every other member of this flavor club is not just a tried-and-true Snapple favorite, but also seriously old school as in dating back to Snapple’s earliest days.;That means that all those flavors had years in which they could be tweaked to perfection before people even started craving the half lemonade, half iced tea mashup that Arnold Palmer made popular starting in 2001 via a collaboration with AriZona iced tea . Yet this newbie flavor is still a beautifully polished combination of sweet, sour, and bitter goes down easy and is surprisingly refreshing for a full-sugar beverage.;;

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Natural Ingredients Arent Necessarily Better Than Artificial Ingredients

Gif courtesy of

Snapple claims that they use natural ingredients. Whoop-dee-doo. Bad news. Sorry to break it to ya, but;natural flavorings are nothing to brag about. According to the Scientific American, natural flavors are no better in quality, nor are they safer than artificial flavors and thats that.

Is 70mg Of Caffeine A Lot

Snapple Kiwi Strawberry Drink Review

caffeine8 of the most caffeinated coffee drinks

  • 651 milligrams / per 12 fluid ounce. Starbucks Venti Coffee.
  • 415 milligrams / 20 fluid ounce. Dunkin Donuts Large Coffee with Turbo Shot.
  • 395 milligrams / 20 fluid ounce. Shock Coffee Triple Latte.
  • 231 milligrams / 8 fluid ounce.
  • 274 milligrams / 16 fluid ounce.
  • 267 milligrams / 16 fluid ounce.
  • 267 milligrams / 16 fluid ounce.


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Is Drinking Snapple Any Better Than Drinking Coke

Originally posted by: CanaiYes it is. Snapple has no preservatives and no added colors or flavors. It is still very high in sugar, but if you need a sugar fix and it’s coke or Snapple, go for the Snapple.

Originally posted by: CanaiYes it is. Snapple has no preservatives and no added colors or flavors. It is still very high in sugar, but if you need a sugar fix and it’s coke or Snapple, go for the Snapple.

Originally posted by: AflacIt’s probably slightly better in that it doesn’t literally rot your teeth . But it’s not healthier, no.

Originally posted by: mattpegherIf you want to worry about it drink water, tap that is, bottled water just someone elses tap that you pay someone to truck around the world in plastic.If you want the caffiene then screw it you might as well consign yourself that you’ve chosen to be unhealthy. Or take a nodoze.

Originally posted by: Ns1

Originally posted by: mattpegherIf you want to worry about it drink water, tap that is, bottled water just someone elses tap that you pay someone to truck around the world in plastic.If you want the caffiene then screw it you might as well consign yourself that you’ve chosen to be unhealthy. Or take a nodoze.

caffeine is not the issue here, seeing as how I’m on a 4 cup a day coffee habit. it’s something sweet to go along with dinner that i need.

real men drink black coffee12-16 cups a day been like that for yearsmy dad drinks nearly 2 pots a day, has for ~30 years

Arizona Extra Sweet Green Tea

Don’t be fooled into thinking that all green tea;products possess the slimming antioxidants which help keep you fit. This premium brewed green tea is all but wasted by AriZona’s use of high fructose corn syrupand little of the “honey” they claim on the label.

Instead, sip on green tea that you brew yourself! Here’s;What Happens To Your Body When You Drink Green Tea.

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Snapple Takes Two To Mango Tea

As much as we love Snapple, and as much as we love mangos, somehow, we had never managed to try Snapple’s Takes Two To Mango Tea until now. And boy are we glad we did. Takes Two To Mango Tea has a wonderful, clean mango flavor with no funky smell and no sticky-sweet aftertaste.;In fact, it tastes exactly like you might expect mango-flavored tea to taste. That is, if it were made with actual mango.;

You might think it unfair when we tell you the;only thing keeping Snapple’s Takes Two To Mango Tea out of the top five as well as out of our favorite three Snapple tea flavors is that there is no mention of mango anywhere in its list of ingredients . From that, along with a quick perusal of the ingredients list for Snapple Mango Madness, which does contain mango puree concentrate, we are left to infer that the Takes Two To Mango Tea contains no actual mango, except perhaps some distillation of mango into the “natural flavors” listed at the end.

Diet Snapple Tea Trop

Diet Snapple Lemon Tea, 16 Fl. Oz.

Snapple’s Diet Trop-A-Rocka flavor “blends healthy green tea and tasty black tea with pear, cinnamon and mango flavors,” according to a;2011 press release from Snapple regarding this drink’s promotion to the company’s permanent product line. Also, it’s “rockin'” because the flavor was developed by none other than rock band Poison’s frontman, Bret Michaels. Indeed, we wanted to love this sugar-free flavor because its development was not just a television stunt but also a labor of love for Michaels, who has lived with type 1 diabetes his whole life. Also, the drink is made with two ingredients that are known to be good for our health: green tea and cinnamon.

Nevertheless, green tea and cinnamon do not take us to our flavored iced tea happy place.;The addition of green tea to Snapple’s usual black tea base gave the overall flavor a strangely flowery note . The addition of cinnamon just seemed kind of weird to us as well. You, of course, might feel differently.

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