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Where To Buy Tea Cozy

What Is A Tea Cozy Explained

Tea Cozies – Full Performance (Live on KEXP)

A tea cozy keeps tea warm. You can make your own, or buy one in many unique patterns.

Afternoon tea is a long-held tradition that people around the world enjoy. However, sometimes you can’t always finish your whole pot of tea before it cools off. When that happens, you can get a teapot cover or tea cozy to keep your tea warm.

  • How Does a Tea Cozy Work?
  • Cute Cozies To Cozy Up Your Tea

    Tea cozies arent just for grandmas anymore. There are a bunch of cute tea cozies out there that will not only make your teapot look adorable, but also serve the practical purpose of keeping your tea warm while youre doing what you do best chatting with friends over a cuppa .

    Check out some of our favorites.

  • Knitted Chicken Tea Cozy, $21 at Houzz: Add some whimsy to your kitchen with this ridiculously cute knitted option.
  • Triangle Tea Cozy, $34 at Burke Decor: If youre looking for something a bit more modern than whimsical, this triangle tea cozy is right up your alley.
  • Wool Cable Knit Tea Cozy, $45 at Food52: Available in three different colors, this wool cable knit tea cozy functions as a warm sweater for your tea pot, literally allowing you to button it on.
  • English Tea Cozy, $28 at TeaAndTartan: Dont bother getting dressed for tea time. This plaid cozy complete with a custom monogram matches your pajamas.
  • Paris Tea Cozy, $24 at Stash Tea: While the act of having tea seems decidedly British, this tea cozy is all about Paris.
  • Blue and White Dot Tea Cozy, $16 at ChicCozyCozies: Add a dash of preppy-ness to your tea service with this polka-dot cozy.
  • Myrskyn Jälkeen Tea Cozy, $35 at Finnish Design Shop: Made in Finland, this cozy features natural elements on hemp fabric.
  • Fox Cozy Glass Infuser Teapot, $20 at World Market: This adorable set is, um, foxy! The cute cozy comes with a glass teapot, which also features a loose-leaf infuser.
  • Tea Cozy Knitting Patterns

    Tea has been re-invented! Green tea, mint tea, ginger tea, fruit tea – not to mention good old Yorkshire tea. Brighten up your teapot with a cozy. Or a different one for each occasion! There are over one hundred patterns to choose from.;

    Our collection of tea cozy knitting patterns features the finest from top brands as well as the latest from a promising assortment of independent designers. We have a range of softback books and leaflets. Or if youre keen to get going now, try our selection of PDFs.;

    With our unique viewing option, you can preview the patterns in each book and make sure that you have all the ingredients to create them. Just click through on the products below to see.


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    How Does A Tea Cozy Work

    Tea cozies can be made using a few different fabrics. Most commonly, they are knitted with wool, or a blend of acrylic and wool, which are good at insulating heat.

    Cotton and other fabrics can also be used and sewn up to make tea cozies. These also work well at insulating heat.

    A tea cozy can be knitted or sewn with thick insulating fabric, which is then layered with puffy material in a dome-like shape. No heat escapes from the top of the teapot when a tea cozy has this dome-like shape!

    The purpose of a tea cozy is to stop heat from escaping from the hot tea, and the insulating fabric helps to do this. It does not keep the tea hot all day, but it does definitely help to keep it warmer for longer than it would without a tea cozy cover.

    Tea cozies cover most of the surface area of a teapot and usually cover the lid as well. This prevents heat from escaping from any part of the teapot, which once again helps to serve up warm tea!

    Try These Diy Teapot Cozy Ideas

    hand knitted tea cosy

    You can make yours by using crochet, quilting, or other fabric if you’re a knitter. You can pick the style, pattern, and material. One of the best parts about making your own cozy is that you get to choose every aspect of the design.

    You want to make sure that your tea cozy is washable in case you spill on it. You will be using it around food and drink, so the easier it is to clean, the more use and enjoyment you will get out of it.;

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    Teapot Tea Cozies 4 And 6 Cup Wraparound And Domes Tea Cozies

    A Tea Cozy, or Cosy, is like a sweater for your teapot or tea cup.; They have been around since the mid 1800’s in the dome style, and are a fabulous way to keep the heat in the tea as you chat and munch and sip.

    We offer several styles of cozies.; Our domed cozies are simply plopped over the teapot until it’s time to pour.; Our wraparound cozies can stay on the teapot since the handle and spout remain uncovered.; Our newest type of tea cozy is the crocheted tea cozy!; So cute!; We offer both floral and tea-themed tea cozies.

    For most of our cozies: Set the teapot on the open tea cozy. Wrap the tea cozy up and around the teapot; there are special openings for the teapot handle and spout. Put the ribbons to draw the top closer together in a snug “flower” around the teapot lid. Now your tea is cozy, and will stay piping hot! ;Our Wrap-Around Cozies have a bottom with gathers and are machine wash and dry!

    How warm is warm? ;Your 190 degree tea after two hours without a tea cozy: 100 degrees ~Your 190 degree after two hours with most of our cozies: 140 degrees!

    Our tea cozies are proudly made in the USA!

    We also offer Tea Cup Cozies for single cups or mugs to keep your tea warm as you sip.

    What Our Customers Say

    “I knew I would like the teapot – the color is what I expected, and it’s size is perfect. The tea cozy, however, blew me away. It is absolutely beautiful! I have “a thing” for pine trees, and the fabric for Sunset Pines is truly lovely…. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that it keeps my tea warm for several hours!” CH, New York”I am delighted with our order and I must say you are very fast and efficient with your order processing! Thank you!”JG, Washington”I have had other tea cozies over the years and by far, yours keeps my tea warm and cozy longer, just when I need that second or third cup. No more reheating!” MT, Wisconsin

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    What Is A Tea Cozy

    Almost everyone enjoys a good cup of tea every now and again. It is one of the most consumed beverages in the world, and for good reason it is such a comforting drink!

    If you like to keep things a little traditional, or if you are serving tea to guests, you would probably have a teapot at home.

    One of the most challenging parts of using a teapot is keeping the tea warm enough so that you or your guests get to enjoy the entire pot before the tea gets cold. Thats where a tea cozy comes in!

    But what is a tea cozy? A tea cozy is a cover made for teapots, which helps retain the heat in the teapot, keeping the liquid warmer for longer. This allows you and your guests to enjoy the tea while it is warm, not letting any go to waste.

    Here is everything you need to know about tea cozies, what they are, how they work, and how to properly use one!

    After Queen Tea Shop Thornhill

    Concierge Soft Cozy Waffle Blanket

    #19Restaurants in ThornhillWonderful Experience – Excellent Service!

    A group of us enjoyed afternoon tea on Monday, March 9. Our group had older ladies as well as a teenager. It was such a treat! First, i wasn’t sure what to expect as we walked into this enclosed mall area to the front of…the shop but once I got there – everything was absolutely charming!! The decor is perfect – just what you imagine a tea party would be like and the vintage tea cups were adorable. I can’t say enough about how wonderfully decorated it was. We ordered the afternoon tea and there was plenty of food for all of us, and we also ordered two sweet and savory crepes which were delicious. But above all, loved the server! She went over and beyond for all our needs. She was so friendly and accommodating. We stayed longer towards the end but she never ever rushed us. Thank you for such a wonderful experience. Whenever we are back in Toronto – we’ll definitely stop by!More

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    Ashbys Of London Teas

    Ashbys of London tea bags are individually wrapped in foil to prevent air and light exposure, the main causes of deterioration. Ashbys tea is available in 20 count boxes.Please note: Ashbys has changed package design more than once since our photos were taken! The teapot envelopes shown are no longer available.For descriptions of each tea, View: Ashbys Tea List:

    A delicate Ceylon tea great for afternoon tea time.
    Delicious apricot flavored black tea. Also in Decaf.
    Christmas Spice Black tea blended with cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and orange.
    Cinnamon Orange Herbal ** Cinnamon bark flavored with natural spiced citrus flavors.
    Cinnamon Plum Tea ** Cinnamon and plum flavor added to a fine black tea.
    Earl Grey Tea ** A fine oriental tea flavored with oil of bergamot.
    English Breakfast Tea ** A blend of Indian, Kenyan, and Ceylon black teas. Also in Decaf.
    Ginger Peach Tea * Mild ginger and peach flavors added to a fine black tea.
    Japanese Green Tea ** A light, pan-fired green tea.
    Lemon Ginger Herbal ** Lemon grass, ginger root, citrus, chicory root, and natural flavors.
    Raspberry Tea * A black tea flavored with tangy red raspberries.
    White Pomegranate Tea * White tea with hibiscus flower, apple, berries, and natural citrus flavor.
    Variety Pak

    How To Use A Tea Cozy

    Using a tea cozy is simple. You take your teapot and put an insulated tea cozy over it. The spout often sticks out of the material so that you can still pour it easily.;

    A hat or pom covers the top of the teapot. This pom allows you a convenient way to take off the lid when you want to deal with the teabag. It also adds a little extra fun to your teapot.;

    The point of the cozy is to reduce air circulation on the pot of tea. This feature allows the user to drink hot tea for up to three hours after brewing the pot of tea.

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    Welcome To The English Tea Store The Source For Imported British Tea And Food

    Searching for a great cup of tea? Our selection of teas includes our own store brand, as well as teas from other top brands, including PG Tips, Typhoo, Taylors of Harrogate, Barry’s Tea, Stash, and Twinings. Aside from the brands, our selection of teabags and loose leaf tea includes various blends of breakfast tea, afternoon teas like Darjeeling and Earl Grey, white, black, green, herbal, fruit, mint, vanilla, black currant, organic, Christmas, spiced, and decaffeinated teas. Our own store brand tea comes in all of these blends and is sold less than retail price. In addition, our teabags are optimal for brewing, as the bags have no strings attached. We sell bulk tea, teabags, teapots and other items wholesale.

    Aside from the actual tea, we carry many products to help you prepare and serve a hot cup of brewed tea for yourself or for guests. We offer such items as teapots, tea sets in ceramic, porcelain or fine bone china, tea chests, and kettles. We make our own dishware and tea sets as well. As a gift for tea connoisseurs, our gift baskets combine our own tea blends with food and a teapot or mugs. But, for a gift for someone who has not yet enjoyed the perfect cup of kettle-brewed tea, our Electric Kettle Starter Kit would introduce him or her to the best tasting cup of tea.

    Part of the Online Stores, LLC Family — One of the top 500 internet retailers worldwide 2 years in a row!

    Sophie Allport Tea Cozies

    Buy Combo Set of 3 psFashionmart Mandala Tea Cozy Flower ...

    $ 24.50

    We first brought Sophie Allport products into our retail stores and could barely keep them on our shelves! Now we offer this selection of cozies;to;keep your teapot warm in style!

    The Tea Cozy is 100% cotton and has a terry toweling inner with a polyester wadding for brilliant insulation. It is 30cm in width and 25.5cm high.;There is also a handy loop on top of the Tea Cozy so you can hang it up in your kitchen.;

    • 30cm x 25.5cm
    • Hanging loop
    • Polyester wadded for brilliant insulation
    • One size

    © 2021 Harney & Sons Fine Teas. All rights reserved.;;|;;Terms of Service;;|;;Privacy Policy;;|;;Accessibility Statement

    We first brought Sophie Allport products into our retail stores and could barely keep them on our shelves! Now we offer this selection of cozies;to;keep your teapot warm in style!

    The Tea Cozy is 100% cotton and has a terry toweling inner with a polyester wadding for brilliant insulation. It is 30cm in width and 25.5cm high.;There is also a handy loop on top of the Tea Cozy so you can hang it up in your kitchen.;

    • 30cm x 25.5cm
    • Hanging loop
    • Polyester wadded for brilliant insulation
    • One size

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    Where To Buy A Tea Cozy

    Buying a teapot cozy is quicker than going the DIY route, and you can find these accessories almost anywhere.

    1. Home goods stores may stock tea cozies, depending on where you live and what retailers are in the area.;

    2. You can usually find handmade cozies at local fairs and craft events. Search your local ads or social media groups for flea markets and other hometown events. You may just connect with a crafter who can make your tea cozy dreams a reality.

    3. If youwant a unique option, Etsy has many tea warmer styles to fit your taste. There you can find muff and fitted covers in multiple patterns. The site offers a wide range of cotton tea cozy covers and crochet options. And all are handmade or vintage .;

    4. If anantique-looking tea set is what you’re after, eBay could be the perfect place to start your search. Especially if local options are limited, you can find online rummage-sale-type vendors that have the cozies you want.

    Do Tea Cozies Actually Work

    If made with the right material, which insulates heat well, a tea cozy will definitely help to keep your tea warmer for longer.

    If the tea cozy is made from a thin material or has large gaps that allow heat to escape, then it may serve more of a decorative purpose.

    Tea cozies are also just fun to decorate your kitchen and tea room with as well!

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    Do Stainless Steel Teapots Keep Tea Warm

    Stainless steel teapots do work well to keep tea warm for longer. These teapots tend to retain heat better than ceramic or porcelain teapots.

    However, you can still use a tea cozy with stainless steel teapots to keep tea warmer for longer.

    These teapots can also be too hot to handle, and a tea cozy will make them easier to carry and to pour with avoiding any unfortunate burns that would ruin tea time!

    Best Tea Cozies In 2020

    Soft Cozy Plush Blanket with Satin Trim Twin

    BestTea CoziesiMore2021

    You’ve just brewed a nice, hot pot of tea. But you’re not going to drink all of it at once, and you don’t want it to get cold right away. Slip a tea cozy onto your pot to keep it warmer longer. Tea cozies come in all different styles, so choose the one that best suits your style. We’ve rounded up some of the best tea cozies here.

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    Buy Or Make A Teapot Cozy

    You can purchase your cozy, or you can make one for your teapot from a tutorial. There are a lot of different styles for your teapot cozy.;

    Choose from the fitted tea cozy, or a muff style tea cozy that wraps up your teapot and ties at the top. Some great tea cozy options include hidden pockets that allow you to add scents and potpourri to your Victorian tea party.


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