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What Tea Is Good For Endometriosis

Endometriosis And The Teas That Heal It

Dr. Morse’s Herbs For Endometriosis

If you figure among the 176 million women with endometriosis in the world like me, *groan*, sucks to be us, right? Endometriosis is a painful condition afflicting one in ten women around the world.

Endometriosis is caused when the endometrial lining inside the uterus ends up outside, causing bleeding, inflammation and scarring in the surrounding tissues. It is also a leading cause of infertility in women.

Its causes are as mysterious as its cures, and best we can do is manage the pain with NSAIDs, hot water bags and sitcom reruns.

From stories of women who allegedly reversed endometriosis, changing the diet may help reduce pain, cramps, inflammation, bloating, oestrogen levels and weight.

Endometriosis diet is largely plant-based with anti-inflammatory ingredients, some of which can make really delicious and healing teas.

But an anti-inflammatory diet for endometriosis also means little to no caffeine! Hmm

Massaging The Pelvic Area


  • Lie down in a supine position . Apply a few drops of lavender essential oil on your stomach. Gently rub and massage with a circular motion for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Repeat the process as and when required.

How does this work?

The very term massage indicates relief from pain and relief from the relative stress caused by the pain. While trained masseuses are experts who can give elaborate massages according to the requirement and the level of pain, self massaging is good for relieving cramps and muscle catches.

Massaging helps reduce the inflammation caused by endometriosis and also helps by having a soothing effect on the sore muscles affected by the cramps. Massaging is probably the safest and easiest of all home remedies for endometriosis.

The Remedy is not Good if:

There is no reason why this form of treatment wont offer good relief from the pain. If the pain is too severe, do consult your gynecologist

Why Peppermint Tea Is Good For Endometriosis

1. Can reduce bloating:; The endo belly is a real thing! Peppermint tea can help reduce bloating and the pain associated with severe bloating.;

2. Can reduce stress: As stated earlier in this article, stress can exacerbate endometriosis symptoms. Peppermint tea can help reduce stress and make you feel more relaxed.;

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Lotus Claritea; To Relax And Focus

I drank through my samples of this within days. I find working whilst experiencing anxiety very difficult, and so having a tea that helped ease that whilst also increasing focus and awareness was amazing. I loved the subtle taste of lavender and chamomile, two of my favourite herbs.

The blend uses lavender to help with restlessness and low mood, chamomile as a stress reliever and lemon balm and valerian for calming anxiety.

Alternative Remedies To Endometriosis

5 Endometriosis Herbal Remedies, Natural Treatments And ...

Endometriosis is a common medical condition affecting 10-15% of women of childbearing age. It is a chronic and painful disorder that can alter a womans quality of life and ability to have children.;

What is endometriosis?;

Endometriosis occurs when the endometrial tissue grows outside the uterus. When this happens, the endometrial tissue can be found on the ovaries, fallopian tubes, the abdominal cavity, or other places in the pelvic area. In some severe cases, it can grow behind the reproductive system. While there is no cure for endometriosis, there are a variety of treatments available to help manage symptoms.;

What are the signs and symptoms of endometriosis?;

Symptoms vary between women. In some cases, endometriosis is asymptomatic and is only discovered because of an infertility struggle. However, common symptoms include the following:

  • Fatigue
  • Diarrhea or pain during bowel movements;
  • Painful periods
  • Lower back and/or pelvic pain
  • Constipation
  • Heavy or excessive menstruation;

What are alternative remedies to endometriosis?;

While endometriosis can be treated with hormone therapy, surgery, and pain medication, it is a difficult condition to treat and symptoms can often return, even after surgery. Because of this, many women turn to alternative remedies to manage their symptoms, focusing on lifestyle changes, herbal remedies, and an endometriosis diet.;

What is an endometriosis diet?;

What herbs can I use as an alternative remedy to endometriosis?;

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Dandelion Root For Endometriosis

Yes, this simple plant can offer heaps of reward for us Endo sufferers!It has two parts, the leaves and the roots. The leaves are a natural diuretic meaning it will make us pee more. This is good as it exposes of toxins and will allow the kidneys to function better too!The root is the best bit for the liver though. The root will stimulate extra bile function in the liver. It is bile which breaks down the meals that we eat mainly the fat in the food. It is created in the liver, released into the small intestine and the rest is stored in the gallbladder. When we eat food, a hormone stimulates the release of the bile from the gallbladder, which then helps digest and break down the fat in our body. Now, if everything was working as it should this would be fine, but as we know our digestion is not at its best and neither is our ability to break down fat hence the high Oestrogen levels.

So, this is where good ol Dandelion comes in. Dandelion stimulates the liver to create MORE bile and releases EXTRA bile into the small intestine. BRILLIANT!So, how will this help us: Digestion becomes easier and we can be assured to go to the toilet properly and regularly expelling all the waste and toxins from our body properly. Our fat content in our body is lowered, which means less Oestrogen. less build up of the cervical lining and LESS PAIN! Please read other articles about how this works.

Dont take too much a little over time is always better than heaps in one go!

Turmeric Tea For Endometriosis To Reduce Inflammation

Ive always wondered if theres something more I could do to reduce the inflammation even further. So, back in the day when I first received my diagnosis and went nuts researching how to best rid my body of inflammation, I started making a tea that contained ginger, honey, and lemon. I later added turmeric. And when I could, I used fresh ingredients.

I drink one cup of turmeric tea a day, usually after lunch.

Now Im lazy and just sip on a mug of tea steeped from a tea bag. Ive tried several different ginger teas . But my favorite right now is Trader Joes Organic Ginger Turmeric Herbal Tea. Ive also started putting a turmeric powder in my shakes in the morning. Its made by Gaia Herbs and its their Turmeric Boost Restore formula. I blend it with a banana, some almond milk, and a pea protein powder mix.

Someone told me that in order to allow my body to really soak in the benefits of turmeric I needed to incorporate black pepper. What? Hence the hunt for the alleged uber anti-inflammatory tea with ginger, turmeric, and black pepper.

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Teas For Endometriosis To Alleviate Pain & Reduce Flare

Medically Reviewed by Dr. Melissa Thompson, PT, DPT, MTC

Dr. Thompson is board certified and the owner of Louisiana Pelvic Health. Her expertise is in alleviating bladder, bowel, and sexual pain symptoms during pregnancy, postpartum, and throughout a woman’s life.


Youre sick and tired of the bloating. Of the nearly debilitating pain that comes with flare-ups. The fact that your endometriosis is always on your mind.

But youre not interested in taking scary medication that can potentially negatively impact your health.

So, youre looking into alternative endometriosis treatments that can help you feel better.

And, youve found that tea can be SUPER beneficial to help reduce some of your endo symptoms.

This guide shares the top 6 types of tea for endometriosis thatll have you feeling better.

Massage Helps Break The Tension

Review of Dr. Morse’s Heal All Tea – Healed Endometriosis

Osteopathic manipulative treatment and pelvic massage may help:

  • Gently release bands of uterine scar tissue called adhesions
  • Ease stress that can heighten pain and cause uterine spasms

A 2017 review cited a few studies that support the use of OMT and massage in women with endometriosis.

The studies found that these treatments may help ease tension and pain and bolster quality of life.

But the breadth of their effects cannot be garnered based on the results of these studies alone due to factors such as poor research design, small sample size, and short study period.

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Importance Of Foods As A Treatment For Endometriosis

Endometriosis progresses naturally in some women, although most find that their symptoms last or progressively degenerate. Dietary treatment of endometriosis is based on the statement that estrogen is involved in the progression of endometriosis. The cells do not grow if the body is deprived of estrogen. This indicates that the dietary components that decrease the estrogen levels can be used to treat endometriosis . Diet modification to deal with endometriosis is an exceptional way to resolve the symptoms. Adjustments in diet can help in addressing several progressive physical and metabolic alterations. Several diseases and illnesses have responded positively to changes in diet, and endometriosis is no exception . Changing diet for endometriosis may help reduce pain, cramps, inflammation, bloating, estrogen levels, weight, and toxins. An improved diet also increases energy levels, boosts immune system, and improves overall health .

The promoting effect of certain food groups on endometriosis is based on the chemical reactions in the body influenced by these food groups. Some of these chemical reactions are subtle and multifaceted based on enzymes in food and the complex reactions to the chemicals already present in the body .

Ok So Does Diet Really Matter When Treating Endometriosis

Yes and no. While we wish an extra helping of salmon at dinnertime was all it took to eliminate endometriosis symptoms, a treatment plan from your doctor is always the best course of action.

Your doctor can help you determine how to manage your symptoms, or even if it might be beneficial to consider laparoscopic surgery, which is a procedure for removing endometrium-like tissue.

That being said, there is evidence that certain foods can impact the severity of your symptoms.

Here are five foods to eat more of:

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Foods That Cause Endometriosis:

Discovering a solution to your endometriosis boils down to knowing what not to eat and what to eat. Treating;the endometriosis is all about eliminating the foods that increase prostaglandins and reduce estrogen levels in your body.

All the symptoms of endometriosis, including painful abdominal cramps, heavy menses and severe pain in the pelvic area are caused by estrogen.

Your task is identifying the foods which aggravate the problem of endometriosis and symptoms associated with it. Any foods or diets that increase inflammation triggers estrogen levels, cause the body weight and add toxins to your body must be avoided.

All the foods or diets that increase energy levels, boost the immune system and reduce estrogen levels must be part of your endometrial diet plan.

In this article, an emphasis is given on the topic of what not to eat for endometriosis. Here are the top 10 foods responsible for endometriosis.

What Are The Causes Of Endometriosis

6 Teas For Endometriosis To Alleviate Pain & Reduce Flare ...

The cause of endometriosis is yet unknown, though several ideas and theories are under investigation. It is thought that retrograde menstruation may play a part in many cases. Retrograde menstruation involves the flow of blood, menstrual debris, and endometrial cells back through the fallopian tubes and into the pelvic cavity, and may be caused by heavy bleeding or structural anomalies. Surgeries, such as D&Cs and C-Sections, can also cause the displacement of endometrial tissue

While these topics are still under research and debate, some environmental factors do have a corollary relationship with endometriosis. These include endocrine disruption, especially those yielding elevations in levels of estrogens. There is also evidence that oxidative stress and immunologic factors contribute to the pathogenesis of endometriosis.

Additional risk factors include: beginning menstruating before the age of 12; having cycles that are shorter than 28 days; heavier or longer than average periods; poor diet; environmental toxins; and fewer pregnancies.

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Endometriosis Is An Inflammatory Condition Which Can Only Be Truly Diagnosed Via Laparoscopy

It occurs when the womb lining, or endometrium, is found outside the womb. This tissue behaves in the same way as it does inside the womb- growing during the menstrual cycle in response to estrogen- in anticipation of an egg being fertilized and shedding as blood when there is no pregnancy. However, when it grows on the outside of the womb, it is trapped and cannot leave the body as menstruation. This often causes severe pain. Other symptoms can also arise including IBS and other digestive symptoms, migraines/headaches, and anxiety and/or depression. The lining can also stick to other organs, sometimes leading to infertility. The cause is unknown and there is no actual cure.

This treatment plan will aim to manage your endometriosis to lessen symptoms, slow down the disease progression, and/or decrease the recurrence post-surgery.

The management of endometriosis should be a multifaceted approach including dietary alterations, lifestyle interventions and the inclusion of herbal tea.

Dietary: Eat a diet rich in omega 3s, antioxidants, iron, fermented foods, anti-inflammatory foods and fibre. Exclude foods that are known to aggravate inflammatory conditions such as processed foods, sugar and deep fried foods.

Turmeric Helps Control Free Radicals

Turmeric contains a nutrient known as curcumin that may help keep swelling and free radicals in check in women with endometriosis.

In vitro studies have shown that curcumin can slow endometrial cell growth by keeping the body from making estradiol. This is the strongest of the three types of human estrogen.

Further research may be able to pinpoint whether oral intake of turmeric can produce the same health outcomes in women with this health issue.

While generally regarded as safe, the FDA warns that some imported turmeric supplements were found to contain high levels of lead. To ensure safety, only buy supplements certified by the U.S. Pharmacopeia , NSF International, or ConsumerLab.

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Estrogen And Liver Function

The inability for the liver to break down estrogen has been linked as a possible cause of endometriosis. Dandelion can help increase fat and protein metabolism by the liver, which can reduce the level of this hormone that contributes to irritation, anxiety and insomnia. Specifically, one study, conducted by a Canadian naturopathic physician, found that when 15 women with endometriosis were given a liver-stimulating concoction made of dandelion, beet leaves, cascara and Uva ursi, 12 of the 15 women reported to be free of the pain associated with endometriosis after just a few months.


Naturopathic Medicines That Help Endometriosis

Herbs & Supplements for Endometriosis

Its March, which means its National Endometriosis Month. Did you know that there are 7 naturopathic medicines that can help endometriosis?

Endometriosis is a painful inflammatory disease where tissue similar to the tissue that normally lines the inside of your uterus called the endometrium grows on the outside of your uterus. It is a common cause of infertility, painful periods, and sex.

It is not only important to reduce inflammation. It is equally important, to improve immune function and hormone levels while battling endometriosis.

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Eat More Fruits And Vegetables

Eating more fruits and vegetables is good for just about every aspect of your health. But;recent studies;show that diets rich in fruits and veggies and low in fatty red meat are linked to lower incidences of endometriosis.

Also, vegetables and fruits are more nutritionally dense and chock full of fiber. This means that you get more nutrients but fewer calories. Additionally, the fiber helps you feel full more quickly and for longer than you do when you eat refined carbs and fatty meat.

And while youre adjusting your diet, make sure to include plenty of omega-3 fatty acids. These essential nutrients not only help lower your risk of endometriosis but also enhance your brain, joint, and emotional health.

How To Get Rid Of Endometriosis

Endometriosis, PCOS, fibroids and certain types of breast cancer are caused by the estrogen dominance in the body.

The estrogen dominance is the result of the imbalance between estrogen and progesterone hormones.

The phrase estrogen dominance is self-explanatory. It simply means estrogen levels are in high ratio than progestogen.

So the only way you can completely get rid of endometriosis symptoms like heavy bleeding, PMS, infertility is by reducing the estrogen levels.

Modern medicines only focus on masking the symptoms using painkillers, contraceptive pills, Lupron so on and so forth. These medications only sublimate the symptoms but dont restore hormonal balance and overall health.

Eventually, a situation comes wherein the only alternative will be surgically removing the uterus. Even then, the problem still persists because the core problem of estrogen dominance not resolved.

The best way to deal with endometriosis and related fertility disorders is addressing the root cause. Detoxification and strengthening the liver using the right diets play an important role in restoring hormonal balance.

Another important thing is eliminating all kinds of estrogen causing foods. In this article, we are going to get into details about this.

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What Teas Are Good For Endometriosis Is There One Type Of Tea That Stands Above The Rest

I want to say that no one type of herbal teas best for endometriosis. And also Im not a nutritionist or a doctor, I share my ways to treat my endo symptoms.

Every herbal tea for endometriosis has a variety of health benefits. Some teas can help with pain and abdominal cramps; others can be calming and can help you relax in the evening, while others can help you to detox or support your immune system. And not every woman is going to be experiencing the same endometriosis symptoms as me. Some of you may suffer more bloating; others may have much more painful periods

For example, chamomile tea for endometriosis is one of my favorites because its calming and has anti-inflammatory properties. Peppermint is great for muscle cramps, helping with digestive problems. While nettle tea can support your liver, which will help you get rid of those unwanted estrogens and, at the same time provide some great nutrients and also help reduce inflammation.

Drinking too much tea is not for you?

Check out my guide, The Best Supplements for Endometriosis, the only Endo resource youll ever need to manage your symptoms starting today! Its not magic! It needs time and patience.


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