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Matcha Latte With Oat Milk

Willas Salted Caramel Latte With Oat Milk Recipe

EASY oat milk matcha latte recipe

*Weve partnered with Willas Oat Milk for this weeks recipe. They were wonderful to create this amazing recipe for Tenzo, partnering our two organic brands. This is their guest blog.

Salted caramel. Oat milk. Matcha. Need we say anymore?

Well, dont worry because were going to With wholesome ingredients like Willas Oat milk and our top of the line matcha, this delicious beverage was bound to be a home run, but throw some salted caramel in there and youve taken things to a whole new level. Theres definitely something to be said for the simplicity of a classic matcha latte, but can you blame us for wanting to go above and beyond sometimes? Oat milk and matcha are a MATCHa made in heaven, and the caramel adds an unexpectedly delightful sweet & salty flavor you never even knew you were missing.

Bonus: These are ingredients you can feel good about. Willas Organic Oat Milk uses the whole grain oat to create milk that is creamier, nuttier, has more protein and fiber, and less sugar than other oat milks. And of course, our matcha is an organic, high-quality matcha that just cant be topped.

Does Almond Milk Affect Matcha

I would prefer that you drink Matcha not paired with almond, coconut, or hemp milk since soy is difficult on the digestive system and is not the ideal match for Matcha. Almond, coconut, and hemp milk are great matches for Matcha. Be sure that you dont consume it first thing in the morning when you have nothing in your stomach at all.

What Does Matcha Tea Taste Like

Matcha flavor has been described as grassy and vegetal. Depending on quality and freshness, the taste can vary. Higher quality matcha might have a buttery mellow green tea essence, while a chalky decidedly bitter matcha usually indicates lower quality. Also, the fresher the matcha the mellower the taste, so its important to keep matcha powder in an airtight container away from light and heat.

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Make Your Matcha Latte Dairy Free For A Healthy Version

This dairy free matcha latte with oat milk is a fantastic take on the classic without all the dairy. Im all about making recipes plant-based and dairy free when I can. Dairy-free cooking does NOT have to be bland, boring, or flavorless Its quite the opposite when done right. You can achieve total richness and creaminess with some simple swaps. I made a list of my125 favorite vegan pantry ingredients that we use on a weekly basis, and check out all myvegan recipes here that are on The Herbeevore. These easy and healthy recipes are fantastic meatless and dairy free meals for your table.

Why Is Matcha A Good Idea To Add To Your Oats

Iced Matcha Green Tea Latte With Oat Milk Starbucks Calories

If you arent familiar with matcha, it is a powdered form of green tea leaves. The thing that is different about matcha compared to regular green tea, is that you drink the whole tea leaf, where as with regular tea you steep and remove the leaves from the water. Consuming the whole leaf provides an extra boost in nutrition.

You may be slightly familiar with matcha now, as it has found its way into the mainstream. You can now find matcha not only served as a warm tea, but also in desserts, breads, and even savory dishes. Or, in my case its a good thing to add to my morning oatmeal.

There are numerous potential benefits for drinking matcha powder. Some of the most prominent benefits include:

  • A boost in antioxidants, specifically catechins such as EGCG, which may help prevent cellular damage
  • Stress relief and improved mood

Using good quality matcha does matter. When I first started using matcha, I had no idea there were various forms sold. You can get lower quality matcha powders just about everywhere, but often times you get what you pay for. Even if its super cheap, the taste and consistency is off and can be super bitter.

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One Of The Best Nut Free Vegan Latte Recipes With Pantry Ingredients

This oat milk matcha latte recipe is a fantastic pantry-staple drink! It uses almost all ingredients you would have in your dry pantry or cupboards most of which you probably have on hand. Keeping a well-stocked pantry makes it easy to come up with delicious and healthy meals using a few staples you can rotate. I made a list of my Top 125 Plant-Based Pantry Staples that always keep stocked. And you can check out all my . By stocking up on healthy whole ingredients you can cook delicious recipes without a trip to the coffee shop!

Oat Milk Chai Tea Latte

If youre a fan of the Starbucks chai lattes, you will love the new and customized version of this latte with oat milk. This latte is part of Starbucks secret menu, inspired by the customization of the Indian chai concept, and gained much fame and popularity on social platforms.

Oat Milk chai tea latte is a non-dairy version of Starbucks iced chai latte. Oat milk adds quite a great taste to this latte. It is a combination of oat milk with black tea, including flavourful warm spices such as cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and other earthy spices to enhance the flavor of the chai.

If youre looking for a drink to wake you up in the morning with its intense flavor, this oat milk chai tea latte is the drink for you.

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Tips To Make The Best Matcha Latte

  • Use ceremonial matcha for the best quality, color and flavor. Culinary matcha also works for a cheaper option, but it will be more bitter and will have a dull green color.
  • Use hot, not boiling water.
  • If you love a stronger matcha flavor, you can add more matcha if preferred. If youre new to matcha and/or prefer a lighter matcha flavor, start with 1/2-3/4 teaspoon.

How To Froth Oat Milk

OAT MILK MATCHA LATTE » The Baker’s Almanac

The easiest, most affordable home milk frother you can buy is a handheld frother. If you regularly make vegan matcha lattes at home, it’s worth making the small investment. It will froth the milk better than the methods below and generally takes less time.

If you want to froth oat milk at home now without a milk frother, give one of these three methods a try. You will be pleasantly surprised!

  • Use a blender. Remember, the way to create frothed milk, is to aerate it until it’s light and fluffy. Using a blender can be a great way to froth oat milk without a frother because it will whip air into the vegan milk very quickly. Place the hot oat milk in the blender with ample room in the top for heat expansion and blend for 20 seconds.
  • Use an immersion blender. Just like the blender, the immersion blender will do a great job of aerating the milk and is very similar to a handheld frother. Blend the milk with the immersion blender for 20-30 seconds or until the milk has become light and frothy.
  • Shake vigorously in a jar. Aerate the milk the old fashion way! Add the warm milk to a mason jar or another jar with a lid and shake vigorously for 60 seconds.
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    Oat Milk Coffee Variations

    Not a fan of lattes? Oat milk works in every single coffee beverage out there. Here are some ideas to try-

    • Cappucino Equal parts steamed milk and froth.
    • Flat white Omit the froth and increase the steamed milk.
    • Macchiato Omit the steamed oat milk and instead, double the amount of foam on top.
    • Cafe au lait Just a few tablespoons of the steamed oat milk.
    • Mocha Use chocolate flavored oat milk and make the latte as instructed.

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    What If You Dont Have An Electric Milk Frother

    For good voluminous foam, youll want to use either an electric frother, a hand-held blender, or a bamboo matcha whisk.

    * Hand-blender option: In the 2-cup measuring cup, insert the hand-held blender. Whir away. Works like a charm.* A matcha tea bamboo whisk is the traditional tool to make matcha foam. I enjoyed this video showing how to care for and use a bamboo whisk.* If you dont care about latte foam but youre looking for matcha energy and health benefits, try a regular whisk or put everything in a jar and give it a vigorous shaking. * Frother or no frother, so you dont end up with green lumps, its important to first mix the green matcha powder with a little hot water and oat milk. Without a frother, do that with the back of a spoon.

    I hope Ive talked you into making yourself a matcha oat milk lattewith an inexpensive milk frother theyre so easy. Youll love this maple syrup sweetened energizing beverage, hot or cold!

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    How To Ensure Zero Lumps In Your Matcha Latte

    As I mentioned above, I have little tolerance for lumpy matcha lattes. Theres a couple ways to eliminate lumps. You can use either a matcha whisk or a milk frother. I love my matcha whisk because its cute and feels special, however it really only has that one purpose.

    So if you want something that is more multi-functional, go with a milk frother . You can use a mini whisk, but I just find it still hard to get rid of all lumps.

    How To Make It Using The Bamboo Whisk And Frother

    Iced Matcha Green Tea Latte With Oat Milk Starbucks Calories

    Either you don’t have a blender or feel like going the traditional way, then here is how you can make it using your matcha tools:

    Warm up the milk with the vanilla bean and seeds on the stove, just as described.

    Meanwhile, sift the matcha powder into your serving cup and add about ¼ cup of hot water . Then, using your bamboo whisk, dissolve the matcha powder by whisking vigorously . It should take about 30 seconds for the matcha to dissolve and the mixture should become slightly frothy without any obvious matcha clumps.

    Remove the vanilla bean from the warm milk and using your frother, foam the milk to desired texture. Then, pour over the matcha in the cup and enjoy right away.

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    What Is Oat Milk

    Oat milk is a type of plant-based milk derived from whole oat grains. It has an oatmeal-like flavor and a creamy texture. Compared to other plant-based milk types, it is considered as one of the “more modern” types, having gained more popularity in recent years.

    Oat milk is a great alternative to dairy in vegan diets or in cases of dairy milk allergies or lactose intolerance. It is considered as a “neutral-flavored” milk and has a thick, creamy consistency , making it an ideal addition to coffees and lattes.

    In addition to being dairy-free, oat milk is high in protein, fibre, and other nutrients.

    How To Make Cold Frothy Milk

    When it comes to lattes, frothy milk isnt necessary but adds a nice Barista touch to your homemade coffee drinks hot or cold. In fact, I have a few options that you can use to froth your milk at home, depending on what tools you have available.

    I should note though, that there are various factors that come into play as to what milk froths best. Higher fat content seems to help, and sometimes a little sugar with the milk can help. The type of milk you use can also impact the results. For those that want to try though.

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    Easy Matcha Chai Latte With Oat Milk

    A Matcha Chai Latte is the perfect warm and cozy drink when the weather turns cold. The classic chai tea flavors of ginger, cardamom, cinnamon and cloves are mixed with sweet matcha powder and creamy oat milk.

    This oat milk latte recipe is vegan, gluten free and slightly sweetened with maple syrup.

    Not only is this recipe perfect for a slow weekend morning, but it’s also easy enough to make during the week! It can be whipped up in 1 single saucepan, and aside from water and the optional addition of ground cinnamon, you only need 4 other ingredients!

    • Only 5 main ingredients
    • 10 minute recipe
    • Make your latte at home and save money
    • Low in sugar
    • Vegan, dairy free & gluten free

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    How To Make A Homemade Matcha Latte:

    Now that you’ve got your stuff organized, it’s time to make your oat milk matcha latte!

    First things first, put the kettle on. Here’s something super important to know about making matcha, or any green tea for that matter:don’t use boiling water.

    If you were making black tea, boil the kettle until the whistle blows, and then use the water right away. Green tea, on the other hand, is more delicate and using water that’s too hot causes the tea to taste bitter. Ideally, water for matcha lattes should be between 160°F-170°F .

    If you have one of those fancy kettles where you can set the temperature, then lucky you. If not, my green tea water hack is to boil the kettle, and then let it sit for a FULL FIVE MINUTES before you use the water. Trust me on this one.

    While the water is boiling / cooling, you can heat up your milk. I use the microwave for that but you can totally go stove top as well. You don’t want to boil the milk, but it should be pleasantly hot.

    Put a little bit of matcha in the bottom of your mug. You’ll need to experiment to figure out how much matcha is right for you. I recommend starting with ½ a teaspoon and working up from there. I like a scant 1 teaspoon myself, but I wouldn’t go much over that.

    Keep in mind that with matcha you’re not straining the tea out, you are consuming the whole leaf which has been ground into a fine powder, so don’t be using regular tea leaf quantities.

    What Is The Best Matcha Powder For Beginners

    For those just getting started with matcha powder, Trader Joes matcha latte powder is a fantastic alternative.This specific concoction may be prepared with either water that has been brought to a boil or milk that has been steamed.The powder instantly dissolves and transforms into a thick and creamy consistency when it is blended with hot liquid.Due to the presence of sugar in the formulation, this matcha powder has a rather strong sweet flavor.

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    Java Chip Frappuccino With Oat Milk

    Choco chips are almost everyones favorite. When you combine it with oat milk they become better.

    The java chip frappuccino is one of the most popular drinks at Starbucks. The rich mocha flavor is just delicious.

    The frappuccino chips and the tasty mocha sauce are combined with the oat milk, coffee, and ice. The whipped cream and java chips are then used as a topping. Experience a whole new type of joy with this creamy drink.

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    Iced Brown Sugar Oat Milk Latte

    Matcha latte with oat milk

    Get ready, this one is a mouthful. This iced brown sugar vanilla oat milk latte will have you saying goodbye to those overpriced specialty drinks at that coffee chain you love so much. For a fraction of the price, you can make your own iced oat milk latte, exactly how you like it, without someone calling you by the wrong name. The best part, you know exactly whats in your drink. No offense, but I just dont trust those overly sweet syrups they pump 4-5 times in an 16 oz cup.

    What Youll Need?

    • Brown Sugar Dark is preferable, but light is fine.
    • Water
    • Pure Vanilla Extract
    • Oat Milk Not all oat milk froth. If you can get your hands on a barista blend do it! If not any Oatly froths well.
    • Espresso Truth is, I didnt even make this with espresso. Opps. If you dont have an espresso machine just make really concentrated coffee. I used an Aeropress and did not dilute the coffee afterwords as you typically would. This would also be great with cold brew.

    Can you substitute oat milk for regular dairy milk? Absolutely, just make sure you can steam it. Full fat milk works better than 2% or fat free which wont froth up. Other nut milks such as almond or macadamia will also be a wonderful swap.

    How do I get the sugar to dissolve in my cold brew? 2 words, simple syrup.

    The Simple Simple Syrup Recipe

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