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Where Can I Buy Yaupon Tea

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North America’s only native caffinated plant. This stuff is special. Not only does it taste amazing, it is packed with more antioxdants, vitamins and minerals than green tea. It has no tannins so you can never over brew it, so it will never get bitter. We source only sustainably grown, organic yaupon.Dark roast yaupon has hints of Carmel, is smokey, full flavored and exceedingly smooth with about 25MG caffine per cup. Enjoy hot. Makes a great cold brew. How to: Preferred method is to put about a tablespoon of tea per 8 oz water in a French press to desired strength. You can also use a tea ball or filter.

Native Tea Time: Yaupon Holly

Yaupon, similar to the more-widely-known, and related yerba mate, has roughly more caffeine than black tea but less than coffee. Few Americans realize that they could be drinking a beverage containing caffeine that is grown locally, or even in their backyards! Stephen Talcott, a professor of food chemistry at Texas A& M University, says that Yaupon is rich in the antioxidants known as polyphenols and he loves to watch peoples reactions when he says that this common outdoor tree can be turned into a tasty, and buzz delivering, brew.

Because it is native, yaupon is easy to grow. Its native range is the southeast United States, specifically from Virginia to Florida, and west to Texas. In fact, its well known for being widely consumed in the Outer Banks of North Carolina because it grows so prolifically there. In North Carolina, Yaupon Beach , Yaupon Creek , Yaupon Hammock Gut and Yaupon Hill are all named for the plant.

Here at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, you can view three cultivars of Yaupon holly: Stokes Dwarf,Schillings and Condeaux. You will find them along the Main Garden Walk on both the east and west sides.

The native Yaupon is easy going. It is plentiful, growing in large quantities in the wild. It is adaptable to a range of conditions, including shade or sun, and clay/sandy soil or acid/alkaline soil.

A Little History Of Yaupon

This image was on an engraved shell cup for drinking yaupon found at Spiro Mound

The drinking of yaupon goes back into the time of the ancients, before the cataloging of history and the arrival of Europeans in the New World. Yaupon, the only caffeinated plant native to North America and a relative of yerba mate and guayusa, is an inconspicuous little evergreen that grows along the coastal regions of the Southern United States and the Atlantic coast. It takes on a variety of forms, from small bush to little tree, and its name actually comes from the Catawban language, meaning little tree.

Many Native American tribes made use of this plant, revering its energizing, healing and magical qualities. The Cherokees called it “the beloved tree.” It was used as anything from a daily social drink to an ingredient in highly ceremonial beverages collectively called Black Drink. It was drunk before going into battle, entering into new business and making important decisions.

Engraved whelk shell cup from Wickliffe, KY _HRoe_2010.jpg” rel=”nofollow”> source)

Ornate and beautifully decorated shells used to drink yaupon have been found at archaeological sites far away from yaupons natural habitat. This isnt surprising as yaupon was traded among the Native Americans of the Midwest, East, Southeast, and Southwest United States.

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Local Buzz: Yaupon Tea Takes The Asheville Stage As A Native Source Of Caffeine

Craft beer may be the star beverage in Asheville, but many would argue that this is a city fueled by caffeine. Independent coffee shops are thriving, Ashevilleans know their baristas as well as their bartenders, and the number of local coffee roasters is steadily growing.

Even so, in this area that fiercely prides itself on a strong and ever-growing local food system, coffee beans, with their tropical provenance, are an inherently nonlocal commodity.

So, what if we could source our caffeine buzz from a plant that grows regionally, or even right here in Western North Carolina?

How To Make Yaupon Tea

Like Yerba Maté? Try Yaupon.

Making yaupon tea is easy. If harvesting from your own plants, first, be sure you are certain you have a yaupon holly. Plants can look similar, and there are plenty of poisonous ones out there! You cant make tea from just any holly. Cut an entire branch then strip off the new green leaf growth along with the twig. Wash and dry the leaves, then roast the leaves at 350 degrees for about 10-15 minutes or until brown. The longer you roast it the darker and smokier the brew will be. Once cooled and dried, the leaves should be crumbled to resemble loose tea. Again the longer you brew your tea the more caffeine it will have and the darker the brew. Or, you can make it easy on yourself and buy your local yaupon from Frank Community Farm at South of the James Market or order it online.

Native Americans called their dark, caffeinated brew the white drink, because it symbolized happiness, friendship, community, and purity. As you sit and sip your own cup of yaupon tea, remember that they first shared it with colonists in a gesture of hospitality a warm welcome to the New World. You may also see references to yaupon tea being called black drink. Interestingly, colonists called it this because of the color.

The beautiful green Yaupon holly. Image by Nicole Plummer

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Learn More About Yaupon

As mentioned earlier, Yaupon is a wonderful shrub native to the SouthEast of North America. Naturally, it spans from Texas to South Carolina, with Alabama, Mississippi, Florida and Georgia in between. Today, its being rediscovered and introduced all the way to California for landscaping, environmental protection, and even herbal tea!

Regenerative And Restorative Agriculture

Yaupon Tea Company has developed an innovative, sustainable supply chain for its wild foraged Yaupon. Regenerative Agriculture is a holistic land management practice that helps reverse climate change by rebuilding organic matter in the soil resulting in carbon sequestration .

On our long leaf pine farm, Yaupon grows naturally among the native long leaf pine trees. We manage this farm for the Yaupon, not the pines. This allows us to eliminate the typical environmental practices of burning & herbiciding the land.

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How To Plant Yaupon

Yaupon can be planted in any garden quite easily if you follow these shrub planting instructions.

  • Yaupon is a very resilient shrub and is not vulnerable to transplant shock.
  • Spring is the best season to plant yaupon, next best is fall.
  • Avoid days of frost and/or heat waves.

Note that there are two main types of yaupon:

  • Tree yaupon that grows into very large shrubs, up to 30 feet tall .
  • Dwarf yaupon that stays rather small, usually around 4-6 feet . When left unpruned, though, even dwarf yaupon holly will keep growing every year until it dies.

For container growing, its always best to choose dwarf yaupon holly, since you wont need to repot it as often.

For hedges, regular tree yaupon varieties is perfect. Some yaupon types are better suited to topping off fence walls with greenery. Others are opaque from top to bottom for full-fledged hedges. Jump to the section about different species of yaupon.

Yaupon Brothers: Were An American Tea

Start your own private label tea company

In this space, we usually focus on South Florida artisans. But when we met Bryon White of Yaupon Brothers American Tea at last years Seed Food and Wine Festival, we knew we had to take a road trip to Edgewater, just south of New Smyrna Beach, to check out his tea operation.

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In The Us Coffee Remains The Undisputed Caffeinated King

Americans tend to sleep too little and work too much. Being permanently exhausted and always on the go is a badge of honor.

To fuel these patterns, we utilize a combination of illegal and legal stimulants/psychoactive compounds, ranging from cocaine to adderall to caffeinated beverages.

In other parts of the world, tea is the preferred source of caffeine. However, in the US, coffee is king.

The average American adult drinks about 88 gallons of coffee annually . However, each of us only consumes an average of 34 gallons of tea annually.

Also of interest:

Yaupon Brothers American Tea

What is Yaupon?

Yaupon is a Florida Native plant that contains anti-inflammatory properties, natural caffeine, and is high in antioxidants. Yaupon Brothers American Tea Co Yaupon is Wild Craft Organic and is sustainably harvested in the pristine forests on the Florida East Coast. Yaupon has been enjoyed by the indigenous tribes of Florida for thousands of years and today Yaupon Brothers is mixing this ancient superfood with modern flavors to bring you a tea experience unlike any other.

Ingredients in Lavender Coconut tea: Organic Yaupon Holly, Organic Lavender Flowers, Organic Rooibos, Organic Natural Flavor

Ingredients in Florida Chai tea: Organic Yaupon Holly, Organic Ginger, Organic Cardamom, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Peppercorn, Organic Cloves

Ingredients in American Green tea: Organic Yaupon Holly

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Yerba Mate: Yaupons South American Cousin

This species of the holly genus, yerba mate is consumed in South America, especially Uruguay and Paraguay. Dried leaves and twigs are added to the customary gourd or cup, and hot water is added to make the infusion. In the mate ritual, friends take a sip through a metal straw, refill and share the cup with the next person. Pablo Liberato, who sells different types of organic and regular mate at Gaucho Ranch, says his South American customers are mostly into the mate ritual at the beach, but its an appealing beverage at home and work. Among the brands of yerba mate at Gaucho Ranch is Matear, a local business where they handcraft blends using the leaves with herbs, spices and flowers.

How To Prune Yaupon Shrubs

Making Yaupon Holly Tea

Yaupon will keep on growing throughout its entire lifetime. If you never prune it, it may reach up to over 30 feet tall tall and wide.

  • You dont need to prune if your yaupon has space to grow. Yaupon naturally grows into wonderful shapes that depend on the variety.
  • To keep your dwarf yaupon small, prune every year or every two years.
  • Spring is the ideal season to prune or trim your yaupon.

As they grow, dwarf yaupon hollies will form a nice, round shape, like a green half-bubble resting on the ground. Dwarf varieties are easily kept small, from 2 feet to 6 feet .

Other, taller varieties will branch out like an elegant vase, while still others grow into triangular pyramids. When left untended, yaupon grows secondary trunks and forms dense thickets that are a boon for nesting birds.

Yaupon constantly sends out new branches from old wood.

  • This is good, because it means you can trim yaupon back heavily if ever you need more space in the garden. Yaupon survives hat-racking.
  • However, if you aim to have tree-like shape with a clear trunk, better prune suckers off your yaupon every year.

Note that generally, male specimens grow faster than female specimens a consequence of not diverting energy into giving life to the next generation!

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How To Drink Yaupon Tea

To make yaupon tea the leaves need to be dried, and often roasted beforehand. This can be done in the oven at 350 degrees until the leaves turn the desired shade of brown. The more cooked the darker the tea will be and the deeper the flavor. The tea can also be made from fresh leaves, though the flavor of the drink will not be as strong.

Brew yaupon tea like any other herbal blend. Boil water and then pour over leaves or a tea bag, and let steep for five minutes. Unlike black, green and white teas, yaupon wonât get tannic from brewing too long. It can even be re-steeped, though with each soaking the tea will get weaker. Yaupon is mainly drunk hot, but can also be served cold and over ice.

The only thing to remember is that too much of the tisane may cause a slight laxative effect and make one hyper with caffeine. The idea that it will make you vomit is more of a legend and todayâs commercial yaupon teas are safe for consumption.

Yaupon Tea Light Roast

  • Yaupon Holly is North Americaâs Only Native Source of Caffeine
  • Southeastern US Wild Picked Tea. Wild harvest Organic â Non GMO Verified- Georgia Grown
  • The American Yerba Mate â Rich In Antioxidants â All Native All Natural
  • 3 Ounces of loose leaf ASI Yaupon Holly Tea
  • Best Brewed with a French Press, Infuser, Or Gourd

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Yaupon Holly Vs Camellia Sinensis Tea

We live in Zone 7b and grow both yaupon holly and tea camellia. If youve ever had black, white, green, oolong, matcha, or pretty much any other common caffeinated tea, youve had tea made from Camellia sinensis, aka tea camellia. Yes, those types of teas are all made from the same plant, theyre just harvested at different times and/or processed differently after harvest.

However, even most avid tea drinkers living in the US have never had yaupon holly tea. Thats a sad thing considering that yaupon holly is: 1) native to the southeastern US, 2) very easy to grow organically, 3) tastes just as good if not better than black or green tea.

In fact, yaupon holly is so easy to grow that its a common landscape plant that can be found in most southeastern nurseries. Theres also a good chance its even growing in your yard right now Yep, you might be living on an accidental tea plantation!

If you like teas made from tea camellia, youll also like yaupon holly tea. Thats because yaupon holly tea tastes like a cross between green and black tea.

We enjoy our yaupon holly tea slightly sweetened with organic stevia, and even add a spot of whole milk when were feeling British.

How much caffeine is in yaupon holly tea and how can you increase it?

According to Yaupon Brothers American Tea Company, a typical cup of yaupon holly tea has about 60mg of caffeine .

Two interesting caveats to note on the caffeine levels in yaupon holly leaves by way of a 2007 study:

Read The Full Title Green Yaupon Tea

Can I buy you a drink?


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North America’s only native caffinated plant. Not only does it taste amazing. It is packed with more antioxdants, vitamins and minerals than green tea. It has no tannins so you can never over brew it, so it will never get bitter. We source only sustainablebly grown, organic yaupon.The green roast yaupon is clean and refreshing. Think green tea with a slightly fruity flavor. A nice easy caffine buzz. Vibrant green. Great hot or iced.How to: Preferred method is to put about a tablespoon of tea per 8 oz water in a French press to desired strength. You can also use a tea ball or filter.

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Where Do All The Yaupon Cultivars Come From

Most often, yaupon varieties that are sold in stores are cloned offshoots of a special, remarkable specimen. In this case, cloning doesnt mean that they were created in laboratories: every time you take a cutting and grow a new plant, youre simply growing a clone of the original.

Nurseries and horticulturists propagate thousands of plants, and sometimes a slight mutation pops up. If it can be reproduced, a new yaupon variety is born!

Other techniques involve breeding: pollen from a male plant is spread on female yaupon varieties. Seedlings sown from these seeds are grown and sometimes genetics make for an interesting variety. Cross-pollination is the process at work here.

The Leaves Yield A Yellow To Dark

According to research conducted by Dr William Merrill of the Smithsonian Institution, the shrub was consumed by almost every Native American tribe who lived among it. When picked, roasted and boiled, the leaves yield a yellow to dark-orange elixir with a fruity and earthy aroma and a smooth flavour with malty tones. As if orchestrated specifically for the mind and body, yaupon leaves’ perfect ratio of stimulating xanthines such as caffeine, theobromine and theophylline release slowly into the body, providing a jitter-free mental clarity and an ease to the stomach.

Today yaupon, which is distinguished by its dense, ovular green leaves and bright red berries, continues to grow widely throughout rural and suburban America, where it can be found in forests, on coastal islands and adorning neighbourhoods as an ornamental bush. Very few people, however, know that it can be brewed. Yaupons role in North American history has been fragmented, and only after a centuries-old history steeped in mysticism and international fame are people now beginning to recognise that they are living among the US’ forgotten native tea.

Yaupon was once consumed by almost every Native American tribe who lived among it

The earliest-known evidence of yaupon consumption is from the Cahokia Mounds, and it is associated with Native American purification ceremonies

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