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Is Earl Grey Tea Black Tea

Earl Grey And Its Delicious Blends

Harney & Sons Earl Grey Supreme Review – Black Tea, Oolong Tea, White Tea & Bergamot Oil Blend

Earl Grey can be enjoyed as a classic version, but also works well with other ingredients. The most daring among you can even try to invent new combinations. The most popular recipes include Earl Grey:

– with a Polish twist, topped with lemon and lime flavors for a tangier taste.- flavored with lavender.- with milk and vanilla syrup.- with rose petals.- with orange blossom, as seen in the iconic Anastasia blend.

A whole host of flavorsome experiences await, so you can discover your favorite Earl Grey tea.

If youre feeling hungry, then dont forget that tea and bergamot are both perfect for indulging in a snack

Tea As A Mood Booster

L-theanine is a unique amino acid found only in tea. This compound has been linked to supporting a calm and focused mind , making it the perfect antidote to that early afternoon dip in concentration. So you get the caffeine boost along with a calming effect rather than the jitters or energy crash you might get from coffee. Sounds pretty good huh?

What Makes Earl Grey Tea Different From Other Black Teas

It’s all about that bergamot

If the ever-growing collection of tea paraphernalia on my desk is any indication, I suppose I have a bit of a reputation for my morning tea habit. Yep, I drink black tea, not coffee, every morning when I get into the office. But as I’ve gotten more settled into my tea-drinking routine, a few habits have emerged: I drink it out of my Extra Crispy mug I always drink it blackno cream or sugar or nut particle water here and I always drink Earl Grey.

In the early days, before I knew anything about what I was actually drinking, all I knew is that Earl Grey tasted better than English Breakfastthe two black teas usually on offer at your typical brunch joint or coffee shop. English Breakfast is pleasant, and when it comes to a sweet little caffeine jolt, it certainly does the trick, but there’s nothing particularly interesting about it. Earl Grey, however, offers a little something special. There’s a bright and welcome bitterness to the flavor, a lot like a citrus rind. The scent is delicate and memorable at the same time. It’s a lovely, gentler way to start the day. And it makes my heart flutter instead of race.

Also, according to a 2010 British survey, liking Earl Grey over other black teas apparently makes me posh. And to that I say: pinkies out.

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How Much Caffeine Is In Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey Black Tea Blend

Earl Grey tea is a type of fermented black tea harvested from the camellia sinensis plant, so Earl Grey tea does contain caffeine, like all black teas.

The exact amount of caffeine in Earl Grey tea and all black, green and white teas can vary from a splish-splash to a splosh! Natural caffeine levels are influenced by things like which region the camellia sinensis plant is grown in, the amount of rainfall that area receives, and the nitty-grittys of the harvesting and fermentation processes.

If youre after the biggest wake up jolt to kick-start your day, enjoy that morning cup of coffee. Or, you can replace coffee with a healthy get-up-and-go nudge from black tea, oolong, puerh, green tea and white tea all containing varying amounts of caffeine but with less punch than coffee.

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Tea Blending And Additives

Tea blending is the blending of different teas together to produce a final product. This occurs chiefly with black tea that is blended to make most tea bags but can also occur with such teas as Pu-erh, where leaves are blended from different regions before being compressed. The aim of blending is to create a well-balanced flavour using different origins and characters. This also allows for variations in tea leaf quality and differences from season to season to be smoothed out. The one golden rule of blending is this: Every blend must taste the same as the previous one, so a consumer will not be able to detect a difference in flavour from one purchase to the next.

There are various teas which have additives or different processing than “pure” varieties. Tea is able to easily receive any aroma, which may cause problems in processing, transportation or storage of tea, but can be also advantageously used to prepare scented teas. Tea can be flavoured in large blending drums with perfumes, flavourants, or essential oils added. Although blending and scenting teas can add an additional dimension to tea, the process may also sometimes be used to cover and obscure the quality of sub-standard teas.

Reduces Chance Of A Stroke

Black tea is the leaf that keeps on giving and it can even cut down on the chances of suffering from a stroke. We know that high blood pressure and hypertension can lead to serious health complications including heart attacks and strokes, but studies have shown that long-term sippingon black tea can positively affect your blood pressure and take it out of the red and into the black.

There was also a study done that pooled the data from nine different studies involving 194,965 adults including 4378 stroke patients and the results concluded that drinking three cups of black tea on a daily basis did in fact reduce the risk of stroke.

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Health Benefits And Risks

Like other black teas, the polyphenols and caffeine in Earl Grey tea are reputed to have cardiovascular, digestion, and cancer-preventitive benefits, but research in these areas remains inconclusive.

The bergamot oil used to flavour Earl Grey tea may provide health benefits as well as risks to its consumers. Some studies have suggested that the oil may be able to lower cholesterol and have some analgesic properties.

On the other hand, bergamot has health risks. These risks can include an array of skin issues. Consuming too much of bergamot teas can lead to issues with potassium intake. Lowered potassium in the body can lead to experiencing cramping and muscle twitching. In several studies, application of high concentrations of some brands of bergamot oil directly to the skin was shown to increase redness after exposure to ultraviolet light however, this should not apply to ordinary oral consumption of Earl Grey tea. Bergamot is a source of bergamottin which, along with the chemically related compound 6′,7′-dihydroxybergamottin, is known to be responsible for grapefruitâdrug interactions in which the consumption of the juice affects the metabolism of a variety of pharmaceutical drugs.

Does It Matter Which Tea You Get

Earl Grey – Black Tea

Depends on what youre looking after. If all you want is a strong cup of tea, then I recommend getting a breakfast tea of any kind.

Itll be stronger than most other black teas.

But you can also just get a loose leaf Assam tea instead of breakfast tea, and have a strong black tea. I recommend getting loose leaf instead of teabags because you get much better flavor. Its not as flat and made up as teabags tend to be.

If youre looking for a very flavorful tea, them Earl Grey should be your pick. Its really good on its own, with just a little sugar added.

Make it too sweet and it may start to resemble candy.

Also, be sure not to add any milk to Earl Grey, at least not dairy milk. This is because the milk wouldnt taste so well with a citrusy flavor, but it definitely wont curdle if you add any.

If you really want to add milk to Earl Grey, then consider a plant based one hat will complement it better, like rice milk or almond.

Or, you can always get a type of black tea thats been blended with different fruits or flowers to create a whole new flavor.

This is very common for black tea, in combinations such as black tea with strawberry or black tea with pineapple, or black tea with sunflower and cornflower and rose petals.

And finally, you can even get Chai. This is a spiced black tea, which goes really well with milk and may remind you of pumpkin pie.

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How Earl Grey Is Made

A tea is flavored or scented during manufacturing toward the end of the processing, usually once the tea leaves have dried. One way teas are flavored is by blending the finished tea with flowers, herbs and spices so that the blended ingredients are visually appealing and lightly infuse the tea leaves with their aroma and flavor. Another way tea is flavored is by spraying or coated the finished tea with extracts, essential oils or flavoring agents during or after the drying process. This adds much a much stronger flavor to the tea and uses fewer ingredients. The flavoring-to-tea ratio is completely up to the tea manufacturer, and the flavors that come through to a brewed cup of flavored tea will vary by brand.

Earl Grey is most widely defined as a black tea that has been flavored with the oil of bergamot. There is no one way to make Earl Grey tea, however, which is why every Earl Grey tea you’ve ever tried has probably tasted slightly different.

Some of the most significant variables in how Earl Grey tea is made include:

Buying And Storing Earl Grey

As with any green or black tea, storing a flavored tea properly will ensure your tea will remain fresh as long as possible in your cabinet. Its always a good idea to buy tea from a reputable company that can tell you when and how the tea was processed and packaged as well as provide storage and freshness tips.

Generally, an oxidized black tea is more shelf stable than its delicate green tea cousin. But teas that have been flavored have a shorter shelf life than a straight black tea. While your flavored tea wont really go bad, it will get stale if it sits around too long and it will definitely lose its flavor potency. If stored properly in a cool, dark place and in an opaque, airtight container away from light, moisture and pantry items like coffee and spices that can leach flavor into the tea leaves, flavored teas can last six months to a year before they should be used or replaced.

For more information about how to best care for your tea, visit our How to Store Tea page.

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Hydration And Fluid Balance

Well, Duh. Earl Grey is brewed in water in water, so drinking Earl Grey means you are taking in water too.

So, if you want to shake things up, you can replace some of your water intake with Earl Grey to satisfy any sweet cravings you may have.

But, apart from the obvious, Earl Grey contains potassium. Potassium is important in your body because it helps control fluid balance and maintains your bodys homeostasis.

Hence, you need to make sure you eat a lot of potassium-rich foods.

Fig 2: Chart showing different tea brews and strengths. Source: Daily Mail

Mental Health And Stress Relief

Earl Grey

In the early days of Earl Greys popularity, the aroma set it apart from other teas that it was prescribed as a stress reliever.

In recent times, its use as a stress reliever has been researched and proven. Apparently, the bergamot flavor infused in the tea has a calming effect thanks to the natural aromatherapy characteristics it has on your body.

Also, the calming effect of Earl Grey can help out patients suffering from anxiety, depression, and other mental-related conditions.

It may sound far-fetched to you, but Earl Grey tea and tea as a whole has been used for years by Asians, Europeans, and the rest of the world to calm down their nerves and help them relax. You can also take a cup after work to help you get rid of the tension from the workplace.

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About Earl Grey Lavender

Citrusy and with a hint of sweetness and spice, Earl Grey is a tea flavored with bergamot essential oil. While the history of Earl Grey tea is unclear, it most likely acquired its name from Earl Charles Grey, a 19th-century British Prime Minister who helped to popularize the tea. Earl Grey Lavender blends black tea, bergamot, and French lavender for a floral, soothing cup of tea with citrusy notes. This tea is one of our most popular flavored blends!

Who Should Avoid Bergamot Tea

Bergamot tea is safe for the general public when consumed in moderate amounts. Bergamot may interact with certain medications. Always consult with your healthcare provider before consuming tea, especially if you are taking medications. Bergamot also stains teeth and causes muscle cramps when consumed in large amounts.

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Earl Grey Tea: History Health Benefits And How To Brew

Earl Grey is one of the most popular and recognized tea beverages in the world. It’s been hailed for its health benefits raging from heart to digestive health. It boasts an intriguing history that marks the intersection of the Far East and the western empires. What truly makes Earl Grey unique is its blend of bergamot and black tea.

The resulting citrusy and chocolate flavors make this tea a delight in the morning and at night. It is famously associated with royals and a staple at high profile events including meetings between heads of state. Find out what makes Earl Grey so special and get a few tips on how to brew this tea perfectly every time.

Traditional Earl Grey Tea Recipe

Earl Grey Rose (Black Tea) – Rivertea Videos

Now you know all those beautiful benefits of Englands favorite high tea, it may just be the perfect time to brew up a cup or two. Perfect for those times when you want to bring a citrusy flood to your taste buds or when you are craving a delicatechocolate earl grey aroma and to breathe in deep the laid-back vibes of bergamot.

Heres how to brew your own Earl Grey Tea

  • Bring fresh water to the boil, spring water is always best but filtered water can also be used.
  • Your base can be green tea, black tea, or oolong tea depending on preference. Usually, 2 grams of loose tea per cup of water is a good balance. Or if you want to keep your measurements simple you can simply drop in one of our Rose Earl Grey drops for a fuss free tea experience.
  • Let the tea steep in hot water for several minutes. Remember, the longer you steep the tea, the stronger the citrus flavors will be as the citrus extract has more time to release those juicy tastes.
  • Add a splash of milk or a slice of lemon.

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How Earl Grey Tea Is Made

Earl Grey tea is made simply enough.

Black tea leaves are picked, or rather the tea leaves are picked when theyre a bit older than green tea leaves.

Then, theyre subjected to a curing process, which means the leaves are bruised, dried, roasted , and then allowed to dry completely.

Then, the tea leaves are either lightly spritzed with bergamot essential oil, or left to rest with bergamot blossoms.

These are bergamot fruits. They come from actual bergamot blooms which grow on the bergamot tree. There is another bergamot flower, a purple one, which is not what is used in Earl Grey.

The black teas used arent of a specific type, which makes the whole classification by flavor hard to do. An Earl Grey with Assam as a base will be strong, malty, and will definitely need the bergamot to tone it down. More on black tea flavorings here.

Yet if a Darjeeling First Flush were used, a subtler, lighter Earl Grey would emerge. Darjeelings First Flush is always light, flowery, just the right thing for a light tea.

Of course, there is no getting around the fact that the bergamot flavor can and does mask the quality of the underlying tea.

This means that often, especially for teabags, youll find Earl Grey of poor quality, and most often with a synthetic bergamot flavor. For example store brand teas are like this, at least in my experience.

You best bet, as always, is getting a loose leaf Earl Grey.

Varieties Of Blended Tea

Generally a blend of different black teas that are robust and full-bodied, and go well with milk. Some types are English breakfast, Irish breakfast and Scottish breakfast.
Afternoon tea
These blends are generally lighter than breakfast blends. Both breakfast and afternoon blends are popular in the British Isles, for example, Prince of Wales tea blend.
Russian Caravan
A popular blend, Russian Caravan harks back to the days when tea was hauled to Russia from China on camelback. It often contains a bit of smoky lapsang souchong, though its base is typically Keemun or Dian Hong. Some also contain oolong.

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