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Does Iaso Tea Make You Poop

What Exactly Is Iaso Tea

Does Iaso Tea Make You Poop? IMPORTANT What Really Happens When You Drink Iaso Tea?

Iaso Tea is a US product, produced by the Total Life Changes company. The company, and the brand, focus on providing natural, organic, high-quality products that will aid people in their weight loss journey. Iaso Tea is actually a detox beverage that contains numerous herbs, spices, and fruits. The purpose of this beverage is to improve your digestion, cleanse your body from all types of toxins and improve metabolism. The company swears on Iaso Teas ability to provide sustained weight loss and numerous other health benefits which are important in the weight loss process.

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Boost Energy And Brain Function

Because many of the herbs in Iaso can help boost blood circulation and improve blood supply to the brain and cells, this tea can provide a boost of energy that is natural and does not involve stimulants. The nutrients and minerals in Iaso tea are all a part of a healthy diet, giving your cells what they need for optimal function, as well. When your brain receives better blood supply, it improves cognition and memory, as well.

Will I Lose Weight With Detox Teas

The goal of detox teas is to give you energy. But, you may also spend a lot of time in the bathroom. While all this time in the bathroom may result in weight loss, it is mostly water weight and not toxins.

Additionally, it is a very unhealthy and ineffective way to lose excess weight. Detox teas can cause you severe health issues such as:

  • Heart attacks
  • Strokes
  • Death

You should always consult with your doctor before using a detox tea to minimize any risks.

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Detox Tea Can Cause Caffeine Overdose

Most of us need that boost of caffeine to kick start our day. So its common for people to have 2 or 3 cups of coffee in the morning. But, adding highly caffeinated detox tea can lead to unpleasant side effects.

Besides headaches, tremors, irritability, and a rapid heart rate, caffeine can also increase stress levels. According to Healthline, the symptoms of a caffeine overdose may include:

  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting

Is Cbd In Iaso Tea

Does Iaso Tea Make You Poop? Heres What Can You Expect ...

One package contains 25 packets of Instant Iaso Tea infused with Full Hemp Extract. hemp oil extract products utilize a Full Spectrum Hemp Extract which may contain trace amounts of naturally occurring tetrahydrocannabinol . We are below the Federal Legal Limit and have no more than 0.3% THC by dry weight.

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Where To Buy Iaso Tea

If youve heard of Iaso Tea before reading this article, theres probably a good chance you know someone who sells the product. Do your buddy a favor and buy a box from him. The FTC studies show that 99% of people who sell in direct marketing actually lose money.

If you dont have a friend whos asked you if youve wanted to change your life, you can buy Iaso Tea from a number of other sources. Of course, Amazon is one option. Do be sure to check the reviews of the seller as well as the product.

Wherever you choose to buy your Iaso Tea, please always check with your physician first. Detox products like Iaso and others can be dangerous if your bodys not healthy enough to withstand the dehydration and other symptoms.

And, of course, remember that no tea is a magical cure if youre overweight, or even if you just want to lose a few pounds. Talk to a medical professional about steps you can take to improve your lifestyle and your weight loss will follow.

How Much Iaso Tea Should You Drink For Constipation Relief

According to DietSpotlight, The exact directions regarding the consumption of Iaso Tea are extremely important to understand. According to the instructions listed on the product, a user must consume eight ounces of this tea before eating their lunch and dinner.

For the best results, it is suggested that users drink an extra four ounces before eating an evening snack.

At the end of the day, it is entirely up to you as to how much of this tea you wish to consume, and how well your body tolerates the tea. Some people gradually drink it throughout the day and still experience similar results, so its best to try it out for yourself.

Some even say that consuming up to 12 ounces of Iaso Tea per day is the best way to enjoy all the benefits.

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Who Makes Iaso Detox Tea

The original creator of the tea is Dr. Bill Miller . He claims that hes been perfecting Iaso Tea for twenty years to optimize it for every age group.

The distributor is Total Life Changes, a multi-level marketing company like the sellers of many similar products. Though similar to a pyramid scheme, its sellers arent required to recruit anyone to make money.

We wouldnt recommend becoming a seller, as MLMs can be incredibly shady, but this doesnt necessarily reflect poorly on Iaso Tea.

In addition to Iaso Tea, Total Life Changes makes some other unique products like:

  • Resolution Drops

Now Lets Talk About When As Well As How Often Iaso Tea Will Make You Poop


Let me preface this section by saying that what I am about to share with you is from my personal experience as well as those of persons that I know also drink the Iaso Tea.

That said, it is possible that if you try the Iaso Tea yourself, you could also have a different experience.

Note also that as per the recommended dosage, you should take one sachet twice daily with at least 8 ounces of water 3045 minutes prior to eating one of your larger meals.

But youll get better results from taking two sachets twice per day instead of one.

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Do Iaso Tea Make You Poop

Heres What Can You Expect. Without beating around the bush, the simple answer to the question: Does Iaso Tea Make You Poop is a solid YES! This means that other than using Iaso Tea For weight loss, this is also a great product to help you get rid of constipation as well as Irritable bowel syndrome also known as IBS.

So What Were My Mothers Results With This Product Did She Lose Any Pounds

Here is what my mother experienced while drinking this product compared to the claims:

  • She did feel like she was detoxing because she ran to the bathroom a lot more often. This product does have an ingredient that works like a laxative.
  • Energy-wise, she did feel more of it, especially after drinking it during breakfast.
  • For anti aging, she did claim to feel and see smoother skin . Some of the herbs inside the bag are supposed to help circulate and freshen the blood.

But did she lose any pounds!?

Unfortunately no. This is the one major area that didnt meet the demand for her.

From the moment she told me about this product to her consistently drinking it everyday for over 2 months, I did not notice any difference in the way she looked. She also confirmed that nothing changed and the scale said the same thing.

Usually detox products like this one are supposed to help you drop several pounds. If theres better digestion and better circulation, theres supposed to be better metabolism, and that in theory is supposed to make you lose weight, but it did not happen here.

I also went to see if other people experienced the same thing. On Amazon, a lot of people who tried the Iaso beverage also confirmed the benefits my mother had, but also said that there was very little and even no weight loss after trying it.

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Iaso Tea Retail Price

To buy Iaso Tea, it costs $49.95 US dollars retail for a 5-pack.

However, once youve become a distributor, there is the option to purchase the products in bulk:

  • 10 pack $99.95 USD
  • 25 pack $249.95 USD
  • 50 pack $499.95 USD

The only thing I found peculiar about the bulk pricing is that it does not yield a volume discount compared to the 5-pack.

In fact, if you do the math, the per unit price for the 5-pack, its $49.95/5 = $9.99. For the 50 pack, its $499.95/50 = $9.99 as well.

The Ingredients In Resolution Drops

Does Iaso Tea Make You Poop? IMPORTANT What Really Happens ...

As mentioned earlier, the ingredients of a product determine its performance. The components of Resolution Drops are designed to support weight loss through curbing cravings, so you eat less. They also support a healthy appetite thus, you only eat when your body needs to. Besides, the product contains nutrients that ensure a healthy nervous system. You enjoy these benefits without interrupting your daily routine.

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Ingredients In Iaso Tea

For understanding Iaso Teas side effects, a better understanding of its ingredients is a must. As Iaso Tea is herbal, most ingredients in it are natural and organic.

Iaso Tea contains a total of 9 ingredients: Papaya, Ginger, Chamomile, Myrrh, Marsh Mallow, Malva Leaves, Blessed Thistle, and Persimmon Leaf. Lets brief down the benefits of these ingredients and how safe they are.

Things To Keep In Mind

Iaso Tea ingredients are a special blend of 9 safe, natural and edible herbs: Holy Thistle, Persimmon leaves, Malva leaves, Marsh Mallow leaves, Blessed Thistle, Papaya, Ginger, Chamomile, and Myrrh.

You ought to drink one or more 8 ounce cup of Iaso Tea twice a day if you prefer to detox and get the total health benefits.

Chinese Mallow is a herb which is used as being a laxative and diuretic, which definitely aids human body cleansing and weight loss because of the fact that you lose retained water and beat waste elements from your intestines. So, this tea will make you poop.

There are few side effects you could possibly get while starting to take in Iaso Tea, while your body is in process of detoxification and gets utilized to it. It is absolutely nothing horrible, but you can expect youll get headaches or digestive issues .

Since its basically a detox product and weight loss is just one of the benefits and if losing weight is what you want, obviously you need to also have a good diet or even exercise, basically you need to get rid or all bad habits that cause weight gain instead of longing for magic.

Although numerous of these purifying beverages have already been praised because of their many positive health benefits, including weight loss, healthier skin, a rise in energy, as well as the strengthening of immune systems, it is important to note that not every detoxifying tea is the same. Iaso tea probably ranks on the top, because of its powerful ingredients

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What Are The Supposed Benefits Of Iaso Tea

The reason many people turn to Iaso Tea is due to the wide range of benefits it claims to provide. According to, Iaso Tea provides the following benefits:

1. Sustained Weight Loss with Continued Use

The manufacturers of Iaso Tea fail to mention that is it important to consume a calorie-controlled diet or an exercise routine. However, most successful weight-loss candidates know that sustained weight loss requires a calorie deficit.

Continually drinking Iaso Tea will mean a sustained exposure to diuretics, meaning your body is consistently flushing out excess water. That being said, when the user stops drinking the tea, their body will return to its normal process of retaining water, and any water weight lost will quickly be regained.

Iaso Tea also contains persimmon leaves, which is a natural laxative. Laxatives cause the bowels to open, meaning Iaso Tea is often used for constipation relief.

Some people mistakenly believe that the use of laxatives will stop calorie absorption and result in weight loss. Many studies have shown that laxative abuse can result in eating disorders and can have very damaging effects on your health.

There is some evidence that ginger, another ingredient found in Iaso Tea, may help to reduce body weight, but only very slightly, and not enough to significantly reduce your body mass index . Plus, Iaso Tea does not contain large enough quantities of ginger to produce any significant effects.

2. Detoxification of the Digestive System

Is Iaso Tea Good For Weight Loss


The Iaso Tea is a detoxification product, that is, all the toxins and retained fluids will leave your body and this translates in most cases into weight loss.

But the Iaso Tea itself is not to eliminate fat, for that we have other products that are combined with the Iaso Tea.

For example the Resolution drops and the NRG that together with the Iaso Tea and a nutritional guide of 1200 calories will make you lose up to 30 lbs a month naturally, with no rebound effect.

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How Long Does It Take For Iaso Tea To Make You Poop

We DO have happy customers who find that this solidifies loose stools and makes life and bowel management so much nicer see more. YES! This product is helpful for so many things beyond constipation. If you have loose stools, I recommend that you start slow, with 1/2 dose or even a bit less to see how it works for you.

Details On Iaso Tea Weight Loss

Based on the companys instructions, to attain proper weight loss, you need to make this tea in the following way:

  • Bring four cups of pure water to a boil. It is recommended not to use a microwave to boil or even for reheating the water.
  • Add two tea bags to the water. Now cover it and allow it to soak for a minimum of eight hours.
  • After eight hours, combine the cooled down tea with an additional twelve cups of water to make one gallon.
  • Keep these tea bags inside the liquid to get the best results.

To use Iaso tea samples for weight loss, wed suggest adopting a healthy diet and exercise routine. Weve read reviews where people report losing weight without adding exercise. However, getting the body moving helps you burn more calories and improve mood a win-win. Our research team found a study connecting the drinking of tea to weight loss. According to the journal Molecules, teaexhibit measurable weight-loss properties in a large majority of studies.

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How Long Does Iaso Tea Take To Work

According to DietSpotlight, the tea begins its process by cleansing the digestive tract within a few hours, and this is said to help aid weight loss. It is said that this tea functions gradually over time, rather than instantly. You need to dedicate at least one month towards using this product before you can expect any changes in your body.

In terms of constipation relief, you should feel a little rumbling in your stomach 5-10 minutes after eating your meal. Users have reported needing to go to the bathroom within 20 minutes after this. This is why it is important that you are near a bathroom before drinking this tea!

It is not uncommon to have a bowel movement around 2-3 times per day, but this does depend on how much you eat and how much of the tea you drank.

Improves Your Mental And Physical Well

Does Iaso Tea Make You Poop? Heres What Can You Expect ...

This claim is potentially true, if not a bit misleading.

There are certainly aspects of this product that could improve your overall quality of life, these being: better quality of life and appetite suppression.

As weve outlined above, improving your sleep has positive effects on many areas of your health.

Suppressing appetite is also a useful tool in your weight management arsenal. One of the biggest problems facing many people trying to lose weight is the temptation to overeat. The more we eat, the more our stomach expands, and the more we have to keep consuming to feel full.

If we live sedentary lives behind a desk, this leads to serious issues. Were consuming increasing numbers of calories without getting the chance to burn them off. Suppressing the appetite can be a useful first step in starting your weight loss journey.

All it takes to maintain consistent, healthy weight loss is to burn an average of 500 calories more each day than we consume.

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What Are The Pros Of Iaso Tea

  • Iaso Tea is an all-natural formulation
  • Contains herbs that have been used in traditional medicine for centuries
  • The formulation includes active ingredients that help cleanse and detoxify the body
  • There is a risk free trial of the product
  • There are some good feedbacks from users
  • It comes with a 30-day money back guarantee
  • It can support your body with many beneficial ingredients

What Are The Side Effects Of Detox

You may feel weak and hungry at the same time. The plan and how long you stay on it are the two most important factors. The majority of people dont feel good on diet low in calories and vitamins. Low energy, low blood sugar, fatigue, feeling dizzy or lightheaded are some of the possible side effects.

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Content Plagiarism On The Iaso Website

I found a couple instances of what appears to be copy and pasted ingredient descriptions verbatim from WebMD and Healthline.

While plagiarising content might seem like no big deal, in my opinion, this gives me the impression they just threw together some tea ingredients, slapped up a website, populated it with lifted content from other health sites, and started marketing it to consumers.

Note to TLC: Write your own original content and provide correct attribution to source articles.

Plagiarised from WebMD

In the myrrh example below, you can see that the exact same phrasing is used on the original WebMD article. And whoever copied and pasted the content didnt even bother to change anything, including leaving the parentheses.

WebMD source article

Plagiarised from Healthline

In the chamomile example below, as in the Web MD example above, you can see that the content is identical both in phrasing and punctuation.

Healthline source article


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