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How To Make Loose Tea

How To Brew The Perfect Cup Of Tea With Loose Leaf Tea

How To : The Art of Making Loose Tea | TEALEAVES

I mentioned the different tea varieties are nuanced. So to keep it simple I am going to give a guide to brewing green tea, which is similar to how to brew black tea. Why green? It is one of the most common, iconic, and delectable of teas around. The brewing method is quite standard and can be applied with other types of teas including black, or herbal teas and tisanes.

Step 1: Measure out your tea. The amount of tea you need depends on how much water you use. I recommend one teaspoon of loose leaf tea or one teabag per one cup of water you plan on using to brew. More tea per water will lead to a stronger brew, while more water per tea will lead to a milder one. Add leaves to your tea infuser or tea ball and then place your teapot.

Step 2: Heat your water in your kettle. Youll want to start with fresh cold water, and allow it to heat in the kettle . Once your kettle has boiled wait for about a minute to two minutes for it to cool a bit so it does not scorch your leaves but not too long that it isnt hot enough to brew the leaves! Your thermometer will come in handy here.

Follow these guidelines for the ideal temperature depending on the leaves you are using for the best results.

  • 140-180 degrees Fahrenheit for Green and White tea leaves.
  • 190-195 degrees Fahrenheit for Oolong tea.
  • 200 degrees Fahrenheit for Black tea.
  • 210 degrees Fahrenheit for Puerh, Herbal teas, and Tisanes.

Something To Drink Your Tea From

You will need a cup or a mug to drink your tea. Mugs are usually bigger than cups and dont have saucers. But there are many different types of cups toosome have handles and some dont. If you are just starting out, a regular mug or a coffee cup will be good too. Invest in a good cup or a mug that you like. It will make drinking tea really enjoyable.

Chamomile And Lemon Blam

When you combine two tasty herbs with relaxing properties, you get the most delicious sleepy time tea in the world. Lemon balm or melissa is a herb from a mint family with mild minty and lemony flavor. It blends well with the sweet herbal flavor of chamomile.


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Brewing Loose Leaf Tea: Steeping Times And Temperatures

For the amount of leaves, use the indicated number of teaspoons for each cup of tea. So, if youre using a pot that holds 4 cups, use 4 times the indicated number of teaspoons.

Note: For herbal teas, use the instructions for black tea. For flavored teas, use the instructions for the underlying tea leaves. For example, if your flavored tea uses green tea leaves, follow the instructions for green tea.

Obviously, these instructions are very simple. Thats because Im trying to keep the brewing process as simple as possible. Thats really all you need to get a good cup of tea and that way, there is no complicated process to stand in the way of drinking more tea.

Ill go into a lot more detail on brewing below, with advanced techniques and tons of tips. But first, lets take a look at the best brewing vessels to use when preparing tea.

Is Loose Leaf Tea Better Than Tea Bags

How to make Loose Leaf Tea

Brew yourself a lovely cup of loose tea, and youll experience mug-shaped satisfaction to the MAX. Because there are so many benefits to making tea with loose leaves. Unlike most teabags, loose leaf tea contains fresh, whole leaves of premium quality. Compare this to tea bags, which big brands mostly stuff with low-grade fannings, and youll soon taste the difference.

Lovely loose leaves can move about and expand as you brew, transferring all their gorgeous aroma and taste in the process. The result? Fabulously fresh tea every time!

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How To Make Iced Tea

If you dont mind waiting a day to enjoy a glass of iced tea, simply follow the above process. Then, allow your tea to cool, transfer it to a refrigerator-safe vessel, and chill for at least 4 hours or until cold.

If youre like me and tend to crave an immediate cup of iced tea, you are going to follow the above instructions, but you will make two changes: Instead of using 8 ounces of water to steep 1 teaspoon of tea, you will use 4 ounces of hot water. Then, once steeped, sweeten the tea to your liking and pour the hot tea over a cup of ice. And there you have it–iced tea in 5 minutes! The idea behind this method is to make a concentrated version of tea so that the flavor is not diluted when combined with ice.

Travel Mug With Infuser

Finally, many people, myself included, like to have tea on the go. For this, you would want a bottle tea infuser that you can easily take on the road.

What sets these mugs apart from the regular ones is a lid that seals shut. You can take the mug with you and avoid spilling your tea.

I use a mug like this at work, but they are also great for the morning commute. Theyre very similar to a thermos bottle, but with the addition of an infuser. And if youre going on a trip, they are especially convenient when paired with a small electric kettle to heat the water.

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What Should You Look For When Tea Shopping

Not all tea is created equal. Weve already established why loose leaf tea is beneficial but there are varying levels of quality, even for loose leaf teas. To ensure that youre getting the best, look for loose leaf teas that:

  • Are USDA Certified Organic or Fair Trade certified
  • Come in a tightly sealed container to prevent moisture from getting in
  • Include organic herbs, spices, flowers, and other ingredients

Remember, the quality of your loose leaf tea leaves will also significantly impact the flavor and efficacy of the teas antioxidants. The best way to ensure the quality of your tea lasts is to learn how to store loose leaf tea properly.

How To Make Cold Brew Tea

How to Brew Loose Leaf Tea

In order to make cold brew tea, youll need a french press! But this can be a convenient way to make tea if you dont have a way to boil water.

To make 1 serving of cold brew tea:

Step 1: Add 1 serving of loose leaf tea + 1 cup of cold water into a French Press. Make sure the plunger is up.

Step 2: Refrigerate for 8 hours

Step 3: Take the french press out of the refrigerator, press the plunger down, and pour the tea over ice. Add sugar or your favorite sweetener if desired.

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How To Make Tea With A French Press


This French Tea Press is one of the best ways to make loose leaf tea.Fundamentally, due to the ability to accurately control infusion time. Deliciously, as it allows for the proper release of the flavor and aroma, due to the high water to tea ratio. Aesthetically, to show off the stunning liquor of each infusion. Santé!

How To Brew Tea For A Tea Tasting

Tea professionals rely on their keen palates and extensive knowledge to compare and rate teas of different grades and qualities. This often requires them to discern even the faintest nuances of flavor and aroma that might separate a good sample from a truly exceptional one. To do this reliably, however, the tea industry has developed a standardized method for tasting to ensure that different lots at different times are tasted consistently. This process is referred to as cupping.

Human perception and appreciation of flavor and aroma can be swayed significantly by the time of day, diet, and environmental factors such as the lighting, cleanliness and organization of the tasting room. One of the key elements of professional cupping is consistency. When possible, cuppings should occur at the same time each day, and the tasting room should be kept clean, clear and free of obtrusive odors. Further, the taster should refrain from the consumption of strongly-flavored foods prior to a tasting.

What Youll Need

  • The freshest, purest water possible, preferably dechlorinated.
  • Up to six different tea samples to taste and compare .
  • A water kettle and thermometer to achieve the precise temperature required to steep your samples.
  • Enough white ceramic cups or bowls to brew each of your samples simultaneously . Or try our professional tea tasting set .
  • Enough tea filters to brew each of your samples simultaneously we recommend unbleached tea bags or an infuser .
  • Tea Tasting Step-by-Step

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    How To Store Tea

    Think of tea as you would a spice in your kitchen pantry: it will not go bad as long as it’s kept dry, but its peak taste and aroma are within six months to a year of production.

    We pack our teas in high-quality resealable bags. These protect the leaves from degradation by light, moisture, odors and oxidation, and have a low impact on the environment. Feel free to decant into any other airtight container with similar properties.

    Even when properly stored, however, the freshness and flavor of good tea will naturally decrease over time . The best solution is to purchase fresh teas, in reasonable amounts, from a reputable source.

    Choose The Best Water

    Making Loose Leaf Herbal Tea

    If you want to enjoy the best possible flavor, you will need the best water. Tea made with tap water is likely to have a strong mineral note, or even worseit will taste of chlorine. On the other hand, distilled water will give a dull flat flavor. Fresh spring water is the best choice for making tea.

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    Small Tea Pots & Gaiwans

    For those who truly love tea, specialized teaware in a smaller size can be a worthwhile investment. Brewing in smaller quantities is a bit like brewing an espresso instead of a large pot of coffee: the result is a more concentrated flavor that can be consumed in full while fresh. The advantage in tea, however, is that the same leaves can produce more than one infusion. Watch a demonstration of how we use small teaware for gong fu cha:

    Traditional teaware, like gaiwans or small teapots, are designed for maximum control over the brewing process. The wide mouth and white background of a porcelain gaiwan makes it easy to see when tea leaves have rehydrated, while the dense stoneware of Yixing is perfect for retaining heat and producing a precise pour. The high degree of control is indispensable for maximizing the flavor potential of any tea.

    How Do You Make A Chai Tea Latte

    Weve included instructions for how to make a perfect homemade chai tea latte in the printable recipe below and on our labels below, too. But heres the gist:

  • Steep the chai tea blend in boiling water .
  • Strain tea or remove the bag.
  • Combine with milk and sweetener.
  • Go sit somewhere cozy and enjoy a little nourishing self-care moment.
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    Do You Drink The Leaves In Loose Leaf Tea

    The tea leaves should be placed straight into the cup, and then hot water should be poured over them. When you are ready, drink. Note that this method is only recommended for individuals who do not mind having a piece of tea leaf brush against their lips and/or who are willing to consume brewed tea leaves.

    How To Make Loose Leaf Iced Tea

    The 4 Best Ways to Make Tea with Loose Leaves

    Are you looking for an easy, refreshing way to cool down on a hot day? Look no further than an ice-cold glass of loose leaf iced tea. In just a few steps, you can enjoy your favorite blend over ice. Every Tiesta Tea blend can be enjoyed over ice from your energy-boosting black teas and slimming green teas to spicy chai teas and fruity herbal teas.

    Step One: Measure Your Tea

    When brewing iced tea, use double the amount of tea you’d use for hot tea since you’ll be diluting it with ice. For one glass of iced tea, simply scoop 3 teaspoons of your favorite loose leaf tea into your steeping method of choice. There are many options for brewing accessories, including our Brewbasket, Brewmaster, biodegradable tea filters, or stainless-steel tea ball.

    Step Two: Pour in Hot Water

    Whether you’re brewing in a mug with a filter, Brewbasket, or tea ball or directly in the Brewmaster, choosing the right temperature of hot water is crucial. Whether you’re after a mug of hot tea or glass of iced tea, always make sure you brew your tea at the right temperature. If you use too hot of water, you risk burning the leaves. Too cold of water will give you a bland brew.

    Step Three: Steep Your Blend

    The length of time you let your tea steep is just as critical as the temperature of water you use. Steep it too long, and you’ll end up with a bitter tea. Don’t steep it long enough, and you’ll miss out on flavor, caffeine, and micronutrients.

    Step Four: Strain, Ice, Enjoy!

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    How To Make Your Own Herb Tea Blends

    Amy Jeanroy is an herbalist and professional gardener with several years of experience.

    A variety of herbal tea blends are available for purchase, but very often these commercial blends use artificial flavorings and arent the real thing at all. You can avoid this problem by making your own blends using natural herbs and flowers you have grown or collected yourself. Mixing your own herbs for tea is as easy as choosing the scents that appeal to you and blending up your favorite choices. In summer, you may prefer a delicious iced tea, while winter may see you brewing a nice warm tea to ward off the chill.

    After mixing up your favorite blend of herb tea, keep it in a glass jar in a dark place. Use at least one teaspoon of dried herbs per cup of water, more to taste. Experiment a little and come up with your own variations to call your ownyou can create specialty blends for different purposes, and give them away as personal gifts.

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    Shop Best Loose Leaf Tea

    Discover the best loose leaf teas as rated by Sips by’s 700,000 tea-loving Members. Across all tea types, from black tea to green tea to herbal tea and more, these are the best loose leaf teas from different tea brands around the world. Find your favorite loose leaf tea – no matter the type or flavor of loose leaf tea you’re searching for, Sips by has options you’ll love. Discover your new favorite loose leaf tea, as well as disposable tea bag kits to make brewing loose leaf tea easy.

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    How To Make Loose Leaf Tea Blends

    Did you know you can make your own blend of tea? It’s simple with loose leaf tea. You can combine your favorite blends, punch up a non-caffeinated tea with some maté or black tea, and more. The possibilities are endless.

    Maybe you’re in the mood for a caffeine kick but also feeling like some fruit tea is in order just mix some maté into your Maui Mango.

    How To Make Green Tea Taste Good

    Making Loose Leaf Herbal Tea

    I admit that I find green tea delicious even plain. However, I know that not everyone feels the same way. With that in mind, here are some simple ways to increase the flavor of green tea to your liking.

    • Add a small piece of cinnamon
    • Add some ginger fresh ginger, ginger powder, , or syrup.
    • Herbs: mint, peppermint, or chocolate mint all work well. Lemongrass is also a great option.
    • Add some organic edible flower petals for extra flavor. Jasmine, lavender, and rose are particularly lovely with green tea.
    • You can also add natural essential oils for flavor.
    • Use dried fruit as a natural flavor booster and sweetener: mango, peach, pineapple, strawberry, blackberry, etc.
    • Citrus peel: Add a slice of lemon or even use lemon, orange, or grapefruit peel all work well.
    • Add Jam it may sound weird but its fruity and sweet and delicious. Like this raspberry, blackberry, strawberry, or even rose jam.

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    How To Make Loose Leaf Tea Without A Strainer

    Whether you’re new to the loose leaf tea life or an old pro, there may come a day when you find yourself without a strainer or infuser. Maybe you’ve run out of tea filters and haven’t yet gotten a tea ball or Brewmaster never fear, there are other ways to brew loose tea.

    Skip the Strainer

    You can technically forego a strainer or infuser and just drop your tea leaves in your hot water and steep. Warning! You’ll likely end up swallowing a few tea leaves or have them brush against your lips while you’re sipping. If this isn’t your cup of tea , then this probably isn’t the best method for you.

    Get Crafty

    Yep, you can totally DIY a tea bag with a coffee filter or a cheesecloth. When using a coffee filter, unbleached is always your best bet to preserve the taste of the tea. If you are using cheesecloth, simply cut it in a 3″ x 3″ square. With either option, load your tea in, twist at the top and steep away!

    Raid the Cabinets

    If all else fails, let your cabinets be your guide. Even if you don’t have other methods of brewing tea, you likely have an actual strainer or sieve lying around, or a slotted spoon can also do the trick. Just filter the tea through the sieve or scoop it out of the water with the slotted spoon and enjoy!


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