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What Tea Can I Drink While Pregnant

Nettle & Dandelion Tea: 6 Reasons Why It’s Great For Pregnancy

Kombucha While Pregnant: Can I Drink Kombucha Tea If I’m Pregnant?

Were here to talk about Dandelions. So why nettles? We have in store the perfect beverage to consume during your pregnancy. The Nettle and Dandelion Tea

The stinging nettles pose a slight risk of uterine contractions. On the bright side, there are numerous possible benefits of nettles during pregnancy.

  • Stinging nettles are rich in Vitamin A, C, and K.
  • Nettles are great for consumption during your lactation period. Theyre rich in iron and increase blood flow in your body to prevent bleeding and hemorrhage, ultimately increasing the amount of milk a mother produces.
  • Nettles are anti-inflammatory. If youre feeling body aches during pregnancy, Nettles might help you fight the pain.
  • Hay fever can be a common disease during your pregnancies. Research from 2009 shows reduced hay fever symptoms such as sniffing and sneezing after consuming nettles.
  • We have an alternative for a beverage that can enhance your breastfeeding – Nettle Tea.

    Nettle tea is a nourishing beverage that could help you with various nutrients during your pregnancies. A blend with the dandelion leaf and root tea will create the perfect blend for your consumption during your pregnancy.

    Which Teas Should I Avoid When Pregnant

    • Raspberry Leaf Tea should not be consumed before the 37th week of pregnancy. Midwives believe the raspberry leaves help loosen pelvic tissue and muscles which stimulate the muscles of the womb and help with inducing labor. This tea is not safe during the earlier stages of pregnancy.
    • Licorice Root is said to raise blood pressure which increases blood flow through the placenta. This, worst-case scenario, could lead to a miscarriage.
    • Sage Tea should be avoided as it is said to inhibit milk production during the lactation period and stimulate the uterine muscles.
    • On one hand, Spearmint and Peppermint Tea are troublesome as they can stimulate the uterine muscles . On the other, mint tea is also a well-known household remedy for morning sickness during pregnancy. If you dont want to avoid drinking it, limit yourself to one cup!
    • Avoid dehydrating teas such as nettle tea, as they put additional strain on the kidneys making this tea not safe during pregnancy in the first trimester. In the second and third, you can begin to drink nettle leaf tea again if you wish.
    • St. Johns Wort Tea should be avoided as it has embryotoxic effects and can be harmful to both fetal and maternal health.

    Drink: Pasteurized And Fortified Orange Juice

    Safe drinking water is the best thing you can drink while pregnant, but let’s be honest sometimes you want something that’s, you know, not water. Orange juice has been found to be a great choice for pregnant women. Be sure to choose an OJ that’s been fortified with calcium as this is vital for bone health, registered dietitian Natalie B. Allen told The List. The citrusy beverage also contains potassium, which can help lower high blood pressure, a potentially dangerous condition in pregnant women.

    Orange juice also works well when taken with your prenatal vitamin. The expert explained, “The Vitamin C in the juice will enhance iron absorption and orange juice also contains folate, which is important in neurological fetal development.” Washing down your prenatal vitamin with orange juice is good for another reason. Medical News Today revealed that iron supplements can cause nausea. The Vitamin C in the juice not only enhances the absorption, as Allen explained, but also helps reduce queasiness. Before you run out to buy all the OJ, you should make sure to choose one that is pasteurized as this will minimize the risk of any harmful food pathogens.

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    Can You Drink Diet Root Beer While Pregnant

    A new study suggests pregnant women should steer clear of diet sodas. It has been discovered that women who consume artificially sweetened beverages while pregnant are twice as likely to have overweight children at one year of age. A mother wishing for a healthy child wants to give the best to her child.

    Statement: Caffeine Causes Miscarriages

    Can You Drink Coffee While Pregnant?

    Facts: In 2008, two research on the impact of coffee on miscarriages revealed statistically significant differences in their findings. It has been shown in a research published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology that women who use 200mg or more of caffeine daily are twice as likely as those who do not drink any caffeine to experience a miscarriage. According to a 2015 meta-analysis, the chance of miscarriage increased by 19 percent for every increase in caffeine intake of 150 mg per day, and by 8 percent for every increase in coffee consumption of two cups per day or more.

    This is approximately the same as one 12 oz cup of coffee.

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    Is Chai Tea Safe During Pregnancy

    Chai tea also known as Masala chai is usually made with black tea, which contains caffeine.

    The American Pregnancy Organization suggests that you avoid caffeine as much as possible during pregnancy and while breastfeeding .

    The World Health Organization Guidelines also say that pregnant women should try to limit caffeine intake to around 200 300mg per day, maximum .

    The average 8-ounce cup of black chai tea that has brewed for 3 minutes contains between 30 to 80mg of caffeine .

    Therefore, you could conceivably drink 2 cups of chai tea daily and be under the limit.

    However, given the proven adverse effects of caffeine upon the fetus in terms of lower birth weight, you want to err on the side of caution if youre getting extra caffeine elsewhere in your diet, such as energy drinks or chocolate . We have a guide to caffeine in chocolate here, for example. We also cover decaf chai below.

    What Is Chamomile Tea Anyway

    Chamomile tea is made by soaking dried chamomile flowers in hot water. The potency of the tea depends on the manufacturer and how long the tea is steeped. Chamomile contains flavonoidsnaturally occurring plant pigments that are present in many nutritious fruits and veggies. Foods with flavonoids have a host of health benefits, including, according to promising research, the potential to reduce risk of heart disease, cancer and stroke.

    Chamomile tea bags are sold at grocery stores, health food stores and drugstores across the country, and can also be purchased on . You can also make chamomile tea by soaking the dried flowers directly in hot water.

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    Caffeine Facts Or Myths

    According to the facts: Numerous animal studies have demonstrated that caffeine can cause birth abnormalities, early labor, preterm delivery, lower fertility, as well as an increased risk of low-birth-weight children and other reproductive issues in humans. Although there have been no definitive studies conducted on people, it is still preferable to be cautious when dealing with inconclusive findings.

    It Can Help Keep You Hydrated

    Can I drink caffeinated beverages while pregnant?

    Its easy to get out of the water-drinking habit when you cant keep anything down, have a stomach that is compressed by your baby, and feel the need to run to the bathroom every 20 minutes. As a result, dehydration can easily happen when youre pregnant.

    Even if youre not dehydrated to the point you need medical attention, you may be walking around with less water in your body than you need.

    Even minor dehydration can exacerbate common pregnancy complaints such as:

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    Red Raspberry Leaf Tea Safe For Pregnancy

    Probably the most well known pregnancy tea, red raspberry leaf tea is many times prescribed by professionals to pregnant mothers for its uterine stimulating qualities. Red raspberry leaf tea is believed to help tone andstrengthen the uterine muscle, allowing for a more efficient labor. However, red raspberry leaf tea is more than just a safe tea for pregnancy. It is also high in magnesium, potassium, b-vitamins and iron plus, surprisingly enough, it also helps with skin problems such as eczema and allergies as well as gingivitis and gum disease.

    Red raspberry leaf tea is also a great tool for women suffering from menstrual cramps and anyone with stomach issues and a delicious tea safe for pregnancy. Due to uterine stimulating abilities it is suggested to drink red raspberry leaf tea during the 2nd and 3rd trimester and to avoid it during the first trimester.

    Grab your favorite mug and relax with a hot cup of tea safe for pregnancy. It will do wonders to soothe your spirit, as well as many pregnancy-related ailments you may be suffering from. Or, with springtime rolling in, brew some tea safe for pregnancy in this adorable solar powered tea jar and drink it on ice! Delicious and eco-conscious!


    How Much Caffeine Is In Green Tea When Pregnant

    Brewed green tea contains about 28 mg of caffeine per cup. Pregnant people are recommended to limit their caffine intake to 200 mg per day, according to March of Dimes, so youd have to be a green tea fanatic to exceed the 6-7 cup limit. Peppermint tea is another stomach-soothing option if ginger isnt your taste.

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    Can You Drink Caffeine

    Despite their relatively low caffeine counts, decaffeinated versions do not contain any caffeine. While energy drinks may contain high levels of caffeine and other substances that should be avoided during pregnancy, decaffeinated varieties do not. Calories are also present in some medicines for colds and flu.

    Is Mint Good For Morning Sickness Or Nausea

    How Much Coffee Can You Have When Pregnant?

    The smell of peppermint such as smelling the essential oil has been shown to be effective in reducing nausea and vomiting during pregnancy .

    You may want to give this a go to see if it helps you. In the study, women smelled four drops of peppermint oil on a piece of cotton wool twice a day for seven days.

    The cotton was placed in a glass vial and women breathed in the aroma for 20 minutes. Definitely worth a try!

    The only contraindications were if women noticed anything unusual, such as a runny nose, headache, burning eyes or a skin rash. This is rare, but if you experience any unusual symptoms, then ask your healthcare provider.

    If youre suffering from nausea often, you should check out our article on foods that can fight pregnancy nausea, too.

    Overall, mint is not only safe during pregnancy, but can also help with digestion issues and pregnancy nausea. Its also a soothing, caffeine-free hot drink to enjoy at any time of day.

    This article has been reviewed and approved for publication in line with our editorial policy.

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    It Can Combat Morning Sickness

    Morning sickness is one of the most difficult symptoms of pregnancy, making it a challenge to enjoy the early months.

    Morning sickness most commonly occurs on an empty stomach, leaving pregnant mothers in a Catch-22 in which they need something in their stomach to make them feel better, yet find it difficult to stomach a lot of food or beverages.

    One of the most common pregnancy aversions is coffee, so if youre accustomed to waking in the morning and having coffee first thing, you need to find a substitute that will not only satisfy but that youll also find palatable.

    Ginger is known as an effective ingredient to soothe nausea, and there are lots of ginger teas on the market. If you find it difficult to stomach a cup of hot tea, pour it over ice and add pasteurized honey or sugar to make a sweet iced tea version. Often cold and sweet foods are easier to keep down if you struggle with morning sickness. Other types of tea that can ease morning sickness include lemon balm. If you are at high risk for miscarriage, avoid chamomile and peppermint tea, especially in the first trimester.

    So How Do We Conclude It

    Well, this might be confusing.

    A warm cup of tea on a winter morning doesn’t sound like a bad idea, right?

    It’s a nourishing drink with many benefits during your pregnancy.

    It’s loaded with essential nutrients and even antioxidants to be your backbone during the tough days of pregnancy.

    The only catch is that there are minimal chances of side effects.

    All you need to do is book an appointment with your healthcare specialist and steer clear of these side effects.

    Once you know you’re immune to these effects, you’re all set to enjoy the dandelion tea to ease your pregnancy days.


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    Can You Drink Tea When Pregnant

    First published on Wednesday 27 May 2020Last modified on Friday 26 June 2020

    Charlotte Thomas

    Find out if it’s safe to drink tea during pregnancy, plus precautions to take to keep you and your baby healthy.

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    Should Pregnant Women Get The Green Light To Drink Green Tea

    Can You Drink Coffee While Pregnant?

    Did you know that the month of March is green tea month? Green tea has been said to have many health benefits, including: preventing memory loss, promoting bone health, decreasing risk of cancer, increasing dental health, reducing the chance of getting type 2 diabetes, and helping us lose weight. Green tea is loaded with nutrients and antioxidants, and has been said to be the healthiest beverage on the planet. So, given all of this wonderful news, who wouldnt want to join Lucky the Leprechaun in the month of March and enjoy a cup of green tea?

    As an information specialist with MotherToBaby, I recently had a pregnant mom named Lynn text me, asking: Can you drink green tea if you take your prenatal vitamin later? How much does green tea impact folic acid absorption? I am in my first trimester and have had some green tea throughout pregnancy, and I am now worried about it impacting my folic acid absorption. Wow, I thought, that is a great question! As the MotherToBaby specialist on the other side of the text, I started researching her questions so that I could give her the most up-to-date information out there.

    I counseled Lynn that she can enjoy a cup of green tea now and then, as occasionally drinking green or black tea has not been shown to increase the risk for any problems during pregnancy. So, raise that cup of green tea along with Lucky the Leprechaun and enjoy going green in the month of March!

    References:Gunners, Kris, , 1/17/18.

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    Can I Drink A Redbull While Pregnant

    Caffeine is present in tea, coffee and cola drinks. It is advisable to consume the recommended amount of caffeine a day three cups of coffee or five cups of tea. Caffeine-rich guarana is the ingredient in Red Bull and Mother energy drinks. It is not recommended to consume these drinks while pregnant.

    Which Herbal Teas To Choose During Pregnancy And Breastfeeding

    As a general rule, choose teas that are made from fruits and herbs you would use in cooking. Never make your own herbal tea from plants you’ve collected while you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.

    Large amounts of some herbs may possibly start contractions and increase your risk of preterm labour, or they may affect your baby.

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    What Teas Are Recommended During Pregnancy

    If youre looking for the best teas to drink while pregnant, you can choose from the following:

    • Real Tea: Black, green, and oolong tea are all considered safe to consume during pregnancy. The main concern with these teas, however, is their level of caffeine. So if you drink real tea, limit yourself to four 8-ounce cups per day, or opt for decaffeinated varieties to get the flavor without the jolt.
    • Red Raspberry Leaf Tea: This is an herbal tea made with leaves from the raspberry plant. It is believed to tone the uterus and help prepare for labor. However, most medical providers recommend skipping this tea during the first trimester and drinking it only during the second and third just to be safe.
    • Peppermint Leaf Tea: This herbal tea is widely believed to be safe during pregnancy. It also tends to be more palatable to those with a queasy stomach and is believed to help with morning sickness. Avoid this tea if you have heartburn or acid reflux since it can make your symptoms worse.
    • Ginger Root Tea: Ginger is widely used across cultures to combat nausea. This is a great option to try if you suffer from pregnancy-related nausea.

    There are lots of other options available on the market many of which your girlfriends probably drank while they were expecting. However, the problem is the limited information available about their effects on the fetus.

    Editor’s Note:

    Teas To Avoid During Pregnancy Include:

    Green Tea While Pregnant: Is It Safe?
    • Black, e.g. English breakfast, earl grey, Ceylon, etc.
    • Green/matcha

    Wondering why its probably not a good idea to drink green tea during pregnancy?

    Green tea contains high amounts of caffeine and is said to reduce folate absorption.

    If youre a green tea lover, consider limiting yourself to maximum one cup a day, or try sourcing a caffeine-free green tea.

    There is still some discussion concerning how safe green tea is for pregnant women.

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    Is Diet Ginger Ale Safe During Pregnancy

    At least eight 8-ounce glasses of liquid per day are recommended for pregnant women. It is common for women with nausea to find that water is uncomfortable. Erick recommends ginger ale or Jamaican ginger beer if you want to drink something carbonated, such as ginger ale with more bite, such as Schweppes.

    Guide To Drinking Tea During Pregnancy: Safe Or Not

    A cup of tea can warm you, soothe you and help you unwind. You do not need more reasons than that to drink tea. If you are an expectant mother, you may have some reservations about consuming tea during your pregnancy. While most teas are safe to drink and provide you with some accompanying benefits, it is always good to know what pregnancy tea is the best.

    Is tea safe during pregnancy? Yes. While you may be sceptical about drinking tea during pregnancy, the good news is that you can sip your favorite beverage when you are pregnant, if there are no other medical complications. Green, black, oolong, and yellow teas contain caffeine, but the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends a consumption of up to 200 milligrams a day. So, if youre wondering how many cups of tea is safe during pregnancy then you should know that a single cup of tea contains 40-50 milligrams so, as long as you keep your consumption under 200 milligrams you are good to go.

    Another popular option for pregnant women is herbal tea, seen as a great alternative to caffeinated beverages. They are packed with anti-oxidants, hydrate well and provide nutrients that assimilate easily. They also help combat stress and anxiety.

    Is Herbal tea safe during pregnancy?

    While most herbal teas are safe for pregnancy, there are a few you must avoid when pregnant. These include black cohosh, blue cohosh, dong quai, licorice root and all diet, PMS or detox teas.

    Is Peppermint tea safe during pregnancy?

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