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What Kind Of Tea Does Starbucks Have

A Barista’s Guide To Starbucks Hot Tea Menu

Starbuck’s Hack: How to get Boba Milk Tea at Starbucks

5. Strawberry Green Iced Tea Infusion. They have several teas to choose from like, iced green tea, iced matcha green tea latte, iced peach green tea lemonade, and iced peach green tea. This one is the ice green peach tea just replacing the peach for strawberry. At Starbucks, you can mix and match everything. Its great.

The Starbucks Medicine Ball started out as a secret menu item and then became so popular that it joined the official menu . If you are looking for a non-coffee option on a chilly day to warm you up, this is the perfect drink for you.

A customer creation so popular its now on the menu. Jade Citrus Mint Green Tea, Peach Tranqulity Herbal Tea, hot water, steamed lemonade and a touch of honey mingle tastefully well together for a tea that comforts from the inside out. Starbucks Website. This remedy for the common cold goes by many names: The Medicine Ball The Cold Buster

Starbucks claims the flavors “mingle tastefully well together for a tea that comforts from the inside out.” It will rock your world. Honey is known to be a natural cough syrup packed with antioxidants, but you could lower the sugar count by substituting the lemonade for lemon juice.

What Is The Best Tea To Get At Starbucks

UPDATE: Starbucks has a new drink thats inspired by the Medicine Ball. Its called Citrus Defender and the Vitamin C-packed beverage is a combination of the Teavana Defense Wellness Tea, steamed lemonade, hot water and honey. As of May 2021, the Citrus Defender and Medicine Ball are both available at Starbucks.

Yes, You Can Order Milk Tea At Starbucks. If you love drinking milk tea, Starbucks can let you customize your beverage from scratch. You can choose your own hot or iced tea from their Teavana line, add milk, sugar , toppings, and even add coffee jelly! Secondly, what kind of tea does Starbucks have?

Weve had a passion for tea since Starbucks was founded in 1971 and we were called Starbucks Coffee, Tea and Spices. Over the years, our love for tea has continued to growwhich is what led us to Teavana®. Featuring premium loose leaf teas and botanicals, Teavana® has introduced thousands of people to new experiences in tea.

Instructions. Start by ordering a Venti Lemonade. Then, ask for extra peach juice and one pump of pineapple syrup. Finally, ask for light Passion Tea on top of the ice . Thats it! Its actually a pretty drink to order, and pretty affordable too! And thats on top of being tasty AND pretty.

Iced tea lattes are still made with sweetener. All teas are from Teavana, except for the chai concentrate, which is from Tazo. Iced Chai Tea Lattes are made from the pre-sweetened chai concentrate. Iced Matcha Tea Lattes are made from a sweetened matcha powder.

How To Order Hot Tea At Starbucks

Ordering tea at Starbucks is straightforward. Like all their drinks, you can customize hot tea, too.

For instance, you can add simple syrup for sweetness and flavor.

Honey Blend and Liquid Cane Sugar are popular choices.

Furthermore, if you like a splash of milk in your tea they have several options in addition to dairy milk.

Lets start with a few Starbucks hot tea basics.

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How Much Sugar Is In An Iced Peach Green Tea Lemonade

The grande Starbucks peach green tea lemonade contains 18g of sugars, while the venti contains 27g. Most of this is added sugar from the Starbucks lemonade, as well as some natural sugars from the peach flavored juice.

In this homemade recipe, the peaches and lemon juice provide minimal natural sugars. Mostly, the sugar content will depend on the type of lemonade that you useeither store-bought or homemade. And, if you make my homemade lemonade recipe, you can adjust the sugar content based on the type of simple syrup that you use to make it.

Per 16oz peach green tea lemonade made with:

Bring sliced peaches and water to a boil. Mash the peaches a bit, turn down heat, and simmer 5 minutes.Remove pot from heat, add green tea bags, and steep 5 minutes.Strain peach green tea and allow to cool. Serve over ice with equal parts lemonade and enjoy!

Hot Tea Tips From A Starbucks Barista

Every Starbucks Drink Without Caffeine
  • When you order tea first tell the barista the size so they can grab the appropriate cup and write your order on it.
  • If you like to add your own topper of cream or milk be sure and ask the barista to leave a little extra room at the top.
  • If you order a cup size that comes with one sachet, you can order a second sachet on the side for just a little more.
  • If you order a size that comes with two sachets, you can ask the barista to only put one in the water and give the second one to you on the side. Just say, one in, one out. Your barista should understand.
  • If you dont specify the type of milk to use, 2% milk is the default.
  • If you drink your hot or iced brewed tea inside the cafe you can get a refill for free with your Starbucks account or for a little more without.
  • Heres a little known secret: if you order any type of drink inside the cafe, you can get a refill of brewed tea or brewed coffee for free with your Starbucks account or for a little more without.

For additional tips and lesser-known secrets, take a look at: 10 Starbucks Hot Tea Secrets You Should Know.

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Iced Black Tea At Starbucks

Every day, Starbucks baristas brew three flavors of iced tea base: black, green and Passion Tango .

The baristas make large batches of iced tea concentrate by steeping industrial-size tea bags in hot, filtered water. If youre wondering specifically which Teavana black tea blend Starbucks uses for iced black tea, the label simply says, blend of black teas.

Then, to make a cup of iced black tea, the barista shakes together black tea concentrate, cold water and ice.

Additionally, customers can order a black iced tea lemonade or combine the black tea with juice. Ive got to say, Iced Guava Black Tea is one of my favorite Starbucks summer drinks.

On a side note, Ive often seen people say that Starbucks waters down their iced tea drinks, as if theyre being ripped off. In fact, Starbucks does add water to the iced tea, but its because the ice tea is concentrated.

For tips on how to customize Starbucks iced tea drinks, be sure and visit, Best Iced Tea at Starbucks: A Baristas Guide.

Starbucks Diversity & Inclusiveness Transparency

As part of our effort to improve the awareness of the importance of diversity in companies, we have highlighted the transparency of Starbuckss commitment to diversity, inclusiveness, and social responsibility. The below chart illustrates how Starbucks reports the diversity of its management and workforce. This shows if Starbucks discloses data about the diversity of its board of directors, C-Suite, general management, and employees overall, across a variety of markers. We have indicated that transparency with a .

Starbucks Diversity & Inclusiveness Reporting

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Teavana Emperor’s Cloud And Mist

What a mouthful! This is a standard, classic green tea. The name hasn’t been popular among my customers, and I totally understand why. If it’s too much to remember, your barista probably won’t have a problem with you ordering this as a plain green tea.

This Teavana classic is named for the location at which the tea leaves are harvested. Starbucks boasts that this Chinese green tea is grown at 3,500 feet. The name attempts to capture the ethereal look of the location.

A Tea To Soothe Your Sore Throat


I have to think the beverage czars at Starbucks HQ are paying attention to the unofficial Starbucks secret menus, because the company has been known to add popular customer requests to their regular menu. Thats the origin of this Honey Citrus Mint Tea, also known as The Medicine Ball or The Coldbuster.

To make it at home, youll heat water and lemonade until steaming and use it to brew both citrusy mint and peach tea bags. Sweeten the drink with a squeeze of local honey and youre all set. In the store, you can opt to add a pump of peppermint syrup, but at home a drop of pure peppermint extract is plenty. This comforting dose of tea is just what you need to soothe you through the final weeks of winter.

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What Kind Of Lattes Does Starbucks Have

Starbucks offers two kinds of lattes Starbucks Latte and Starbucks Tea Latte. Starbucks Latte is an espresso-and-milk beverage while milk thatâs been half-steamed have brewed Teavana tea are used in Starbucks Tea Lattes. There is no espresso in Starbucks Tea lattes despite the name âlattesâ.

Starbucks Lattes flavors include Cinnamon Dolce, Hazelnut, Vanilla, Chocolate, Caramel Macchiato Caramel Brulee, Mocha, Pistachio Cinnamon, Pumpkin, and Honey Oat Milk.

There is Chai London Fog Tea, Royal English Breakfast Tea, and Matcha Green Tea Latte options on the Starbucks Tea Latte menu on the other hand.

Starbucks Lattes can be summed up in a few words: delicious lattes served in a nice setting by attentive employees and made by a corporation that cares about our environment.

Itâs no surprise that Starbucks has become a household name thanks to great-tasting drinks and a focus on providing a lively environment And that brings us to the end of our Starbucksâ Lattes discussion!

Best Dairy Free Starbucks Drink: Youthberry Tea

Per tall – 0 calories – 0g fat – 0.7g protein – caffeine varies – 0g sugars

Most of you know about the health benefits of herbal teas, but probably wont have heard of white tea. Opt for the Starbucks Youthberry for a blend of white tea, hibiscus, rosehip peels, dried fruits and acai powder.

Lenherr says: Youthberry white tea is high in health-promoting antioxidants, tannins, polyphenols, flavonoids and catechins, similar to green tea, but without as much caffeine. The addition of acai fruit powder may give the tea even more antioxidant power, according to a study in the Biology of Science, however Starbucks dont advertise how much acai fruit powder and its constituents make it into the tea.

White tea does contain some caffeine but less than black and green teas, making this a lovely afternoon pick me up that hopefully wont impact on your circadian rhythm, and therefore your sleep.

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What Is Teavana Tea At Starbucks


Accordingly, what is the best Teavana tea at Starbucks?

Starbucks Teavana Iced Tea Lemonades, Ranked

  • Mango Black Tea Lemonade.
  • Peach Green Tea Lemonade.
  • Passion Tango Tea Lemonade. I went through a phase where I was obsessed with this drink and ordered it every single Starbucks trip, so maybe it’s not as high on the list because I overdid it.
  • Berry Sangria Herbal Tea. Coming in at last place is berry sangria.
  • Subsequently, question is, how much is Teavana tea at Starbucks? Starbucks Menu Prices

    Teavana® Shaken Iced Peach Green Tea Lemonade Tall $2.75

    Moreover, does Starbucks sell Teavana loose tea?

    Starbucks is now offering Teavana teas inside their stores! You can buy loose leaf Teavana tea. Royal English Breakfast Jade Citrus Mint

    What kind of tea does Starbucks have?

    Choose from 10 different blends of black, green and herbal teas there’s one to suit every mood.

    • Peach Citrus Green Tea.
    • Iced Shaken Green Tea Lemonade.
    • Chamomile Tea.

    What Is The Medicine Ball Tea From Starbucks

    Starbucks Pink Mango Drink.

    This is how Starbucks describes the Medicine Ball Tea on their website:

    A customer creation so popular its now on the menu. Jade Citrus Mint Green Tea, Peach Tranqulity Herbal Tea, hot water, steamed lemonade and a touch of honey mingle tastefully well together for a tea that comforts from the inside out.

    Starbucks Website

    This remedy for the common cold goes by many names:

    • The Medicine Ball

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    Shaken Iced Passion Tango Tea

    This one’s a little oddit’s a naturally colored passion fruit tea blend including hibiscus, apple, and lemongrass. Unlike the other teas, passion tango tea has a tropical refreshing flavor, a lot like a light fruit punch refresher.

    It contains no caffeine , so while it doesn’t have the energizing effects of black tea, as a drink itself, it is great for quenching your thirst on a hot day.

    The Shaken Iced Passion Tango Tea isn’t just prettyit nourishes the body, assists in body relaxation, helps cleanse the colon, and lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

    Of course, being tea, you can customize it in many waysadd lemonade for 70 cents extra if you want a flavorful twist in your drink get it sweetened or unsweetened, it’s up to you! If you’re looking for a fruity kick, get the Shaken Iced Mango Black Tea Lemonade for only a dollar more than the original.

    #SpoonTip: Get it unsweetened and just add honey, a much healthier alternative to the liquid cane sugar they pump into your sweetened teas. You may also enjoy: 7 Healthy Swaps for Ingredients You Use Everyday.

    Save money by buying a Teavana Shaken Iced Tea for only $2.75 instead of your go to frappuccino. Who knows? Maybe you’ve just found yourself your new favorite drink.

    Best Starbucks Teas To Order

    This list of the most popular Starbucks tea drinks is the perfect guide if youre not sure whats the best tea to get on your next trip to Starbucks.

    If youve been wondering which tea beverages other Starbucks customers order over and over again, then this list is for you.

    Youll love that these best-selling Starbucks teas are ranked according to the tea beverages that real customers order most often.

    Compiled by a seven-year Starbucks barista , consider this list a recommendation from a friend in-the-know.

    As a bonus, some of these Starbucks teas are so tasty, Ive included links to my at-home copycat recipes.

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    A Barista Weighs In On Which Of The Syrups That Are Available Year

    Get more Spoon in your feed.

    As a former Starbucks Partner, my experience with their syrups is extensive. I really got to know how the syrups tasted and how badly they stained my clothes in the year that I worked there. To properly rank each flavor by taste, I had to pull some outside opinions to remain unbiased and whether that meant sending out a mass Snapchat, well, thats my business.

    For this test, I ranked the flavored Starbucks syrups that are around all year, which sadly means that pumpkin spice is not included. All of these syrups are actually pretty good. Maybe a bit too sweet for some people, but if that’s the case just ask for less pumps and you can taste the coffee more while still getting to experience some extra flavor.

    Best Hot Tea At Starbucks

    How to make a Starbucks Green Tea Latte

    If youre trying to find the best Starbucks hot tea drink on the menu, look no further.

    Starbucks has an excellent selection of hot teas brewed with Teavana tea sachets, each filled with premium loose tea. My personal favorite is the Earl Grey tea.

    In addition, Starbucks offers a handful of really tasty hot tea lattes.

    In fact, two of these hot tea lattes make the list of the 13 Most Popular Starbucks Tea Drinks.

    Obviously, the number of hot teas at Starbucks isnt as extensive as their coffee selection.

    Nonetheless, Starbucks tea menu has something for everyone.

    For instance, the variety of hot tea at Starbucks includes black tea, green tea, herbal tea, matcha green tea, and chai.

    To help you find the best cup of Starbucks hot tea, lets take a quick look at every single hot tea available.

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    Starbucks Black Tea: Quick Facts

    • All Starbucks black tea drinks contain caffeine.
    • The Starbucks menu has 3 types of black Teavana tea bags available for brewed hot tea.
    • Starbucks also has 3 black tea lattes on the menu .
    • Starbucks hot and iced chai tea lattes are made from pre-mixed, pre-sweetened chai black tea concentrate.
    • Its not possible to get a sugar-free Starbucks chai latte.
    • All Starbucks iced black tea is brewed fresh daily using extra large tea bags.
    • Starbucks iced black tea is a blend of black teas.
    • All Starbucks hot and iced black tea drinks come unsweetened except for chai tea lattes.
    • If you like Sweet Tea, ask for liquid cane sugar to be added to an iced black tea .
    • Starbucks does not have fresh lemon wedges. If you like lemon in your iced tea, ask for a splash of lemonade or order an iced black tea lemonade drink.
    • For on-the-go, Starbucks sells several flavors of Teavana bottled teas including Mango Black Tea.

    Questions You May Have

    Does Starbucks black tea have caffeine?

    Yes, all black tea at Starbucks contains caffeine. Starbucks does not sell decaf black tea.

    What black tea does Starbucks use?

    Starbucks owns the Teavana brand so all their teas are made with Teavana tea bags. Starbucks offers three kinds of hot brewed black Teavana teaEarl Grey, Royal English Breakfast and Organic Chai. However, only one blend of black iced tea is available. According to the ingredients list, these large iced tea bags are a blend of black teas.

    Which black tea at Starbucks has the most caffeine?

    The most caffeinated tea at Starbucks is the Iced Chai Tea Latte and hot Chai Tea Latte. The caffeine content for a grande chai is 95 mg. A venti contains 120 mg.

    Is Starbucks black tea unsweetened?

    Starbucks hot brewed tea and iced black tea comes unsweetened. However, these teas can be sweetened with liquid cane sugar or any other sweetener at no additional charge. Iced Black Tea Lemonade, Iced Guava Black Tea, and all hot and iced black tea lattes contain sugar.

    Does Starbucks have Sweet Tea?

    Starbucks does not have a southern-style Sweet Tea on the menu. However, all black tea can be sweetened with liquid cane sugar. Just tell the barista how many pumps to add. For lemon flavor, ask for a splash of lemonade.

    Can you get an unsweetened Starbucks Chai Tea latte?

    No, its not possible to get an unsweetened chai latte at Starbucks. Their chai tea lattes are made from chai black tea concentrate which contains sugar.

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