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Frozen Matcha Latte Dunkin Donuts

Add All The Dunkin’ Donuts Frozen Matcha Latte Copycat Recipe Ingredients To A Blender

Frozen Matcha Latte from #DUNKIN’

Pour your dissolved matcha into the base of your blender, then add the milk, ice cream, ice, and sugar on top. It’s best to use a high-speed blender to really ensure you end up with the creamy, smooth texture you want in a frozen latte. It’s also ideal to place the wet ingredients at the bottom, giving the blades more space to spin and mix, gradually pulling the solid ingredients into the wet ingredients.

Blend The Dunkin Donuts Frozen Matcha Latte Copycat Recipe Together

This part couldnt be simpler blend your Dunkin Donuts Frozen Matcha Latte copycat recipe ingredients on a high setting for 30 seconds. The goal is to get a creamy, smooth finish, without chunks of ice left in the latte. But you also dont want to over-blend, which could leave you with a somewhat more watery texture. Start with 30 seconds, and if you still have chunks of ice, blend a little longer just ten seconds at a time, until the consistency is right.

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Review: Dunkin’ Matcha Lattes

The questions that bring the most people to my blog are Is Dunkin matcha good? and What does Dunkin matcha taste like? Why I originally just tolerated Dunkins matcha, I have come to really enjoy it over the last few years. I have tried it with every one of their flavor add ins, including most of the seasonal flavors, and love an iced matcha with cold foam when Im looking for a treat. Read on for my review of Dunkins hot, iced, and frozen matcha lattes.

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Unhealthiest: Mocha Swirl Hot Latte With Milk

A mocha is always a creamy, chocolatey treat, and this one is no exception. The Mocha Swirl Hot Latte has 350 calories and 51 grams of sugar if you order a medium size if its the energizing effect of coffee youre looking for, you would be better off getting your caffeine elsewhere or ordering your latte without the syrups and flavoring.

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The Healthiest And Unhealthiest Dunkin Donuts Drinks

 Dunkin Frozen Matcha Latte With Oatmilk Nutrition

Dunkin Donuts is one of Americas best coffee chains. Theres often a drive-thru, and the menu can make your morning incredibly convenient but not everything they offer is healthy.

If youre stopping at Dunkin Donuts to get a quick fix of caffeine, you probably want to order something relatively low in sugar from the menu. After all, a sugar crash would kind of defeat the purpose of an energizing drink to start the day, right?

Dunkins menu is filled with options that sound tempting and decadent but these items have a ton of excess sugar and syrup. It can be difficult to discern whether the blended drink you choose is a good choice or not, unless you scour the chains huge PDF of nutrition facts beforehand online. Who has time for that before their morning cup of joe?

We did the work for you and found the drinks with the most calories and sugar and the drinks with the least. That way, when you walk into Dunkin Donuts looking for a drink to start your day, you dont accidentally fall into a syrupy, sweet trap. Here are the 10 healthiest and the 10 unhealthiest drinks at Dunkin Donuts.

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Syrups & Flavor Shots

Dunkin sells their coffee but doesnt offer their flavor shots. But just because Dunkin doesnt sell theirs doesnt mean you cant get flavor shots from other brands. Many beverage manufacturers sell sugarless drink flavorings on Amazon and other online retailers.

Experiment using syrups and flavor shots from Monin and Torani, but beware that some of them may contain sugar.

Dunkin’ Matcha Latte: Where To Buy And Price Details

Dunkin’ is making additions to its menu with the launch of its new Matcha Latte and Protein Muffin to give customers a mental boost during their busiest periods.

First introduced in Springfield, Massachusetts, and Phoenix, Arizona, in 2019, the Matcha Latte is made with high quality green tea powder blended with guests’ milk of choice, according to the company.

Enjoyed hot or cold, the new beverage offers a fresh, vibrant, green tea flavorthis tea is known for being a source of catechins and epicatechins, which have beneficial health effects, according to a Harvard Medical School blog.

These compounds found in green tea belong to a group of plant chemicals called flavonoids which helps quell inflammation and potentially reduce plaque buildup inside arteries.

Green tea also contains smaller amounts of caffeine than other hot beverages, ranging from about 20 to 45 milligrams per 8 ounce cuparound half the amount of caffeine in an 8 ounce cup of coffee.

Matcha is made slightly differently from normal green tea we see in storesit is made by stone grinding young green tea leaf buds into a fine powder. This particular Matcha is produced in the Nishio region of Aichi prefecture, Japan, where the finest Matcha has been grown for more than 800 years, according to Dunkin’.

The suggested retail price for this super muffin is $1.99.

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What Is Dunkin Matcha Latte

Dunkin Donuts is an American global donut company and coffeehouse chain founded in 1950. It is headquartered in Canton, Massachusetts, in the Greater Boston area.

Dunkin Donuts offers about 70 different types of donuts and more than a dozen coffee beverages as well as bagels, breakfast sandwiches, and other baked goods.

The Matcha Latte from Dunkin Donuts is a light and tasty drink. This latte, blended with milk and matcha powder, is ideal for people seeking a caffeine-free beverage.

If youre looking for an alternative to your daily cup of coffee, Dunkins Matcha Latte is a great option.

The Story Behind Dunkins New Matcha Topped Donut

Dunkin’ Donuts Frozen Matcha Latte Copycat Recipe

Here at Dunkin, we take pride in every single donut we craft, which is why were always looking for new and creative ways to bring these baked beauties to the next level. Enter: Matcha. This spring, Dunkin is adding the Matcha Topped Donut to our sweet lineup of donuts. Keep reading for the inside scoop on the latest in Dunkin donut innovation.

In case you missed it, Dunkin launched its Matcha platform in February 2020 with Matcha Lattes, the perfect coffee alternative to help guests refresh and reset any time of day. Dunkins Matcha Lattes are crafted by combining our Matcha green tea powder blend with guests choice of milk for a fresh, vibrant green tea flavor balanced with subtle sweetness. Served hot, iced, or frozen, these Matcha Lattes paved the way for Dunkin to explore other ways to use this one-of-a-kind, colorful ingredient.

Matcha powder is made by stone grinding young green tea leaf buds into a fine powder. Dunkins high-quality Matcha green tea powder is produced in the Nishio region of Aichi prefecture, Japan, where the finest Matcha has been grown for more than 800 years. With such a fresh and unique taste, our Donut Excellence team thought it would be the perfect ingredient to try atop one of our delicious donuts.

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Dunkin Dark Roast Espresso

This drink is a low-calorie option that tastes great. Its an easy way to start the day with great taste and a healthy option.

Dunkin Coffee is Americas favorite coffee and coffee shop. They have more than 12,000 outlets in 32 countries.

Dunkin Coffee offers specialty coffees, iced coffees, lattes, mochas, iced tea, and much more.

You may be wondering what Dunkin Dark Roast Espresso is. This drink is made with dark roast espresso mixed with steamed milk and sugar for flavor.

Or Add Toppings Before Serving This Dunkin’ Donuts Frozen Matcha Latte Copycat Recipe

There’s one last optional step that you shouldn’t skip when you’re feeling especially indulgent go ahead and spray some whipped cream on top to give your drink that restaurant-quality latte feel. Just remember, standard whipped cream is a dairy product, so if you’re trying to cut out dairy, look for dairy-free options. And to finish off the look, garnish the whipped cream with a sprinkle of extra matcha powder. Not only does it look beautiful, but you’ll get a little extra caffeine, too.

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Dunkin Donuts Iced Tea Caffeine:

When talking about coffee, not all are the same. Different coffee types have different caffeine content. But to stay awake, you can use somewhere from 50 to 150 mg caffeine, depending on how long you have been drinking the coffee and how much you can handle it. But there are other drinks with caffeine, such as tea and energy drinks.

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Dunkin Just Added Matcha Lattes To Its Menu In Hot Iced And Frozen Options

 Dunkin Frozen Matcha Latte With Oatmilk Nutrition

A new way to get your caffeine kick!

All your matcha green tea dreams have come true at Dunkin! Beginning on Feb. 26, the coffee and donut brand has Matcha Lattes available nationwide.

You can get the bright green drink in hot, iced, or frozen versions. So whether youre warming up with a cup or fast-forwarding to spring with the iced bevergaes, theres a matcha drink for you.

Whether youre an avid Matcha Latte drinker or are trying it for the first time, guests can expect an authentic, quality experience with Dunkins Matcha Lattes, Paul Racicot, director of global culinary innovation at Dunkin Brands, said in a press release.

ORIGINAL POST: Feb. 10, 2020 at 5 p.m.

Well, it looks like your go-to Dunkin order is about to change from that Pink Velvet Signature Latte. Rumor has it that Matcha Lattes will be hitting the coffee spots menu in March 2020, just in time for spring.

According to leaked upcoming offers at Dunkin from Reddit/u/genome89, youll soon be able to get Matcha Lattes in hot, iced, and frozen versions. The drinks consist of sweetened matcha green tea powder thats blended with whole milk. You can swap out the standard milk for skim milk or almond milk however, almond milk cant be used in the frozen version. Were guessing its due to consistency and/or quality. Although these new Dunkin drinks dont contain espresso, you can still expect a caffeine kick!

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Dunkin Featuring More Matcha On The Menu

CANTON, MASS. Dunkin is featuring more matcha on its menu with the launch of a new Blueberry Matcha Latte and Matcha Topped Donut.

The Blueberry Matcha Latte combines Dunkins sweetened matcha green tea powder blend with blueberry flavor and guests choice of milk, including dairy-free alternative like oat milk and almond milk. The pairing of blueberry flavor and matcha is available in hot, iced and frozen varieties.

The new Matcha Topped Donut features Dunkins signature glazed donut topped with matcha powder for a unique twist on a classic treat.

The new matcha items will be available nationwide beginning Feb. 24.

Expanding our line of specialty drinks with Matcha Lattes last year created a whole new way to stay energized and refreshed at Dunkin’, said Jill Nelson, vice president of marketing and culinary at Dunkin. This year, we’re featuring one of our most popular drink combinations alongside our new Matcha Topped Donut to give guests even more options for enjoying this bright and delicious flavor.

Faqs Dunkin Donuts Sugar Free Flavors

Are Dunkin Donuts flavor shots Keto-friendly?

The keto diet limits the carb and sugar intake, and since flavor shots are unsweetened, they make the perfect addition to your keto coffee. But, remember, other factors like adding a swirl along with the flavor shot can make your coffee not keto-friendly. The safest way is to go with black coffee and some flavor shots.

Do Dunkin Donuts flavor shots have carbs?

One shot of the flavor shots has a small number of carbs. Most flavors come around 2 grams of carbs per shot. This makes them ideal for low-carb diets or those who want to avoid any liquid carb intake. Along with the small number of calories, flavor shots are great for those on their weight loss journey.

Can I buy Dunkin flavor shots?

Dunkin flavor shots are not for sale. Dunkin makes them for commercial use only in their stores. They arent available at retail. You can find some on eBay from time to time, but you cant verify their authenticity. If youre eager to try some at home, buy Dunkins flavored ground coffee or K-cups.

Verified Sources

Wondering where your info comes from? We totally understand. Hey Joe only obtains our information from reputable sources. Contents from this article are sourced from the following publications:

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Unhealthiest: Frozen Chocolate Drinks

If the weather is too warm for hot chocolate, you might be tempted by one of Dunkins Frozen Chocolate Drinks. Whether you opt for a medium Caramel Swirl, French Vanilla Swirl, Hazelnut Swirl, or a plain Frozen Chocolate, youre drinking 700 calories of milky sugar and syrup. All of these options have over 125 grams of sugar.

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Hot Coffee Black Or With Cream

Trying Dunkin Donuts Frozen Matcha Green Tea Latte

Nothing beats a classic: a hot, black coffee is the perfect keto-friendly option to order from Dunkin Donuts. Feel free to add heavy cream or a light sweetener for some sweetness and to stunt that bitter coffee taste.

Per large serving: 120 cal, 12 g fat, 2 g carbs, 2 g sugar, 0 g fiber, 2 g protein

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What A Low Calorie Drink

A low-calorie beverage is a beverage that has less than 200 calories in each serving. They can be made with water, juice, or any other healthy liquid.

These drinks can help control weight by keeping calorie intake below the recommended daily amount.

Different countries have different rules about what constitutes a low-calorie beverage.

In the U.S., for example, the FDA defines a low-calorie nutrient as containing less than 40 calories per 8 fluid ounces and states in its regulations that foods and beverages are not considered low-calorie if they contain more than one gram of sugar per serving.

Stick To The Basics And Then Spice It Up Low

When it comes to ordering drinks at Dunkin Donuts, the more boring, the better. However, thanks to some added flavor shots, sweeteners, and cream, any drink can become a new low-carb creation!

Order a black, an Americano, cold brew, or espresso and add whole milk, cream, or coconut milk. You can also get a latte or macchiato and turn it low-carb by using cream, whole milk, or coconut milk. Also, be creative with their sugar-free shots.

And at all costs, please avoid the sugar-laden frozen coffee offerings!

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Unhealthiest: Caramel Swirl Hot Latte With Milk

A latte can be a healthy choice, especially if you opt for low-fat or almond milk. However, these foamy beverages can overload you with sugar if you order it with pumps of flavored syrup. Dunkin Donuts Caramel Swirl Hot Latte is a classic example of this, with five different types of sugar infused in its Caramel Swirl syrup. The medium size of the drink contains a whopping 54 grams of sugar and 350 calories when you order it with whole milk.

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Dunkin Reveals New Matcha Topped Donut And New Blueberry Matcha Latte

Dunkin Matcha Lattes, time to refresh and reset your day

After introducing authentic Matcha Lattes back in February 2020, Dunkin is following up a year later with two new matcha-themed menu items: the new Blueberry Matcha Latte and new Matcha Topped Donut. Both offerings will available at participating locations starting February 24, 2021.


Story continues below

Available hot, iced, or frozen, the new Blueberry Matcha Latte combines Dunkins sweetened Matcha green tea powder blend with blueberry flavor and choice of milk, including non-dairy alternatives like oatmilk and almondmilk.

The new Matcha Topped Donut starts with Dunkins signature Glazed Donut topped with Matcha powder for a green tea flavor balanced with sweetness.

Dunkins Matcha Lattes and Matcha Topped Donuts feature a Matcha green tea powder blend, produced in the Nishio region of Aichi prefecture, Japan, where the finest Matcha has been grown for more than 800 years. Matcha is made by stone grinding young green tea leaf buds into a fine powder, as opposed to traditional green tea, where the tea leaves are steeped or brewed.

Additionally, from February 24 through March 23, 2021, DD Perks members can earn 2X points on any Matcha Latte purchase.

Image Dunkin

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Dunkin Donuts Tees Up New Iced Green Tea And Iced Tea Flavors

Dunkin Donuts new Iced Green Tea features the Rainforest Alliance Certified seal

Dunkin Brands celebrates launch of Dunkin Donuts Iced Green Tea

with $50,000 grant to the Rainforest Alliance

CANTON, MA With warmer weather on the way, Dunkin Donuts, Americas all-day, everyday stop for coffee and baked goods, is teeing up delicious new iced tea beverages to help guests stay refreshed all spring and summer. Leading off the brands lineup of new iced tea choices, Dunkin Donuts today launched Iced Green Tea, as well as a cool and unique variety of fruity flavors of its freshly brewed Iced Tea, including Blueberry, Raspberry and Peach. All are now available at participating Dunkin Donuts restaurants nationwide for a limited time.

To help celebrate the launch of Dunkin Donuts new Iced Green Tea, Dunkin Brands today announced a $50,000 grant to the Rainforest Alliance. Since 2010, Dunkin Brands has granted a total of $220,000 to the Rainforest Alliance to fund future training projects to assist coffee and tea farmers seeking to improve the sustainability and productivity of their farms through Rainforest Alliance certification.

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