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How To Make Milk Tea

Ingredients For Royal Milk Tea

How to make Milk Tea Recipe | Boba Milk Tea
  • Black tea: The best type of tea to use for milk tea is a strong, full bodied black tea such as Assam, Ceylon, or English Breakfast. You can use regular tea bags or buy loose tea leaves and make your own teabags with disposable teabags. I personally prefer to use loose tea because it gives me the freedom to choose higher standard tea leaves and flavors that may not be available in teabag format.
  • Milk: I either use 2% milk or unsweetened oat milk . I find that oat milk is the closest in flavor to regular milk. If you like your tea more creamy, use whole milk or mix regular milk with a little cream.
  • Sugar: You can use granulated sugar, brown sugar, turbinado sugar, or palm sugar.

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Okinawa Milk Tea Vs Brown Sugar Milk Tea

The Japanese speciality traditionally uses black tea as its foundation whereas brown sugar boba tea isnt actually tea at all despite its name. The latter beverage that originates from Taiwan, which is also known as Mudflip or Tiger Boba, does not contain any tea ingredient within its recipe.

Due to this, many prefer the first option due to its hearty and fulfilling flavour. Its perfect for when you want to unwind and relax especially since it has a pleasant scorch aroma. Moreover, its way healthier than brown sugar bubble tea because kokuto is packed with calcium, potassium and iron instead of raw unhealthy sugar.

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How To Make Taiwanese Classic Bubble Milk Tea

What type of tea to use

There are many different versions of bubble tea. Earl grey tea, matcha tea, other green teas, oolong tea, jasmine tea and even tea bags with fruit flavors. Some of these are mixed with milk to make milk tea, and others are served plain.

Taiwanese milk tea is made with black tea. The strong tannin flavor in black tea is an important factor here.

Chinese breakfast tea is the usual choice for this bubble milk tea, likely due to its Taiwanese origins.

However, if you cant find Chinese breakfast tea, you can use a more robust black tea, such as Ceylon OP tea or Assam or a blend .

Avoid black teas that are weaker than Chinese breakfast tea, since the flavor of tea would be lost with the addition of milk.

Brewing the tea

You HAVE to brew the tea properly! This is critical for the best homemade bubble tea recipe. There are two ways to brew tea.

Hot brew tea This is the traditional way of brewing tea. For this drink, its important to brew tea that is stronger than regular tea. The hot water will help extract more of the tea flavor.

But take care not to brew it for too long and over-extract the flavor, which would result in the tea being too cloudy, and also having too much of the tannin flavor. The tea being too cloudy is not necessarily a deterrent to making milk tea however, because once you add milk, it wont make a difference.

What type of tapioca pearls to use?

How to sweeten your tea

Can I use other options besides milk?


How To Make Milk Tea Like A Barista


From China and Taiwan to Britain and South America, adding milk to tea is an ancient tradition that dates back for centuries. Milk is a great way to add a creamy texture to your favorite go-to teas or to introduce you to new, more robust tisanes. There are a few rules and techniques you need to master to make the perfect cup of tea every time.

Theres not just one way to add milk to your tea. Whether you like to consume tea cold or hot, theres an option for you when it’s time to brew tea. Keep things interesting by trying out these four popular tea and milk drinks.

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Make Tea With Milk Powder And Tea Powder

Tea bags may be convenient, but sometimes, herbal powder brings more to the game.

You will need:

  • 1 tsp Sugar
  • Boil 8 ounces of the water in a kettle or saucepan, and turn off the heat.
  • Add the powdered tea to the water, stir to combine, and let sit for 3-5 minutes.
  • Add the sweetener and stir until completely dissolved.
  • Combine the 1 tbsp of water with the milk powder in a glass, and then very gently pour the tea over, stirring until the paste dissolves.
  • Strain the tea to get rid of any lumps, and enjoy!
  • Which Tea Is Best For Milk Tea

    The best kind of tea used for milk tea has a strong robust flavor. You will need strong tea leaves that will brew a dark and rich cup of tea, that will have enough flavor to blend well with milk. We recommend Assam black tea! To make the most delicious cup of milk tea, it is best to use a bit more leaves and steep for a bit longer than usual.

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    How To Make Milk Tea

    There are several different kinds of milk tea and we’ll go over some of the most popular. Some teas, like our milk oolong tea, come with a creamy, milky taste right when you brew, while other tea blends such as Indian chai benefit from the addition of milk. Whether you enjoy coffeehouse-style lattes or prefer the textured bubble milk tea, drinking tea with milk never gets boring. Read on for the most popular ways to drink milk with your favorite teas.

    Best Tea For Milk Tea

    How to make Indian Tea ( with Milk)

    When making milk tea, make sure to use a tea thats strong enough to handle the addition of milk and sugar. Using something light bodied like Darjeeling may not be the best choice since it has delicate sweet and fruity flavors, which may get lost when mixed with milk and sugar. Thats why tea experts recommend you enjoy darjeeling tea on its own.

    Here are three full bodied black teas you can use to make milk tea:

    Assam: Assam tea is a full bodied Indian tea with a smoky, malty, earthy taste. Its often served as a breakfast tea for its strong taste. The color is a rich copper when brewed.

    Ceylon: Ceylon tea hails from the hills of Sri Lanka . The tea leaves have a strong, sharp, and spicy flavor, and color the water a dark reddish brown when brewed.

    English Breakfast: English Breakfast is a mixture of black teas, most often made with a blend of Assam, Ceylon, and Kenyan tea leaves. More expensive grades of English Breakfast teas may also contain Keemun black tea from China.The flavor is robust and rich, and the color, a dark reddish brown.

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    How To Make Bubble Tea At Home: Classic Milk Tea Recipe

    Do you crave bubble tea daily, like we do? Learn how to make bubble tea at home for a fraction of the cost of the boba milk tea shop. It’s so easy, youll be a bubble tea barista in no time. The great thing about making your own bubble tea drink is that you have total control of what goes in it. Love those chewy tapioca pearls? Don’t let us hold you back. You can add as much as you like! If you prefer your drinks to be less sweet and more refreshing, reduce the amount of sugar. If you enjoy your drink like a decadent treat, add more creamer. The choice is all yours!

    How To Make Bubble Tea With Any Tea

    Homemade bubble tea is the perfect afternoon pick-me-up! In my recipe, I add a twist by combining three favorites matcha, latte, and bubble tea. You can make this recipe with any tea, and Im showing you how. Its a beverage with something for everyone. Just look at those fun bubblesI promise this tea will make your day that much better!

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    Why Jasmine Tea Is Good For You

    Jasmine tea is mostly prepared together with green tea leaves. And that is why it has numerous health advantages of organic tea. First of all, Jasmine tea is full of powerful plant-based elements called polyphenols.

    These polyphenols act as antioxidants in your body, which guards your cells against free radical damage. Free radical damage can lead to numerous types of cancer and heart disease, according to various studies. So it is essential to drink jasmine tea.

    Furthermore, drinking jasmine tea can help you reduce weight. And it can do this by increasing your metabolism. Other benefits of drinking jasmine tea include:

    • Fighting against diabetes.
    • Relieve you of any stress.
    • Improves your skin.

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    Three Ways To Make Bubble Tea

    How to Make Taiwanese Style Milk Tea (For Boba, Bubble Tea ...

    Happy June everyone! It’s officially summer which for me means bubble tea season. Who am I kidding? It’s bubble tea season for me all year round. However, my consumption of this stuff probably triples during the summer. Some would say it is a bit of an addiction… but I say it is a way of life. Long story short, I am super excited to share this easy bubble tea recipe with you today!

    And for even more excitement, I am sharing three different ways to make bubble tea:

  • Plain Bubble Tea
  • Milk Bubble Tea
  • Fruity Bubble Tea
  • So why make bubble tea at home? For starters, it is super easy. Second, it is healthy! Especially for the fruity milk teas. Just think, real fruit vs. fruit syrup. It’s really a no brainer. Third, it is much cheaper than paying someone to mix a couple ingredients together. And lastly, the comfort of whipping up a batch of this from your own home means you can relax at home and soak in the sun on your balcony without stepping a foot out of your house or into your car.

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    Tips & Tricks To Get The Best Version Of Milk Tea

    If you want to boost your experience of the simple milk in tea concoction, we have a few tips and tricks up our sleeve to make sure you get the tastiest tea yet. Sure, you can simply add a splash of milk, but with these insider ideas why settle for less than the very best milk tea experience? Lets dive in

    Jasmine Milk Tea Recipe A Classic Boba Drink To Try

    Published: · This post may contain affiliate links · Jump to Recipe

    Jasmine milk tea is a delicious bubble tea flavor that has long been a favorite menu item for boba connoisseurs.

    This was one of the first flower teas to circulate as an alternative flavor to the classic beverage snack. In fact, Jasmine Green Milk Tea is one of the most ordered flavors from Chatime, a popular bubble tea chain. Due to its delicate aroma and creamy profile, this wonderful drink soon began to garner fans.

    Read on for the benefits of this beverage as well as a few easy jasmine milk tea recipes using loose leaves or powder to try at home! For the more advanced boba connoisseurs have a go at our jasmine green milk tea recipe. You wont regret trying it.

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    What Is Bubble Tea

    Bubble tea goes by many different names: milk tea, tapioca tea, pearl milk tea, boba, boba tea The names can be confusing, as bubble tea can, in fact, be made without tea and without bubbles!

    Reading: how to make milk tea recipe

    The drink itself is of Taiwanese origin and is traditionally made with a base of tea, milk, and sugar with chewy tapioca pearls at the bottom. While most bubble teas are indeed tea-based, they can have a fruit juice or a coffee base also.

    Go to a bubble tea shop and youll see all kinds of wild combinations honeydew, taro, mango, coconut, lavender, sesame the tasty flavors are endless!

    Basic Milk Tea Recipe

    How to make Milk Tea at Home | Quarantine Day 10
    • 2 tablespoons non-dairy creamer or powdered skim milk
    • Simple syrup, to taste
    • 1/2 cup ice, more as needed
    • Tapioca pearls**, cooked, as needed
    • 1 In a large bowl, steep the tea bags in the hot water for 5 minutes. Remove the tea bags and discard. Add the creamer and simple syrup to taste, and stir to mix and dissolve.
    • 2 Add and stir in ice to cool off mixture then transfer to a serving glass filled with tapioca pearls. Serve immediately.

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    Notes And Tips To Make The Best Milk Tea

    • For more decadent milk tea, use half and half instead of milk.
    • You can make the tea in a sauce pan but its best to have a good teapot when it comes to making tea. If you love drinking tea, invest in a nice teapot.
    • If you dont have loose leaf tea, you can use tea bags. Use one tea bag per person to make this recipe.
    • Its important that your brewed tea is strong since youre going to mix it with sweetener and milk. Therefore make sure that you use the right amount of tea and water.
    • Is this the same as bubble tea? No, bubble tea is milk tea with boba balls in it.

    How Do I Make Bubble Tea

    You can make bubble tea in 5 simple steps!

  • Make your simple syrup by combining equal parts water and sugar.
  • Boil the tapioca pearls following instructions on the package.
  • Brew your tea to the desired consistency.
  • Add your syrup, ice, milk and tea into a glass
  • Add the boba and enjoy!
  • For a detailed recipe with measurements, refer to our easy boba tea recipe below!

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    Learning How To Make Milk Teais Not Difficult At All

    Making hot milk tea

    Hot milk tea is prepared using water, tea, milk, and sweeteners such as honey, and you will have honey milk tea or sugar.

    Your hot milk tea is now ready and it is better taken when it is hot.

    Making iced milk tea

    Iced tea is prepared using ice, water, teabags and condensed milk. The best tea to prepare using this method is the black tea or oolong tea, provided its strong.

    • Boil water in a kettle, whether stovetop or electric. You can also use the microwave to boil the water.
    • Put teabags in a cup or mug and then pour the hot boiled water inside.
    • Steep the tea. The tea should be left to steep for about two minutes. You do not need to cover the cup or mug as you steep to prevent heat loss because the tea is iced and is meant to be cold.
    • Remove the tea bags, add condensed milk and stir. You should add milk depending on your preference. There is no need to add a sweetener because the milk is sweet.
    • Put ice in a glass until its about half to two thirds full. You can put in crushed ice or ice cubes. This way the ice is not too little as to cause no effects neither is it too much to dilute the tea.
    • Pour the milk tea into the glass with ice. Now you have your iced milk tea ready. You should take it immediately when ice cold.

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    Making Royal Milk Tea

    DIY: How to Make Milk Tea

    Making royal milk tea feels nothing like steeping your regular morning cuppa. It is actual art. But worry not, because were about to share the simplest and creamiest recipe.

    For the ultimate royal milk tea, you will need:

    • ½ tsp of Assam Tea Leaves
    • 1 ½ tsp Darjeeling Tea Leaves
    • ½ cup Water
    • Sugar or Honey, to taste

    And here is how you can make it:

  • Start by placing the tea leaves in a small bowl.
  • Pour just a little bit of the water over the leaves, enough to coat them completely. Let them soak.
  • Meanwhile, place the remaining water in a saucepan.
  • Add the milk, give the mixture a stir, and place over medium heat.
  • Make sure to keep a constant eye over the milk and water mixture, making sure not to bring it to a full boil. If using granulated sugar, Id suggest adding it at this point so it will dissolve completely.
  • Just before the boiling starts, turn off the heat, and add the soaked tea leaves inside. You may need to stir with a spoon to simply mix them into the milk.
  • Cover the saucepan and let sit off the heat for about 4 minutes.
  • Uncover, and give the mixture another good stir.
  • Strain the tea into a teapot. If using honey, add it at this point. Enjoy!
  • Although the taste will not be as rich, royal milk tea can be made with regular black tea as well. Instead of the Assam and Darjeeling tea, just add 2 teaspoons of black tea of your choice.

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    How Does It Taste

    Different milk teas have their own flavor profile. For example, bubble tea can taste sweet and creamy whereas British tea can take bold and robust. As milk tea is normally made with a black tea base , the milk helps to balance out the slightly bitter and astringent taste of black tea, bringing a creaminess and a smoother finish to the palate. You can add milk to hot tea or iced tea and enjoy the benefits. Thai milk tea tastes spicy and creamy, but we will delve more into the individual profiles of each tea below.


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