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How To Make Milk Boba Tea

How To Make Bubble Tea With Any Tea

How to Make Bubble (Boba) Milk Tea

Homemade bubble tea is the perfect afternoon pick-me-up! In my recipe, I add a twist by combining three favorites – matcha, latte, and bubble tea. You can make this recipe with any tea, and I’m showing you how. It’s a beverage with something for everyone. Just look at those fun bubblesI promise this tea will make your day that much better!

What Are Bubble Tea Flavors

What are the Best Bubble Tea Flavors? Bubble Tea can be prepared with a variety of flavors or simply. It can be made with chocolate, strawberry, almond, lavender, mango, and coffee. Strawberry, mango, blueberry and pineapple are among the highly preferred varieties for fresh fruit lovers.

Plain unflavored teas with fruits give the best results. Coconut, caramel and chocolate go well with this drink.

Matcha Tea is the most preferred milk based Bubble Tea variety.

In addition, Popping Boba is used as well as Tapioca balls in making Boba Tea. Popping Boba is usually prepared with ingredients such as water, sugar and fruit juice. It is especially preferred in ice cream.

Can Boba Be Healthy

With any food or drink, the question of whether its healthy is so subjective. Personally, I enjoy drinking boba tea, and I give myself permission to drink it! No, its not hydrating like water, and it isnt a rich source of nutrients like a breakfast smoothie might be. And yes, it tends to be higher in added sugars and starchy carbs . Overall, bubble tea has a place in my life because I enjoy it, though its not something that I typically enjoy every day. Only you can decide whats right for you when it comes to boba!

In my own relationship with food, Ive let go of labeling foods as good or bad because of the stress these labels create. All too often, we come to see ourselves as good or bad based on what we eat, leading to cycles of bingeing and restricting, or over-exercising trying to compensate. Plus, all of that stress about what were eating takes a toll on our bodies and minds. If youre interested in diving deeper into your own relationship with food and eating habits, check out my Food Freedom course!

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About Homemade Boba Milk Tea

Boba milk tea is a fad thats spread like wildfire from the east to the west, and for very good reason: not only is it unique, but it can come in just about any flavor combination you can imagine.

And while its always fun to get a perfectly mixed drink from a cafe or restaurant, you can also make boba milk tea at home and its easy. Like only-four-ingredients easy. Or 20-minutes-or-less easy. And why-would-I-drive-anywhere-this-is-so-simple-Ill-save-so-much-money easy.

Because really, whats better than having your favorite special treats at home, any time youre craving it, and for a fraction of the cost?

How Tomake Boba Pearls At Home

How to Make Bubble Tea (Boba Tea, æ³¢é¸å¥¶è¶/ç??ç? 奶è¶)
  • To start, fill a large pot halfway full with water and bring to a boil. If desired, add liquid sweetener of choice to infuse some sweetness into the tapioca balls as they cook. I like to use stevia or monk fruit drops, or you could use simple syrup if preferred.
  • Once boiling, add uncooked black tapioca pearls. Lightly stir until they begin to float, then cover and boil for about 3 minutes.
  • After boiling, remove from the heat and drain the boba pearls. I prefer to use a slotted spoon to gently remove them from the hot water. Finally, transfer cooked tapioca pearls to a bowl and cover with room temperature water until youre ready to serve.
  • To serve, add a few tablespoons of cooked boba pearls into a cup, pour homemade bubble milk tea on top, and serve with a boba straw!

ently remove cooked boba pearls from pot with a slotted spoon and transfer to a bowl of cool water until ready to serve.Add cooked boba pearls into a cup for serving, pour in prepared milk tea, and serve with a boba straw.

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Where Can You Buy Tapioca Pearls

To make things easier, I would suggest checking your favorite online retailer for buying pearls, such as Amazon or Walmart. That way youll have plenty of options to choose from for classic tapioca pearls .

As for specific suggestions, I used E-FA Brand pearls when making this recipe. I have also heard good things about this Tapioca Pearl brand.

How To Cook Tapioca Pearls The Right Way

Before you cook the tapioca pearls, you need three things. First, you’ll need tapioca pearls which you can find at a local Asian supermarket. Next, you’ll need a pot of water and, finally, a sweetener of your choice.

The sweetener helps with the kind of flavor you want the boba pearls to have. Most boba shops prefer to mix caramel or brown sugar syrup made from scratch. You can order your brown sugar syrup online or buy them at the supermarket.

When you get your tapioca pearls, measure that quantity youd like to cook, maybe a serving or two. Alternatively, you can measure 100g of tapioca pearls and begin with that. If the boba pearls contain lots of excess tapioca flour or start, you can wash them away.

To do that, you can use a baking sifter which can help to prevent the pearls from slipping out. Now, its time to cook the tapioca pearls.

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Which Bubble Tea Has No Caffeine

Teas made with herbal tea do not contain caffeine. In addition, the caffeine content of the varieties prepared with green tea or oolong tea is low. While there is 40-50 mg of caffeine in black tea This amount is 20-30 mg in green tea and oolong tea. Fruit Bubble Tea or Matcha Tea are also low caffeine options.

Notes & Tips For Boba Tea

How to Make Boba Milk Tea at Home | DIY Bubble Tea Kit
  • When preparing the black tapioca pearls, keep in mind they will only be fresh for about four hours. For best results, only make as much as you plan on eating in a short period of time.
  • For the simple syrup, you can either use store-bought simple syrup, use a different flavor or syrup, or use homemade simple syrup.
  • Not a fan of black tea? No problem! Feel free to use whatever flavor of tea youd like that pairs well with milk or creamy flavors.
  • Feel free to use any type of milk or creamer that youd like.

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Jasmine Milk Tea Recipe A Classic Boba Drink To Try

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Jasmine milk tea is a delicious bubble tea flavor that has long been a favorite menu item for boba connoisseurs.

This was one of the first flower teas to circulate as an alternative flavor to the classic beverage snack. In fact, Jasmine Green Milk Tea is one of the most ordered flavors from Chatime, a popular bubble tea chain. Due to its delicate aroma and creamy profile, this wonderful drink soon began to garner fans.

Read on for the benefits of this beverage as well as a few easy jasmine milk tea recipes using loose leaves or powder to try at home! For the more advanced boba connoisseurs have a go at our jasmine green milk tea recipe. You wont regret trying it.

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Making The Boba Pearls

These quick cooking tapioca boba pearls kinda have a built in timerthey float to the top when cooked. Once floating know it will only be about 2-3 more minutes until theyre done!

There are a ton of brands, and types of boba to try. We tried the ones from 99 Ranch and liked this WuFuYuan brand best.

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How To Make The Drink

  • Strong brewed tea of your choice
  • Powdered or regular milk
  • Sweetened condensed milk or sugar

For the tea, you can use your favorite. We love oolong and sometimes I make this drink with green tea, too.

For the milk, you can a couple of choices. In Taiwan, they often use powdered milk and/or condensed milk. I prefer powdered milk, which I think makes the tea creamier without diluting it, and then condensed milk to sweeten. You can use regular sugar, too, but I prefer the condensed milk.

You can definitely experiment with the amounts of each ingredient to customize your drink.

  • Mix the powdered milk into the hot tea. Add the sweetened condensed milk to taste.
  • At this point, you can either stir the drink to combine, or transfer it to a cocktail shaker along with ice and shake it to combine.

To serve, divide the cooked pearls between two glasses. I used some cute lightbulb shaped glasses that I got at a Night Market.

Place some ice on top of the pearls and then pour in the milk tea. Add a wide drinking straw* and your boba milk tea is ready to serve.

Making it at home is fun and I like that I can customize it if you want more drink recipes to try, be sure to check out some of my other recipes.

How Is It Made

DIY: How to Make Boba Milk Tea Fast and Easy

With its well-balanced sweetness and texture, jasmine milk tea quickly became popular among fans when it became a flavor. Specialists like T4 in London strive to provide traditional drinks that can be consumed alone or as bubble tea flavor. The latter can enhance the flavor when enjoyed with milk.

Manufacturers offer consumers this delicate tea by mixing the leaves with the fragrant jasmine when they harvest the leaves. The farmers will leave the leaves out to dry in spring. They will store this until the jasmine flowers bloom in the summer.

The flowers are then harvested and dried, giving off a strong scent in the process to add jasmine milk tea flavor. The manufacturer blends tea leaves and flowers, enabling a touch that transfers the scent of jasmine flowers to the tea leaves.

This blending process diffuses the aroma, so you may not be able to see flower petals in your drink while brewing jasmine milk tea or other related drinks. Dried jasmine flowers only serve to enhance the visual properties of the beverage. Even without real flowers, the taste of the drink will be the same.

This process described above is the traditional way to produce jasmine tea. However, recently, some manufacturers use jasmine oil and natural flavors to mix with tea leaves. Through this way, it can significantly reduce production time.

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How To Make The Best Homemade Bubble Tea

  • Make the boba. In a large saucepan, bring 8 cups water to a boil over high heat. Add the pearls and stir gently until they begin to float to the top. Turn the heat down to medium and cook for 40 minutes, stirring occasionally. Remove from heat, cover, and let sit for another 20 minutes. Drain pearls and transfer to a small bowl. Mix in the honey and fully coat. Set aside for 5 minutes.
  • Make the bubble tea. Divide the pearls into three tall glasses. Add in remaining ingredients:
  • For plain bubble tea: Add tea , ice, and lemon slice.
  • For milk bubble tea: Add tea, milk, and ice.
  • For fruity bubble tea: Blend fruit, milk, honey, and ice in a blender until smooth. Pour into glass.
  • Serve. Add a wide straw, and enjoy!
  • How To Make Brown Sugar Syrup With Boba

    On the same pot used to cook the tapioca pearls, mix water and brown sugar until it dissolves then bring to a boil.

    Travelling Foodie Tip: You can adjust the amount of brown sugar based on your preferred level of sweetness.

    Add the cooked boba to the mixture. When the pot starts to boil again, bring it down to medium low heat and simmer for 20-25 minutes until syrup has thickened. Set aside.

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    What Are Boba Tapioca Pearls

    The term boba generally translates to bubbles or big pearls, referring to the chewy black tapioca pearls at the bottom of every cup. Boba pearls are made from the starch of the cassava root, also known as tapioca starch. Its rich in carbohydrates, yet stripped of most other nutrients like fiber and minerals. Granted, boba pearls contain minimal-to-no added sugars, just loads of starchy carbs. Thats why bubble tea pearls are very chewy but sort of flavorless.

    Popular Bubble Tea Flavors

    • Black Milk Tea or Hong Kong Milk Tea: The classic bubble tea includes black tea and condensed milk.
    • Taro Milk Tea: Use taro root powder and milk for a creamy, delicious and refreshing tea.
    • Thai Milk Tea: Use Thai tea leaves, condensed milk and tapioca pearls for a sweet caffeine kick.
    • Strawberry: Use strawberry-flavored tea and garnish with fresh strawberries.
    • Matcha: Use matcha green tea powder.
    • Brown Sugar Milk Tea or Tiger Milk Tea: Use a brown sugar simple syrup in the drink to give the milk a sweet, molasses-y toastiness.

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    How To Make Boba Milk Tea Without Black Tea

    Have you ever made bubble tea? Its easier than you might think! Most bubble tea is packed with sugar from condensed milk, tons of caffeine and dairy. This homemade version gives you options by using honey , herbal or decaf tea and other options below.

    My family is obsessed with bubble tea! If we drive by a bubble tea shop my kids will scream can we please stop to get one!? They all have different preferences when it comes to ordering Chloe loves ceylon tea, Im a black tea girl, while Kenya and Gemma love horchata . Since weve been at home during this time, Im trying to make some of their favorite restaurant and snack shop treats myself. Its a win win because I learn something new and usually making a lot of our favorites we normally go out to get saves us time, money and we can customize them more !

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    Theres one universal ask by everyone in our family when ordering bubble tea extra boba! Hence why I add 1/2 cup to each glass when I make my own bubble tea. Part of the fun is sucking up the boba as you sip away.

    There are a few tricks to prepping bubble tea which will make you want to whip it up time and time again. Here goes:

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    * The boba/tapioca pearl package says that it take 5 minutes to boil until soft, but I find that its more like 8-10 minutes.

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    Three Important Tips To Keep In Mind

    To have the perfect jasmine tea, it is relevant to keep in mind these simple but important tips. Lets go through them, shall we?

  • Honey is not easy to dissolve in cold temperatures. So if you prefer cold jasmine tea, it is better to mix in the syrup before adding your ice and milk.
  • If you are lactose intolerant or a vegan, you can opt for diary-free milk such as soy milk, coconut milk, almond milk, etc. Almond milk is good on these occasions. Here is an article on almond milk and why it is good for you.
  • Use wide straws that are reusable instead of plastic.
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    How To Make Fruit Bubble Tea At Home

    Fruity Bubble Tea Recipe is quite easy to prepare. You will need:

    • 2 cups fresh or frozen fruit
    • 2 glasses of milk
    • 2 tablespoons of honey
    • 1 glass of ice
    • ½ cup tapioca pearls

    Cook the tapioca balls according to the product directions. Blend fresh or frozen fruit, milk, ice and honey in a blender. Continue this process until you get a smooth consistency. Pour the balls into the glass. Add the fruity mixture you have prepared on it. If you want, add ice and serve with a straw.

    Cook The Tapioca Pearls

    1001+ ideas on How to Make Boba Tea At Home

    In a medium sized pot over medium-high heat, bring water to a rolling boil and add tapioca pearls. Stir pearls and let them cook for about 10 minutes. Pearls will float to top when they are done cooking.

    Remove from heat, cover pot, and let pearls sit in hot water for an additional 10 15 minutes, or until desired level of chewiness is reached.

    Drain and rinse pearls under cold water and transfer to a bowl.

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    Making Bubble Tea For Kids

    Bubble tea is traditionally served with thick straws which allow you to eat the tapioca pearls as you drink.

    If youre not a seasoned bubble tea drinker, these thick straws can actually pose a choking hazard as the tapioca pearls can suddenly become lodged in your throat if you sip too quickly. For this reason, I avoid giving these thick straws to children weve had other choking incidents in the past so I am extra careful on this point!

    When making bubble tea for my kids, I serve it to them in a small glass with a regular straw for sipping the tea, and a teaspoon for eating the tapioca pearls. They are completely happy with this method, especially since the spoon allows them to eat the tapioca pearls more quickly.

    What Is Bubble Tea

    Bubble tea, also known as boba tea, is a Taiwanese tea drink flavored with milk or fruit with marble-sized tapioca balls at the bottom. It can be made with all sorts of teafrom plain black, jasmine or oolong tea to fruity herbal tea like strawberry, melon or mango. Its most known for its iconic bubbles that are soft, chewy and a little sweet. People enjoy other unexpected add-ins like grass jelly or cheese foam .

    Bubble tea has all the health benefits of drinking tea, too.

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