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How Does Essiac Tea Cure Cancer

The Remarkable Story Of Rene Caisse

essiac tea

Rene Caisse was a Canadian nurse that for more than 50 years treated thousands of cancer patients. She used an herbal formula called Essiac. Essiac is Caisse spelled backward.

Essiac tea is a household name when it comes to alternative cancer treatments. It earned a reputation as a safe nutritional approach to cancer and diabetes therapy.

Rene Caisse made this tea popular. She was the eighth child of 12 children. Her father ran a local barbershop, and her mother was active in the Catholic church.

Rene Caisse was a Canadian nurse that for more than 50 years treated thousands of cancer patients

Rene worked as a nurse in Canada. One day in 1922, she treated an elderly English woman. The woman had some scar tissue on her breast.

She told Rene that doctors had diagnosed her with breast cancer 30 years earlier. However, the woman didn’t want to use surgery, nor did she have the money.

Then one man would change her life.

Essiac Tea Recipe + How I Used It To Heal Cancer Naturally

I have been wanting to write about Essiac Tea and its role in healing cancer for practically forever. This post is a long time coming and Im excited to share this easy Essiac tea recipe with you!

I actually lost interest in Essiac for a good while when I was pregnant then nursing- and pregnant then pregnant again then nursing then pregnant and nursing again from 2009 until 2016.

Unfortunately for me, I couldnt drink Essiac tea while pregnant or nursing. Its almost the only natural cancer remedy that should be avoided while pregnant!

So, while I wrote about practically everything else I did to heal my body naturally from cancer, Essiac was left on the back burner until finally this past summer and I couldnt wait to start detoxing with Essiac again!

Nurse Rene Caisse

Potential Health Benefits Of Essiac Tea

For a person with no major health problems, essiac tea is not likely to be harmful. However, research has also failed to prove any of its claimed benefits.

Cancer Treatment

Some lab experiments have tentatively shown essiac tea may decrease proliferation of some cancer cells. However, other experiments have indicated some of the herbs in essiac tea can help cancer grow.

Health Maintenance.

As all tea is more than 99% water, essiac tea may be a good source of hydration, comparable to tap water. Your body needs water to carry out natural processes such as temperature regulation, waste removal, joint lubrication, and much more.

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How Essiac Works For Cancer

While clinical studies are lacking, some preclinical and test tube research has interesting findings regarding the benefits of essiac tea:

  • May act as a natural anti-cancer agent. Essiac has potent antioxidant and DNA-protective activity.
  • Essiac prevented the growth of prostate cancer cells and leukemia cells.
  • Enhance immunity, which may support the immune system in fighting off cancer.

Each of the primary botanicals in Essiac also has research indicating their potential as a cancer-fighting agent:

Burdock Root. Shown to detoxify the blood, promote circulation, contain antioxidant and antidiabetic compounds, and demonstrate anti-inflammatory effects.

Slippery Elm Bark. Native Americans have traditionally used this internally and externally for GI issues, wounds, sore throats, and skin inflammation.

Sheep Sorrel. This plant has antiviral properties, which may help patients whose cancer is suspected to originate from a virus, such as HPV.

Rhubarb. High in antioxidants, rhubarb, specifically Indian rhubarb, may help inhibit cell damage and cancer cell growth.

On the other hand, some in-vitro research shows no improvement for prostate cancer or even accelerated tumor growth of breast cancer cells.

People who have used the tea for cancer say it can relieve pain, reduce side effects associated with the condition, as well as those from conventional treatments, and improve their quality of life.

How to Take Essiac Herbs & Tea

Who Should Not Use Essiac:

Everything You Need to Know About Essiac Tea  Ongiara College
  • People receiving chemotherapy should use Essiac with caution. Consult with an experienced naturopath or herbalist to address interactions and detoxification during or after chemotherapy. However, I have read testimonies of Essiac users going through chemo and it actually made them feel BETTER, so consider this case by case.
  • Pregnant and nursing women should use great caution with any Essiac tea recipe. Several of the herbs in the tea can cause uterine contractions that could cause preterm labor or miscarriage. During nursing, the herbs will cause toxins to be released into the bloodstream which passes into the mothers milk and into baby. With this said, I have heard of women using Essiac during pregnancy and nursing. I personally chose not to.
  • People with kidney and liver problems should consult their doctor before using Essiac.
  • Apparently there have been certain breast cancers that respond negatively to Essiac consumption. I have only seen spotty commentary on this and two small studies that utilized the Essiac as a topical herbal tincture to cancer cells in a laboratory setting. You can read those studies HERE <

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The Fourth Step Parse The Roots

Remove the bark or skin from the roots with a small paring knife, cutting right through the woody part. During the winter, the sap from the tree is stored here. As long as your knife is sharp, this shouldnt pose a problem. If you run into problems, place the rolls on a cutting board and cut them the way you would a potato.

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How Essiac Tea Is Helpful Against Cancer

Have you ever wondered if there is any juice or tea that is good for preventing or treating cancer? Fortunately, there are, which you have probably guessed right now. If you have been thinking blended fresh fruits, thats correct, but there is one particular tea that may interest you. If in case you havent heard, Essiac tea is believed and proven to treat cancer. However, before drinking this tea, you need to consult your doctor first. Anyhow, you will be learning more about this tea as you read along.

Who is recommended to drink Essiac tea?

Generally, Essiac tea is only recommended for individuals who are diagnosed with cancer, regardless of the type and stage. Physicians wont suggest their patients to drink this if they are currently undergoing surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. It is not also safe for patients whose cancer cells are growing in advance.

How does Essiac tea technically work in the body of a cancer patient?

Essiac Tea actually consists of four or more herb ingredients. These herbs should be excellent in fighting cancer cells. Among the ideal herbs to use for this tea are burdock root and sheep sorrel. Others herbs must be able to protect the organs from dangerous cells, detoxify the body, and increase or improve the immune system. That means this tea is not just a mixture of any herbs, but those real good ones that help fight the growth and spread of cancer.

Can you buy or make an Essaic tea?

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Essiac/flor Essence Patient Version

On This Page

How To Make Essiac Tea

Is Essiac Tea a Cancer Cure???

The easiest way to make this powerful tea is with an Essiac tea blend. You can also buy the herbs separately and combine them to make a tea, but it’s easier to use a blend where the proportions are already fixed.

To make a cupful of tea, simply put a few teaspoons of the herbal blend in a saucepan and add about 8 ounces of hot water. Simmer over low heat for about 10 minutes. You can then either strain and drink the tea or allow it to steep for up to 12 hours for a stronger herbal infusion.

For a larger batch, use 1 ounce of an Essiac tea blend and 1 quart of water.

Traditionally, Essiac tea is taken 1-3 times a day on an empty stomach.

There’s also a variation of Essiac tea that adds four other herbs: red clover, blessed thistle, watercress, and kelp. It’s known as Flor Essence and can also be made into a tea, particularly for detox.

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Alternative Cancer Treatments Conspiracy

Caisse explained that her efforts to perform clinical research on the effectiveness of Essiac faced challenge as a result of nothing less than a conspiracy against finding a cure for cancer . Do you agree?

The cancer industry is comprised of a complex network of corporations which make profit from cancer patients seeking an end to their suffering. Pharmaceutical companies produce chemicals that are known to cause cancer as well as toxic cancer treatment drugs. In fact, AstraZeneca is a drug company which originally created National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Take note to the campaigns lack of drive to find a cure for the problem.

Dr Glum And Mary Mcpherson Finally Revealed The Essiac Formula

Mary worked alongside Rene since the 1930s and knew the formula by heart. She promised Rene never to reveal the formula to anyone. In 1985 Dr. Glum purchased the formula for $120 000 from one of Rene’s former patients.

Dr. Glum could have kept the formula a secret and become wealthy by selling bottles of Essiac. But, he released the recipe into the public domain in 1988.

The only person Rene Caisse trusted to help her make Essiac tea was her best friend, Mary McPherson

Rene Caisse spent her life refining the formula with her hands-on research. No one else has done such extensive research on Essiac tea.

Rene was able to treat various types of cancer.

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Essiac Tea As A Cancer Treatment

The world of integrative oncology is huge and there are so many different ideas and theories out there. I could stay up all night looking at all of the different proposed treatment options and the research behind them. And my friends…I know many of you are doing this. Im here to help make it easier by combing through all the noise for you. I wanted to tackle one of my absolute most common questions about natural cures today and this is an incredibly important post. One extremely popular tea that has been used throughout history to completely cure breast cancer is called: Essiac tea. This tea has been commonly referred to as a miracle treatment and a complete alternative to conventional cancer therapy. Is there really anything that could completely replace modern medicine? We could debate this all day but what Ive seen provide the best results for my clients is using BOTH. Traditional medical treatments plus integrative support can be very powerful. So.Essiac tea. I am here to dive deep into the history behind this potential treatment or adjunctive therapy, how it is thought to work, and some research behind the effectiveness on cancer treatment.

The Proposed Miracle Cure?

The Truth: Studies on the Effectiveness of Essiac Tea

What Can Tea Do For You During Treatment?

Essiac Tea as a Cancer Treatment

Sometimes There Is A Time And Place For Alternative Therapies

Where to Buy Organic Essiac Tea

I vividly remember meeting her, despite all the years that had passed. At 6 feet tall she towered over me and yes, Ill admit itshe had physically intimidated me. But about 10 minutes into the initial consultation, I realized she was soft-spoken, kind, and, being recently diagnosed with metastatic ovarian cancer, she was scared. Surgery had not been recommended given the advanced nature of the disease and she was sent to me to discuss medical therapy. She had been told it was not curable, had read that the prognosis wasnt very good.

Lets cut to the chase, doc, she said. I know its bad, but I want as much time as I can have. Im not ready to die.

We discussed treatment options and I had recommended combination chemotherapy. It wont cure you, but this disease tends to respond very well to treatment. Lets see if I can get you to remission and, short of that, get this disease under control.

Sounds good. When do we start?

With that she underwent chemotherapy and we used her tumor marker to monitor her. She tolerated each cycle well and complained of very little. Treatment caused side effects, including the loss of her hair. Still, she managed these toxicities well. After three treatments her CA-125 started to double, which prompted repeat imaging to assess what was going on with this cancer. I feared for herafraid the scan would show what her CA-125 was telling me, and yesher tumors had grown despite chemotherapy, and new disease was now evident in her liver.

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The Individual Herbs Of Essiac And Flor Essence

Laboratory and animal experiments have shown that some of the chemicals in the herbs used to make Essiac and Flor Essence have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, estrogenic, or anticancer activity.

Among the herbs used in both mixtures, burdock root contains several flavonoids and polyphenols that have shown antioxidant activity Indian rhubarb root contains several anthraquinones, including emodin and aloe-emodin, which have demonstrated anti-inflammatory and cytotoxic effects sheep sorrel contains several types of anthraquinones, including emodin and aloe-emodin, as well as phytoestrogens, which may possess both procancer and anticancer activity and slippery elm bark has been shown to contain antioxidants.

Among the herbs found in Flor Essence alone, watercress contains phenethyl isothiocyanate , which has shown cytotoxic and antitumor activities blessed thistle contains cnicin, which is a sesquiterpene lactone that has demonstrated cytotoxic, antitumor, and anti-inflammatory effects, and arctiin and arctigenin, which are lignans that have shown anticancer activity red clover contains a complex mixture of phytoestrogens, including genistein, which has demonstrated antiangiogenic, estrogenic, and procancer and anticancer effects and extracts of kelp have shown immunostimulatory and antitumor activities.

  • Ottenweller J, Putt K, Blumenthal EJ, et al.: Inhibition of prostate cancer-cell proliferation by Essiac. J Altern Complement Med 10 : 687-91, 2004.
  • Essiac/flor Essence Health Professional Version

    On This Page

    This cancer information summary provides an overview of the use of Essiac and Flor Essence, which are proprietary herbal tea mixtures, as treatments for people with cancer. The summary includes a brief history of the development of Essiac and Flor Essence a review of laboratory, animal, and human studies and possible side effects associated with Essiac and Flor Essence use.

    This summary contains the following key information:

    • Essiac and Flor Essence are herbal tea mixtures originally developed in Canada. There may be differences between Essiac and Flor Essence in their mixture content and effects.
    • These products are marketed worldwide as dietary supplements.
    • Proponents have claimed that Essiac and Flor Essence can help detoxify the body, strengthen the immune system, and fight cancer.
    • Proponents of Essiac have further claimed that it can help relieve pain, reduce side effects, improve quality of life, and reduce tumor size.
    • Molecules with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anticancer, or immunostimulatory activity have been identified in the individual herbs in the Essiac and Flor Essence formulas.
    • No controlled data are available from human studies to suggest that Essiac or Flor Essence can be effective in the treatment of patients with cancer.
    • Some evidence suggests that Flor Essence may increase tumor formation in an animal model of breast cancer.

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    Potential Risks Of Essiac Tea

    Generally speaking, essiac tea has been known to cause discomfort. One woman reported symptoms including nausea, anorexia, myalgia , fatigue, and abdominal pain following consumption of essiac tea over the course of six months. According to the manufacturer of the brand Flor essence, other side effects of the tea may include:

    • Increased bowel movements

    Cancer Concerns

    Research into essiac tea’s effect on cancer has been conducted by the National Cancer Institute, the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and many other institutions. To date, the results have been conflicting.

    Several studies have shown the drink stimulates the growth of certain cancer cells. This effect has been observed in two lab studies, and one study with rats.

    Essiac tea may also interact negatively with chemotherapy. One case has been reported where it may have caused increased toxicity in the blood of a chemotherapy patient. Many experts caution against combining essiac tea and chemotherapy.

    Essiac May Stimulate The Immune System

    Bladder Cancer Testimonial Using Essiac Tea

    Conventional cancer treatments destroy an individuals immune system which is why patients may supplement their diets with Essiac. Essiac may stimulate the immune systems response to infection by efficiency detoxifying the body and therefore providing pain relief and improved health .

    Companies that formulate the tea have made recommendations that conventional cancer therapy should not be used in conjunction with Essiac support. Such recommendations are based off of the belief that Essiac tea cannot promote the healing of the immune system while no immune system exist to be healed . On the other hand, researchers propose that Essiac may benefit immune-suppressed individuals by enhancing the immune system . Clinical data remains limited.

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