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How Do You Make Essiac Tea

Essiac Tea Takes Just 10 Minutes Once Every Two Weeks To Prepare

How to Make EASY Essiac Tea

It’s as easy as boiling an pot of pasta!

To make essiac, you simply…

  • Boil some water
  • Empty the contents of a packet into the water
  • Let it boil on medium for 10 minutes
  • Remove the pot from the heat
  • Let it sit for 12 hours before putting it in the fridge, and you’re done!
  • You’ll have enough to last you two weeks.

You can see the instructions as well as a video of someone preparing essiac tea by

Does Essiac Tea Taste Good

As new readers may already know, the tart, earthy taste of essiac can cause them to acquire some familiarity, so diluted versions can be helpful to help introduce them to some delicious natural flavor.Its a tasty remedy both to sweeten your tea as well as for good digestion, so we often serve raw honey along with lemon or cinnamon.

Helps Stave Off Inflammation

One of the biggest contributors to health issues is chronic inflammation. Most people equate inflammation with swelling or aches and pains. Although this can be one way that inflammation is displayed, it is also an unseen issue within the body that can lead to heart, metabolic or other degenerative issues.

That is why is is so important to keep inflammation low for disease prevention. Essiac tea is known for helping keep inflammation at bay. The antioxidants present in these herbs also contribute to its anti-inflammatory properties.

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How To Brew Our Essiac Tea

Brewing Essiac Tea in Ounces: Instructions Boil 44 oz. of spring or distilled water in a large stainless steel pot. Add 1.33 oz. of the essiac herbs. Turn the heat down to medium and let the tea simmer for ten minutes, stirring occasionally. Turn the heat off, cover the pan completely, and leave the mixture sitting at room temperature for twelve hours.

Here Are The Rest Of The Instructions On How To Brew Essiac Tea

The Truth About Cancer Book Excerpt: Essiac Tea

3. Turn the heat down to medium and let the tea simmer for ten minutes, stirring occasionally. Keep a cover on the pan with just a bit of air exposed to reduce evaporation.

4. Turn the heat off, cover the pan completely, and leave the mixture sitting at room temperature for twelve hours. 5. The following day, stir the tea vigorously to disperse the remnants of the herbs throughout the mixture* and pour it into a pitcher of choice. Refrigerate.

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Can I Make My Essiac One Day At A Time All The Time

Some people want to make one cup essiac tea while at home because they believe “fresher is better.” This isn’t true. The essiac keeps perfectly fine in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.

The problem when you brew essiac by the cup is that you will have a greater risk of measurement errors since we are dealing with such a small quantity of herbs and water. Therefore, the results might be compromised. It’s much more accurate to make a huge batch and then take the doses from there.

How Much Essiac Should I Buy And Should It Be Pre

Herb sellers/essiac companies are geared for human consumption and that puts pet owners at a disadvantage because small animals consume relatively small amounts. You can find small 1 oz. packets of dry essiac herbs but they are often outrageously priced. However, larger packages of herbs can be divided into the correct amount to make smaller amounts of tea at one time. I make tea a quart at a time. That way less has to be thrown out. You can even make a pint at a time. There is disagreement about making such a small amount. Some people think that the tea is not the same when you dont make at least a gallon.

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Is Essiac Hard To Make

“Is essiac hard to make?”

It’s the first thing most people ask us when they have just heard about essiac tea.

The answer depends on which brand you purchase. If you purchase powdered essiac tea, which is the kind that Rene Caisse determined worked best in her research, essiac tea is not hard at all to make and take. See more about Rene Caisse’s research here.

What Does Essiac Tea Taste Like

How To Make Essiac Tea

Essiac tea is known for its relatively robust and distinctive taste. While some people can adapt to the taste after a few days or weeks, others find the taste makes the tea difficult to stomach. The tea is distinctly grassy and earthy in taste. For this reason, many choose to sweeten the tea or mask the flavor with the addition of other ingredients like:

  • Orange Juice

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Regarding Essiac Tea In General

How do I pronounce that word exactly?Go here to learn the pronounciation!

What IS essiac, exactly? Its a blend of eight herbs that helps support the bodys immune system as well as provide a full body detox. See our Essiac 101 article to learn the essentials about this herbal product. If you want a quick explanation of what essiac tea is for, check out this article.

How did the use of essiac tea start?Essiac is a Native American herbal formula. Get the full scoop on the history here!

Is essiac tea the same thing as Caisse tea?Yes, its referring to the same thing. The word essiac is actually Caisse spelled backwards! The tea is named after Rene Caisse, the Canadian nurse who brought essiac tea into widespread use. Read more about Caisse tea benefits.

What can essiac do for me?Essiac teas primary actions are to remove heavy metals, detoxify the body, restore energy levels, and rebuild the immune system. All of these actions help restore the body to a level in which it is able to better defeat the illness using its own resources. This means that essiac does not cure you it simply supports your body to work once again as nature intended, and that is to be self-healing.

Can children use essiac?Absolutely! Go here to read more about giving essiac to children. Go here to read about giving essiac to babies.

I heard Learn about common essiac myths and misconceptions here: Essiac Myths.

Can I take essiac while pregnant or breastfeeding?Yes.

How Do You Make Burdock Tea Powder

To make a cup from loose herbs, place about 1 tsp. dried burdock root in a teacup, pour approximately 7 ounces of hot or boiling spring or filtered water over the herbs, and let it steep for at least 1 minute and a maximum of 20 minutes, depending on how strong you like your tea. Strain the loose pieces and enjoy.

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Regarding Your Essiac Tea Order

When can I expect to receive my order?If you order with a credit card online or over the phone, we process and ship your order by the next Tuesday or Friday whichever comes first. Cutoff for orders is approximately 12pm EST on Tuesday and Friday. If you require shipping on a different day, please call in your order at 1-978-504-9517 and it can be arranged in most cases. Please place repeat orders as soon as youre using your last packet of herbs so that you do not run out of essiac waiting for your order to arrive.

Do you provide tracking numbers?We currently use USPS for our free priority shipping within the U.S. since they have by far the lowest cost and fastest service for the typical size essiac order. USPS does not provide tremendously detailed tracking information minute-by-minute. However, the tracking available will be emailed to you as long as you provide an email address.

What supplies do I need?We suggest using a large stainless steel pot, a wooden spoon and a pitcher such as they type youd store iced tea or lemonade in. If you are buying 1 lb. bags and not the smaller packets, we recommend you use a kitchen scale as well, or if not that you use measuring cups. 4 oz. and 1 oz. bags do not require the kitchen scale or measuring cups. For examples of the necessary supplies click here.

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Who Should Not Use Essiac:

How To Make Essiac Tea Recipe
  • People receiving chemotherapy should use Essiac with caution. Consult with an experienced naturopath or herbalist to address interactions and detoxification during or after chemotherapy. However, I have read testimonies of Essiac users going through chemo and it actually made them feel BETTER, so consider this case by case.
  • Pregnant and nursing women should use great caution with any Essiac tea recipe. Several of the herbs in the tea can cause uterine contractions that could cause preterm labor or miscarriage. During nursing, the herbs will cause toxins to be released into the bloodstream which passes into the mothers milk and into baby. With this said, I have heard of women using Essiac during pregnancy and nursing. I personally chose not to.
  • People with kidney and liver problems should consult their doctor before using Essiac.
  • Apparently there have been certain breast cancers that respond negatively to Essiac consumption. I have only seen spotty commentary on this and two small studies that utilized the Essiac as a topical herbal tincture to cancer cells in a laboratory setting. You can read those studies HERE <

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How To Brew Essiac

Keep in mind, the goal is to make enough tea to last 2 weeks. The tea does not work better when it is “made fresh.” On the contrary, best results occur when you follow the instructions to make the larger size batch as it reduces margin of error. Most people will be drinking 3 oz. three times per day, which means the gallon will last two weeks when one person is using the essiac.

Please note: Steps 1 and 2 will vary depending on if you plan to drink the tea twice per day or three times per day. Steps 3 thru 5 are the same regardless.

Supports The Immune System

Keeping your immune system healthy is a huge part of fighting off disease. Having a healthy diet and lifestyle is a key part of this, but essiac tea can be a powerful boost as well.

In 2007, one study found that essiac tea exhibited significant immunomodulatory effects. It was also found that essiac tea contains higher antioxidant content than red wine, green tea and cocoa. The high antioxidant effects may be part of the reason why people report such promising health results from taking essiac tea.

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Why Some Use Essiac Tea To Cure Disease

Verywell / Alexandra Shytsman

Essiac tea is an herbal drink that is made from four ingredients: burdock root, Indian rhubarb root, sheep sorrel, and slippery elm. Flor-Essence is a similar blend of herbs that contains the primary ingredients of Essiac tea plus four others: watercress, blessed thistle, red clover, and kelp. Both Essiac tea and Flor-Essence are widely reported to provide numerous healing benefits but published scientific studies do not support those claims.

Mixed Evidence On Cancer

How to Make Essiac Tea

Research on the anticancer effects of Essiac tea has had conflicting results.

For example, one test-tube study showed that the tea had antioxidant properties and prevented damage to cells and DNA, which could potentially help protect against cancer .

Another test-tube study noted that Essiac tea blocked the growth of breast and leukemia cancer cells when administered in high concentrations .

There is also some anecdotal evidence that certain types of cancer have responded well to Essiac tea including one case report of a man who went into remission from prostate cancer and attributed it to the tea .

However, plenty of studies have found little to no effect of Essiac tea on cancer development, including one review of 17 animal studies that detected no anticancer properties .

Multiple other animal and test-tube studies have also shown that Essiac tea has no effect on cancer cells and, in some cases, may even stimulate the growth of breast cancer cells .

Additionally, because human studies are currently unavailable, more high-quality studies are needed to understand how Essiac tea may impact cancer development in the general population.


Animal and test-tube studies have had conflicting findings on the effects of Essiac tea on cancer cell growth and development. Human studies on its proposed effects are needed.

Drinking Essiac tea has been associated with numerous side effects.

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Who Said Essiac Can Cure Cancer

In the 1920s, Canadian nurse Rene Caisse promoted Essiac tea as a natural cancer treatment, claiming that it was given to her by a patient who originally received it from an Ontario Ojibwa medicine man. Though the tea is still said to be a Native American natural remedy, evidence to back up this claim is limited.

One Cup Essiac Tea: How To Brew Just One Cup At A Time

While we don’t suggest one cup essiac tea for general purposes, sometimes it’s necessary to know how.

If you will be traveling via plane you might not be able to bring your supply of brewed essiac tea along and might need to know how to brew essiac tea one cup at a time !

Although it is easiest to prepare batches of essiac tea according to instructions and store in a refrigerator, there are times when you might need to brew one cup essiac tea.To prepare a 3-oz. serving, use 2/3 of 1 tsp. of herbs. Boil 3 oz. of water and add the 2/3 tsp. of essiac. Cook for 10 minutes. Tea can be taken warm or chilled.To prepare a 9-oz. serving , use 2 tsp. of herbs. Boil 9 oz. of water and add the 2 tsp. of essiac. Cook for 10 minutes. Unused portion doesn’t need to be refrigerated as long as it’s consumed the same 24 hour period you brewed it.

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Making Essiac Tea With Mali Klein Part 1

Notes from Just Teaon Mali Klein Making Essiac Tea, part 1:

*There is such a small amount of turkey rhubarb and slippery elm compared to sheep sorrel and burdock root in such a large jar. We recommend you either measure out your individual herbs per brew to ensure accurate percentages of each herb in every brew you make or make a large batch of tea. Or you can purchase the herbs from one of a few vendors that do this already for you, such as Just Tea, which measure out the herb mix individually per packet. Heres an explanation of why we believe its important to ensure the percentages are correct in EACH BATCH HERE. We also feel its important for you to see each of the 4 herbs youre purchasing, so we provide all 4 of them cut and sifted for proper review before brewing. This also allows you to use a cheesecloth bag or stainless steel tea ball to brew, making the process much less messy.

How To Make Essiac Tea

4 Powerful Ways Essiac Tea Benefits the Body


Essiac tea is a decoction, or concentrate it is boiled, steeped overnight and should be stored in the refrigerator. The shelf life of an opened jar will be approximately 2-3 weeks. Supplies Needed: Enameled, glass or stainless steel pot with lid, canning jars, lids & rings , funnel and strainer or a glass measuring cup. Do not use any aluminum or Teflon utensils. You can maximize the shelf life of Essiac tea by thoroughly sterilizing all utensils, jars, rings, lids, etc. Use unchlorinated water to make the tea.

Step 1. Put water into pot and bring to a boil. Add herbs to boiling water and cook, covered, at a medium boil for 10 minutes. Smaller quantities will need to be boiled slowly and watched carefully, so as to not boil off too much liquid.

to make one gallon: add 2 oz. herbs to 5 5 1/2 quarts boiling water.

to make one quart: add 1/2 oz. herbs to 5 5 ½ cups of water.

Note: For most of her life, Rene Caisse used an Imperial Quart measure, which is 40 US fl. oz. – our proportions are based on this quantity.

Step 2. Remove from heat, scrape down the sides of the pot and allow the tea to sit, covered, room temperature or cooler, for 10-12 hours

The rest of the sediment remaining in the kettle can be used for poultices . The sediment can also be used in a cotton drawstring bag in the bath, or you can simply discard it. Store any unused dry herb mix in a glass jar or in its foil pouch in a cool, dark, dry place.


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Does Essiac Tea Really Work

Essiac tea does its actions by providing immune support and full body detox. Your body is self-healing. If you get a cut, it heals. If you become sick with a cold, you eventually get well. Your body does this on its own. However, sometimes the body struggles. Essiac tea is used for the immune system.

Amazing Essiac Tea Benefits For Health + Recipe

This post on Amazing Essiac Tea Benefits + Recipe is sponsored by Discount Essiac Tea, but I only recommend products and services that I have personally tried and believe are of value to my readers. All opinions in this post are my own.

There are a number of amazing essiac tea benefits from promoting detoxing to immune support and more. If you are looking to improve your health, youll definitely want to add essiac tea to your daily regimen.

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