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How To Package Tea For Sale

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How I Package My Tea For Shipping
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How To Start A Blog On WordPress

Bjork Ostrom runs FoodBloggerPro, and his wife Lindsay runs the popular food blog PinchOfYum. If you have no idea how to set up a blog or a WordPress site, you might want to check this out. Tea is in the food category, and you should follow FoodBlogger Pro.

The step-by-step videos walk you through every step of the way.

They make it VERY easy for a beginner. Their community forum is a great place to get questions answered by other food bloggers. It’s how I started this blog.

You may want to add a blog at some point when you start a tea business. It’s a great way to connect with your customers and advertise your brand. Many online tea businesses have a blog.

I spent a lot of time researching blogging platforms, but I found myself overwhelmed. Information overload is real! I had so many questions, but I didn’t know who to ask. After doing some research, I discovered Food Blogger Pro.

I finally found a site that covered all the fundamental principles I needed to grow my blog. It’s literally like a “paint by numbers” for blogs it’s that easy.

Food Blogger Pro has hundreds of video tutorials. You can pick and choose which topic you need to learn without going into every single one. Especially if you already have a blog started. The videos make it easy to learn technical skills.

Loose Leaf Tea Packaging

The youngest and freshest tea leaves make the best-tasting tea. When marketed in popular loose-leaf form, customers can control the amount and strength of tea they desire to steep. Dried tea leaves dont necessarily mean dried out teayou should utilize the best loose-leaf tea packaging on the market. At PBFY, our innovative flexible packaging solutions combine style with function. Your specially blended product deserves the utmost protection from external elements, such as moisture, air, sunlight, heat, pests, odors, fungus, and mold, which can adversely alter the teas taste and overall quality. PBFYs exceptional loose-leaf tea packaging offers a superior airtight seal that will help your blend remain fresh and potent longer.

Our environmentally friendly packaging provides outstanding puncture-proof protection that helps stop oxidization and deterioration. PBFY tea packaging also prevents essential oils from evaporating within the pouch. Our premium bags are more cost-efficient than tin containers. They are lightweight, easy to store, and ready to use by customers. An airtight seal is created after opening and between uses with a convenient resealable zipper. This is ideal for loose-leaf tea drinkers, so it can give your brand a competitive edge.

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The Health Benefits Of Drinking Tea

Tea is a healthy drink option. When you enter the tea business, you get to offer consumers something soothing and beneficial to their health another reason to celebrate your entrepreneurial journey. The benefits of drinking tea include:

  • Health benefits: According to one study, there are hundreds of scientific publications documenting teas ability to help prevent cancer. Many of these studies show that the natural antioxidants in tea may lower the risk of various forms of cancer, such as skin, lung, and breast cancer. Tea is also associated with increased cardiovascular health and has been shown to reduce the risk of stroke and heart disease.
  • Calorie-free: A plain cup of tea has less than five calories. So, as long as the drinker avoids adding milk and sugar, they can enjoy a flavorful beverage while sticking to their weight loss plan.
  • Caffeine-free options: Generally, herbal teas contain no caffeine. Individuals who are sensitive to caffeine or who want something relaxing to drink at night can benefit from sipping herbal tea.

Develop The Product Line

Creative Tea Packaging Design Inspire Sales in 2020 ...

Now the important part creating a product your customers will love. Its essential to create a quality product and to get it right the first time. Your customers may leave reviews on social media sites or mention your tea in their blog. Their reviews will influence other customers and their decision to buy your tea. Therefore, your product must meet, or ideally exceed, your customers expectations. You have several paths you can take regarding product development, but the main tea groups are:

You wont need to have an extensive product line at the start of your business because you can gradually add teas over time.

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How To Sell Tea Online From Home

Side Hustling: Selling Tea Online

Sitting down for a delicious cup of hot tea is always a welcoming time of the day. Right behind water, tea is the most popular beverage in the world, enjoyed by billions.

Its health benefits, energizing effects, and taste have made tea the most popular beverage. Even avid coffee drinkers love a good cup of tea.

In the U.S. alone, 159 million people drink tea every day in 2020. By all accounts, the demand in the U.S. which is already the third-largest tea importer in the world continues to grow.

If you are passionate about drinking tea like most of the world, you just might be interested in selling tea online. With very minimal startup costs, you could start your own online tea business from home.

Editor’s Note: We have an affiliated relationship with some of the resources listed. We receive a small commission for each purchase made at no additional cost to you.

Sell Them An Experience

If youre going to sell tea, you need to do more than just begin talking about the different types and names. Customers would be more inclined to buy your product if you sell them an experience.

Think of how important tea is in other cultures, and bring those traditions to your customers.

Invite them to special events and teach them about India and Chai tea. Bring in a little Moroccan mint tea learning experience.

Russia also has beloved tea traditions you can bring to your customers, just be sure to hold the vodka.

And the always popular traditional British Afternoon Tea with finger sandwiches and scones.

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How Much Should I Sell My Tea For

  • Research competitors to see what they are selling their teas for on average
  • Calculate all costs associated with making and selling your products to generate a product profit margin
  • Determine how many products youll need to sell in order to generate a profit after expenses, short term and long term. This information will help you assess and/or reassess your pricing structure as you go.
  • Manufacturing And Packaging Tea For Resale

    Tea Packaging Machine For Sale/Moringa Leaves Packing Machine #shorts

    Manufacturing and packaging loose leaf tea for resale is a separate and complex process, depending on where you live and what you are selling. You have many options.

    • You can blend and flavor your tea yourself in a commercial kitchen or have a co-packer manufacture and custom blend and package for you. There are tea manufacturers with private label programs that will do everything for you.
    • Universities can help you and sometimes have manufacturing facilities as part of their program. When processing a food product, it’s crucial to follow the strict Board of Health and FDA guidelines.
    • Rutgers University has two facilities in New Jersey, and Cornell has several in New York. As an alternative, once you decide which teas you would like to sell, the tea vendor you purchase your teas from may provide consumer packaging before shipping to you.
    • Once you have your product packaged, you can rent a commercial warehouse space that is certified to store food products. Sometimes your co-packer will offer warehouse storage for you, but then you need to consider the logistics of shipping if you are shipping to individual customers yourself.
    • If you’re buying tea in bulk from a reputable tea importer, you will have to package it according to FDA and Board of Health guidelines.
    • In New Jersey, you cannot do this in your home kitchen. It would be best if you used a commercially approved kitchen. Each state has different guidelines. Research and follow your sates guidelines.

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    How Tea Is Grown & Produced

    First things first, its wise to get an idea of how tea is produced before you get involved in the market. Maybe this will inform your supplier decisions later on down the line, and might even form the foundations of your brands story. Besides, tea has an impressive history, which may inspire the copywriting for your website, your unique selling point, your product descriptions, your ads, etc.

    As a beverage, tea has been around for over 5000 yearsits a tradition that started in China. The tea plant is evergreen, tropical, and belongs to the Camellia family. Camellia Sinensis has green, shiny, pointy leaves and was initially indigenous to India and China. For these plants to thrive, they enjoy a humid, warm climate with frequent rainfall.

    Nowadays, tea is grown on estates or smallholdings which is privately owned land that can be as small as 0.5 hectares or as massive as 17,500 hectares, such as the 87 tea gardens in the Darjeeling Hills.

    From the farmers, tea is then sold to processing factories. About 30-35 kg of plucked leaves can produce about 7.5-9kg of tea. The most popular kind of tea is black teain fact, as much as 84% of tea consumed is black tea! So needless to say, it boasts a significant market share in terms of production and sales.

    How To Sell Tea Online

    Once your tea business is up and running, its time to get the word out. One of the best resources for selling tea online is social media, where you can share the news about your tea business and create engaging content that resonates with your audience.

    When it comes to marketing your products, follow these three steps to get started:

  • Make your social media accounts shoppable. An easy way to make your tea available is by setting up a and . This feature helps you sell products directly from your social media feeds, and is a great resource for directing viewers directly to your online store.
  • Find local influencers to work with and promote your tea. You can also work with micro-influencers on Instagram or Tiktok who will share their experience in exchange for free products, plus a discount code to share with their audience.
  • . Shopping from a locally owned business has never been encouraged more than it is today. A great way to get the word out about your products is by sharing teas with your local community. This strategy will help you grow local brand awareness and engage new customers within your community. Take advantage of local markets and opportunities to get the word out about your products and to connect with new customers on social media.
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    Who Is Your Customer

    Step Two

    Too many people start a tea business by trying to be all things to all people. Find your ideal customer and craft a unique mission. Then perfect it. Does your tea customer buy $25,000 Honda’s or $80,000 Jaguars? Do they like Katy Perry or Bach?

    If you try to please both customers, you’ll fail to make either happy. Your customer needs to feel special. They need to identify with your product.

    Tea and functional herb-based offerings are widely popular in this space of wellness, often touted as nature’s elixirs of youth.

    Maria Uspenski, founder The Tea Spot

    Identify what you are offering before you start your tea business for the best results.

    Tips to finding your ideal tea enthusiast customer:

    Selling Tea: Heres Why A Tea Brand Is A Great Idea

    (3 Boxes) Salada Pure Green Tea Bags, 40 count, 1.83 oz ...

    Simply put: Next to water, tea is the most popular beverage in the world. Surprisingly, it even surpasses coffee! In fact, three cups of tea are consumed to every one cup of coffeewho knew?

    The UKs Tea and Infusions Association even keeps a running count of how many cups of tea are consumed each day. This amounts to approximately 100 million cups daily, and as many as 36 billion cups per year! The tradition of tea breaks has been with us for almost two hundred years. We use this ritual to converse with our friends and colleagues, to find out the news of the day, to connect. All around the world, over two billion people drink tea every morning.

    And this market is likely to grow.

    Tea stands out as a wholesome, potentially sugar-free option when water just doesnt hit the spot. With fewer additives and acids, its still preferred to sodas by many health-affirming consumers. The statistics point towards the steady growth of this market, presenting opportunities in a range of products. From teabags to pre-made ice-tea mixes, this industry is booming and ready for new merchants to start selling tea products online.

    Curious yet? Lets look at the steps you need to take to start selling tea online.

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    Starting A Tea Brand: Find Your Niche

    As with any potential product idea, your first step is to assess demand and opportunity. There are plenty of niches within the tea industry, so its no wonder that so many entrepreneurs have successfully managed to carve themselves a place in the market.

    Take Tease Tea, , Clipper, or Blue Tea Box as examples. All these brands specialize in something slightly different, and theyre killing it!

    We talked to Jon Butt, Founder of Blue Tea Box, to see what makes his online tea business stand out from the crowd. This is what he had to say:

    In a world full of drinks with sugar and syrups and dairy products, health-aware people around the world are looking for natural hot drinks such as green tea, herbal, fruit, and rooibos along with quality black tea. We only use loose leaf teas from ethical sources, and any added fruits and herbs are all-natural.

    So, spend some time thinking about your desired tea product. Do you want to sell flavored teas? Organic teas? Iced teas? Weight loss and detox teas? At this point, its worth noting that teas used as sleeping aids are also becoming very popular. So are teas offering an extra caffeine boost to improve the energy needed to study or work.

    Take a look at to see how the popularity of these products has risen:

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    How To Dropship Tea

    If youre interested in the tea niche but prefer to start-off with something low-risk, you can choose to sell tea accessories via Oberlo. Using the Oberlo App, you can search for and sell tea products from AliExpress that tea drinkers would benefit from. As your tea accessory business grows, you may also choose to reinvest your profits into creating and selling your own tea online.

    How To Start A Tea Business

    tea bag packing machine automatic and low cost for small business

    If youre looking to learn more about running a successful tea business, there are a number of resources available for you to explore. Here are a few ways to get started:

    • Tea education. Becoming a tea expert will give your brand a unique story and build credibility with your audience. Use the early stages of your business to learn from other tea experts who can share their knowledge on starting a tea business from scratch.
    • Look into tea certification. This will help give your brand a degree of authenticity and can show your customers that youve taken the time to truly become an expert in the product you sell. The Tea and Herbal Association of Canada offers certification in various areas of the world of tea.
    • Get to know your customers and competitors. Once youve decided on the niche youd like to focus on while selling tea, start exploring all competitors within it to get a feel for your customers. Understanding who youre selling to will help you decide on your brand positioning, pricing models, and to become familiar with the industry youll be competing within.
    • Start building your online store. Building a website for your business is a lot easier today than ever. In order to start selling tea online, youll want to build your website on an ecommerce platform like Shopify that makes the experience easy with many free tools available. Youll also want to have a brand name that reflects your products, along with a website domain and recognizable logo.

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    Gifts For Any Occasion

    We understand the need for a reliable, quality service in the modern gifting market and feel we offer a complete solution. Our customer service is a vital link in our chain and we place a huge emphasis on getting this right for every customer, whether they are ordering 1 hamper or 10,000.

    We aim to ensure every hamper leaves us in pristine condition, is carefully delivered and thoroughly enjoyed by the lucky recipient. We only include luxury food and wines which people will genuinely use and enjoy. Each product is hand-selected and tested for quality. Its a tough job, but someones got to do it!

    As a business we understand the environmental impacts of our actions and we are constantly working to reduce our waste, increase the amount we recycle and minimise the on-going impacts of our hampers and gifts.

    From using 100% re-cycled cardboard and bio-degradable packaging, to carefully reviewing our logistics, we place real importance on ensuring we operate in the most environmentally minded way possible. Hazelton’s Gift Baskets ship for free across America & Canada on orders over $100. View our Shipping & Delivery pages for more information regarding free shipping from Richmond Hill, Ontario ,

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