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How To Use Tea Bags Under Your Eyes

What Types Of Tea Bags Are Best For Eyes

How to get rid of dark circles under the eyes NATURALLY!

If youre going to do this treatment then make certain you pick a tea bag with a great deal of caffeine in it so that you get the full diuretic advantage of it.

While it will likely boil down to what you happen to have in your cupboard at the time, in basic if you desire to get the very best result then select an organic, fully caffeinated tea. By doing this you understand its a decent tea bag that hasnt been bleached. Its well worth inspecting that youre utilizing unbleached tea bags before application to prevent any possible skin inflammation.

Take Precautions Using Tea Bags

Although placing tea bags on your eyes may reduce irritation, inflammation, and pain, you could be making your situation worse if you do not follow a few simple commonsense procedures when placing tea bags on or around your eyes.

  • Wash your face and hands thoroughly before you begin treating your eyes with tea bags.
  • Take off any makeup before placing tea bags around your eyes.
  • Remove your contacts before placing tea bags around your eyes. A major source of eye infections is related to unsanitary use of contact lenses.
  • Do not rub or touch your eyes with the tea bags on them.
  • Make sure the tea bags are not scalding hot. Never place hot tea bags around your eyes.
  • Do not let any of the liquid from the tea bags go into your eyes.
  • Do not use tea bags that have staples in them, or at least remove the staples before using them.
  • Use unbleached tea bags.
  • If you experience any irritation or pain, remove the tea bags immediately.


How Can Tea Bags Help To Get Rid Of Dark Circles Around The Eyes

As we leave our childhood behind, puffy or swollen eyes become our companion in almost every phase of life. Starting from students who pull all nighters, either for studies or for binge watching their favourite series, to those who work around the clock to earn a happy living, everyone becomes a prey to dark circles. As a result, we constantly jump to new eye ointments or gels that claim to combat this problem. However, the sad truth is, these products rarely show any signs of progress. Alternately, all they do is create another reason for our pockets to stay empty.Therefore, its always better to go for options that are more natural as well as affordable. This is exactly where the role of tea comes in. Using tea bags for this issue is the most natural and affordable solution that can be easily used at home. As they not only diminish dark circles, but also help you get rid of puffiness making you look more awake and into the moment.

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Can Tea Bags Moisturize The Skin Under My Eyes

So you stayed up late a few too many nights in a row, and now you have unsightly circles under your eyes. If you look more closely, you might even see some puffiness. You need a fast solution to wake you up and give you a jolt. In this situation, many people reach for something with caffeine in it, such as coffee, soda or tea.

Drinking tea might wake you up, but it probably won’t get rid of those red circles. You may have heard, however, that placing tea bags on your eyes can reduce puffiness. Although it doesn’t moisturize your skin the same way a lotion might, the practice can work to make you look more awake, according to dermatologists.

To reduce puffiness, caffeinated tea, particularly black tea, works best, because caffeine temporarily tightens the skin around your eyes by drawing out excess water, while the tannins in tea fight inflammation . The cool compress of the bag itself slows blood flow to the area, reducing swelling .

Simply drop two bags of the caffeinated tea into a cup of hot water for a few minutes. Heating the tea releases the caffeine and tannins from the cut leaves. Once the tea bags have soaked for a few minutes, remove them and squeeze out the excess water. Don’t skip this step, or tea might leak into your eyes, adding burning, itching and redness to puffy dark circles. Next, put the tea bags on a plate and refrigerate them until they have cooled, creating two small compresses. Place the cold bags over your eyes for about 10 minutes .

Caesalpinia Pulcherrima Tea Bags For Inflammation

Do Tea Bags Under Eyes Actually Work?

Caesalpinia pulcherrima, also known as peacock feather or Barbados Pride, can help treat various eye afflictions. For example, if you have bags under our eyes because of not sleeping enough, you can use these tea bags to help.

The anti-inflammatory properties of this herb not only help with your eyes, but they also help lower any inflammation of the liver, lower a fever, and treat bronchitis and asthma.

  • To use these tea bags to reduce circles or bags under your eyes, first make tea like normal, and then put a warm or cool tea bag on each eye.
  • Leave them there for about 15 minutes, or longer if your bags are really bad.

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Getting Rid Of Under Eye Wrinkles In Professional Medical Salon And Spa

Having wrinkles is inevitable but it is not impossible to prevent, correct, or delay its formation. There are several solutions offered in medical spas in treating wrinkles under the eyes. It is up to you to choose which remedy you prefer to use.

Going to salons and spas may be time-consuming and expensive but its a small price to pay for reversing the hands of time and banishing those unsightly wrinkles under the eyes.

Some undereye treatments include the following:

Green Tea For Puffiness

When you are running on inadequate sleep, just like green chai can make all of your tiredness go away and green tea bags can shoo away your puffed up, exhausted look. Green tea contains antioxidants that have an anti-inflammatory effect. You can store a tea bag in a freezer well in advance and the next morning, compress your eyes with the same. Green tea also contains tannins – responsible for tightening the skin, so bye-bye wrinkled eyes.

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Why Tea Bags Are A Natural Remedy For Red And Puffy Eyes

Tea has lots of benefits and is among the reasons that it is used as natural medication in China. Technically, tea is derived from the Camellia sinensis shrub by drying its leaves. It has a high content of caffeine, which is an alkaloid substance that works as a stimulant to the central nervous system. This compound also helps in improving the flexibility of your skin when continued it, thereby tightening the blood vessels. This helps in decreasing the swollenness on the eyes to make them look fresh.

Apart from caffeine, tea likewise consists of tannins which help in relaxing your eyes. Nevertheless, the tannins are not usually present in caffeine-infused appeal cosmetics which is why it is considered more useful to utilize tea bags directly on the eyes, instead of utilizing charm products which include caffeine.

Now, the question is, what type of tea bag should be used and for how long? Scroll down to get the response to find out more.

How To Get Rid Of Wrinkles Under Your Eyes: 12+ Beauty Tips

Tea Bags for Puffy Eyes: This is How to Use Them!

It is not a surprise to get dark circles under the eyes especially when you are deprived of sleep but it is definitely an eye-opener once you see under eye wrinkles.

Aside from making you look older than you actually are, it makes you look tired too. With all the hustle and bustle of daily life, it usually comes as a surprise to see lines that werent there before.

It is unsightly and a confidence zapper and makes a person desperate to stop, correct and prevent more under eye wrinkling.

Under eye wrinkles don’t really result from advanced age but more of a result of having thin skin around the periorbital area.

What can be done to prevent or correct it?

There are several tips and tricks to help you battle under eye wrinkles and get rid of it for good. Read on and take care of one of the most delicate parts of your face.

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Do Tea Bags On The Eyes Really Work

Because tea bags have tannin in them this makes them great for any swelling, discolouration and bags under the eyes says Lewis. Tannin has a proven anti-inflammatory effect, helping to reduce puffiness and dark circles through lifting fluid build up and tightening the skin.

Better still, the caffeine in tea bags acts as an antioxidant. Caffeine is a diuretic which means that it helps to drain swelling and take congestion down on the eye. Thats why caffeine is often used in cellulite products its a stimulant and gets the blood flowing. And when you have good microcirculation this brings oxygen and nutrients to the skin, says Lewis.

Why Use Tea Bags

  • Tea bags contain beneficial antioxidants along with tannin, responsible for the teas colour and flavour which stimulate healthy blood circulation and help tighten the skin.
  • The anti-inflammatory properties present in tea bags are a key to reduce dark circles.
  • Numerous tea bags, especially green tea bags, contain EGCG, an anti-inflammatory that reduces under eye watery accumulation.

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Mentioned Below Are A Few Tips That Make Things Easier For You

  • The first and the most significant step is to do a patch test for each tea bag that you wish to use on your eyes.
  • Make sure that tea does not get into your eyes while you leave the tea bags on your eyes.
  • For best results, apply tea bags immediately after you take them out of the refrigerator.
  • Remember never to use the same tea bag for the treatment, twice.
  • Also, if you wish to add something extra to your tea like tulsi, cucumber, potato, etc. Consider removing tea bag before adding other things to the tea.
  • It is harmful to open your eyes while the tea bags are in use. It will make tearful and swollen.
  • Always keep in mind that it is unhealthy to use warm tea bags, therefore, you need to let them completely cool in the refrigerator and then apply to your eyes.

Apart from this, by now we have made you aware of several health benefits of drinking tea. Thus, along with this treatment, if you consume any of the teas on daily basis, it will help your eyes heal even faster.

How To Choose A Doctor

How to Use Tea Bags for Dark Circles

The eye area is a very delicate part of the face. Serious complications can arise if procedures are done improperly. Its crucial to find a highly experienced, board-certified surgeon who specializes in treatment of the eyelid area.

Johns Hopkins Center for Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

For more information and videos answering commonly asked questions about cosmetic procedures, visit the Johns Hopkins Center for Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

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Risks And Preventive Measures

Always pay attention when using teabags on the eyes, because the area is very sensitive. Here are a couple of things to remember:

  • Wash hands and face carefully before the treatment.
  • Take off the make-up before treatment.
  • Discontinue use in case of pain and irritation. Do not use teabags that contain staples.
  • Use teabags that are not washed. Keep the liquid away from your eyes.
  • Take out the contacts before processing.
  • Avoid rubbing and touching the eyes.

Using Tea Bags Is It Worth It

Using tea bags on your eyes is an affordable and effective method to help alleviate the look of dark circles and swelling, with long-lasting usage assisting to keep puffiness at bay.

If your eye inflammation symptoms persist after a couple of days its worth thinking about reserving in to see your physician. In the meantime, however, you can likewise support your eye health by guaranteeing that youre resting your eyes and drinking as much water as possible.

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Tea Bags On Eyes: Benefits And How To Use According To An Expert

A professional’s take on the home remedy

If theres one thing us Brits love its a good brew. However, besides being a morning essential, tea bags are often considered to have a number of other uses that you likely havent even thought of.

An accessible, inexpensive and natural home remedy, using tea bags on your eyes is thought to help reduce the appearance of dark circles, puffiness and redness, with some types of tea even being used to ease the symptoms of pink eye, red eye and styes.

But are the rumours backed by facts? To find out we asked facialist and beauty expert Chelseé Lewis. Heres how tea bags on eyes can help you with your daily beauty regime.

Take Your Makeup Off Before Bed


Improving your nightly routine may also help you avoid bags under your eyes. In particular, its important to wash your face before bed each night.

There are several reasons why you shouldnt sleep in makeup. First, if you sleep with mascara or other eye makeup on your eyes, you may:

  • irritate them
  • experience an allergic reaction
  • develop an infection that creates redness, puffiness, or other symptoms

Some say forgetting to wash your face may cause wrinkles or damage the skin in other ways. How exactly? When you sleep in makeup, youre exposing your skin to free radicals. This has the potential to create whats called oxidative stress, which

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What Types Of Tea Bags Work Best

If youre going to do this treatment then make sure you choose a tea bag with a lot of caffeine in it so that you get the full diuretic benefit of it she says.

While it will likely come down to what you happen to have in your cupboard at the time, in general if you want to get the best result then choose an organic, fully caffeinated tea. This way you know its a decent tea bag that hasnt been bleached says Lewis. Its well worth checking that youre using unbleached tea bags before application to prevent any potential skin irritation.

See Your Derm About Microneedling

Microneedling is also known as collagen induction therapy. Proponents say it reduces wrinkles, scarring, and even pigment issues, like dark circles and under-eye bags.

The procedure involves fine needles that are used to puncture the skin. This creates a controlled injury of sorts that, in turn, rejuvenates the skin being treated.

This procedure isnt for those who want instant gratification. Its usually performed over the course of six sessions spaced a month or so apart. Microneedling costs less than more traditional laser procedures.

There are also some risks, though the recovery time is relatively fast. People may run into issues like:

  • bleeding
  • infection
  • scarring

Dermatologists dont recommend the at-home kits as theyre less effective and theres some danger of infection transmission. Dont share needles with other people to prevent disease transmission. This approach isnt a good choice for people who have a history of keloids or who easily scar.

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How To Use Tea Bags To Improve Circles Under Your Eyes

26 November, 2020

Did you know that you can use tea bags to help relieve any eye puffiness or bags?

Many people have puffy eyes or dark circles under their eyes due to stress, not sleeping enough, or even genetics. However, most people dont like having bags or dark circles under their eyes and see it as something that affects their natural beauty.

If you suffer from puffiness or dark circles under your eyes, then keep reading!

This article will explain how to use different tea bags to rid you of your eye problems. These techniques can also help you look more alert and awake for an upcoming interview or date.

How To Use Tea Bags On The Eyes

How to get rid of dark circles and bags under your eyes ...

This is simple to do.

Steep two or more tea bags in the same manner as if you were going to prepare tea to drink. Remove the tea bags from the water, squeeze the liquid out, and then allow the tea bags to cool a bit until they are just warm. You could put them in the refrigerator for a few minutes to cool them down more quickly.

Apply the tea bags to your closed eyes for 10 to 25 minutes. You can also gently massage the area around your eyes if you wish.

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Forget About The Expensive Creams You Can Use A Simple Technique Like A Cold Compressor To Get Rid Of The Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

Your blood vessels constrict as you apply the cold compress to the eye areas. As a result, you enjoy some temporary pain relief while ridding off eye bags.

While you can buy a cold compressor at any retail shop, using materials at your disposal can still work.

Here are a few DIY methods worth trying

  • A cold teaspoon
  • Wet cloth
  • Frozen veggies.

Before you apply the cold compress, wrap it with a soft cloth to protect your skin. Otherwise, applying the cold compress directly can freeze your skin.

The method provides immediate relief since you need to apply the compress for a few minutes only.


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