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How To Study For The Teas Test

Teas Section : English And Language Usage

ATI TEAS V Test | How to Pass TEAS Exam Science, Reading, Math & English

Whether you are a nursing student or a practicing registered nurse, success relies on your ability to communicate clearly and effectively in various situations. In this section, you will have 28 questions to answer within 28 minutes. Four will be sample questions that do not contribute to your score.

Questions fall into three categories:

  • Conventions of standard English
  • Knowledge of language
  • Vocabulary acquisition

A lot of career changers apply to Mercers second degree ABSN track. If you plan on transitioning into the nursing profession, the TEAS is the perfect opportunity for you to refresh your academic skills and position yourself for a successful learning experience.

For Ati Teas Science Prep Theres A Bit Of Good News And Bad News

Bad News The TEAS has a TON of science questions that are fair game.

What does this mean? On the TEAS science section, you could see a question about ionic bonds and the periodic table, zygote formation and cell differentiation, endocrine system dysfunctions, acid-base reactions, and specific cells in the epidermis.

Its like taking your chemistry final, your biology final, and your anatomy and physiology final all at once. Yikes!

You could get lost in what you might be tested on the TEAS. Odds are, youll waste time, feel overwhelmed, and start doubting yourself. No thanks.

But theres good news!

Good News The TEAS emphasizes specific scientific concepts.

If you use a TEAS science study guide to help you master these concepts first, you can forget worrying about the rest. In fact, if you focus on whats emphasized, its possible to boost your score quite a bit while reducing the overall number topics you actually need to study!

A prioritized framework for studying for the TEAS Science test means that you can breeze through specific questions, which gives you more time for the harder ones.

So what should you study first? For your TEAS science review, start with Anatomy and Physiology. If you need help picking a body system, start with the cardiovascular system, then tackle the respiratory system. The endocrine and immune systems are some of the most challenging, so you officially have my permission to study these last.

How To Pass The Teas Test With My Online Study System

As you can see, theres SO much that goes into how to pass the TEAS test. If youd like a step-by-step system for your TEAS prep to help you pass your exam, check out my premium program from Prenursing Smarter. Students who use this program increase their average assessment scores by 25% .

The programs built around my 4-step study framework that I built after working with thousands of busy college students. Youll get 60+ lessons, to help you master the most important TEAS concepts necessary for passing the test.

Video lessons will cover

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Ati Teas Test Science Practice Test And Review

The science section of the ATI TEAS is arguably the most difficult section.

Theres probably not a person out there who has taken the TEAS that will tell you that science wasnt the hardest most in-depth area.

For this reason were going to do a deep dive into all the topics you might see on the test.

Well go over all the topics but also some of the more anecdotal things like tips, strategies and the types of questions that you might see.

The science section of the TEAS is going to have 53 questions in 63 minutes.

The test does have unscored questions, for this section 47 questions are scored and 6 questions are unscored, but you wont know which ones.

A& P is by far the area you need to know the most about, and roughly 32 of the 53 questions will be on A& P.

So this is your high value topic that you should be spending the most time studying.

The Smart Edition Academy online course covers every topic covered on this page in a very detailed way so that you can really learn and understand each topic, and you have the option to learn it with lesson modules, video lessons, test banks, flashcards, and practice tests.

Human Anatomy And Physiology: S I

TEAS Science Practice Test (updated 2020)

Physiology is the study of the functions of the body. Anatomy and physiology, although technically discrete and different bodies of knowledge, anatomy, and physiology are closely aligned with each other. For example, the anatomy of cardiac muscles enables the physiological performance of the heart to fulfill the body’s physical need for blood flow and oxygenation and the anatomy of the digestive system enables the person to consume food and process foods so that the physical need for nutrition is fulfilled.

Some of the major physical needs of the body that are fulfilled with the body’s physiology and its physiological functioning are the need for:

  • Homeostasis and bodily equilibrium

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Register For The Exam Early

The earlier you register for the exam, the more time you will have to study and prepare. The test creator will send a study guide once you have registered, which lets you really hone in and identify the areas you need to spend time studying. Giving yourself extra time to adequately prepare can keep your stress level low leading up to the test, meaning your head will be clear and focused.

Two Why Do You Need To Take The Teas Exam

Many universities use the TEAS exam to determine how well a student will perform in a higher academic setting. Studies have shown that students who do well on the TEAS also do well in nursing school.

Most schools that include the TEAS are a part of their application process, application, transcripts, an essay, letters of recommendation, and other fees.

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Utilize Online Test Prep Resources

The Assessment Technologies Institute is the creator of the TEAS test. Their website has various study guides and learning options available for prospective nursing students to use. For example, they offer online tutorials, study manuals, practice tests, and learning strategies to help lead students toward success.

Since the ATI developed the TEAS test, their website is a great place to start. However, there are many online resources for students preparing to take the TEAS test. One should always check ratings and ask around before investing in an online TEAS study program.

What Is The Best Teas Study Guide

How to Pass the TEAS Exam | Where To Start & How To Study for the TEAS

Best TEAS Study Manuals

  • Editors Choice. ATI TEAS Prep Plus. 2nd Edition.
  • ATI TEAS Study Manual. 6th Edition. by ATI Test Prep.
  • ATI TEAS 6 Study Guide. 2018-2019. by TEAS 6 Test Prep Team.
  • ATI TEAS Test Study Guide. 2018-2019 Edition. by Trivium Test Prep.
  • Editors Choice. ATI TEAS Flash Cards. 6th Edition.
  • ATI TEAS Practice Tests Version 6. 6th Edition.

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How To Make The Most Of Your Ati Teas Study Guides

Step 1: Decide the order youll study TEAS subjects. Map out your general TEAS study plan and select quality TEAS test study guides.

Step 2: Create a study calendar. I recommend at least 3 to 4 months for total study time. Group your subjects so that you can dive deep. Give yourself plenty of time for review.

Step 3: Select your study tools: lessons, practice questions, practice exams, and memory and strategy guidance.

Step 4: Pick your study places. Tie specific locations to specific ways of studying. Make it work for you!

Step 5: Remember your motivation. Your career is bigger than the TEAS.

Following a study plan and getting guidance when you need is so important for your TEAS prep. Heres what one of my students said about using the program to say on track:

Ive already recommended you to some other students like myself that need guidance studying. Regardless of the end result, Im learning more from your class than I did by myself with the manual.

I hope this information helps you get clear on your study goals! This is a lot of work, and you are awesome for tackling it with a plan. And one last thing: ask for help if you need it.

You got this.

Our Free Teas Practice Test Pack

We are proud to say that our free TEAS practice test website and application have helped hundreds of students confidently pass their exams. You can practice directly on your browser by visiting our homepage or download to practice offline on your mobile via these links:

500+ free TEAS practice questions are available for all 4 TEAS sections combined with our TEAS Test Study Guide Series will allow you to master all the knowledge areas.

When practicing within our website, users can experience several interesting features:

  • 500+ free TEAS practice questions are mimic the questions on real tests
  • Dozens of full simulated tests: Same number of questions, same time limits, same structure as the actual test. The exam simulators let you familiarize yourself with the test format and get 100% ready for your big day!
  • Detailed explanations: Each question is followed by a detailed explanation to let you know why an option was correct and the others were not. A well understanding always helps you remember better!!!
  • Gamification: The learning process was divided into small milestones. Lets make your learning process interesting like playing games.
  • No Signup or Login Required: All your progress is saved without an account even if you close your browser. No usernames, no passwords required just training.
  • Study on any device: You can browse to study on any device from your phone to tablet and PC. Keep staying any time to get more knowledge!

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Teas Section : Science

Having a keen understanding of science is vital to delivering quality patient care. For instance, understanding the biological processes of the human body are key to restoring balance in patients. In this section, you will have 53 questions to answer within 63 minutes. Six will be sample questions that do not contribute to your score.

Questions fall into three categories:

  • Human anatomy and physiology
  • Scientific reasoning

Is The Teas Test Challenging Not If You Follow This Advice

Ace the TEAS Test: Study Guide and Practice Tests for the ...

Summary: If you are applying to Mercer Universitys 12-month ABSN track, you might wonder: Is the TEAS test challenging? It depends on how much effort you put into test preparation. You should begin studying for the TEAS six weeks before test day by brushing up your reading, math, science, and English skills and completing free online TEAS practice tests.

Before you apply to nursing school, its important to be prepared. The Test of Essential Academic Skills is an admissions requirement for Mercer Universitys second degree Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing track and helps us gauge your level of academic readiness for nursing school.

For admission to Mercers 12-month ABSN track, applicants must score 76% or higher on the exam. It is a score requirement that reflects our commitment to helping students build a strong foundation for nursing school success.

Administered by ATI Nursing Education, the TEAS is a standardized test that focuses on your comprehension of fundamental academic skills in reading, math, science, and English and language usage. Is the TEAS test hard? It depends. Passing the TEAS correlates with the time and effort you are willing to devote to your test preparation. And given that nursing school is competitive, the higher your TEAS score, the stronger your application will be.

Take Note Mercers 12-month ABSN track in Atlanta, Georgia is a second-degree option for individuals with a non-nursing bachelors degree.

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From The Source: Teas Talks About The Exam

Colleen Rowley Blackwell is the marketing specialist at ATI Nursing Education, the organization responsible for administering the TEAS exam. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in communication from the University of Missouri at Columbia.

Q: How important is a students TEAS score in relation to the rest of their admissions materials?

Most nursing programs have a limit for the number of students that can be admitted into their program each semester or year, so the admission process can be very competitive. In fact, 30% of qualified applicants are turned away from ADN, Diploma, and BSN programs. Having a TEAS score that isnt up to par could be one of the reasons that you find yourself in this unfortunate group, so prepping to earn your highest score the first time is crucial to your success for nursing school admission.

In addition, many schools value a good TEAS score. They want students who are prepared and ready for school. We have a research study that shows a direct correlation between a good TEAS score and a students likelihood of success the first year of nursing school. Admissions teams want to make sure they are choosing the students who will be the most successful.

Q: What are your best tips for preparing for this exam?

Fully understand what to expect when it comes to test day what subjects you will be tested on, how much time you have, what the testing experience looks like.

Q: What are some common mistakes students might make in getting ready to sit the test?

When To Start Studying For The Ati Teas Exam

Students should start studying for the ATI TEAS exam as soon as they decide that they want to apply to nursing school. Since schools require that potential nursing school students take this exam as part of the admissions process, it is very important that students are ready to take the exam when the time comes.

Students may want to have an intensive study session one week or so before taking the TEAS exam to make sure that they are prepared. ATI has several study materials that students can use to gauge what areas they need to focus more attention. They can use the results of the online assessments to determine what to study during their intensive study sessions.

The ATI TEAS exam is a huge part of nursing school. Students must meet success on this exam to begin many nursing programs. This ATI assessment tool is just one of the tools that nursing programs use to identify strengths and weaknesses of their potential nursing students. Students should take this exam seriously if they want to succeed in nursing school.

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Organize Your Study Time

It’s essential that the test-taker set aside time to study each day. The TEAS test should NOT be attempted without proper preparation and study time. A great way to stay organized is to assign a specific day and time to study. For example, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. When one makes “appointments” to study, it creates accountability and leads to a higher chance of following through with reviewing the material. Calendars, phone apps/alerts, and personal planners can help students stay on schedule with their study times.

How To Study For Teas Test


One step to getting it right is by having the desire to read and prepare for the TEAS test. Seeing the original TEAS study guide is an efficient way to study for your nursing school entrance exams. For this reason, we recommend you use the following

  • TEAS SmartPrep Package: It creates this personalized study pack to help you conquer the areas of the TEAS exam where you are weak. ATI TEAS SmartPrep offers 65 unique lessons covering the subjects and patterns that TEAS-takers need to know to do their best. The number of lessons in each module aligns with the TEAS outline, so you can give in more time.
  • ATI TEAS Basic Package: it designs this TEAS study guide to give you insights on what to expect both in content and format. This practice test includes 150 questions structured like the real ATI TEAS exam.

You can get any of the TEAS study packages by clicking here.

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Find The Best Teas Study Resources

Now that you know the specific topics you need to study, its time to determine the required resources to help you practice your weakest areas. There are many types of study materials to choose from. You can watch study videos, read study guides, or practice with flashcards.

Its easier to choose the resources that work best for you if you know your learning style. A learning style is your preferred way of processing information. You can be a visual, audiovisual, verbal, or social learner.

For example, if you think you are a social learner, you might retain information faster if you teach the source material to another person. You can also be an audiovisual learner where you prefer to see what youre studying and hear a narration simultaneously.

Tips To Pass The Ati Teas Test

Practice with TEAS test prep resources

No matter how much confidence you have about the exam, test prep resources can help. Its a great idea to take a TEAS practice test 2021 at the start of your studies.

Practice as much as possible to familiarize yourself with the test format. Perhaps the easiest way to begin preparing for the test is taking as many as possible no-cost sample tests and questions that are easily accessible online. Some test-takers choose to take all 4-sample tests to record a baseline level of their current performance on the test. It is a great tool to determine how your studying is and refine your test-taking abilities.

Register at least two weeks ahead of time

Another great TEAS test tip is to register for the exam early. While you can do various independent preparation beforehand, ATI may send you a study guide and other essential materials once you do officially register for the test. Following more our strategies on What to study for the TEAS test? to figure out your path.

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