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What Are The Health Benefits Of Black Tea

May Help Regulate Blood

5 Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Black Tea

High blood sugar levels are harmful whether someone has diabetes or not.

For example, chronically high blood glucose levels are associated with numerous chronic diseases. Various studies link high blood sugar with type 2 diabetes, cancer, vascular disease, and dementia, among others 30223-2/pdf” rel=”nofollow”> 6, 7).

As a result, keeping blood-glucose levels within a healthy range is something that everyone should strive for. On this note, black tea may play a helping hand.

Research Findings

Firstly, a recent randomized, controlled trial demonstrated that black tea consumption can significantly decrease blood glucose levels following sugar intake .

Furthermore, there is a linear inverse association between high black tea consumption and diabetes .

Also, several polyphenols found in black tea demonstrate the ability to inhibit carbohydrate hydrolyzing enzymes.

This slowing of carbohydrate digestion would improve blood-glucose regulation, and possibly reduce diabetes risk .

Key Point:

Gives You A Clean Gentle Energy Boost

A six-ounce cup of black tea contains approximately 50 milligrams of caffeineless than half the amount found in a similar-sized cup of brewed coffee. Caffeine is a type of natural stimulant, which means that it has the ability to increase your energy levels and keep you from feeling tired and sluggish.

Because black tea contains less caffeine than coffee, it is often easier for people to control and limit the amount of caffeine they consume, allowing them to avoid unwanted side effects like jitters, restlessness, insomnia, and anxiety. This is especially true for those who have caffeine sensitivities.

Additionally, black tea contains a unique amino acid called L-theanine, which has a calming effect on the body and mind. The presence of caffeine and L-theanine together in black tea means that the energizing effects are milder, gentler, and steadier as compared to coffee.

Lowers Your Stroke Risk

Your health is a long-term game, so reducing your risk of the big playersheart disease, stroke, and canceris important. Luckily, black tea can help you do just that.

Specifically, black tea has been shown to reduce the risk of stroke thanks to its positive effects on blood vessels, and thats according to a huge body of research.

One study of nearly 75,000 people over a 10+ year period found that participants who drank four cups of black tea every day had a 32 percent lower chance of having a stroke compared with non-tea drinkers. Well take those odds.

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Guide To Make A Relishing Black Tea:

After reading all the benefits, we are sure that you must be craving a cup of hot brewing black tea! So, what is stopping you? Tea Swan guides you to make a lip-smacking recipe of the famous Black tea just within 10 minutes! All you need to do is follow the steps and you will have an amazing tea ready, straight out of your kitchen.


  • Step 1- Boil some water in a saucepan.
  • Step 2- Add the black tea leaves.
  • Step 3- Cover it with a lid and let the tea leaves steep in the boiling water for 3 minutes.
  • Step 4- Remove the lid and give it a stir.
  • Step 5- Add sugar or honey accordingly. Skip this step if you want your black tea to be strong and raw!
  • Step 6- Add lemon juice accordingly.
  • Step 7- Give it a stir and pour the tea into the cups with the help of a strainer.
  • Step 8- Enjoy the brewing black tea- just your way!

Note- if you want to enjoy your black tea in the raw and plain form, skip the lemon and sugar steps. The raw and plain black tea has a robust and strong taste with a strong aroma. Avoid adding milk to black tea as it can ruin the original essence of it.

For the best results, have a cup of this black tea right after you wake up in the morning and in the evening. Two cups of black tea in a day is enough to keep your body active and working with an adequate sleeping schedule.

Lowers Ovarian Cancer Risk

28 Health And Beauty Benefits Of Black Tea

Black tea is rich in antioxidants that can lower the rates of cancers in the colon, the ovaries, the lungs and the breasts.

The theaflavins in black tea are particularly effective in lowering the risk of ovarian cancer because this component restrains the generation of ovarian cancer cells.

In a study conducted in the USA, the patients experienced a 30% decline in ovarian cancer risk due to two cups of black tea consumption daily.

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What Is Black Currant Tea

Blackcurrant tea is an herbal beverage brewed from the flavorful berries of the blackcurrant bush, which is scientifically known as Ribes nigrum. For centuries, the fruit of this plant, as well as the leaves, have been used to brew a powerful tea with a wide range of nutrients and free of caffeine.

You can use either the dried berries or the chopped leaves, both of which will provide a rich supply of antioxidants and other active ingredients, such as vitamin C, tannins, and gamma-linolenic acid.

Rich in antioxidants, black currant tea boosts your immunity & improves overall wellbeing. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Caffeine In Black Tea

Like other teas, black tea also contains caffeine. According to the USDA, a cup of hot brewed tea contains 48 mg of caffeine. It is important to note here that the amount of caffeine also depends on the brewing time and its processing. So the brand you buy may also make a difference. For comparison, the same amount of green tea contains 28.8 mg of caffeine. Coffee contains double the amount with an average brewed cup containing at least 96 mg of caffeine.

For a clearer comparison, read our article Caffeine In Tea And Coffee: Which Is Healthier. To get a better understanding of its effects, read Caffeine In Tea: Top 12 Surprising Facts.

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Green Tea Health Benefits

Green tea contains the antioxidant EGCG which contains medicinal properties that can be used to treat various diseases. Green tea contains caffeine, which is a known stimulant that has been shown to improve brain function including better moods and more focus. While the caffeine content isnt as strong as coffee, green tea also contains the amino acid L-theanine which can also improve brain function and reduce anxiety.

Regular consumption of green tea can help burn fat and improve physical performance. Green tea is great for your teeth. The catechins in green tea can kill bacteria in your mouth and also help prevent you from catching influenza.

Like black tea, green tea is easy to make and doesn’t require any special ingredients or equipment. Enjoy green tea with the subtly sweet nokcha cake.

Besides all the health benefits, drinking tea can have a calming effect on the mind and body. The water provides hydration and the experience of drinking a hot beverage can allow you to take a moment out of your day to enjoy, reflect, and pause.

Black Soybeans Help Prevent Cancer

Dr. Zorba Paster talks about health benefits of black tea

Black soybeans have many nutrients that can curb cancer risks, specifically the ones related to hormones. According to other research, soy has possible benefits in reducing prostate, colon, and ovarian cancers.

The high fiber content of black soybeans and its tea helps reduce your caloric intake and aids in maintaining a healthy weight, both of which are crucial to reducing the risks of getting all kinds of cancer. Fiber is also associated with a lower risk of colorectal cancer.

In addition, there is evidence showing that the calcium content of black soybeans may decrease the risk of breast cancer in women.

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May Reduce Blood Pressure

High blood pressure concerns approx. 1bn people around the world and can increase the risk of kidney failure, heart attack, loss of vision and even stroke.

However, alterations in your diet can help regulate healthy blood pressure.

A controlled study found that participants who three cups of black tea over a period of six months had a notable decrease in systolic and diastolic blood pressure, compared to the placebo group.

However, researches over the effects of black tea on blood pressure is mixed.

An analysis of five different studies comprising 343 participants concluded that although there was an improvement in their blood pressure, the findings, however, were not significant.

Uses Of Clove Tea In Daily Routine

Clove tea can be used in many ways, which are given below

  • Clove tea can be used as an herbal tea. For this, clove can be consumed by boiling it in water and then filtering it.
  • In the problem of stomach ache, gas and nausea, you can prepare clove tea by mixing clove powder in lukewarm water.
  • To bring freshness in the breath, you can drink clove tea. For this, you can boil some tea leaves with cloves in water and take it.

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Improves Hair And Skin

While black tea is busy getting to work on spring cleaning your internal health, it doesnt skip out on your external wellbeing. Nursing a cup of black tea can also lead to glowing skin and gleaming hair.

The antioxidants, tannins, and polyphenols found in black tea can all help the skin to heal fast, reduce puffiness, and can even banish blemishes. It is also believed that black tea from China can help your hair grow. As black tea also helps to reduce stress and anxiety, this also leads to brighter more radiant skin and glossy gorgeous locks.

Black tea doesnt just bring a sense of vibrancy, it can also help reduce wrinkles and other signs of anti-ageing thanks to being a dutiful detox remedy and also using those antioxidants to fight free radicals and cell damage.

For those feeling burnt out, dull and tired, pick up a cup of black tea before a big date.

Top 10 Black Tea Health Benefits Supported By Science

9 HeAlth Benefits of Black Tea

We all know that tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world after water. And like all teas, black tea also comes from a plant called Camellia sinensis. Black tea is the most popular tea variant available. Black tea is a perfect choice if you are looking for a low-calorie beverage with lesser caffeine content than coffee. Black tea is simple to make, and you can easily purchase it from any offline or online tea store.

Over the years, black tea has been extensively studied. These studies have proven that black teas have an immense array of health benefits. These include improved blood pressure and cholesterol levels, better gut health and many more.

Here are top 10 health benefits of drinking black tea supported by science

Packed with Antioxidants

Our body produces molecules called free radicals and oxidants because of different environmental pressure and unhealthy lifestyle choices. Low or moderate concentrations of these molecules play an important role in defending our bodies against diseases.

Oxidative stress is a process that is formed when free radicles and oxidants accumulate in our bodies. It plays an important role in the growth of chronic and progressive illnesses such as cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, cataract, autoimmune disorders, ageing, cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases. Therefore, it is imperative that our body maintains a certain balance of free radicals and antioxidants.

May Help Fight or Prevent Cancer

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May Improve Gut Health

Studies have found that the type of bacteria in your gut may play a significant role in your health.

Thats because the gut contains trillions of bacteria, as well as 7080% of your immune system .

While some of the bacteria in your gut is beneficial for your health, some are not.

In fact, some studies have suggested that the type of bacteria in your gut may play an important role in reducing the risk of certain health conditions, such as inflammatory bowel disease, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity and even cancer .

The polyphenols found in black tea may help maintain a healthy gut by promoting the growth of good bacteria and inhibiting the growth of bad bacteria, such as Salmonella .

In addition, black tea contains antimicrobial properties that kill off harmful substances and improve gut bacteria and immunity by helping repair the lining of the digestive tract.

However, further research is needed before a strong conclusion can be made regarding the role of black tea and immune function .


The gut houses trillions of bacteria and the majority of your immune system. Polyphenols and antimicrobial properties found in black tea may help improve gut health and immunity.

Its Good For Your Skin

Black tea is high in a variety of vitamins and minerals that are good for the skin, including zinc, magnesium, and potassium, all of which can help to protect and rejuvenate the skin. In addition to these beneficial compounds, consuming tea is also a great way to stay hydrated, which can help skin to look healthy, fresh, and nourished. A daily tea-drinking habit can help to ensure that your skin stays hydrated and healthy!

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Possibly Rich Source Of Antioxidants

Black tea is known to be a rich source of antioxidants. Polyphenols, such as theaflavins, thearubigins as well as catechins as major constituents of black tea, which may be responsible for antioxidant actions. The antioxidant properties of tea may help inhibit free radical generation, scavenge free radicals, and help protect your cells against DNA damage.

According to a 2017 study, published in the British Journal of Pharmacology, black tea is rich in catechins and theaflavins. These antioxidants are responsible for many of the beneficial properties of black tea. Regular consumption of black tea can modulate ones antioxidant capacity. It benefits overall health and can help even prevent or help in managing chronic conditions.

The Composition Of Black Soybeans

10 Health Benefits Of Black Tea

Black soybean tea benefits stem from the chemical composition of the soybeans themselves. One hundred grams of black soybeans contain 16% of a person’s daily fiber needs. In general, they are packed with vitamin A and zinc. Black soybeans also contain Vitamins A, B, and K, iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium, making them great additions to anyone’s diet.

Black soybeans also have a low amount of carbohydrates, some healthy unsaturated fats, and a significant amount of complete plant-based protein. This makes black soybean tea and black soybeans, in general, healthy additions to anyone’s diet.

Aside from this, black soybeans are also low on sodium, fat, and sugar, which makes them healthy sources of nutrients for those with diseases such as diabetes. The best of all is that you can drink it hot or cold at any time of the day, as it does not have any caffeine.

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Tea Has Less Caffeine Than Coffee

Herbal blends have no caffeine, while traditional teas have less than 50% of what typically is found in coffee. That means you can consume it without those pesky effects on your nervous system, says Leslie Bonci, nutritionist and owner of Active Eating Advice. If you’re trying to switch from coffee to tea, try a chicory root tea like Teeccino, which has a mouth feel and flavor similar to coffee. Chicory root is also known to help reduce stress and is a prebiotic so may be helpful to your gut.

Bonus: this tea will give you a kick of energy without the caffeine.

May Help Reduce The Risk Of Cancer

Over 100 different types of cancer exist, and some are not preventable.

Nevertheless, the polyphenols found in black tea may help prevent cancer cell survival.

One test-tube study analyzed the effects of the polyphenols in tea on cancer cells. It showed that black and green tea may play a role in regulating cancer cell growth and reducing new cell development .

Another study analyzed the effects of the polyphenols in black tea on breast cancer. It showed that black tea may help overcome the spread of hormone-dependent breast tumors .

Although black tea should not be considered an alternative treatment for cancer, some research has demonstrated black teas potential to help reduce cancer cell survival.

More research in humans is needed to more clearly determine the link between black tea and cancer cells.


Black tea contains polyphenols, which may help fight cancer cells in the body. Although consuming black tea will not cure cancer, it may help decrease cancer cell development.

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Cheap Convenient And Tasty

Black tea is a reasonably cheap drink that offers several health benefits.

Furthermore, teabags are very convenient we can take them to the workplace with ease, and a cup of tea only takes a few minutes to make.

As a result, it is easy for people to enjoy tea no matter where they are.

One last consideration is that tea can be even more beneficial if it is replacing an unhealthier drink choice.

For people who might find plain water unappetizing, tea provide a much healthier alternative to soda and fruit juice.

Black tea also tastes delicious, and there are many tasty ways to make it.

Key Point:

May Increase Energy And Focus

Health Benefits of Black Tea::#healthtips #healthybody # ...

Black tea is considered one of the most caffeinated teas. It can give you an extra boost of energy in the morning to start your day or power you through an afternoon slump. Black tea also contains an amino acid known as L-theanine. This amino acid helps to deliver caffeine more smoothly. That means you won’t have the classic spikes and drops associated with coffee consumption.

A scientific review published in Nutrition Reviews examined the use of black tea in increasing energy levels. Researchers discovered that the combination of L-theanine and caffeine in black tea enables higher focus and a better ability to avoid distraction. Study participants found that energy and alertness lasted longer and was smoother than that provided by caffeine .

A second study published in Appetite investigated the effect of black tea on attention. Researchers conducted two randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled studies. Participants consumed black tea made from tea bags or a placebo created from colorings and flavorings. The participants who consumed black tea performed better on tests analyzing the ability to switch between tasks. They also demonstrated higher levels of auditory and visual attention when compared with the placebo .

Our English Breakfast Black tea is a classic favorite! Blend it with milk, lemon, and a sprig of mint to start your day.

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