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Does Dunkin Donuts Sell Green Tea

Dunkin Has New Strawberry Popping Bubbles That You Can Add To Any Drink This Summer

Dunkin Donuts Green Tea Matcha Latte

Its the fruity explosion we all need.

It was nearly a year ago that Dunkin began testing Strawberry Popping Bubbles to create bubble tea-inspired drinks. It must have been a hit at the select locations, because now theyre coming to participating Dunkin spots nationwide!

Beginning on June 23, you can add the strawberry-flavored popping bubbles to any drink your heart desires. So whether you want to add a fruity explosion to your classic Iced Tea or jazz up your Peach Passion Fruit Refreshers even more, this is the special touch you didnt know you needed. If you opt to add the Strawberry Popping Bubbles to your beverage, youll get it served with a pink and orange paper straw that is wide enough to accommodate the bubbly experience.

As the destination for flavorful beverages to keep folks running all season long, were kicking off summer with something extra fun by offering our guests Strawberry Popping Bubbles. With an exciting explosion of strawberry flavor, Popping Bubbles are a new way to make favorite Dunkin iced or frozen drinks even cooler, Jill Nelson, vice president, marketing and culinary at Dunkin, said in a press release.

ORIGINAL STORY: July 2, 2020 at 10:57 a.m.

Dunkin has a menu thats filled with a seemingly endless list of drink items, but its now stepping into uncharted territory . The coffee and donut spot is testing out bubble tea in select locations.

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How Can I Order Healthy From Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin Donuts recently launched its new menu. However, the company not only offers healthy food options but also provides customers with healthy alternatives to its classic menu items.

There are several ways to order something healthier at Dunkin Donuts. For starters, you can swap your iced coffee for iced green tea, which is caffeine-free and sugar-free.

You can also order an iced coffee or one of their other non-dairy milk that contains less than 10g of sugar and two percent dairy fat each serving.

Finally, you can substitute your donut for a fruit smoothie that offers 1/2 cup of fresh fruit such as strawberries or bananas in each 12-ounce cup.

Dunkin Donuts offers several healthier alternative options, such as syrup-free chocolate or hazelnut.

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Dunkin Donuts Gluten Free List And Guide

Last updated on by Adam Bryan. This post may contain affiliate links.

Believe it or not, but if youre looking for gluten free coffees and drinks, Dunkin Donuts is great place to stop.

Sure the shelves lined with donuts and bags might look like a cross contamination nightmare, but the changes of that are quite low, if the staff is made aware of your allergy.

The best part of it all is that Dunkin Donuts actually offers a huge variety of coffees and other drinks that are gluten free, even with the flavor shots and swirls.

It just may not be as extensive as Starbucks.

So with that being said, heres everything from Dunkin thats gluten free.

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Almond Joy Style Latte

Looking for a delicious and festive drink? Try this beach based drink that will take you right on vacation.

  • Order a large Americano, but with only ¾ water instead of all the way full.
  • Ask for the last ¼ to be filled with a large splash of coconut milk, steamed. Coconut milk will lower the carbs and give you a festive flavor.
  • Now you will want to order 1 shot of unsweetened toasted almond, and one shot of unsweetened coconut.
  • Add 1-2 sweeteners like splenda or stevia to taste.

Breakfast Sandwich/ Wrap Options

Matcha Green Tea

We had to do a few calculations to come up with these numbers, but we did our best to give you all the nutritional values minus a bun or english muffin.

  • Sausage egg and cheese no bread 310 calories, 3g carbs, 25g fat, 17g protein, 3 net carbs.
  • Bacon egg and cheese no bread 220 calories, 3g carbs, 17g fat, 13g protein. It may be a little small and light on calories out of there sandwiches so dont be afraid to get two.
  • Egg and cheese no bread 100 calories, 2g carbs, 6g fat, 8g protein, 2 net carbs.
  • Turkey Sausage, Egg White, & Cheese- 172 calories, 6g carbs, 6g fat, 19g protein, 6g net carbs.

You can also order any other sandwiches and wraps without the bread for a low carb option. Limited edition products like their sourdough breakfast sandwiches are great options to try without a bun.

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Iced Black Tea With Blueberry Flavor Shot

The blueberry flavor shot is very strong and sweet, even though Dunkins flavor shots are supposed to be unsweetened. This iced tea tastes a little artificial, like blueberry or blue raspberry candy. This time they did not give me lemon, but I almost wished I had asked for some to help cut the sweetness and add some tart flavor.

How Tomake Boba Pearls At Home

  • To start, fill a large pot halfway full with water and bring to a boil. If desired, add liquid sweetener of choice to infuse some sweetness into the tapioca balls as they cook. I like to use stevia or monk fruit drops, or you could use simple syrup if preferred.
  • Once boiling, add uncooked black tapioca pearls. Lightly stir until they begin to float, then cover and boil for about 3 minutes.
  • After boiling, remove from the heat and drain the boba pearls. I prefer to use a slotted spoon to gently remove them from the hot water. Finally, transfer cooked tapioca pearls to a bowl and cover with room temperature water until youre ready to serve.
  • To serve, add a few tablespoons of cooked boba pearls into a cup, pour homemade bubble milk tea on top, and serve with a boba straw!

ently remove cooked boba pearls from pot with a slotted spoon and transfer to a bowl of cool water until ready to serve.Add cooked boba pearls into a cup for serving, pour in prepared milk tea, and serve with a boba straw.

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How To Make An Iced Matcha Latte: Recipe Instructions

To make an Iced Matcha Latte, use the following recipe instructions:

  • Add your Matcha Powder to water and mix well.
  • Dissolve the honey or maple syrup in milk.
  • Pour the milk over ice cubes in a glass
  • Pour the Matcha tea over the milk
  • If you follow these instructions you will end up with a tasty and energizing Iced Matcha Latte, looking like this one:Of course, you will have to stir it to have the tea and milk mixed together.I use my metal straw to do the stirring and as you can see the drinks turns velvety green.

    Anyway, no matter whether you try to DIY a vegan Matcha latte, or one made with whole milk and honey, if you follow this simple recipe, Im sure that youll be greatly satisfied with your iced refreshing beverage.

    You will most likely enjoy it even more than the one made at Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts. Especially if you use a premium quality Matcha powder.


    Best Stores To Find Bottled Boba Tea

    Dunkin Donuts Peach Passionfruit & Strawberry Dragonfruit Green Tea Refreshers Review


    Kroger has pre-bottled boba tea like the Taro Bubble Tea with Tapioca Pearls. You can use Krogers online store locator to find out its availability status and other information about it.


    Like Kroger, Meijer also sells bottled boba tea drinks and bursting boba. Bursting boba is made out of water, sugar, fruit juice or other flavors, and usually bursts when you squeeze it. Its one of the top substitutes for tapioca balls, and can be used in smoothies or slushies.

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    Does Dunkin Donuts Have A Secret Menu

    Dunkin Donuts has a secret menuand its crazy good!

    You can mix-and match every single Iced Coffee, Frozen Chocolate, Coolatta and more thats on the regular menu, including all the Flavor Shots and Flavor Swirls. That means you have hundreds of secret menu drinks to start your day! Heres how to work it.

    Tea Options Available At Dunkin

    Maybe you arent a black coffee lover, or just dont like spending a ton of carbs and calories on high sugar lattes. If that sounds like you, you can still enjoy a delicious hot or iced tea.

    Each tea at Dunkin has 0-5 calories and only 1 gram of carbs.

    Hot Teas

    The keto hot tea options at Dunkin are:

    • Bold breakfast black tea- 0g calories, 0g carbs, 0g fat, 0g protein
    • Chamomile fields herbal infusion- 0g calories, 0g carbs, 0g fat, 0g protein
    • Cool mint herbal infusion- 0g calories, 0g carbs, 0g fat, 0g protein
    • Harmony leaf green tea- 0g calories, 0g carbs, 0g fat, 0g protein
    • Hibiscus kiss herbal infusion- 0g calories, 0g carbs, 0g fat, 0g protein

    Iced Teas

    Iced tea at Dunkin is NOT their refreshers. Those are cut with lots of sugar making the carb count much higher.

    The keto iced tea options at Dunkin are:

    • Unsweetened iced green tea- 5g calories, 0g carbs, 0g fat, 1g protein
    • Unsweetened iced black tea- 5g calories, 0g carbs, 0g fat, 1g protein

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    Review: Dunkin’ Matcha Lattes

    A few months ago , I was home from school one weekend for my younger brothers birthday. I was in the car with my mom, and as she drove passed the local Dunkin Donuts, I noticed a green sign on the window. I immediately whipped my head around and yelled Does Dunkin sell matcha now? I was too far away to tell, but about a week later I saw on that they were, in fact, putting three types of matcha lattes on the menu.

    It took me a while to get around to this review because I was avoiding getting tea out at the beginning of the pandemic, and then I was waiting for a somewhat cold day to try Dunkins hot matcha latte. But Ive finally tried all three types of matcha from Dunkin Donuts and can review them now.

    Or Add Toppings Before Serving This Dunkin Donuts Frozen Matcha Latte Copycat Recipe

    Does Dunkin Donuts Sell Boba Tea

    Theres one last optional step that you shouldnt skip when youre feeling especially indulgent go ahead and spray some whipped cream on top to give your drink that restaurant-quality latte feel. Just remember, standard whipped cream is a dairy product, so if youre trying to cut out dairy, look for dairy-free options. And to finish off the look, garnish the whipped cream with a sprinkle of extra matcha powder. Not only does it look beautiful, but youll get a little extra caffeine, too.

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    What Is The Cleanest Coffee

    The Best Organic Coffee Beans on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

    • Death Wish Ground Coffee, The Worlds Strongest Coffee.
    • Kicking Horse Coffee, Grizzly Claw, Dark Roast, Whole Bean, 10 Ounce.
    • Death Wish Coffee Company Valhalla Java Whole Bean Coffee.
    • Cafe Don Pablo Subtle Earth Organic Gourmet Coffee.

    Iced Black Tea With Raspberry Flavor Shot

    An unsweetened iced black tea with raspberry is probably my favorite drink from Dunkin. The raspberry is not very strong but it compliments the iced tea well. The refreshing, fruity flavor is perfect for summer. In the picture above, they gave me two lemons even though I thought I asked for none. The lemon flavor ended up being the stronger flavor, but they may have been a good thing.

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    What Is Boba Tea

    Authentic Boba Tea Ingredients

    Boba tea a.k.a. bubble tea originated in Taiwan in the 1980s, then started gaining popularity in the U.S. in the 1990s. Traditionally, boba milk tea has been a tea-based drink, usually shaken with milk and/or fruit of some kind for flavor. Its served in a cup, with a thick straw designed for sipping up the chewy, black tapioca pearls on the bottom.

    Sometimes bubble milk tea is made with actual black or green tea, sometimes its just a fruity milk base without any tea. Either way, one factor is a constant: boba tea is irresistibly sweet. Typically, the milk tea base is the source of all the sugar. Some boba drinks contain as much as 30-60g of sugar, and upwards of 500 calories. A delicious treat, but sometimes a sugar overload for me!

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    Does Dunkin Donuts Have Stevia

    Dunkin’® Iced Matcha Latte Review! ð§ð?µâ

    stevianeedDunkin DonutsDunkin Donuts

    We use Liquid Cane Sugar, but we will use regular granulated sugar or sugar substitute as requested. I also suggest trying our blueberry and raspberry flavor shots with it!

    Also, what is the healthiest option at Dunkin Donuts? 9 Healthy Dunkin Donuts Breakfast Options

  • Oatmeal. Oatmeal is always the best way to start your day.
  • Reduced Fat Blueberry Muffin.
  • Multigrain and Whole Wheat Bagel.
  • Veggie Egg White Flatbread.
  • Ham, Egg and Cheese on an English Muffin.
  • Wake Up Wrap.
  • Turkey Sausage on an English Muffin.
  • Chicken Apple Sausage on an English Muffin.
  • Subsequently, question is, does Dunkin have stevia?

    Sweeteners. Dunkin Donuts is limited on sweeteners. You can typically get Splenda or sugar. Splenda doesnt mix too well in cold drinks, so I usually end up bringing my own stevia or monkfruit drops.

    What Dunkin Donuts flavors are sugar free?

    Dunkin Donuts also serves coffee drinkers a number of other flavor options, including Caramel and Mocha Swirls, as well as unsweetened and sugar-free flavor shots such as French Vanilla, Hazelnut, Caramel, Coconut, Toasted Almond and more.

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    Why Does Starbucks Not Sell Boba Tea

    Now that you are more familiar with what Boba tea is and how it has become so popular, you may wonder why it is not sold at Starbucks locations.

    The answer comes down to cost vs. profit.

    The cost to roll out a Boba tea in all of the Starbucks stores would be pretty large.

    This is not just because of the pricing of the ingredients of the tea, but also because of the process of making the tea.

    The process of making Boba and serving it to customers as quickly as is expected at a Starbucks location can be quite difficult.

    The tea happens to take some time to make, and those who dont know how to make a proper Boba will need to be trained.

    Starbucks has to be very careful about how it expands its menu and consider whether or not they are making a good financial decision.

    As you can imagine, the chain is located all over the world, and they try to keep things rather consistent from one location to another.

    If Boba tea starts out in a few locations, it will have to make it to all of them, and this is going to get quite costly.

    Does Dunkin Donuts Sell Hot Tea

    Dunkin Donuts has relaunched its hot tea offerings with a brand new lineup of premium hot teas, available in five vibrant flavors. Bold Breakfast Black Tea: A bold blend of full leaf black tea for a full bodied flavor. Harmony Leaf Green Tea: A vibrant full leaf green tea delivering a delicate earthy flavor.

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    Dunkin Donuts Tees Up New Iced Green Tea And Iced Tea Flavors

    Dunkin Donuts new Iced Green Tea features the Rainforest Alliance Certified seal

    Dunkin Brands celebrates launch of Dunkin Donuts Iced Green Tea

    with $50,000 grant to the Rainforest Alliance

    CANTON, MA — With warmer weather on the way, Dunkin Donuts, Americas all-day, everyday stop for coffee and baked goods, is teeing up delicious new iced tea beverages to help guests stay refreshed all spring and summer. Leading off the brands lineup of new iced tea choices, Dunkin Donuts today launched Iced Green Tea, as well as a cool and unique variety of fruity flavors of its freshly brewed Iced Tea, including Blueberry, Raspberry and Peach. All are now available at participating Dunkin Donuts restaurants nationwide for a limited time.

    To help celebrate the launch of Dunkin Donuts new Iced Green Tea, Dunkin Brands today announced a $50,000 grant to the Rainforest Alliance. Since 2010, Dunkin’ Brands has granted a total of $220,000 to the Rainforest Alliance to fund future training projects to assist coffee and tea farmers seeking to improve the sustainability and productivity of their farms through Rainforest Alliance certification.

    To learn more about Dunkin Donuts, visit or follow us on Facebook and Twitter .

    Related News

    How To Stay Keto At Dunkin Donuts

    Do you love Tea? Check The Best Tea For a Peaceful Nights ...

    Need to make the best possible keto Dunkin Donut options? Here we will share some good tips for ordering keto friendly options at dunkin. To keep with the rules of a keto diet start by:

    • Ordering only plain coffee drinks and then customizing it accordingly. Gone are your days of ordering sugary holiday drinks and limited edition lattes. That sugary iced coffee just wouldnt be keto friendly.
    • Order all iced tea/ coffee unsweetened This is normally standard practice, but sometimes baristas will add sweetener to your iced coffee or iced tea if you arent careful.
    • When it comes to food, skip the bun! Say no to breakfast bagels and sausage, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwiches. Rather, opt for just that delicious meat, egg, and cheese without the extra carbs.
    • When ordering flavor shots make sure its unsweetened We touch on this below, but dunkin uses keto friendly flavor shots instead of sugar free syrups. Just make sure you still say you want the unsweetened french vanilla, hazelnut, or blueberry flavor shots to avoid any sugar confusion.

    Those are our best ordering tips so you can walk in confident like a pro. Make sure to check out the list of items we avoid in order to have the best keto experience.

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