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Where To Buy Hibiscus Leaves For Tea

Enjoy Your Healthy Hibiscus Drink

How to Dry and Make Hibiscus Tea for High Blood Pressure or Hypertension

Now you can choose how you want your hibiscus tea.

Maybe you want pure organic hibiscus in tea bags or as a loose leaf tea? You can drink it as it is, or add some ingredients and follow the popular recipes introduced earlier in this article.

Or you can choose a ready-made blend of hibiscus, berries, and herbs to maximize your health benefits.

Origin: Egypt And Kenya

While most hibiscus on the market is typically grown in Asia, we source our hibiscus from two areas in Africa and blend them together. One part of this blend comes from Meru Herbs in Kenya, a small womens cooperative. Located along the Kithino River in the lush Meru region of Kenya where mango, papaya, lemon, pineapple, and guava are also grown, this co-op was originally created to provide job opportunities and fair wages for Kenyan women. Eighty percent of the employees in this small co-op are women who fulfill positions in farming, harvesting, processing, and management. Meru Herbs also helps to educate other local farmers about organic farming, empower women in the community, and to acquire vital resources for the community.

S To Make Hot Hibiscus Tea

For complete brewing guide, full ingredients, and instructions, scroll to the bottom.

  • Boil water.Using an electric kettle with temperature settings to boil water for tea makes it easy to get the water temperature just right. Boil more than needed since you want extra to warm up the teapot.
  • Warm up teapot.Pour some hot water into the teapot and swirl it around a bit. Discard the water.
  • Put dried hibiscus into the teapot and add hot water. Cover teapot and steep.
  • Strain hibiscus solids and pour hot tea into a teacup.
  • Tea Sommeliers Tip: Warming up the teapot helps to brew the tea properly, keeping the water temperature hot.

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    Organic Loose Leaf Hibiscus Tea

    When you buy loose leaf hibiscus tea, you can buy it in bulk and you can also easily brew tea for a larger group of people with a kettle or a french press. You can also make your own herbal tea blend by mixing the dried hibiscus flowers with other herbs.

    I have come across a disturbing fact that, when buying loose leaf hibiscus tea, people sometimes find animal feces mixed with their product. This can be very disgusting and unhygienic.

    The companies that are making hibiscus tea should have strict quality control to detect if there is anything that doesnt belong within the product.

    Next, I will introduce the brand of loose leaf hibiscus, which offers a product that goes through strict quality control, and in my opinion, has the highest and most consistent quality.

    Shocking Benefits And Risks From Hibiscus Tea

    T Leaf Tea Hibiscus

    I recently discovered hibiscus tea and completely fell in love with it. But unlike other herbal teas, there are both benefits and risks from hibiscus tea.

    As it turns out, this vibrant coloured tea doesnt affect everyone the same way. What can be a benefit to some, is actually a risk for others.

    Ill go over everything you should watch out for when drinking hibiscus tea to know whether you should drink it or avoid it altogether.

    Not sure how to drink hibiscus tea to add it to your diet? I found these 5 different ways to make hibiscus tea, Im sure theres at least one youll love!

    Psst! This blog post contains affiliate links in it which sends me a bit of extra money if you use them at no extra cost to you!

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    The Republic Of Tea Natural Hibiscus Superflower Tea

    • Amount: 36 tea bags
    • Type: organic hibiscus blend in tea bags

    The Republic of Tea is one of my favorite tea brands that offers a great variety of teas, herbs, and bottled ice-teas.

    The Natural Hibiscus Superflower Tea comes in a nice airtight tin that contains 36 unbleached and stringless tea bags. The ingredients of this blend are hibiscus flower, sweet blackberry leaves, and stevia leaves.

    This is a super healthy blend with a sweet floral taste.

    Benefits Of Including Hibiscus Tea In Your Diet

    The hibiscus plant is known to have a number of medicinal properties making it a safe and healthy addition to your everyday routine. Like all herbal teas, this quick and easy to make Hibiscus tea also offers a wide range of benefits:

    • Lowers blood pressure reduces risk of heart disease
    • Super rich in antioxidants helps protect your cells and prevents damage from free radicals
    • Immunity booster stimulates T cells and B cells
    • Lowers cholesterol hibiscus tea helps reduce blood fat levels
    • Helps with period pains also decreases hormonal imbalance
    • Removes toxins from body improves liver functions

    But it can also have some side effects.

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    Hibiscus Tea: The Antioxidant Therapeutic Agent You Should Be Drinking

    By Rebekah Edwards

    I think C.S. Lewis may have been speaking directly to me when he said, You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me. One of the teas that crosses my mind reading that is the powerfully beneficial hibiscus tea.

    Hibiscus tea is one of those incredible, yummy teas that is high on the list of drinks to keep around the house, like matcha green tea and yerba mate. Thats because hibiscus tea benefits are so numerous the large amount of antioxidants found in this beverage earn it the status of a therapeutic agent for a number of issues, according to an article published in the Journal of Experimental Pharmacology in 2012.

    Find out below how to include hibiscus tea on your list of must-have teas.

    Is Hibiscus Tea Safe During Pregnancy

    How to make Hibiscus Tea from Dried Flowers | Healthy Drinks to Lose Weight|

    It is not recommended to drink hibiscus tea during pregnancy because it can increase the chance of a miscarriage by inducing your uterus to begin contracting.

    I hope that this article helped you with finding the kind of hibiscus tea products that you were looking for. Please post a comment below and share your opinion about the best hibiscus tea brands and products.

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    How To Use Hibiscus

    Because of its demulcent properties and tart flavor, hibiscus forward teas are often best cold brewed. This captures the best of the cooling and moistening benefits while not getting too tart a flavor. Some teas, however, keep hibiscus as a more subtle supporting flavor.

    Either way, a hot brew is perfectly acceptable and will bring out more of a cranberry flavor to the tea. Whether you choose to brew your hibiscus hot or cold, you dont want to add any milk to your cup. The acidity in hibiscus causes milk to curdle.

    Since you can grab a bag of Just Hibiscus, you can try your hand at blending your own teas! Check out our line of single ingredient teas which includes Just Rosehips, Just Elderberries, Just Elderflower, and Just Ginger for more blending ingredients.

    Try using a simple green tea like our Hope Blend, a blend of black and green with citrus notes in our Kitchen Table blend, or a basic black tea like our Fog Cutter Irish Breakfast tea as a base tea. If you want to try blending with more of a flavored tea, hibiscus would pair well with any fruity blend.

    Hibiscus is great for tea, tropical drinks, and cocktails, but it can also be used to make food! This vanilla-hibiscus cake soaks a vanilla cake with homemade hibiscus liqueur. This hibiscus smoothie is another great way to use hibiscus in your mealtime.

    Ready to get started? Check out our hibiscus teas and pick your favorite. Youll fall in love with its delightfully sweet and tangy flavor.

    Justea Little Berry Hibiscus Tea

    • Amount: 3.2 oz
    • Type: organic loose leaf hibiscus tea blend

    Based in Vancouver, Canada, JusTea is focused on sustainability and offers organic high-quality teas produced in small batches.

    JusTea Little Berry Hibiscus Tea is made of 100% natural organic ingredients. The blend consists of hibiscus, black currant, cranberry, blueberry, elderberry, lemongrass, rooibos, and licorice root.

    This tea has a fruity and delicious taste and it comes in an award-wining package that includes a nice handmade wooden spoon.

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    Hibiscus Whole Leaf Tea

    Refreshing Alternative Breathtaking hibiscus flowers are not only lovely to behold, but also a healthy ingredient used as an ever-so-popular herbal tea! Consumed traditionally by the Pharaohs in Ancient Egypt to help keep cool in the desert, and in Mexico for centuries as an all-natural hydrator. Hibiscus is pleasantly tart, with a sour taste very similar to cranberry juice. Popular as an ingredient in many iced teas, hibiscus tea is known for being naturally high in vitamin C, and to help lower high blood pressure. Pure Taste Our Hibiscus herbal tea produces an instant ruby red infusion, that is pleasantly tart. It has a sour taste very similar to cranberry juice. Try hibiscus tea iced for a refreshing summertime elixir! Our Organic Whole Hibiscus Leaf tea is pure and natural, without any added flavors or fillers. Why Tealyra? We take pride in our high standard of quality offering authentic true teas direct from origin, organic exclusives, a broad variety, and our own unique blends- created by innovation and the promise to deliver excellence in serving you our finest products. We are a team of tea lovers! Our hands are matcha-stained we drink tea, touch tea, talk tea and study tea- all day. From our founders, to those of us who pack your online orders, we sincerely share your passion for tea and stand behind our product to offer you the best there is.

    Looking For Something Different


    Try adding a stick of cinnamon, honey, stevia leaf, mint leaves or even a wedge of lime during steeping to change the flavour dramatically.

    Try leaving your freshly brewed hibiscus tea to cool, then refrigerate and drink at a later date poured over ice cubes for an enjoyable, refreshing iced tea with all the same health benefits.

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    What Part Of A Hibiscus Plant Is Edible

    All parts of Hibiscus sabdariffa are edible: calyxes, leaves, and flowers.

    • The calyxes are the ingredient used to make Hibiscus tea, a tangy Vitamin C-rich delight. Theyre also used to make sauces, jams, and other treats.
    • The large green leaves pack a tangy punch and can also be used to make tea.
    • The branches are covered with colorful yellow flowers. Once pollinated and mature, the flowers form ripe calyxes, with a seed pod inside. While these flowers are a bit smaller than the common Hibiscus varieties used by landscapers, the fact that they form a delightful edible fruit/calyx more than makes up for their size deficiency relative to hibiscus varieties bred purely for show.

    A handful of hibiscus calyxes.

    How To Brew A Hot Cup Of Fresh Hibiscus Tea

    Hot hibiscus tea can be brewed using your favorite hibiscus tea bags or loose-leaf dried hibiscus flowers. Dried flowers can be purchased at your local grocery store, health food stores and online or you can use hibiscus flowers from your own garden. To make hibiscus tea, use the following guidelines for a perfect cup every time.

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    Risks And Possible Side Effects

    There are some minor side effects and risks to consider when drinking hibiscus tea.

    Hibiscus tea is toxic to the liver in extremely high doses. Toxicity was seen at such high doses, however, that it would probably be difficult to consume that much in tea form. Most sources recommend three to four eight-ounce glasses of hibiscus tea daily, which seems like a reasonable amount to avoid adverse effects.

    Of great concern is the potential effect hibiscus tea has on pregnant women. Pregnant women should never drink hibiscus tea or take hibiscus products, as it can cause emmenagogue effects. This means it can induce menstruation.

    While this could potentially be helpful to women with irregular periods although this has never been studied it also means that pregnant women drinking hibiscus tea could experience premature labor. Generally, its not known whether or not hibiscus tea is safe for nursing mothers, who should also avoid drinking it until they discontinue nursing.

    If you are pregnant, be aware that hibiscus may be on a label under rose of Sharon or althea.

    Disclaimer Take Everything With A Grain Of Salt

    Recipe: How To Make Hibiscus Tea (Agua De Jamaica)!

    Im not a doctor! Im a tea enthusiast that researched the benefits and risks of hibiscus tea to share with you. If you have any pre-existing health conditions, or are unsure if you should drink hibiscus tea, I urge you talk to your doctor before trying anything.

    Its also important to note that although hibiscus tea has been around for centuries, its only recently been the subject of scientific study. Because of this, there isnt as much information out there on hibiscus tea as there is on green, or even black teas.

    On top of that, the studies that have been conducted didnt all involve human trials or even the tea form of the plant. Most of them either use animals or test tubes and are using hibiscus extracts or supplements.

    This is just something to keep in mind, as this can still give us a good idea of the potential benefits and risks from hibiscus tea.

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    Why Stores Are Out Of Pure Leaf Iced Tea

    Obviously, they are hitting high marks with their popular blends. Which again begs the question, where are you, Pure Leaf?

    Grocery stores find themselves having to explain the missing tea. Theres a huge hole on the shelf in most stores, where Pure Leave used to be. Online stores are just as empty. You cant even find Pure Leafas their backorder is weeks, if not months. Tea drinkers constantly ask but no real answer can be found.

    On Pure Leafs Facebook page, their response to the constant questioning is met with a canned response, one that doesnt satisfy. In general, they say: Were sorry to hear youre having trouble finding Pure Leaf ! Were working diligently to restock your favorite on shelves as soon as possible. Check out our product locator to find some near you.

    They have also responded with another canned note, Local availability may vary but were happy to help you get a little more Pure Leaf in your life. That is about all you will find on their Facebook page.

    If you take a look at their actual website, they have posted a statement concerning the lack of availability. It reads as follows

    In order to meet shifting consumer demand during the pandemic, we had to prioritize the production of many of our products, which unfortunately has led to a temporary suspension of some of our offerings.

    Please know were working hard to get back to our regular manufacturing schedules in an effort to offer our consumers our full iced tea portfolio.

    Tea Forte Wildberry Hibiscus Tea

    • Amount: 3.88 oz
    • Type: loose leaf hibiscus tea blend

    Known to focus on both the quality and presentation of their teas, Tea Forte offers handcrafted luxury tea blends in elegant packages.

    Tea Forte Wildberry Hibiscus Tea is an excellent blend that consists of organic ingredients including hibiscus, apple pieces, licorice root, blackberry leaves, orange peel, raspberries, and rosehip. It comes in their award-winning loose leaf tea canister.

    This herbal tea has a nice and complex flavor with floral and fruity notes and tastes great hot and cold.

    If you are looking for an exquisite and delicious organic loose leaf hibiscus blend, try this one!

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    Paint The Town Red With Hibiscus Tea

    Enjoyed both hot and cold, this beverage is the perfect complement to garden events, backyard tea parties and sumptuous mornings. Naturally free of caffeine, hibiscus tea is a delicious beverage that can be consumed morning, noon and night without worrying about altering your sleep or energy patterns.

    Hibiscus iced tea and hot brews are delicious herbal infusions that can brighten up the day. Some teas fit right in at fancy brunches and events and hibiscus is one of them. With a gorgeous crimson color, this tea adds an eye-catching element to any event or afternoon tea with friends. Simply print your favorite drink recipe and add to your tea-making repertoire with this delicious herbal infusion.

    How To Prepare Hibiscus Iced Tea

    Hibiscus Bold Leaf Tea

    You can make hibiscus tea into summertime refreshment by brewing it cold instead of hot. Known also as cold brew Jamaica, hibiscus iced tea is a satisfying, tart beverage that can help cool off even the hottest afternoons. Hibiscus iced tea recipes are just as easy as hot versions, but they do take longer to brew. You can also choose to brew this tasty tea using cold brew and sun tea brewing methods if desired.

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    Side Effects Of Hibiscus Tea

    Hibiscus Tea can affect oestrogen levels which means that it has an effect of both pregnancy and fertility. If you are trying to become pregnant or are pregnant, you should probably avoid hibiscus in your diet. It also lowers blood pressure which can be harmful if you already suffer from low blood pressure.

    With anything that has medicinal properties, its really important to see if it works for you. Something that Im slowly learning while we live here in Auroville. We eat a lot of healthy, local ingredients now and people around us are happy to tell us more about them.

    Dont be afraid to try this out because its incredibly easy to make and you can make it with both fresh or dried flowers. If you dont have access to fresh one, dried hibiscus flowers are easily available online.


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