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Does Store Bought Iced Tea Need To Be Refrigerated

How Long Can I Keep Tea In The Fridge

Avoid the Bitter Bite – Cold Brew Tea – Kitchen Conundrums with Thomas Joseph

Article by Brigitte

Tea Question:How long can I safely keep tea in the refrigerator? I like to drink iced tea and want to keep some on hand in the refrigerator. Marianne


Hi Marianne,

Thats a great question! During the heat of the summer, its always nice to have some cold tea on hand to make iced tea.

Tea is a lot like coffee. Both should only be kept for about a day even when kept in the fridge for iced tea.

It doesnt have to do with food safety, but rather with the quality of the tea decreasing as it ages.

If you dont notice a difference in flavor when you keep tea in the fridge for longer, then by all means keep it for as long as it tastes good to you. With one caveat: its probably only safe to keep it for a week at the most. Im not an expert on bacteria growth in tea, but a week is generally how long most prepared foods can be kept in the fridge before discarding them.

When you keep tea in the fridge, make sure you keep it in a tightly sealed container so that it doesnt absorb flavors from others food in the fridge.

As for me, I rarely keep tea in the fridge. I usually drink my tea hot and brew it fresh each time.

I will make cold-brewed tea in the summer. Clearly, this is kept in the fridge. But I usually make only a few servings at a time and drink it within a day as iced tea.

If you want to learn more about how to make iced tea and cold-brewed tea, learn more with my Guide to Making Iced Tea.

How Long Is Sweet Tea Good For

Everyone in the South knows that a little sunshine and a glass of sweet iced tea will make any day brighter! However, if you make the unfortunate mistake of leaving this delicious beverage out overnight, will it still be safe to drink? For those wondering how long sweet tea is good for, we have the tea-rrific details!

Store-bought sweet tea will last through the expiration date as long as it remains refrigerated and unopened. Opened bottles of sweet tea, as well as homemade varieties, are good for as long as eight hours when refrigerated. When stored at room temperature, both store-bought and homemade sweet tea will only stay safe to consume for 2 hours.

Thankfully, for those wanting to extend their sweet teas shelf life, freezing is a fantastic option that will allow for it to last up to six months.

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  • Should Loose Tea Leaves Be Refrigerated

    In general, loose tea leaves should not be kept in the fridge. They should be stored in a cool, dark, dry spot away from direct sunlight. However, some of the more rare teas like white tea, light oolong, and flower teas can be refrigerated. This will preserve the delicate flavor, color, and aroma.

    The best way to store loose leaf tea is in an airtight container that is kept in a cool, dark, and dry spot. As tea ages, it oxidizes. This process changes the aroma, color, and flavor of the tea leaves.

    Tea can be stored for many months in this way. You need to ensure that it does not get damp or is exposed to direct sunlight. Both of these factors can cause mold and bacteria to grow on the leaves and render the tea useless.

    A few exceptions to storing tea like this are the more rare and expensive teas. Falling into this category are teas that are less oxidized like white tea and light oolong tea. Many tea manufacturers store this type of tea in industrial fridges where the temperature is below zero degrees Celsius.

    The cold temperatures help to preserve the freshness, aroma, color, and flavor of the tea throughout the year. This ensures that when it reaches your local store, it is still as fresh as when it was picked.

    Other specialty teas that are made with flower blossoms can also be kept in the fridge to preserve the color and freshness.

    Store your tea in a totally dry airtight container. Mark it with the name and date of the tea so you know what is in it.

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    Proper Preparation Of Sweet Tea Determines How Long It Is Good For

    Sweet tea contains a simple list of ingredients black tea, water, and sugar. Black tea leaves are 100% oxidized and then dried.

    This is an important distinction because research shows that the more oxidation, the less of an instance of bacteria. Nonetheless, when prepared improperly, it can have potential risks. Here are the top ways to keep your homemade sweet tea safe!

    What Happens If You Drink Off Iced Tea

    Easy Iced TeaCreatively Sam

    Sometimes tea is off when the expiration date comes around and then you should not drink it as it will make you sick. Iced tea that goes bad usually contains bacteria which can cause a variety of health problems. Expired iced tea that is off can affect you in the following ways:

    • Upset stomach,

    If you think that the tea is off, avoid drinking it.

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    Sweet Tea Brands Storage & Expiration Dates

    It is important to note that some sweet teas are stored in the refrigerated section at the grocery store while others are found at room temperature in the drink aisle. If you purchase the drinks cold, they need to remain cold.

    However, when initially stored at room temperature, make sure to follow the explicit storage instructions documented on the bottle once the product is opened.

    For example, Red Diamond Sweet Tea must remain refrigerated at all times, and once opened, should be consumed within five to seven days.

    In contrast, AriZona Sweet Tea notes that after opening the beverage, the shelf life is 7-10 days refrigerated, 2-4 days not refrigerated. Finally, PURELEAF Sweet Tea advises users to refrigerate after opening their products.

    The reasons for these differences are dependent on the way in which the tea is made, the specific ingredients used in the recipe, and whether or not the products contain preservatives.

    Remember to always throw out your store-bought sweet tea products after the expiration date has passed, no matter if the bottles are opened or sealed. Bacteria and mold are a threat after these time frames.

    Lastly, when it comes to sweet tea products purchased at restaurants like Popeyes, McDonalds, and McAlisters, the same storage guidelines and time frames for homemade tea will apply.

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    Put Iced Tea In The Glass

    As an iced tea lover, I spend much time learning about this drink such as the iced tea recipe.

    Therefore, I have figured out how to store it in the best way to retain the best quality. Storing your iced tea in either the plastic or the pitcher is not a perfect solution.

    The tea cannot keep its neutral flavor and then acquire the odor.

    Hence, it is better to put your iced tea in the glass inside the fridge. But remember, your iced tea can only last for about 12 hours when being stored in an open glass.

    If you want to extend the storage time, you can put a lid on the glass. By doing this, you can keep the flavor of the tea for a double time.

    I’ve Been Reading A Lot About Antioxidants Lately What Are They And How Do They Work

    Love & Best Dishes: How to Make Sweet Tea Southern Style

    Antioxidants are a classification of several organic substances, including vitamins C and E, vitamin A , selenium , and a group known as the carotenoids. Carotenoids, of which beta- carotene is the most popular, are a pigment that adds color to many fruits and vegetables. Antioxidants act as cell protectors. Oxygen, an essential element for life, can create damaging by-products during normal cellular metabolism.

    Antioxidants counteract these cellular by-products, called free radicals, and bind with them before they can cause damage. Antioxidants work by binding to the free radicals transforming them into non-damaging compounds or repairing cellular damage. Good sources of antioxidants are found in the most deeply or brightly colored fruits and vegetables as well as tea, both green and black.

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    Do Lipton Tea Products Contain Pesticides

    We have committed that by 2020 all our food raw materials will be produced using sustainable crop practices, minimizing the use of pesticides through integrated pest management techniques, and with due care for the environment and the livelihood of farmers.

    This includes both a pesticide residue standard and the ability to trace raw materials across our entire supply chain.Under our Sustainable Agriculture Code, we work with suppliers and farmers to minimize the use of pesticides. In addition, we collaborate with a range of independent certification schemes for sustainable agricultural practices such as the Rainforest Alliance, Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil, Roundtable for Sustainable Soy, Fair Trade and Bonsucro.

    Minimizing use of pesticides is always a requirement.We monitor the presence of pesticide residues in the raw materials that we purchase and we take action with our suppliers to ensure that the ingredients continue to meet the regulations in force.We are constantly reviewing our pesticide approach and practices in light of new scientific evidence and societal concerns here. Here is Unileverâs global guidelines on the use of pesticides in sustainable tea sourcing.

    Brew Your Black Tea Time & Temperature Matter

    Food experts at the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources at the University of Nebraska Lincoln note that generally, for black teas bring the water to a rolling boil. Immediately pour the boiling water over the tea. Allow black tea to steep for 3 to 5 minutes.

    In case you didnt know, a rolling boil is when the bubbles continuously rise to the surface of the water, despite disturbances like stirring. Moreover, the temperatures must reach a full 212 degrees Fahrenheit in order to meet this classification.

    However, food experts do note that as long as you reach 195 degrees F, the beverage should still be safe to drink. Most importantly though, the hot water from the tap will not achieve these temperatures and therefore is not a safe alternative.

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    What Happens If You Drink Spoiled Tea

    Drinking expired tea has very little chance actually hurting you. The worst-case scenario is that you may be left with a really bad taste in your mouth or an upset stomach. Generally speaking, tea can probably last several decades if stored properly. So depending on how the tea is stored, it can last a long time.

    I Notice The Ingredients On My Box Of Tea Bags Says Orange Pekoe And Pekoe Cut Tea What Does That Mean

    7 Best Iced Tea Maker Reviews

    The term Orange Pekoe and Pekoe cut tea refer to the grade and size of the tea leaf not to the flavor, color or quality. Lipton uses the finest quality orange pekoe and pekoe cut black teas. Each tea leaf is picked at the peak of flavor and carefully blended by Lipton tea experts. Some are selected for their rich flavor, some for their bright, sparkling color, and others to provide full body and consistency.

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    Does Store Bought Iced Tea Need To Be Refrigerated

    So we have talked about making your own iced tea and the fact that it will go bad if its not refrigerated But what if you have bought your iced tea from a store?

    Does Store Bought Iced Tea Need To Be Refrigerated?

    Well, this is a hard one to answer. Most of us that buy iced tea from a shop usually consume the tea with 10 or 15 mins since its only a cup full.

    However, what if you buy a big bottle of iced tea? Well, this is where the answer would be YES if you plan to keep your iced tea for a day or two you should store the in the fridge.

    Iced tea whether its homemade or bought from a shop you should always keep your tea chilled, and as you know now, not only will this keep the tea from going bad but will taste a lot better.

    But if its just a cup or small bottle of iced tea and you plan to drink it within the hour then theres no need unless your taking the tea home then why not!

    Sugar And Fruits Will Make The Tea Go Bad Faster

    Now, about sugars and fruits. Does this mean you shouldn’t ever add sweeteners or fruits to your tea ? Well, that’s a matter of taste, but also of chemistry.

    I for one add both sugar and fruits whenever the mood strikes me. But I always drink my tea on the spot. The thing about adding sugar is that it breaks down the nutrients in the tea much faster over time.

    If you make a cup of tea right now, add sugar, and drink it right away the damage is not much since they didn’t have a lot of time to interact.

    Fruits have their own sugars which will interact with the tea just like cane sugar. Of course it depends on what kind of fruits you put in. For example berries are less sweet than mango or pineapple for example. Some teas will take fruits, some won’t.

    But the sugars in the fruits, as well as their tart nature will break down the tea more quickly. If you’re making a big pitcher of tea for a party and intend to serve within a few hours of brewing, fruits and sugar are no real problem.

    Leaving them in for more than a few hours, like 24 hours for example will alter the tea much more. Citrus fruits are different here, since the oils in the rind will give the tea a nice taste, regardless of what the sugar or fruits have done to it.

    Still, it’s never a good idea to keep fruit in the tea for more than 24 hours.

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    Recommendations For Brewing Iced Tea Safely

    There are a few simple steps to keeping your brewed tea fresh.

    • Be sure to start with fresh, dried tea.
    • Wash your hands before handling items used to make the tea.
    • Be sure your tea kettle, string spoons, and pitcher are very clean.
    • Iced tea should be brewed at 195 F for 3-5 minutes.
    • For the freshest tea, use it within 8 hours from brewing time.
    • If you realized you left sweet tea out overnight, throw it out.
    • Brewing iced tea at an appropriate temperature in a thoroughly cleaned container and limiting the time held at room temperature before serving will minimize bacterial contamination risk.

    What Is A Glass Teapot Infuser

    How to Make Iced Tea Concentrate to Save Money & Space in Your Fridge – National Hydration Day

    Every tea maker knows that the right tools are essential. Using the right type of teapot can mean the difference between a weak bland brew and a strong, flavor-packed cup of tea.

    Glass teapot infusers are great for loose leaf teas and especially for blooming teas. Theyre not only beautiful, but they also serve a functional purpose. These teapots are long-lasting and durable, made from a combination of boron trioxide and silica. Tempered glass can also be used.

    Theyre also versatile and can brew either bags or loose leaves. Their easy pour spout makes it much easier to pour, while giving the pot an elegant, delicate look. The built-in infusers prevent large and small particles from making their way into your tea.

    But the main reason I love glass teapots is that you can watch as the tea slowly spreads out in the water. Not only does it look cool, it also makes it easier to judge when your tea is strong enough and it is time to remove the leaves.

    These multitasking teapots are a must-have for the avid tea-drinker and the beginner interested in bringing tea into their life. If youre not sure which glass teapot with infuser to get, this buyers guide covers the best ones on the market.

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    What Happens If You Drink Old Brewed Tea

    If someone does try it, they will notice that it has a sour flavor, and as a result, they are unlikely to drink any more of it. Coliform bacteria, which may be found in aged tea, have been linked to the development of symptoms including nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Therefore, it is true that stale tea may become bad and make you sick.

    Tin Can You Drinkable Expired Sweetness Tea

    If you practice decide to drink your unopened sweet tea later it has passed its expiration date, you lot could notice that the taste of the tea will change. Therefore, drinking expired sweetness tea will not be enjoyable.

    We would not recommend drinking expired tea as it could crusade yall stomach problems.

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    Does Iced Tea Go Bad If Not Refrigerated

    Well, to start with, the short answer is YES of course, iced tea will go bad eventually if its not refrigerated. However, thats not to say you need to pop your tea in the fridge every time you pour a glass.

    Although keeping your iced tea in the fridge would be recommended to get the best possible taste you can still drink this tea at room temperature.

    Most of us like to enjoy a glass of iced tea on a hot summers day preferably in the back garden with friends and family. Usually, we do this by leaving a big jug of iced tea in the middle of the table so everyone can help themselves.

    However, by doing this your tea will start to go warm especially in the hot weather.

    But we all know what its like when you have family and friends round and we are chatting away and before you know it a couple of hours have passed, and your still drinking your iced tea right?

    We have all been there!

    So you should know that you can still drink iced tea warm, but you also know it doesnt taste as good when chilled. Now, we are not saying you can drink iced tea the next day when its warm. Not at all

    In fact, there is a time limit once you take you iced tea from the fridge and it starts to go warm, especially if you have ingredients like fresh fruit in your tea.

    By leaving your iced tea unrefrigerated it will eventually go bad

    So this brings us to the question of how long does iced tea last unrefrigerated?

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