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Gifts For Tea And Coffee Lovers

The Best Pourover Dripper

Gifts for Coffee and Tea Lovers

With a flat bottom and small exit holes, the Kalita Wave supports excellent coffee bed geometry, promoting even saturation. The top pick in our pourover testing, this brewer is also nearly indestructible and easy to travel with. The 185 size is ideal for 16 to 24 ounces, so its perfect for people who want to brew two to three mugs of coffee at a time. If youre buying this, stock up on the matching filters too.

A Delicious Combo Of Chocolates And Coffee From Bean Box

Bean Box

Gift the classic duo of coffee and chocolate with Bean Boxs artisan tasting experience. The box includes small batch coffees from four of Seattles best roasters and artisan chocolates to match each one. The box comes with information and tasting notes, but chances are, neither the coffee nor chocolate will last long enough to read them.

The Best Splurge Coffee Brewer

The Ratio Six scored top marks in our taste tests with a unique spiral sprayhead, auto-bloom cycle, powerful boiler, and quick brew times. Its sleek, modern design looks great on every counter, and you always know exactly where you are in a brew cycle by its indicator lights. Its a great splurge pick for anyone who demands ultimate coffee quality and aesthetics in a single package.

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Just A Bit Of Fun With Your Coffee And Tea Have A Good Time On Your Lunch Break With This Funny Ceramic Mug It Comes With A Cute Stainless Steel Paw Spoon The Design Makes It A Great Present For Cat Lovers

This mug is suitable for hot and cold drinks. It is also dishwasher and microwave safe. The adorable print is good quality.

Promising review:

I love this mug. I have it at my office for tea. Its really cute and easy to clean. It doesnt stain. The only thing is that the cat is facing you when you are drinking tea, but that doesnt bother me. Its absolutely adorable. – jawaria

Buy the mug HERE

Shopping Guide: Gifts For Tea Lovers

Starbucks and Teavana Gift Basket

Theres nothing like a cup of tea to warm you up during chilly winter days. Sipping a cup of freshly brewed tea can give you the extra boost to jumpstart your day. As your day progresses, you may find yourself weighed down by fatigue or stress. The scent and flavor of tea can calm your nerves during a stressful day and help you unwind. Tea also has a multitude of health benefits and can be the perfect gift for many. We have compiled a list of gifts for tea lovers or anyone else in your circle who enjoys the benefits of drinking tea.

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Your List Of Gifts For Tea Lovers Should Also Include A Mug Or Cup From Which They Can Drink Their Perfectly Brewed Tea

If you take the time and effort to brew your premium tea, you should enjoy it in a nice mug or cup. The chosen mug or cup should be able to keep your tea warm for a reasonable amount of time. Here are a couple of options to consider:

Chemex Double-Walled Mug: Not only does it have an elegant design, but its double-walled structure keeps your tea hot while still allowing you to hold it comfortably without the risk of burning your hand.

Burman Stoneware Mug: Stoneware retains heat well and is durable. Wisconsin potters made these stoneware mugs, and they are available in a variety of shapes and colors.

Here at Burman Coffee, we would be more than happy to help you put together that perfect gift for the tea lover in your life. Although we are Coffee Traders by name, we offer an extensive selection of premium teas and have a wealth of tea knowledge we would love to share with you. Contact us or visit our tea selection page. You can also visit our Learning Center page. Scroll to the bottom of this page to find links to our Tea articles.

Gifts For Tea Drinkers

Winter is the time for cosying up with a cup of tea and your favourite book. Nothing says Do Not Disturb like a pot of tea next to your comfy chair as you kick back with the latest gardening guide . If youre looking for inspiration for great winter warming gifts for a tea lover who deserves to relax, well help you find the best tea gifts to surprise them.

A stylish new mug and some fluffy socks make an adorable gift. Or a fun selection of tea varieties in a little wooden tea caddy paired with a snuggly throw rug is a cute gift for people who just want to be cosy. Choose a selection of different teas including green tea, Earl Grey, English breakfast, herbal tea, and rooibos for them to try.

Unique gifts for tea lovers make the perfect Christmas in July present. If your friend is missing the sun, bring spring back early with a fun floral teacup. Tea gift sets complete with a gorgeous glass teapot will turn their afternoon cup of tea into an occasion to enjoy.

If youre buying for a serious tea drinker who is fussy enough to put coffee snobs to shame, theyll be impressed by a caddy to keep their loose leaf tea perfectly fresh. The best tea gift for true tea lovers is a quality glass tea mug with infuser that lets them steep a perfect brew and enjoy their tea all in the one teacup.

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Large Tea For One Cup Infuser

This large 15 ounce ceramic mug with lid and stainless steel infuser is perfect to make loose leaf tea for one person rather than be forced to make a whole pot. This ceramic travel mug allows you to drink delicious freshly brewed tea using either tea bags or loose leaf tea. The infuser mug is dishwasher safe, and microwave safe if you remove the metal infuser. The tea mug is simple to use as you place the mesh infuser into the cup then pour the water, close the cup using the lid and let the tea brew to perfect temperature and flavour. Great for both herbal and caffeine tea drinkers.

The Pinnacle Of Healthy Gifting In Richmond Hill Ontario

Gift Idea for Coffee & Tea Lovers | Sunny DIY

At Good4You, our goal has been to be the #1 healthy gift basket delivery business in Canada and the United States. We believe that by sourcing delicious products to create some loving and thoughtful gifts is the perfect way to show we care.

Our scale of operations span city wide and we deliver to all locations within Canada and USA with same day delivery to most postal / zip codes. We believe in offering our customers the highest standard in gifting and thus constantly reinvent our gift baskets to appeal to the aesthetic of even the most discerning eye. We make your healthy gift basket giving experience pleasant and stress free. We live to help you do something special and wonderful.

Whether your gift is for your uncle maxs birthday or to welcome that new baby in your friend’s life, all our gifts are designed to make a memorable impression and strengthen that connection. Throughout our web sites, we provide our customers with an exceptionally well-merchandised world of the highest gift and gift basket items. Behind the scenes in our distribution center, customers are welcomed by the most knowledgeable sales associates in the business that operates with an absolute dedication to customer service.

With our wide selection of gourmet gifts that are vegan, organic, and gluten-free, as well as floral arrangements, spirits and more, you’re sure to find the perfect gift for any occasion at Good4You.

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Gifts To Impress The Fussiest Tea And Coffee Drinkers

If youre shopping online for the perfect gift for tea and coffee lovers, we have the gift inspiration you need. In our winter tea and coffee gift guide, well share some great tips for finding essential tea gifts and quirky coffee gifts for Mum, Dad, or your better half.

Tea gifts for women are easy! Give her a gorgeous tea set shell love using. Or for a special birthday present, buy your Dad or husband something to start his morning the right way with the perfect coffee gift for him.

A Home Coffee Roasting Reference Book Can Give Coffee Fans Confidence To Pursue Their Interest In Coffee Roasting

According to the National Coffee Associations most recent National Coffee Data Trends report, most coffee drinkers continue to brew their daily dose of caffeine at home. Many of these homebrewers have expanded their coffee routine beyond fancy grinders and coffee makers to home coffee bean roasting. Coffee drinkers interested in roasting beans at home, but are intimidated by the thought of it, will find Kenneth Davidss book, Home Coffee Roasting to be a valuable resource. The book presents information about home coffee bean roasting in an undaunting way. It is the ideal gift for coffee lovers interested in taking control of the taste and freshness of their home-brewed coffee.

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This Coffee Gift Set Is A Creative Idea For All Coffee Lovers Bought This For A Birthday Gift And They Really Loved It The Item Looks Great And Is Well Packaged Perfect For A Birthday Gift For A Coffee Lover I Was Told That The Coffee Tasted Great However It Is A Lovely Idea To Be Able To Try Different Coffees From Around The World Defo Recommend

The box contains an exquisite selection of 10 single-estate coffees. The package is stylish and classy, so you dont need to wrap it if you want to give it to someone.

Promising review:

Had this bought as a Fathers Day gift, and its fantastic, really well-presented. Any coffee lover will like this. Ive tried the Guatemalan today, and its sublime! I cant wait to work my way through the whole pack, and Ill definitely be buying more. Buy some, you wont be disappointed. Jamie

Buy the coffee gift set HERE

Tea Gifts For The Perfect Cup

Starbucks Coffee and Tazo Tea Holiday Collection

Think Americas a coffee country? Think again. A few hundred years ago, our boiling point was a tax on tea, leading to an epically salty brew in the Boston Harbor. Today, were a lot more tolerant of taxation, but our love affair with this comforting coffee alternative remains a point of passion. Thats probably why there are so many gifts for tea lovers just waiting to be purchased, packaged, and presented to the people in your life who most appreciate the drink.

Tea accessories are a genteel theme for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays, but they also make A-plus thank-you gifts, hostess gifts, and housewarming presents. And while pals who imbibe in other beverages may appreciate gifts for wine lovers or gifts for coffee lovers, tea-totalers know nothing hits the palate quite like a good cup of tea.

The best gifts for tea lovers start with the leavesloose or baggedbut dont stop there. From tea gift sets, tools, and accessories to tea gift baskets and gadgets, these gift ideas will spark a smile and maybe even a tea-hee of amusement.

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Afternoon Tea & Coffee Lovers

Make their afternoon cuppas extra special with our gifts for tea and coffee lovers. Youll find hampers bursting with treats to enjoy with a brew, including traditional favourites like scones and cherry bakewells. Presents sourced by our specialist buyers, which include our single-origin coffee, are highly appreciated

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An Espresso Basket Upgrade For Breville Machines

Espresso filter baskets arent always machined to precise standardsbaskets that taper tend to have dead zones in the corners that force water to move towards the middle of the puck, and sometimes the holes themselves arent evenly punched out. The IMS Precision baskets are a great option for Breville users who have 54-millimeter portafilters, as VST only manufactures 58-millimeter baskets.

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The Best Way To Clean Manual Brewers

Brew equipment can develop a build up of coffee oils over time, and Biocaf Coffee Equipment Cleaning powder gets glass, metal, and ceramics sparkling clean. While this product works great on all brewing equipment, its highly recommended for cleaning French press screens, and this version is packaged in bulk so you can use exactly as much as you need every time.

Top 5 Gifts For Tea Lovers

GIFT BASKET IDEAS for the Coffee Cocoa & Tea Lovers

Disclosure: This blog post may contain affiliate links. What does that mean? I get a little commission if you purchase using my link, at no extra cost to you.

If you have a friend in your life who is a tea lover, they probably already have a simplistic tea pot, however there are so many cool tea gifts for tea lovers. Dont just buy boring gifts for tea drinkers, we have thought outside the box for you and created a list of the best gifts for tea lovers. Now my husband and I have always been tea drinkers, however in the last year we have become what I call tea snobs basically meaning we no longer buy or use a plain tea bag. We begun buying loose leaf tea leaves and steeping them in our tea infuser. Now the cool thing with tea is that you can drink it hot as tea on those cold winter days or cold as iced tea on the hot sunny days. Gifts for tea enthusiasts can range from kettles, tea balls, tea spoons, loose leaf tea, mugs and many other unique gifts for tea lovers. Surprise the tea drinker in your life with a funny gifts for tea lovers such as home decor with cheesy quotes like you are my cup of tea, to more practical gift ideas like the best tea gift sets including a stylish tea cup. Below are my suggestions for the best tea gifts including tea gadgets to improve your tea drinking experience. Tea gift ideas are great for Christmas, Birthdays, and Mothers Day!

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The 27 Best Gifts For Tea Lovers

All products featured on Epicurious are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

The best gifts for tea lovers are accessories that help establish a ritual and make each cup the best it can be, like a peerless electric kettle and delicate matcha whisk. After all, some people live their lives with their pinkies upwhich is to say, if there is an opportunity for tea, you better believe theyre going to take it. These gifts just might provide more of those opportunities. Read on for our 20 gift ideas for the tea enthusiasts in your life this year.

Honey That’s Made For Tea

Tea Lover’s Gift Set, available at Savannah Bee Company, $23

There’s nothing quite like really high-quality honey dissolved in a cup of tea. Savannah Bee Company’s tea lover’s gift set is the perfect accompaniment to a nice brew. Not all types of honey are ideal for tea, but this one is specifically crafted to sweeten a variety of brews from chai to green and even Earl Grey. The set also comes with a wooden dipper that’s perfect for stirring honey into tea and two tea-flavored lip balms.

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A Stunner Of A Tea Pot

Take your tea to the table with this glossy clean-lined porcelain tea pot from beloved Japanese-style pottery house Hasami. The pot is slim, which makes for easy storage, and its dishwasher- and microwave-safe. If sleek stainless steel or delicate glass, rather than pottery, are more your aesthetic, weve got tea pot gifts for you too.

Gift Certificates Give Recipients The Freedom To Choose Based On Their Personal Preferences

Coffee Gift Baskets

If you arent quite sure what the coffee fan on your gift list would prefer, gift certificates are a great option to consider. They can redeem gift certificates whenever it is most convenient for them. It gives them the chance to peruse the available options online and decide which green coffee beans they prefer or which roasting, grinding, or brewing equipment they are ready to try.

Burman Coffee Traders offers gift certificates in the following denominations: $10, $25, $50, and $100.

You can find all these gifts for coffee lovers at Burman Coffee Traders. Please visit our site to find additional home coffee roasters, accessories, and green coffee bean options. We offer free shipping and green coffee beans with the purchase of our coffee grinders and home coffee roasters. Also, our Chemex coffee makers include 100 Chemex square coffee filters.

If you are looking for additional help with selecting a gift for a coffee lover, please contact us. We would be happy to help.

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An Excellent Travel Mug

The Carter Move travel mug is designed to make your on-the-go coffee experience more like drinking from your favorite mug at home. With an easy to clean ceramic interior, the Carter picks up fewer coffee oils, which can develop musty odors and flavors. It also features a wide mouth that allows you to fully take in the coffees aroma while youre drinking.

Tea And Coffee Gift Set

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