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Does Davids Tea Ship To Us

Tradition Met Passion And That’s How It Came To Be

Let’s Make Iced Tea! || DAVIDs TEA Favourite Pitcher and Maui Madness

Meet Bala, the man who took an 8-decade legacy, combined it with one revolutionary idea, and tied it all up in a modern approach to bring the best of Indias bountiful soil, straight to you.

Our aim is to give back to the places and people that make VAHDAM® India who we are. Ensuring an educated and enlightened future for the children of our tea workers is just our way of keeping up that intention.

And that is why, 1% of our revenue is directed towards the education of our farmers children in India.

Where Do You Ship To And Which Carrier Will Be Delivering My Order

We always use the carrier that will get your order to you the quickest!

Canada: we currently ship with Canada Post, Purolator, UPS, and FedEx, depending on your shipping address. All orders to P.O. boxes will be shipped with Canada Post.

United States: we currently ship with USPS.

Outside of Canada and the US: our website can only process orders shipping within Canada or to the US but if youre interested in placing a special order, please contact and our team will be happy to assist you!

Does Davids Tea Ship To Canada

Americans who order packages from places like Davids Tea have no worries. They put in their address, and within the stipulated time frame, the package arrives.

Things are not as easy for Americas neighbor to the north, Canada. A number of American stores wont ship internationally. This can be frustrating, especially if the stores are offering great deals.

If you have experienced this recently, do not get frustrated. There are options available that will allow you to ship items ordered from e-commerce stores like Davids Tea to your house or office address in Canada.

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Definitely Never Ordering Again

I was so excited to try their tea because it sounded amazing. When I received my order, only one of the two items arrived, so I contacted them. Things happen, no big deal right? Wrong. They said they were sending out the missing product, and to expect a shipping confirmation. I them receive an email saying they processed my order, great! Followed by another email saying it was canceled. Not great. I reached out, hoping that it just meant that they had charged me for the replacement by accident and they were still sending it, but no… they canceled it. Now that product is no longer available. So they refunded the money for that, but since I paid shipping i ended up paying $11 for a tiny little sample tin. I definitely don’t be ordering from them again.

Free Shipping No Minimum

Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum Tickets
Deal Link:

Nearby Davids Tea locations:

May 18th, 2020 9:42 am


May 18th, 2020 9:50 am

hp.. wrote: Unfortunately their sale/clearance section seems to be gone.

simplealgebra wrote: Yeah I’ve been wondering about that. Thought it was just the mobile interface or something. Do they even still have a sale section, even when there is no free shipping?

St. Catharines

May 18th, 2020 12:28 pm


May 18th, 2020 12:55 pm


coopercold wrote: With so many stores in shopping malls, I expect this company to be filing bankruptcy proceedings soon. I’ll pass for now and wait for the fire sale.


May 18th, 2020 1:16 pm

May 18th, 2020 1:19 pm


Try coupon code S9W77LCNL3 for an extra 10%.

RaeRaeS wrote: They removed it when they put covid-19 measures in place and shut down stores. People are willing to pay a bit more to have things delivered vs. not getting the item. I think it might return when stores reopen and they can reassess their inventory.

Zoomer Mobile Customer4 GB


May 18th, 2020 2:08 pm

m8uwot wrote: anyone getting this error?”We’re currently unable to process your order. Sorry! It’s likely due to high order volumes or temporary connection errors. Please wait a few minutes and resubmit. We won’t process your payment until your order is successfully placed. Questions? Check our FAQ or contact Customer Service”


May 18th, 2020 4:19 pm


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Buy Your Product From The Davids Tea Online Store

MyUS will keep an eye out for your delivery, and once it turns up, theyll send it to Australia.

Thinking about ordering multiple items? MyUS has you covered. Theyll wait for everything to arrive, combine them into one large shipment, and send it on its way!

Thanks to these services, youre able to purchase from online stores as if you were a U.S. citizen and get them shipped all the way to Australia with no hassle!

How Can I Track My Shipment

When your order is placed, it can take at least 3-8 days for us to process it. When processing is complete, a tracking number is assigned by the shipping carrier, your order leaves our distribution centre in Montreal, Quebec, and you receive an email with your tracking information.

Visit our Order Status page at any time to check the status of your order. Once its shipped, youll find a tracking number under Shipping Toclicking this link will bring you the tracking page where you can get live updates from the carrier.

Once your tracking number is assigned and emailed to you, your order is in the care of the shipping carrier and we can not provide additional information. If you have concerns about shipping delays, please note we do not control delivery timeswe wish we could!and youll need to get in touch with the carrier directly for any updates. Dont worry, your tea is in good hands!

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Processing & Shipping Time Frames

When you add an item to your shopping bag, we estimate the processing time and standard shipping delivery date. Expedited shipping options are available at checkout.

You will receive a shipment notification email when each item is shipped. Orders with multiple items may ship at different times in separate boxes.

To ensure that your items arrive in time for your event, refer to the estimated delivery dates quoted in your shopping bag, as many of our styles are made to order. We take great care to ensure the quality of each product and prepare it for shipping, and we appreciate your patience while we process your order.

Please allow additional processing time for special order and personalized products, as they are made just for you.

Sign Up For Your Free Us Address From Shipito

Tea Empties || July 2021 || DAVIDs TEA, The NecessiTeas, Monarch Tea House, Trader Joes, Adagio, etc

If you need a US-based address for your order, claim your free one through the Shipito website. Sign up for an account and receive an address you use when ordering online with American companies.

Order from Davids Tea as normal, but under shipping address, enter the Shipito address. Your order will then turn up at their facilities, The nice thing is that Shipito will automatically let you know your goods have turned up.

The items are processed pictures taken and package consolidation and then shipped out to you.

Shipito will include extra protection to ensure products are safe in transit.

The last thing to do is select which carrier you want to use for delivery to your International Location. There are several options for delivery times, so choose one that fits your budget and speed.

Thanks to the Shipito service, living outside the United States no longer hinders you from buying from Davids Tea or any other US-based company.

Shipito ships to almost all countries in the world. Click the button below to check if they can deliver your country.

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Become A Frequent Steeper

Join the David’s Tea Frequent Steeper loyalty program today to unlock a wide assortment of benefits that are exclusive only to members! This free program is a fantastic way to save more on every purchase without worrying about David’s Tea promo codes or other offers. Every time you make a purchase, even with our David’s Tea coupon codes, you’ll receive 1 point for every $1 spent. Every 100 points can be swapped for a free 50g of loose-leaf tea of your choice, and if you provide your birthday details, you’ll bag a free cup of tea on that day as a bonus! Be sure to sign up as soon as possible to avoid missing out on some great deals. We’ll also be posting the latest David’s Tea discounts here!

Putting Our People And Our Planet First Always

It’s time for a better way to drink tea. VAHDAM® is also a Climate Neutral & Plastic Neutral certified brand. We measure our plastic & carbon footprint every year. We then offset it via our investments in plastic recycling, renewable energy & energy efficiency initiatives in India, respectively.

“Repeat after me: BEST. TEA. EVER. They provide the best tea in the business. Can’t beat that”

“I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love with a wonderful chai! Or three, to be exact: Spiced Oolong, Ginger, and Sweet Cinnamon, shipped directly from India.”

“If you know me, you know how much I love good tea! Find your tea, dahhlings!”

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Davids Tea: Should I Order From Them Tell Me More

  • Posted in Learn
  • onJuly 27, 2013

If you live in the United States, theres a decent chance you may not know about Davids Tea. While their stores are all over Canada, there are only a handful here in San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, New York, and Connecticut. I was first told about them by a Canadian friend.

It could be compared to our version of Teavana, although Davids Tea seems to get better reviews as far as customer service in their physical stores.

How To Ship Items From Davids Tea Online Store To The Usa

The Boston Tea Party Reenactment

Your first step would be to access the MyUS website and create an account. After the account is created you will be assigned a UK physical address at that facility.

You can send your Davids Tea purchases directly to this address even if you do not live in the UK or have a UK address.

MyUS will assist you with your international shipping needs to the USA or any other location in the world.

You can send the products you purchase from Davids Tea or any UK-based store to your MyUS member physical address.

The freight forwarder will accept your packages and will notify you when they arrive.

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Sales Special Discounts And Limited Offers

There are several ways to save money when shopping on DAVIDsTEA, such as by taking advantage of DAVIDsTEA sales.

DAVIDsTEA sales occur at different times of the year and allow you to shop at heavily discounted prices.

To avoid missing such discounts, sign up for DAVIDsTEA newsletter to receive deals and sale alerts in your inbox.

Take advantage of DAVIDsTEA promo today by shopping with these DAVIDsTEA coupons.

Faqs For Davids Tea Free Shipping Promo Code

  • Does DAVIDs TEA offer Davids Tea Free Shipping Promo Code?Yes, DAVIDs TEA promotes Davids Tea Free Shipping Promo Code now.
  • Where to find the latest Davids Tea Free Shipping Promo Code?It is easy to get the latest Davids Tea Free Shipping Promo Code, here are some methods.Come to and find the Promo Codes on banners or footer.Come to social medias page, and you may get the Davids Tea Free Shipping Promo Code info.If you are tired of the first 2 ways, then you can try HotDeals, we always provide the latest DAVIDs TEA Promo Codes & deals.
  • How do I use Davids Tea Free Shipping Promo Code?Browse DAVIDs TEA product/category list, and add your needed to shopping cart.Check Davids Tea Free Shipping Promo Code list on the page, and save one of the coupons on your clipboard.Go back to and proceed to check out with filling the shipping address.Find out the box labeled ‘Enter coupon/promo code’, and paste the code to it, and next you may find the price is lower.
  • How to save more at DAVIDs TEA?Davids Tea Free Shipping Promo Code can really help you save at DAVIDs TEA, and also, the other methods are recomended for you.Create an account at and receive the latest coupons and offers.Enjoy free shipping offer when your DAVIDs TEA order exceeds their munimum spend.Subscribe at HotDeals, and receive DAVIDs TEA Promo Codes and extra gold for future use.

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What Is The Davidstea Frequent Steeper Program

Frequent Steeper is DAVIDsTEAs loyalty program. When you join, you earn one point each time you spend a dollar. When your points add up to 100, you get 50g of tea for free. You can use this promotion on any of the DAVIDsTEA teas. Your Frequent Steeper membership also applies when you buy hot tea in a store for every 10 cups, you get one cup free. The program also comes with other exciting discounts, including a free birthday tea, exclusive sales, swag, and access to special tea products. To sign up, create an account on the DAVIDsTEA website the Frequent Steeper sign-up is available from your account dashboard.

Use A Shipping Forwarding Service To Get Your Davids Tea Items Shipped Internationally

The FIRST EVER Cruise on this Ship and THE BEST Afternoon Tea

If you want to get Davids Tea orders delivered to any International Location, youll need to register with a US-based shipping forwarding service.

One of the best shipping forwarders out there today is Shipito. But why?.

Simply put, the forwarder takes the Davids Teas delivery and forwards it to your location anywhere in the world.

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How To Deliver Items From The Davids Tea Online Store To Australia

To ship internationally, Davids Tea requires you to have a physical address in the United States. It is there that you will be expected to receive your order.

The good news is that you do not need to live in the United States, or even have relatives or friends that do, for this process to work!

Your saviors are called Freight Forwarders. These are companies based in the USA which basically give you an address, just so that you can send your purchases there.

All you have to do is open up an account with a Freight Forwarder and youll never have to worry about shopping on US based online stores again.

Sounds great, right? So which Freight Forwarder is the best one to go with?

In our opinion, you cant go wrong with MyUS

They offer an excellent service at a very reasonable price, and unlike other companies, they dont charge any extra taxes!

Since working with them, we have conveniently and inexpensively shipped many packages internationally.

Whether you buy products from Davids Tea or another U.S.-based company, MyUS lets you conveniently ship them to your new physical U.S.-based address.

Good Tea But Needs Better Website Accessibility

I am fully blind and do all my online shopping with VoiceOver, apple’s built in screen reading software. David’s Tea had a fairly accessible website overall, but I did experience some accessibility issues that made placing my order quite an ordeal. I called their customer service team to provide feedback and suggestions on how they could improve the website’s accessibility. The woman I spoke too seemed open to my ideas, so I’m hoping she will pass them on to their web developer who can make the experience better for screen reader users in the future. The order arrived at my house almost two weeks after it had been placed a little later than I would have liked but not a huge issue.

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David’s Tea Return Policy

If you arent head over heels with your latest purchase with DavidsTea, contact them either online or in-store for a full refund or exchange within 30 days with your original receipt on unused merchandise.

Once an order is placed, it is shipped with Canada Post and cannot be modified or cancelled, but you are free to bring your delivered purchase to a nearby location for a refund or exchange at no extra cost even with a DavidsTea Promo.

Dedicated to giving you the best experience, DavidsTea customer service will assist you in any way possible to ensure you are satisfied no matter what.

What Reasons Make Shipito The Go

Boston Tea Party Ships &  Museum: The Complete Guide

When it comes to shipping forwarders, Shipito is one of the longest and inexpensive services in the industry. Its been more than 10 years since Shipito started offering its services, which has ensured its position in the industry as the most dependable and cost-efficient shipping forwarder service.

They use a no-hassle, easy-to-use process, allowing people to order from any USA online store and have it shipped anywhere in the world. When it comes to quality service, you cant get much better than Shipito.

If youre having trouble placing an order on Davids Teas website, dont worry! Shipito can place an order with Davids Tea on your behalf, thanks to their superb concierge service. Give them the order details, theyll place the order, and then once it arrives, theyll ship it to you.

Shipito handles everything for you. They have plenty of different options for different types of buyers, no matter how often you order from online stores!.

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Shop The Way That Works For You

Walk in or book an in-store or virtual appointment. Appointments recommended for brides and bridesmaids.

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