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How To Make Lychee Bubble Tea

How To Serve The Bubble Black Tea

Lychee Bubble Milk Tea | How To Make Bubble Tea | Visu’s Magical Kitchen
  • Add 1/3 cup of tapioca pearls in a glass and then top the glass with the already made bubble tea or matcha mixture.
  • Pour a cup of milk of your choice
  • Get a larger straw
  • Enjoy your drink.

If you wish to open a bubble tea business, but you do not know about tea sets for serving customers, we would give a piece on tea sets in the subsequent paragraph. We would talk about different tea set designs, countries where it is produced and mainly used, and some other important information on a tea set.

Brewing Tea For The Lychee Milk Tea

Brew the tea, the way you like it. You can either use teabags. Take boiling water to steep the tea bags. Steep for 3 minutes and then remove the tea bags. Set aside and let the tea cool.

Now if you are brewing tea leaves, boil water to the level of a constant boil. Maintain the heat and steep the tea leaves for about 2 minutes in boiling water. Strain and let the tea cool.

Lychee Bubble Tea: An Easy Lychee Boba Tea Recipe

The lychee bubble tea is fragrant, sweet, and smooth boba milk tea. Tea flavor gives the depth, lychee gives the sweet fragrant taste, milk imparts smoothness, boba balls give a texture and the bubbles give it a unique mouth feels to this drink.

This lychee bubble tea is my guilty pleasure. Let me start by saying that I love bubble tea, and I love lychees. Today, we combine both these flavors to make a smooth and flavorful drink, called lychee boba or lychee bubble tea.

Bubble tea is a tea-based drink that originated in Taiwan in the early 1980s. These are the sweet milk tea served with chewy tapioca balls or pearls.

Bubble in a bubble tea refers to the froth or bubbles formed on the drink as a result of shaking. It is best served in closed lid jars so that it could be shaken before serving. If you do not have one handy, it is still not an excuse to avoid making this flavor-packed drink.

Trust me, shaken or unshaken, it is such a lovely drink. It is one of my best flavors to order in a boba shop! It can be made easily at home.

Let us dive right in.

In this recipe post, Boba refers to the tapioca pearls. Bubble tea is the sweet milk tea that is shaken to create bubbles or little froth on the surface and is served with cooked and flavored tapioca pearls.

I had to clarify this because there is always a squabble on whether to call it boba or bubble tea.

Why should you be making this lychee bubble tea or lychee boba at home?

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S On How To Make Lychee Bubble Tea

  • Boil two pots of water, one pot will be used for the brewed tea, and the other pot used for the tapioca pearls.
  • Boil about four to five cups of water in the pot for the freshly brewed tea
  • Wait for the water to get to a boiling point where it rumbles, place your black tea leaves or green leaves and continue boiling. Green tea leave is preferable.
  • In the other pot, boil the water to a point where it rumbles and add your cup of boba pearls into the water and continue boiling.
  • While waiting for the two pots to continue cooking, you can start peeling your lychee fruit, peel off the outer shell and leave the flesh exposed.
  • Blend the lychee flesh alongside ½ cup of lychee juice. Blend till it is very smooth.
  • The contents in the two pots must have cooked/boiled to the desired point.
  • Let it cool down to room temperature.
  • Make a brown sugar syrup, or you can get it from a store
  • Add the boba pearls into the brown sugar syrup mixture.
  • Get a glass or a tea set, pour ¼ cup of boba pearls, add ¼ cup of the creamer in the tea set, add ¼ of your blended mix of lychee, add ¾ cup of freshly brewed tea. Your lychee bubble drink is ready.
  • You can serve

Follow the step above on how to serve black bubble tea.

How To Make Bubble Tea

How to Make Lychee Bubble Tea
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Bubble tea is becoming a must drink for people around the world. However, getting cafés that offer them is not so popular. So why dont you learn to make them at home? This article is a prayer-answered point for those who wish to learn how to make a nutritious bubble tea. In this piece, you will be given the ingredients for bubble tea, directions on how to make it, and emphasis will be made on how to make bubble tea from the comfort of your home. However, for the benefit of those that probably do not know what bubble tea is, let us see what bubble tea is all about in the paragraph below.

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What Is Bubble Tea

Bubble tea, also known as boba tea, is a Taiwanese tea drink flavored with milk or fruit with marble-sized tapioca balls at the bottom. It can be made with all sorts of teafrom plain black, jasmine or oolong tea to fruity herbal tea like strawberry, melon or mango. Its most known for its iconic bubbles that are soft, chewy and a little sweet. People enjoy other unexpected add-ins like grass jelly or cheese foam .

Bubble tea has all the health benefits of drinking tea, too.

Assembling The Lychee Bubble Tea

Now that we have prepared all the elements needed for making the lychee bubble tea or lychee boba, gather all the ingredients for making this delicious drink.

This recipe will make two glasses of bubble tea. You can double or triple the recipe as per your familys needs.

Into the glass, add the tapioca pearls. Now, pour in the sugar syrup . Further, add the tea and lychee juice. Mix everything well. Now add in the ice cubes and pour in the milk.

Close the lid and give it a shake. Shaking will create bubbles, which is an essential part of this bubble tea.

Grab a wide straw and enjoy!

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Recipe Of Lychee Bubble Tea

Ingredients –

How to make –

Step 1 –

Take water in two pots and boil it till it starts making the rumbling sound. One pot is for the tea leaves and the other pot is for boiling boba pearls. Now add fresh tea leaves into one pot and let the tea leaves steep for 4-7 minutes and then pour boba pearls into another pot and let it cook. It will take 10-15 minutes.

Step 2 –

Now take some lychee and peel it off and grind it smoothly. Now add the lychee juice and some ice and freshly grind lychee and again put this mixture into the blender. Make the mixture of smooth texture.

Step 3 –

Now, wait until all things come at room temperature. Now take the sugar and pour it in a pan and some water and cook it as it starts looking like sugar syrup. Now pour the cooked pearl into it and stir it until all the pearls get coated with the sugar syrup.

Step 4 –

Now we have to assemble all our items into a glass. After assembling all into the glass shake it well and then serve it with a straw.

Can You Make Bubble Tea Ahead Of Time

EASY Lychee Iced Tea RECIPE * * ONLY 4 Ingredients! * *

You can make bubble tea about a day in advance, but any longer and your tea may start to get too strong, and tapioca pearls can get soggy and lose their chew. Be sure to store the tapioca pearls in the fridge submerged in simple syrup if making ahead, and discard tea leaves once your tea has brewed so it doesnt oversteep.

When making simple syrup ahead, store this in a sealed jar for over a week and it should stay fresh.

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How Do I Make Tapioca Pearls

If you want to make homemade tapioca pearls, mix 2 parts tapioca starch with 1 part boiling water. Mix together until you achieve a dough-like consistency. Form the dough into small pearls, then boil over medium-high heat. When the boba reaches your desired consistency, remove them from the pan and add to the tea.

Recipe Lychee Black Tea

The main thing you should be concerned about making this tea is the amount of tea you take, water temperature, and the steeping time. Steep the tea leaves for 3-5 minutes in the boiling water. Do not over boil the water, every time use fresh water for the best flavour. Try not to steep your leaves longer as you steep your leaves longer it will start giving you a bitter taste.

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Authentic Taiwanese Milk Tea Recipe

Taiwanese Milk Tea is a famous drink invented in Taichung, Taiwan in the 1980s. It’s a tea based drink that’s more popular than Starbucks in Taiwan. Often times add-ins like tapioca pearls, coffee jelly or lychee jelly are mixed in to add some chewy texture along with the beverage. In this video tutorial I’ll show you how to make Authentic Taiwanese Milk tea using a recipe from my Auntie who owned her own bubble tea shop in Taichung, Taiwan. I’ve included links to the ingredients and brands I used below because without these brands, I wouldn’t be able to replicate the same flavors of the tea.
If you’re curious, most good Taiwanese Bubble Tea shops will use thier own blend of teas for thier drinks, and oftentimes it’s expensive full leaf teas. The Red Rose tea I’ve listed below is what my Auntie recommended that I buy in the US to get a very similar flavor to the Taiwanese tea blends. Tip: If you’re planning on including add-ins, always serve them with a fat straw so you’re able to actually suck the pearls or jellies through. : ) Thick bubble tea straws are relatively cheap online if you can’t find any at your local Asian supermarkets.Note: This recipe was my very first video tutorial I posted to . Needless to say, my video editing skills weren’t all that good back then, and I’ve learned so much since about video recipe making. Please don’t laugh, unless you’re laughing with me. 😀

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A simple dessert that’s great served with ice cream.

It takes a little work, but it is worth it.

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Why Is Porcelain The Best Material For Tea Sets

Porcelain is majorly gotten from china that is why it is fondly called porcelain china tea sets. The high use of porcelain is major as a result of its aesthetic quality and lasting tendency. The word porcelain is an Italian world, gotten from the word porcellana, meaning cowrie shell. Lets now look at what makes it the best material for tea sets.

It can retain heat for a long period, and only the inner part is heated.

It lasts longer than many other materials. The durability of porcelain and its thin nature makes it the right material for a tea set. Producers can design beautiful shapes and do some carvings due to it because of its thin nature.

Porcelain is usually fired in a kiln with low temperature after that, it is glazed with glossy quality materials and fired again at a much higher temperature. You would fall in love with a tea set made from porcelain at first sight.

Conclusively, a porcelain tea set is a valuable collection that could be treasured for years. You can make orders from online stores or go to the market and purchase the type that serves your purpose.

Tea Zone Lychee Popping Pearls


Popping pearls, a.k.a. “popping boba” or “bursting boba”, are a beverage sensation trending in mainstream Europe. With no preparing or cooking required, popping pearls are a simple and easy addition to quick-service restaurants. Serve these fruit juice-filled Tea Zone Lychee Popping Pearls straight from the jar! Each popping pearl is about 3/8″ in diameter and bursts with flavorful fruit juices when bitten into. Packaging design may differ from product photo.

  • Filled with lychee juice
  • Vegan-friendly, gluten free, dairy free

Unit Sold By: Container 112.88 oz

Popping pearls, aka. bursting boba, or popping boba, have fruit juice inside and it will burst when bitten into. Popping pearls look like tapioca boba, but are colorful balls. They are made of seaweed extract, and filled with fruit juice. Tea Zone Popping pearls will make your beverage creative and trendy. Tea Zone Lychee Popping Pearls are ideal to use in bubble tea, ice cream, smoothy, slushy, or desserts topping.


Water, Fructose, Lychee Syrup, Starch, Calcium Lactate, Citric Acid, Seaweed Extract, Xanthan Gum, Lychee Flavor, Potassium Sorbate, Sucralose

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Is Bubble Tea Healthy

You can make your bubble tea as healthy or indulgent as youd like, just like coffee! Adding sweeteners or fruit juices will increase the amount of sugar consumed. The tapioca pearls are made from cassava, which contains no fat or cholesterol, though theyre high in calories and carbs. For a healthy tea beverage, check out Thai tea.

Lychee Tea: Types Benefits And Recipe

A Bubble Tea Favorite: Lychee Bubble Tea | Homemade Lychee Boba

Lychee tea is a black tea blended with real lychee fruit. It is a special type of scented tea. The tea does not contain lychee pieces but only a fruity flavour of the fruit which is blended is roasted with black tea. Lychee tea comes from the Tang dynasty of China. Because of its fresh flavour and sweet aroma, it is loved by many people around the globe.

This tea can be consumed warm or iced and is best paired with spicy and savoury food. This tea comes in various forms such as lychee black tea, lychee bubble tea, lychee green tea, and lychee jelly bubble tea.

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Faq And Tips For Making Tapioca Pearls

  • Use tapioca pearls within a few hours. Tapioca pearls are best if used within a few hours of cooking . They will get mushy. Make a smaller batch if you are worried about having extras.
  • How to store cooked tapioca pearls. If you do have extra, you can store them in an airtight container at room temperature. Cover and fully coat them in the honey syrup so that they don’t stick to each other. But again, you need to consume them within 4 hours before they start to get mushy. Do not store in the refrigerator as they will harden.
  • Why are my pearls too soft? This will happen if they are overcooked, or if they have been sitting out for over 4 hours.
  • Why are my pearls too hard? This will happen if they are undercooked or if stored in the refrigerator.

Lychee Tea: What Is It And How To Make One

While the heat waves of summer drain our energy, it is the best time to enjoy many delicious fruits. Besides mangoes, strawberries, or watermelons, Lychee finds its way to our fruit consumption once the summer brings its sunny days. Some people living in warmer places are pretty familiar with this delicious and nutritious fruit, while others might have never heard of it. Lychee is a tropical fruit with reddish skin, white, grape-like flesh, and brown seed. The fruit can be used in many recipes, from desserts to Lychee tea variations, with its intense floral aroma and sweet taste.

In this guide, we will discuss two main types of tea that come to mind when we hear about Lychee tea. On the one hand, there is an iced or bubble tea with fresh fruit. On the other hand, black tea leaves scented with Lychee fruit’s peels or flowers is called “Lychee tea.” Do not worry you will be an expert about both types of tea at the end of this article.

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Lychee Jelly Bubble Tea

Lychee jelly bubble tea is a type of ice tea that can be easily made at home and can especially be consumed in humid and hot climates. Lychee jelly bubble tea is similarly made as we make lychee bubble tea, we only have to add boba jelly in it. Boba jelly can be easily made at home or one can order it from amazon it is easily available there.


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