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What’s The Best Tea To Help You Sleep

Best Herbal Teas That Help You To Fall Asleep Quickly

Homemade Bed Time Drink That Will Help You Sleep Faster, Deeper And Better

Herbal teas such as chamomile, Lavender, passionflower does not contain any caffeine. they are not made from the Camellia Sinensis plant as most teas. Drinking these herbal teas before bed will promote sleep and you will have a good quality sleep.

Research shows that as many as 35-40% of adults struggle to fall and stay asleep each night. And chronic sleep problems are most severe in older adults as 25% and those with medical conditions.

The best bedtime tea may help you to feel relax and ease into a good sleep routine. And unlike something like sleep medications, which have a sedative effect in some people but not everyone, different types of tea provide different ways to help your body usher in good sleep naturally.

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If your morning caffeine craving is the main reason you get out of bed, you already know how much of an impact a warm cup of coffee or tea in your hands can have on your well-being when incorporated into your routine.

Watching the sun rise with your trusty hot beverage by your side is a great way to kick-start your morning, but this is a practice that doesnt just have to be relegated to the first few hours of your day. Drinking certain teas before bed can have a major impact on your health and your quality of sleep. So, break out your favorite mug, put a pot of water on to boil, and lets take a look at the best teas to add to your bedtime routine to sleep soundly tonight.

If You Have Trouble Getting To Sleep Give Tea A Try The Best Teas For Sleep Contain Ingredients To Help You Get A Better Night’s Sleep

Up all night counting sheep? Millions of people have trouble getting a solid eight hours due to factors ranging from sleep disorders to sickness to stress. You feel like you’ve attempted everything to get some slumber. But have you given tea a try?

Something is calming about the ritual of sipping some warm liquid before bed. Fortunately, plenty of teas are out there that can help you slip into dreamland faster. The teas below contain the right ingredients to help you get a better night’s sleep. So, kick back, relax and sip these brews.

Valerian teaAntioxidant-brimming valerian is known for being a strong natural sedative and for increasing sleep quality. It reduces the time it takes for you to fall asleep. It helps address pain, insomnia and nervousness, too. Sip a brew from this flowering plant an hour or so before bedtime. You may have to drink it for a few nights in a row before it works. Just be careful not to overdo it, because too much of this tea can become addictive. And it can interfere with some medications or supplements for sleep or cholesterol. Speak with your health care provider before drinking valerian tea.

Sleepytime tea Caffeine-free herbal tea can help you sleep as it relaxes and calms you. Many bedtime, aka sleepytime, teas are made from the same compounds used in sleep-promoting supplements. The tea’s magical ingredients are sure to knock you out in minutes.

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A Tea Recommended For Older Adults

Many times, when youre at an advanced age, its difficult to fall asleep due to certain diseases or stressful situations.

In these cases, when an elderly person is unable to maintain sleep, the following infusion is usually recommended.


  • 2 cups of water
  • 1 tablespoon of Melissa leaves
  • 2 tablespoons of valerian root
  • 1 teaspoon of mint leaves
  • 1 teaspoon of honey


  • Heat the water and, once it starts to boil, add all of the ingredients.
  • Let steep for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  • After 10 minutes, strain it.
  • Add the honey and separate the tea into different proportions so that you can drink it after dinner and right before bed.

As you can see, helping to treat insomnia with certain infusions can be practical and effective.

Benefits Of Tea Before Bedtime

The best tea to help you sleep

Herbal teas have a variety of benefits other than just being relaxing. Herbs have been a natural way of treating a variety of ailments for thousands of years.

For example, lemon and peppermint ease digestion, and cinnamons potent blend of antioxidants is known to help control bad cholesterol, regulate blood sugar, and even eliminate gas! I could go on about cinnamon, but Ill save it for an upcoming section.

Theres some evidence that our ability to absorb nutrients increases as we sleep, so if you opt for an herbal tea with nutritional properties, your body may get some added benefits.

If youre drinking it at night, avoid putting sugar in it. The extra calories right before bed will sabotage your weight goals, and the stimulating effect of sugar could end up keeping you up later.

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Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Extra

If your mom microwaved Sleepytime for you when you were young and she needed you to go to bed already for the love of god, youll recognize the huge, snoring bear on the box from a mile away. Celestial Seasonings tried to rebrand, and thousands of calls and emails cried out UM, NO. So they brought the bear back, and the world is a better place for it. The herbs arent organic, so the yogi-wellness gurus I consulted dont adore this one, but I doand I think you will too. Theyve managed to cook up a flavorful herbal blend thats slightly sweet, minty, and chamomile-forward without any bitterness. Plus, its heavy on the most powerful ingredient of all: nostalgia. Well, nostalgia and valerian, which is what makes this Sleepytime EXTRA.

Verdict: You can consider this one the Coca-Cola of sleepy teas. The flavor is comforting, powerful, and downright good. Its a solid choice that checks all of the boxes and can be found at pretty much any grocery storeBOOM.

Does Drinking It Calm People With Anxiety And Depression

No matter what type of decaffeinated tea you choose, there is evidence that supports the fact that drinking tea will help calm those suffering from anxiety in depression.

There are three reasons why this is the case:

  • Routine Having a bedtime routine naturally calms your nerves. Its predictable and something you can control. It especially helps if you combine this activity with something enjoyable like reading a book or chatting with a loved one.
  • Slow Down Since you cant easily run around the block or vacuum the living room with a piping hot cup of liquid in your hand, by drinking tea you force yourself to take a break. By its very nature, this activity is calming.
  • Hydration Not many people know that dehydration increases anxiety. By consuming more water, even in the form of tea, you can ease anxiety and depression symptoms.
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    What Are The Side Effects

    Research published in the journal BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine shows that herbal remedies have little to no side effects, so they can be effective in treatment of sleep problems.

    But you need to really know which herb youre drinking and its side effects. Because herbs can cause allergic reactions, headaches, heartburn and stomach pain. If youre taking medication, you should ask a doctor whether drinking herbal tea is safe for you.

    If you have a serious health condition, you should consider using the herb Rooibos for your herbal tea, after consulting with your doctor. Rooibos is known to have no side effects, nor it interacts with any drugs. Also known as Red Bush tea, it is the national drink of South Africa.

    Traditional Medicinals Nighty Night Valerian

    This Herbal Tea Will Calm You For A Great Night’s Sleep | Plant-Based | Well+Good

    If youre really serious about getting a better sleep fast, you need to skip over the plain Nighty Night and hit the Nighty Night Valerian instead. It gets me every time. After a 10-minute steep, theres a pleasant funky-earthy smell to this organic tea, with subtle notes of gym socks. But the scent is much stronger than the taste. This is a tea made from passionfloweran actual flower known to chill the nerves, not the name of a bath oil your mom bought from the last Avon lady on Earth. If youre the kind of person who lies in bed thinking about those lost USPS packages, your cats fading eyesight, and what will happen to your health care in the near future, well, this is for you.

    Verdict: Legit. Despite the scent, the flavor is mellow and perfect if you need to unwind at the end of a long day overthinking how to respond to that one email. I would recommend it.

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    The Best Teas To Help You Sleep

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    There is no better feeling than waking up refreshed and recharged after a deep sleep, ready to greet the day and tackle your to-do lists with energy and vigor. Unfortunately, more than 35% of American adults report sleeping less than 7 hours per night, and another 30% have experienced short-time insomnia at some point in their lives.

    It is no secret that we live in an increasingly stressful and fast-paced world, with long days spent staring into screens and blurring the lines between work and personal time. This is why it is more important than ever before to establish a bedtime ritual, to help you unwind and forget the worries and stresses of the day before settling into bed.

    There are many habits you can incorporate into your winding-down ritual, from lighting a scented candle to meditation, or from reading a good book to soaking in a warm bath. Of course, our favorite way to ease into sleep is with a soothing cuppa.

    Setting aside a quiet moment to sip and savor your favorite tea before bed can allow you to reflect on the day, and shift into a different mindset before drifting off to sleep. The best evenings teas are free from caffeine, and have a gentle flavor and comforting aroma that will calm your body and mind as you prepare for bedtime.

    allow you to enjoy the taste of your favorite varietal. Herbal teas offer an infusion of fragrant ingredients completely caffeine-free..

    Can Herbal Teas Really Help You Sleep

    Some people refrain from drinking any kind of tea at night. But the truth is that herbal teas are very different from regular caffeinated teas. They contain anti-anxiety ingredients that help your body relax and get to sleep easily. You must have heard of how valerian root can help people with sleep problems. Herbal teas contain the same ingredient as valerian root to soothe your physical and mental system and help you relax before you go to sleep.

    The advantage of drinking a herbal tea instead of taking the raw supplement is that you dont have to deal with the stinky herb and bad taste. Moreover, taking raw herb with water isnt a soothing experience in itself. On the other hand, drinking tea at bedtime has an inherent relaxing effect on your brain, just like taking a hot shower helps you feel instantly relaxed.

    Some sleep teas have ingredients that have a sedative effect, such as chamomile and valerian. On the other hand, some teas have ingredients that reduce stress and anxiety. Some sleep teas help ease digestion so that the body can relax and go to sleep.

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    The Best Tea To Drink Before Bed

    Obviously, you dont want to intake a lot of caffeine before you go to sleep , so if youre going to have tea before bed, youll want something with very little to no caffeine. Choose a natural tea to help you relax and de-stress before you sleep. Herbal teas that contain no caffeine like chamomile or peppermint are great choices. Many companies make teas specific for helping you fall to sleep and sleep better. Theyre often called sleepy tea or nighttime tea and have no caffeine and ingredients that help you relax and fall to sleep.

    • The 4 best bedtime teas are:
    • Chamomile tea is one of the best teas for bedtime because it is a caffeine-free and contains sleep-inducing ingredients. Its also known to help decrease anxiety.
    • Green tea contains theanine, which can help you feel calm at bedtime. However, regular green tea does contain caffeine, so be careful if youre sensitive to it.
    • Peppermint tea is another great herbal tea option for nighttime drinking. It has little to no caffeine and can help settle your stomach, too.
    • Lavender tea helps with relaxation and falling to sleep. Lavender in general can be beneficial at night, both when you ingest it and when you smell itlavender tea is great before bed to help you unwind and relax and can also improve sleep when diffused as an essential oil or sprayed in your room at night.

    Lavender For Anxiety Relief

    7 Best Herbal Teas To Help You Sleep Well

    Lavender is grouped with chamomile as an anxiety-reducing powerhouse, but it also features aromatherapeutic properties that further induce relaxation through ones sense of smell. In fact, theres a study on pharmaceutical-grade lavender oil capsules which determined the plant extract to be comparable to the benzodiazepine lorazepam. Linalool is the active component here that also gives lavender its signature scent. In fact, research also shows the smell of lavender helps reduce anxiety symptoms.

    Who shouldnt try this? Current studies show lavender is generally safe, but there have been reported negative side effects like nausea and indigestion for the oral supplements. These side effects are why experts caution against eating or drinking essential oils, unless pharmaceutically manufactured.

    Find it:Buddha Teas Organic Lavender Tea

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    The Best Teas For A Peaceful Night’s Sleep

    Like taking a warm bath before bed, drinking a hot cup of soothing liquid can help you get to sleep faster. Compounds in tea trigger chemical reactions in the nervous system that encourage your body to relax and prepare for sleep. Many herbal teas and even some decaf true teas feature additional chemical compounds that further enhance sleepiness and resolve sleep problems to help you rest easier.

    Bedtime Tea Ingredients And How They Work

    Some bedtime teas, also called sleepytime teas, have an actual sedative effect that induces sleep. Others work to relieve the stress and anxiety that can cause insomnia and othersleep disorders. While studies show that bedtime teas all help to promote sleep, the exact nature of their calming effects has not been conclusively identified. However, there appears to be consensus on the working theories.

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    Are There Any Risks Or Side Effects

    In general, sipping these teas regularly before bed is safe. While chamomile is listed on the FDAs list of ingredients generally recognized as safe , some people may experience some side effects. And, there are certain teas or ingredients you may want to avoid if you are taking certain medications, so its best to check with your doctor.

    There have been some reported allergies in some people to some ingredients in herbal teas, like chamomile, Schlichter says. Also, pregnant and nursing women and those suffering from low blood pressure may be more apt to risks and side effects and definitely want to check with a healthcare provider.

    One ingredient in particularvalerianmay also cause some unwanted side effects. A variety of sleepy tea called Extra has valerian in it, and some studies have found that this herb can cause headaches, dizziness, and an upset stomach, Gans says.

    Can It Relieve Stress

    The Best Homemade Medicinal Herb Tea Recipe for a Great Nights Sleep

    Yes, absolutely! Similar to the calming effects that tea has on people suffering from anxiety and depression, the ritualistic nature of making and enjoying a cup or two will help your stress levels as well.

    Its been documented that sitting down to have a cup of tea signals the end of a stressful period or activity, which also helps. Also surprising is that people report that having the beverage made for them also reduces stress because it causes them to feel nurtured and cared for.

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    Is Caffeinated Black Tea A Good Bedtime Drink

    For a long time, the standard advice has been to avoid caffeinated drinks in the lead up to bedtime. However, in August 2019, some new research suggested that caffeine might not be such a fearsome sleep slayer after all.

    Looking at the sleep patterns of 785 African Americans, the researchers found that alcohol and nicotine within 4 hours of going to bed both negatively affected sleep. In contrast, caffeine had no significant effect on sleep duration, sleep efficiency or time of first waking after falling asleep.

    The researchers point out that they didnt look closely at dosage, tolerance, and sensitivity to caffeine. So this research doesnt let all black tea and coffee addicts off the hook youll still need to experiment to see if black or green tea, or even coffee, is a feasible bedtime drink for you personally.

    On the subject of black tea, when Ive had enough of the herbal teas, my other favorite is decaffeinated Earl Grey. I hated it when I was a kid and always thought the name was a bit posh and the color too milky.

    It turns out I was wrong though, as Earl Grey has the perfect softness to sip in bed while reading a book .

    Tea to the English is really a picnic indoors.

    Alice Walker


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