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Where Can I Buy Peppermint Tea

Stash Tea Peppermint Herbal Tea

Chamomile and Peppermint Tea

Stash Tea started their journey back in 1972 from a Victorian house situated in Oregon. The name of the company is inspired by the folklore according to which the small stash of tea is given to the captain of the ship with the motive of transporting the flavor to different parts of the world. The quality and purity of each and every product by this company is phenomenal.

The peppermint tea by Stash Tea company is particularly renowned for its amazing health benefits and superb aroma. Its revitalizing flavor feels amazing and refreshing. You can enjoy a hot cup of peppermint herbal tea sweetened with a teaspoon of sugar or honey. And feel the soothing tranquility all around you with just a sip of this tea.

The packaging of each teabag keeps it fresh and superbly aromatic. The tea will taste fresh whenever youll open the stay-fresh foil wrapper.


  • Wrapped in stay-fresh foil wrappers.
  • Available in easy to use teabags.
  • Every cup tastes aromatic and fresh.


Fantastic Health Benefits Of Peppermint Tea

Peppermint teas health benefits are plentiful. Health practitioners wanting to provide relief without drugs have used peppermint tea for over 10,000 years, as documented by archeologists.

The University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health has found that a cup of the beverage will help with heartburn and upset stomach. Here are the top 15 peppermint tea benefits.

Final Thoughts On The Health Benefits Of Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea benefits have been well-documented for centuries and provide natural relief for many common ailments that dont need over-the-counter pharmaceutical solutions.

From restless nights to nausea and headaches, peppermint teas muscle-relaxing properties can alleviate stress from the body, and its antibacterial properties can ease bad breath and digestive issues.

Even if the health issues mentioned are of no concern, sipping a warm cup at the end of the day can promote a feeling of overall peace and comfort, and help you unwind from a long, stressful day.

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Davidsons Organic Peppermint Leaves

Davidsons Organics is a family-owned company, now run by the third generation. There is an excellent range of tea available at this brand. Davidsons aims to keep the natural benefits of herbs and create high-quality products. These products are great for your mental and physical health.

The peppermint herbal tea at Davidsons Organics is enriched with all the amazing natural goodness of peppermint. It is refreshing, tranquilizing, and calming for your nerves. The flavor of this tea is super exciting and the aroma is perfect to uplift your mental energy.

The cut and sifted peppermint leaves are packaged into a large pack of 16-ounce weight. This is a great pick for people who do not like to go to the grocery stores every now and then. The internal aluminum foil of this paper bag keeps the freshness of the tea intact.


Did I Cover All You Wanted To Know About Whether Grocery Stores Sell Peppermint Oil

Twinings of London® Pure Peppermint Herbal Tea Bags 50 ct Box

Its a wrap!

In the paragraphs above, I shared a lot about grocery stores that sell peppermint oil. For example, I shared the many wonderful uses and benefits of peppermint oil. You can use it for some common ailments, which I mentioned.

And you can even use it to boost your energy level.

I also looked at how much it costs and the brand that Ill recommend you purchase, a brand that packs a lot of power and yet is affordable. I mentioned that you could easily get it in some grocery stores, and even the aisle.

You can get it at Walmart. Also, I mentioned who must not use peppermint oil.

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How Much Does Peppermint Oil Cost

Peppermint oil starts at around $8.00 for half an ounce. But buying larger quantities can get you a much better price per ounce, often as low as $3.50/ounce when you buy a 4 oz. container.

Just like most other things, theres a range of prices. And, you know that theres almost always a positive relationship between price and quality.

The product Ill recommend is awesome itss from a peppermint plant thats high in menthol, and itss by Body Naturals.

Just to see the current price on Amazon.

It has over 4,000 glowing reviews and almost all 5-star. Itss very strong with a powerful aroma and can be used in many ways.

Itss been tested in a laboratory to be safe for use, its gluten-free, vegan, not tested on animals, and its made in the US.

Is It Time To Get A New Peppermint Loose Leaf Tea

Youre looking for a new peppermint loose leaf tea. What do you think? Its difficult to predict future price changes. If there are no signs of production slowing, it can be worth buying now to enjoy your investment sooner. But if output is declining and prices are predicted to rise, you might want to wait until the buzz has died down before making a choice.

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Traditional Medicinals Organic Peppermint Herbal Tea

  • HERBAL POWER: Soothes your belly and alleviates digestive discomfort.*
  • TASTE: Aromatic, refreshing and undeniably minty.
  • PLANT STORY: We source organic peppermint that is rich in essential oils, lending our tea its distinctive minty taste and its highly soothing digestive benefits.*
  • USDA Certified Organic. Non-GMO Verified. Kosher. Caffeine Free. Certified B Corp. Compostable Tea Bags.
  • Consistently high quality herbs from ethical trading partnerships.
  • 1 box containing 16 tea bags

Yogi Purely Peppermint Tea

Peppermint Tea – How To Make a Peppermint Tea
  • Stronger than some others

If you love peppermint tea with a strong minty zing, youll love this one from Yogi. These certified organic bags are compostable, but unlike some of the other eco-friendly options, they do have the traditional string and tag, which some people prefer for ease of retrieving from your cup of tea. Yogi is a brand that many know and love for its great herbal options, and the peppermint tea is on par with the rest of the brand.

Form: Bags | Whole Leaves or Pieces: Pieces

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Can You Drink Too Much Mint Tea

For all practical purposes, no. Even multiple cups of peppermint or spearmint tea will use only a handful of mint leaves. Having said that, its important to bear a few things in mind before making mint tea an everyday fixture. Peppermint tea is not a great match for people with gastroesophageal reflux disease . Thats because peppermint can cause the esophagus muscles relax, potentially worsening any acid reflux you already have. Both peppermint tea and spearmint tea should be consumed in moderation during pregnancy, and you should check with your doctor about any potential drug interactions. Too much spearmint can have an adverse effect on the liver and kidneys, so talk to your doctor about how much you can safely drink if you have any existing liver or kidney conditions.

And we promised you a homemade fresh mint iced tea recipe.

Harney & Sons Organic Peppermint Tea

Courtesy of Amazon

  • Vibrant, but not too strong

  • On the pricier side

Since the 1980s, Harney & Sons founder John Harney has traveled the globe in search of the best teas. The brand started with six initial tea offerings and boasts 300 today. The peppermint, sourced from Oregon, is organically grown and kosher. The peppermint flavor is vibrant and bright, but not aggressively minty or cool, making it a great middle-of-the-road option. If you like milk in your tea, you might find that this is one of the better options for that. Because its not overly minty, the milk will bring out the flavor of the tea and not clash with the cooling properties.

Form: Bags | Whole Leaves or Pieces: Pieces

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The Most Flavorful Refreshing Options In Loose Leaf And Bag Form

We independently research, test, review, and recommend the bestproductslearn more about our process. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a commission.

Among the many types of tea in the world, peppermint is a popular option among tea drinkers. Its refreshing, aromatic, and delicious. It’s also quite simple to create on your own you can buy peppermint leaves to make a variety of blends with unique flavor profiles. That said, even if you like to DIY concoctions, it’s also great to have some premade options on hand for the sake of time and convenience.

Here are the best peppermint teas.

Allegro Organic Northwest Peppermint Tea Bags

Organic Green Tea Peppermint


  • Not as minty as others

These bags are not quite as minty, vibrant, and zingy as some of the others, but that’s actually preferred by some people, so if you’re into a more mild option, this is the brand for you. These bags also have many of the same eco-friendly benefits as others: The peppermint is organic, and the tea bags and cartons are recyclable and compostable.

Form: Bags | Whole Leaves or Pieces: Pieces

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Celestial Seasonings Peppermint Herbal Tea

Celestial Seasoning started their business back in 1969. This company enthusiastically exhibited the phenomenal world of herbal tea through its high-quality products. The basic aim of establishing this company was to promote a healthier and happier lifestyle in the modern eras busy routine. This company takes pride in giving above than the standard quality available in the market.

The quality of the peppermint tea perfectly portrays the originality of this company. After about 50 years, this company has maintained its uniqueness and is still stuck to its roots. The tea is prepared from organically harvested peppermint and is packaged in a clean environment.

The herbal tea is packaged into teabags making it easy to pour in and enjoy a soothing cup of tea. The peppermint tea is pure and organic. It is free from any artificial flavoring, colors, and preservatives.


Precautions And Side Effects Of Peppermint Tea

Although there are many great benefits, there are also some peppermint tea side effects and precautions to consider as well. For starters, since the U.S. Food and Drug Administration does not oversee the production of tea, there is no guarantee that teas like peppermint are free from contaminants.

You can reduce the risk of contamination by purchasing peppermint tea from a reputable manufacturer.

As for side effects, while peppermint tea is safe for most pregnant women, it is thought that large amounts may trigger a miscarriage. Peppermint may also cause breathing problems in some children and infants, even in small doses.

In some people, peppermint tea may also worsen acid reflux since the tea can increase the backflow of stomach acid into the esophagus. Also, you should not consume peppermint tea if you are allergic to menthol.

Are there drug interactions with peppermint tea to keep in mind? It may, in fact, interfere with drugs used to treat blood pressure issues, diabetes, and excess stomach acid. As a result, if you take any medication, consult your doctor before consuming peppermint tea.

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When To Drink Peppermint Tea For Maximum Benefits

In this section, we will detail when to drink peppermint tea for maximum benefits and how much you should be drinking.

Peppermint tea can be consumed during breakfast, in mid-morning, half an hour before dinner, or as snack at night. Drinking a mixture of appetite-suppressing peppermint tea and green tea in the morning is an excellent way to increase your metabolism.

At the same time, peppermint tea before bed may allow you to sleep better due to its relaxing menthol content. Try having a cup of peppermint tea while reading a book in bed. This will set you up for a peaceful rest.

When it comes to peppermint tea, how many cups a day should you drink? For maximum benefits, it is best to consume two to three cups daily.

How do you consume peppermint tea? For an easy peppermint tea recipe, use one tablespoon of chopped fresh peppermint leaves and add a cup of boiling water. Let it steep for about five minutes, strain the peppermint leaves, and enjoy.

Find Out What Health Benefits Peppermint Tea Hasand How Often You Should Be Drinking It

Chamomile and Peppermint Tea

Its safe to say that a mug of peppermint tea will warm you up on cold afternoons. But did you know that peppermint has all sorts of health benefits, too? The research findings astonished us! Heres a quick look at how peppermint tea and related products like peppermint essential oil can help you stay healthy.

What is Peppermint?

Its a hybrid mint thats a cross between watermint and spearmint. Learn more about cooking with mint. You can buy peppermint tea, peppermint essential oil and fresh peppermint at most grocery stores. Its not hard to grow fresh peppermint in your herb garden or planter, either.

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How Does Peppermint Differ From Spearmint

Both peppermint and spearmint are used to prepare mint teas. But there are some key differences in their aroma and flavor. Spearmint, with a long history of use in medicinal green teas, is mild, sweet, and calming in nature. This makes it a key ingredient in a number of teas designed for sleep and relaxation. Peppermint contains menthol, which is responsible for its livelier scent and taste, as well as its cooling effect. Though there are no fixed rules that govern mint tea recipes, peppermint is usually found in black tea blends with spicy add-ons such as ginger. Spearmint pairs well with green teas and oolongs.

What Are The Benefits Of Peppermint Tea

Heres what research about peppermint from the National Institutes of Health has revealed:

  • It has antibacterial and antiviral properties. Peppermint has shown to have significant antiviral and antibiotic properties, helping to support your bodys immune system. This is why peppermint tea can be a great addition to treating things like the common cold.
  • It helps out with mental clarity. Peppermint has been found to aid in performance for complex tasks and help ease mental fatigue. That makes a cup of tea a great choice for an afternoon pick-me-up!
  • A cup of tea can eases tummy troubles. Due to the relaxing effects peppermint has on the gut, its tea makes a great remedy for nausea and abdominal pain.
  • It contains antioxidant power. Chock full of phytochemicals like vitamins and minerals, peppermint has strong antioxidant properties that help strengthen your bodys immune system.
  • It helps relieve headaches. Menthol, an active ingredient in peppermint, has been shown to be a safe and effective remedy for headaches and migraines. In addition to peppermint tea, try applying peppermint essential oil to your temples and forehead for relief.
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    Rishi Tea Peppermint Loose Leaf Herbal Tea


    • Loose leaf for more vibrant flavor

    • Pricier than others

    If youre looking for a premium loose leaf option, you cant go wrong with the Rishi Tea Peppermint Loose Leaf Herbal Tea. As the packaging explains, this tea offers a bright, candy cane-like sweetness and long-lasting flavor. Theres no shortage of that minty zing, but its balanced by layers of flavor. Because its loose leaf, its easily compostable, and its grown organically in the Pacific Northwest. Its pricier than some of the other options, but if youre looking for something rather exceptional, you found it.

    Form: Loose leaf | Whole Leaves or Pieces: Whole leaves

    • Tea bags are individually wrapped

    There are few tea brands as iconic as Twinings. Founded in 1706 by Thomas Twinings, the brand has gone from a little neighborhood shop in Londons The Strand to a global brand found in 100 countries. To have captured the adoration and loyalty of a tea-obsessed place like the U.K. is no small feat. The peppermint tea is sourced entirely from Egypt, and the bags are individually wrapped inside the packaging. If youre eco-conscious, that might be a drawback, but it keeps the bags extra fresh. Its one of the more affordable options per ounce and offers excellent flavor, so we highly recommend it.

    Form: Bags | Whole Leaves or Pieces: Pieces

    For Immune System Health

    Organic Peppermint Tea

    Peppermint tea is also an incredible immune system booster. The antibacterial and antimicrobial properties in peppermint tea are able to ward off pathogens that lead to illnesses like the common cold and flu, and prevent symptoms like coughing, fatigue, and fever.

    The antioxidant content in peppermint may also keep your immune system healthy by fighting free radicals.

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    Making Peppermint Tea From A Teabag

  • 1Boil water. Boil water either on the stovetop or in an electric kettle. Make sure that you pour in enough water, which should be around 8 ounces of water for each serving of tea.
  • 2Pour the water over the teabag. Place one teabag in each mug of tea that you are making. Then pour the hot water carefully into each mug. Cover each mug so the tea can steep without too much steam escaping.XResearch source
  • You can also throw in a couple fresh peppermint leaves if you want!
  • 3Let the tea steep for 3-10 minutes. Let the covered mugs sit so that the tea can steep. If you prefer mild tea, only let the tea sit for three to five minutes. If you like strong tea, keep the bag in for 10.XResearch source
  • 4Remove the teabag. After your tea is done steeping, remove the tea bag. If the tea bag has a string, simply pull it out by the string. If it doesnât, fish it out with a spoon so that you donât burn your fingers.
  • 5Add extras. If you wish, add extras to your tea like honey, sugar, milk or lemon. If you prefer your tea plain, sip and enjoy it while itâs hot!XResearch source

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