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How To Study Science For Teas Test

The Teas Math Section

ATI TEAS V Test | How to Pass TEAS Exam Science, Reading, Math & English

On the mathematics portion of the TEAS test, youll need to show that you have a working knowledge of data interpretation, measurements, algebra, and numbers and operations. You might also have to give rationales for presented sums and convert figures between fractions, percentages, and decimals.

Other mathematics objectives might include:

  • Solving problems based on the rate of change, ratios, and proportions
  • Converting figures between Roman and Arabic numbers
  • Converting measurements
  • Vitamin E
  • How To Study For Teas 6 Science

    The #1 study method I recommend to all my students: focus on the most-emphasized concepts firstand then build up your studying to the other concepts.

    That might sound obvious, like, know what you need to know, but the simple fact is that most students dont actually know what it is they need to know! A solid TEAS Science study guide paired with a TEAS science practice test can help you figure out what you actually need to know.

    If you are confident in the High-Value Concepts, youll be able to dive deeper into the details simply because you know that youve got the most important TEAS study points in the bag.

    When it comes to what to study for ATI TEAS science, focus on the High-Value Conceptsthe questions you are most likely to be tested onfirst. This means starting with Anatomy and Physiology. Prioritize anatomy and physiology to set yourself up for success on test day!

    Then, study the material that you might see.

    If you want a very high score, youll need to be prepared for the curve balls. Remember, the bad news is that the TEAS has a huge bank of concepts that are all fair game.

    Yet mastering these High-Value Concepts will absolutely give you a leg up over the average TEAS taker.

    What Types Of Science Questions Are On A Teas Test

    Nursing schools use the Test of Essential Academic Skills to identify students with sufficient understanding in reading, math, science and English. The science section of the TEAS consists of 30 questions covering a range of science topics. The level of knowledge required for the science section of the TEAS is comparable to college freshman level courses in biology, chemistry, and physics, as well as a course in anatomy and physiology. Explore this article Biology Anatomy and Physiology Chemistry Physics 1 Biology Be familiar with cellular anatomy, including organelles and cell walls. You should be able to name structures and describe their functions. Learn to name and describe cellular processes such as respiration, photosynthesis, mitosis and meiosis. Consider biochemistry under this topic and acquaint yourself with enzymes, their names and functions. You might also be asked questions regarding plants or animals. 2 Anatomy and Physiology A complete understanding of all areas of anatomy and physiology is essential for the science portion of the TEAS.

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    How To Use Your Teas Science Questions

    Youll have a little over a minute per question during the TEAS Science section. One of the best ways to prepare is to master and memorize specific topics. I call these High Value Concepts. These are the concepts that are most likely to appear on every version of the test.

    For example, some High Value Concepts for the TEAS Science section include:

    • Differences between axial and appendicular skeletal bones
    • Cellular organelles for energy production, protein synthesis, and replication

    When you master these core concepts, you can buy yourself time for harder, more complicated questions. Focusing on these kinds of questions can help you prepare to take the TEAS science test more easily too!

    How To Pass The Ati Teas Science Test

    Ati Teas 6 Test Outline [Infographic]

    Many nursing programs state certain science subjects as pre-requisites to their program. Double check your program admission requirements. Sometimes, courses you have previously taken can assist with your preparation for the TEAS Test, by providing a foundation of knowledge for the topics covered on the ATI TEAS Science Test. Use TestPrep-Onlines ATI TEAS Science Study Guide to improve your test performance. ATI testing’s ATI TEAS science section of the exam has undergone considerable changes, so we created a study guide to outline the material for you, for free! Use our free PDF along with our updated ATI TEAS practice tests to be sure that you cover all the material you need to know. Our PDF is free to download and print now.

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    Is The Teas Test Hard

    Just like the SAT or ACT, the TEAS exam tests material that you should have learned during high school. Youre not expected to know any advanced or college-level material.

    That being said, some people do find the TEAS test difficult. Some people struggle with standardized tests in general, so they have a hard time taking the TEAS exam. Others struggle because the TEAS exam covers a wide variety of topics, from reading to math.

    The TEAS exam is designed to be rigorous because nursing school is rigorous. The difficulty of the test allows nursing schools to assess whether or not youre prepared for their program. While the concepts it tests might be simple, the questions themselves vary in difficulty.

    How To Register For The Teas

    • Visit the ATI website and click the register now button.
    • Youll have to choose how to take your ATI TEAS exam at a testing center or online.
    • If youve chosen the online option, you can select between ATI proctor or Institution proctor.
    • If youve chosen the ATI proctor, click on the ATI Remote Proctor Nursing or ATI Remote Proctor AH
    • If youve chosen institution proctor, click on the Institution Remote Proctor – Nursing or Institution Remote Proctor – Allied Health
    • If you want to take the TEAS exam in person, the next step is to pick a suitable date and time. You also have to type in the state and city, and once the results populate, click on the link at the bottom of the page.
    • Next, you should review all the information and buy additional transcripts if you need them.
    • Youll be taken to a checkout where you have to pay for the TEAS test.
    • Check your email for the test confirmation.

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    Free Ati Teas Science Test Review 2022

    Explore our free ATI TEAS Science practice test to see if you are ready for the ATI TEAS. Get a step-by-step guide for the ATI TEAS Science review. Find your weakness and strengths on the ATI TEAS test. Start preparing today!

    • Top Study Guides:
    • Best Flashcards:

    Theres little arguing that science and the medical field are deeply intertwined, no matter which career youre planning to enter. Much of the medical advancements and technology allied health professionals and nurses rely on and work with today were all crafted through important scientific studies. On top of this, if it were not for science, we would have far less knowledge of how the human body works. This subject is one of the most important elements of any medical job. Because of this, it may serve as little surprise that Science is a significant feature on the ATI TEAS 6. In fact, it is one of four subjects youll find on the exam, with the other three being English and Language Usage, Math, and Reading. Earning a passing score on the ATI TEAS 6 Science test, as well as the ATI TEAS exam as a whole, is vital if youre planning on applying to an allied health or nursing program in the near future. The entire purpose of this exam is to gauge your preparedness to handle allied health/nursing curriculum.

    Teas 6 Science Practice Test * 2022*


    Take a 2022 TEAS 6 science practice test in preparation for nursing school.

    This is actually the science portion of the ATI Teas practice test. Youll have 8 minutes to reply to the 16 sample questions. The questions cover topics associated with Biology, Earth Science, Chemistry, and Physics. When youre ready, click on the GO button below and also the timer will begin. You wont be in a position to pause the exam once you start. All the best!

    The sixth version of the TEAS test includes a Science section, which includes questions about anatomy, life and physical science, scientific reasoning, and physiology. If you are getting ready to apply to a nursing school program or an allied health school then you will likely need to take the ATI TEAS 6 exam. Get ready for the science section of the TEAS test by taking our free TEAS science practice test below.

    Free TEAS Practice Tests Use our free TEAS practice tests to prepare for your TEAS exam. Our TEAS practice tests include automatic scoring and answer explanations. 2022 updated.

    The questions are categorized based on the exam outline and are immediately scored at the end of the quiz. Once you are finished with the TEAS practice test, you will be presented with a score report which includes a complete rationale and explanation for every question you answered incorrectly.

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    Teas Test Science Faq

    What is a good TEAS science score?

    A good TEAS score is usually above 70%. Once students score in the 80s on the science section, they are usually in the 90+ percentile nationwide.This is an important distinction! The percentile is kind of like the curve of the TEAS test. Usually, if you are a pre-nursing student, you are used to getting As on your exams. But on the TEAS, getting a B , actually puts you in the top of the class across the country.Read more about how to pass the TEAS.

    How long does the TEAS science section take?

    You have 60 minutes to answer 50 questions on the TEAS 7, which means you have a little over one minute per TEAS science question.

    Are mitosis and meiosis on the TEAS?

    Yes. These are confirmed scored questions on the ATI TEAS 7. You will need to know the steps of mitosis and meiosis, and youll need to be able to compare and contrast them. For example, its good to know at which stage cells are haploid or diploid during meiosis.You will also need to be able to read a Punnett square and apply Mendels laws.

    Can I use a calculator?

    No, not in the science section. Youll only get a calculator during the math section.

    Do I need to memorize the periodic table of elements?Does the TEAS cover earth science?

    No. This might appear as an unscored question, but earth science is not a standardized section of the TEAS. This includes TEAS test science questions on plate tectonics and the earths atmosphere.

    Teas Test Online Prep Course

    If you are wanting to be fully prepared, Mometrix offers an online TEAS Prep Course. The course is designed to provide you with any and every resource you might want while studying. The TEAS Course includes:

    • 101 Lessons Covering all the Topics
    • Over 1,850 TEAS Practice Questions
    • 160+ Video Tutorials
    • More Than 525 Electronic Flashcards
    • Audio Mode for the Lessons
    • Money-back Guarantee

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    Ati Teas Test Science Practice Test And Review

    The science section of the ATI TEAS is arguably the most difficult section.

    Theres probably not a person out there who has taken the TEAS that will tell you that science wasnt the hardest most in-depth area.

    For this reason were going to do a deep dive into all the topics you might see on the test.

    Well go over all the topics but also some of the more anecdotal things like tips, strategies and the types of questions that you might see.

    The science section of the TEAS is going to have 53 questions in 63 minutes.

    The test does have unscored questions, for this section 47 questions are scored and 6 questions are unscored, but you wont know which ones.

    A& P is by far the area you need to know the most about, and roughly 32 of the 53 questions will be on A& P.

    So this is your high value topic that you should be spending the most time studying.

    The Smart Edition Academy online course covers every topic covered on this page in a very detailed way so that you can really learn and understand each topic, and you have the option to learn it with lesson modules, video lessons, test banks, flashcards, and practice tests.

    Studycoms Free Teas Practice Test

    Free Printable Teas Test Study Guide

    Pros: Study.com offers in-depth lessons that teach you TEAS content and give you TEAS practice test questions at the end of the lesson. The lessons are comprehensive and helpful: its great to learn a topic before you take questions on it. If youre rusty on one particular area of the TEAS, then Study.coms a great place to go to learn before you start to practice.

    Cons: You only get access to so much free content from Study.com. Eventually, youll need to upgrade to a paid account. Fortunately, you do have the opportunity to do a free trial that you can use for at least a month of prep before you need to pay.

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    For Ati Teas Science Prep Theres A Bit Of Good News And Bad News

    Bad News The TEAS has a TON of science questions that are fair game.

    What does this mean? On the TEAS science section, you could see a question about ionic bonds and the periodic table, zygote formation and cell differentiation, endocrine system dysfunctions, acid-base reactions, and specific cells in the epidermis.

    Its like taking your chemistry final, your biology final, and your anatomy and physiology final all at once. Yikes!

    You could get lost in what you might be tested on the TEAS. Odds are, youll waste time, feel overwhelmed, and start doubting yourself. No thanks.

    But theres good news!

    Good News The TEAS emphasizes specific scientific concepts.

    If you use a TEAS science study guide to help you master these concepts first, you can forget worrying about the rest. In fact, if you focus on whats emphasized, its possible to boost your score quite a bit while reducing the overall number topics you actually need to study!

    A prioritized framework for studying for the TEAS Science test means that you can breeze through specific questions, which gives you more time for the harder ones.

    So what should you study first? For your TEAS science review, start with Anatomy and Physiology. If you need help picking a body system, start with the cardiovascular system, then tackle the respiratory system. The endocrine and immune systems are some of the most challenging, so you officially have my permission to study these last.

    Find The Best Teas Study Resources

    Now that you know the specific topics you need to study, its time to determine the required resources to help you practice your weakest areas. There are many types of study materials to choose from. You can watch study videos, read study guides, or practice with flashcards.

    Its easier to choose the resources that work best for you if you know your learning style. A learning style is your preferred way of processing information. You can be a visual, audiovisual, verbal, or social learner.

    For example, if you think you are a social learner, you might retain information faster if you teach the source material to another person. You can also be an audiovisual learner where you prefer to see what youre studying and hear a narration simultaneously.

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    Kinetic And Potential Energy

    Understand what each means and make sure you can recognize an example of each.

    The amount of energy associated with an objects motion may be quantified through a calculation of its kinetic energy , or energy of motion. Any increase in an objects velocity will result in a dramatic increase in the objects KE. Specifically, any doubling of the velocity will cause the KE to increase by a factor of four times.

    The amount of stored energy in an object may be quantified through a calculation of its potential energy , or stored energy. Energy may be stored in several ways, as in a common battery cell or the gasoline in a fuel tank. The Earths gravity may also store energy when an object is held at a certain height. Specifically, any doubling of the height will also double the PE.

    Teas: Top 10 Study Tips


    The Test of Essential Academic Skills is an exam that potential nursing students may be required to take to ensure they have the academic skills and knowledge to succeed in nursing school. The test has 170 multiple-choice questions and assesses knowledge in the following categories:

    • Reading
    • Science
    • English and Language Usage

    *** While we provide these study tips free of charge other professional guides and adaptations are available via . ***

    Because the TEAS test is used as admission criteria in many nursing programs, students should be prepared to take the exam if required. The following are study tips that may help a nursing school applicant get prepared for and succeed in passing this test:

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    Quick Fire Tips For Your Teas Test Day

    The guides I’ve reviewed here are the best TEAS study guides you can find. Most of them are specifically designed for the sixth edition of the exam.

    However, its up to you to decide which one suits you the best, based on:

    • Your weak areas
    • How much study time you can invest
    • How much extra practice you need

    Each of these study manuals have their strengths and weaknesses. But all of them provide a thorough ATI TEAS practice that will help you feel prepared for the test day along with these useful tips:

  • Rule out answers. If you dont know the right answer to a TEAS question, first try to eliminate the answers you know arent correct.
  • Apply scientific reasoning. Again, if you dont know the right answer, ask yourself which one makes the most sense based on everything else youve learned.
  • Practice good time management. Dont get stuck on a question youre unsure about. Move on and return to it at the end of the test if theres some time left.
  • Read the question first. Dont jump to the passage before youve read the question. You wont know what to focus on and youll waste time by going back and forth between the question and the passage.
  • Pay attention to the wording. The question sometimes contains the answer — or, at least, gives some valuable hints.
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