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Where Can I Buy Japanese Tea

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Leaf Tea Buying Tips

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Types Of Japanese Tea

Due to its health benefits, green tea has become very popular in foreign countries. It is the most basic type of tea youll find in Japan and probably the most consumed type of tea too. It has a mild grass-like taste so some people dont have a liking for it, but you should definitely try it once. In Japanese, its called ryokucha.

This tea adds a twist to the basic green tea. It has a sweet fragrant smell because of the roasted rice mixed in with the green tea leaves. It has a yellowish green tea and is called Genmaic ha in Japanese.

This tea is made out of roasted green tea leaves as you can imagine from the name. This tea is of a reddish brownish color. It is milder and sweeter than regular green tea, so younger children may favor it. Since it is roasted, it has a fragrant toasted kind of taste. Its called houjicha in Japanese.

This matcha is the most expensive type of green tea. It is served at tea ceremonies and is a thick green tea powder mixed and frothed with hot water. Its quite bitter so as a cultural experience, its great, but not many people enjoy drinking it. There are many sweets that are matcha flavored, like ice cream, chocolate, cakes, etc. These are matcha flavored but theyre sweet so if you enjoy green tea, I recommend trying these sweets first.

Buy Japanese Green Tea Online Or In

Here at The Tea Centre, we pride ourselves on the elite quality of our tea and work hard to make them luxurious and thoroughly enjoyable. You will notice how our Japanese green tea is beautifully fragrant and enticing, with elements of roasted rice and distinct vegetal flavours apparent in loose leaves across our range. Its all part of our plan to provide you with the finest tea possible.

Making a pot or a cup of Japanese tea with loose leaves is not as hard as it sounds with our easy-to-use infusers and strainers available. However, if you are looking for a quicker alternative, we do also offer a range of teas in pyramid tea bags, including black tea bags, green tea bags, and herbal tea bags.

Interested in other teas? Look through our selections of black teas, other green teas, and herbal teas to find the ones that are right for you.


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Encha Matcha Organic Matcha From Farm To Cup

Image Source:

Let me start by saying, Lis, Encha Founder, passion is so incredibly valuable and inspiring.I first became in touch with Li before Encha even started. I remember he messaged me about a Japan trip he was planning and asked me if there was anything I wanted to know about Japanese matcha and organic farming so he could search for the answers for me.

Not long after his trip, Encha was born and it is one of my favourite matcha brands to support and indulge in. While Encha is superior quality matcha, I know that my matcha knowledge has expanded thanks to Li. Thanks to him, I realized earlier years I was being overcharged for what I thought was high quality matcha.

All Enchas organic matcha has no pesticide, no synthetic fertilizer, no preservatives and is non-GMO.

When I first tried Enchas Latte Grade organic matcha I was impressed with how smooth it was. It had little to no astringency when prepared with just hot water. It is, however, not as delicate as their ceremonial grade.

If youre new to matcha, I would say you could even purchase the latte grade, over the ceremonial grade first to give it a try and save some money.

Matcha Green Tea Powder

buy cheap USA online Kirkland Ito En Matcha Blend Japanese ...

Matcha green tea was traditionally used in the tea ceremony. Nowadays matcha is more frequently seen and used as a flavouring for all sorts of wagashi and yogashi desserts and sweet drinks. Because matcha is a very fine powder it mixes into batters, creams and sauces just as well as sugar, cocoa, or cinnamon. Try adding matcha to plain butter cakes, biscuits, or ice cream for exciting and tasting variations on these classic desserts. For a more traditional dessert, try combining matcha with anko paste and wrapping it up in mochi. Adding matcha to sweets and candy tends to work well, because the bitterness of the matcha is always well hidden by the sweetness of the candy.

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The Tea Centres Curation Of Premium Japanese Green Teas

Here at The Tea Centre, we have a gorgeous range of delicious Japanese green tea for you to enjoy. Explore our range of matcha, gyokuro, sencha, genmaicha, and hojicha above!

Our premium-quality Japanese tea is sourced from Japans various tea-growing regions and have been carefully selected for your enjoyment. Japanese tea is the ideal everyday green tea thanks to its low caffeine content and high levels of antioxidants. Therefore, its well worth adding it into your tea selection at home.

Vegan Kinako & Matcha Granola Bars Recipe

Unmatchable Selection

The world’s largest selection of Japanese tea from artisanal tea farms, factories and expert merchants. See all vendors.

Learn About Tea

Extensive info on Japanese culture and Japanese tea to help you grow as a tea drinker. Checkout the Dojo Collection for samplers!

International Shipping

Delivery guaranteed or your money back. We ship via DHL Express or the Post Office to USA and major countries.

Top-notch support

Do you have questions about Japanese tea? Problems with your order? Contact us and we’ll be on it ASAP! bridges the language and cultural borders that separates Japanese tea farmers with tea enthusiasts worldwide. More than farm-to-table, we believe in people-to-peopleat, you can read about the farmers who grow your tea, while we translate your feedback into Japanese so they can learn about you! Join us in a life steeped in tea!

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A Tradition Of Japanese Teas

All the luxury, high grade Japanese green teas in The Tea Makers of London collection are sourced from an expert tea farmer based in Ise Bay, located in the Mie Prefecture of Japan. We have worked closely with him and his team for many years, taking regular trips to his tea gardens and state-of-the-art production facilities. Our range includes four award-winning teas: Japanese Sencha loose-leaf tea, Supreme Sencha Triune Teabags, Ceremonial Grade Matcha Green Tea Powder and our Genmaicha Triune Teabags. These awards are a testament to the skill, passion and mastery of our Japanese tea colleagues.

Japanese Green Teahow To Buy Online

How to Select Japanese Green Tea ð?µ The Expert Advice -Sencha? Matcha? Hojicha? Teabag or Loose Leaf?

Step #1: Research

The first step is to know what you are looking for. Japanese tea vocabulary is completely different from Chinese tea.

You need to learn what types of tea are available, where the best comes from, and what makes them special.

For example, did you know the first harvest in spring is considered the best?

When it comes to buying Japanese green tea online, time spent researching is time well-spent, because it helps you recognize a quality product when you see one.

Get started by reading about the different types of Japanese green tea here:

Step #2: Check Reviews

The next step is to examine the websites. Read the descriptions to learn about the tea. Check out the customer reviews.

Customer reviews can tell you a great deal about the type of tea you are planning to buy.

For example, they may describe to you the flavors or the ease of brewing. Some reviewers will even give instructions on how to brew the tea to get the best flavor, based on their own experiences.

If you can’t find credible customer reviews, try Googling to see if you can uncover reviews on other sites.

Alternatively, ask around on tea-related forums or other online groups to see if you can find someone who has ordered from the website recently.

Step #3 Review the Website

Look over the website:

Also, check the product information relating to each specific tea:

You certainly do not want to spend your money on a product that has gone stale in a warehouse somewhere!

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Japanese Food Hall Since 1976

  • ABOUT USJapan Centre offers the largest selection of authentic Japanese food, drink and lifestyle products in Europe. From well-known Japanese kitchen staples from rice and noodles, to freshly baked goods, matcha and sake, shop from Japan Centres extraordinary range of over 3,000 different products on the UK’s favourite Japanese food site.

Azumaya The Green Tea Experts In Europe

Whether you are curious about the art of Japanese green tea, green tea health benefits, or you simply want to relax and enjoy a delicious cup of high-quality green tea Azumaya brings you a truly authentic Japanese green tea experience.

Our tea experts personally select the finest Japanese green teas for our shop. By working directly with artisan tea growers, with great care for packing and shipping, we offer a unique and uncommonly fresh selection of green teas.

At the Azumaya shop in Antwerp, you can follow a Japanese green tea workshop. We are happy to share our green tea expertise with you, so you can prepare the perfect cup of Japanese green tea at home.

You can purchase Japanese green tea at our shop in Antwerp and our online green tea shop. We also have a full range of quality Japanese green tea accessories and gifts: All you need to create your own Japanese green tea ritual.

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Organic Japanese Black Tea

Japanese black tea is much rarer and produced in limited amounts compared to the more abundant green tea. We supply a small amount of black tea made from a Benifuuki cultivar grown in the same location as our regular green tea and matcha. Black tea is called ‘wakocha’ and is totally different from the black teas that you are most probably used to. Hand-picked young leaves. An incredibly smooth and mild tea with zero bitterness.

  • 100g
  • 100% Benufuki cultivar
  • Loose Leaf Blend
  • Blended for us by the winner of the 46th Japanese Ministry of Agriculture Tea Competition the most prestigious tea competition in Japan
  • Small batches are made each month to ensure long shelf-life

The quality is really good. And it taste delicious.

Organic Japanese Black Tea

This was my first time to try the organic Japanese black tea. I really love it! It has such a clean, crisp, smooth taste and I find myself reaching for this tea over and over again.

My new favorite black tea

I usually only enjoy black teas that are flavored or blended with herbs as the taste is too bitter on its own. I was intrigued when I saw this tea on Ocha’s website, as I had never heard of Japanese black tea before, only green. I’m so happy I ended up ordering it. It’s smooth and just beautiful all-around, with zero bitterness or drying tannin-like taste. I’ll be ordering more!

Organic Genmai Matcha

This tea has a delicious nutty flavor and the matcha is a nice addition to the overall taste

Great Tea

Discover More About Japanese Tea

best cheap buy Kirkland Ito En Matcha Blend Japanese Green ...

Tea is the most commonly drunk beverage in Japan and an important part of Japanese culture. We have sourced nine exquisite Japanese teas. They really are different and will re-awaken anyone´s passion in tea.

Tea was first introduced to Japan from China in the 700s and was a luxury product available in small amounts to priests and noblemen as a medicinal beverage.

Around the beginning of the Kamakura Period , Eisai, the founder of Japanese Zen Buddhism, brought the custom of making tea from powdered leaves back from China. Subsequently, the cultivation of tea spread across Japan.

During the Muromachi Period , tea gained popularity among people of all social classes. They gathered for big tea drinking parties and played a guessing game, whereby participants, after drinking from cups of tea being passed along, guessed the names of tea and where they came from. Collecting and showing off prized tea utensils was also popular among the affluent.

At about the same time, a more refined version of tea parties, with Zen-inspired simplicity and a greater emphasis on etiquette and spirituality developed. These gatherings were attended by only a few people in a small room where the host served the guests tea, allowing greater intimacy. It is from these gatherings that the tea ceremony has its origins.

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Tea Grown In Full Sunlight

– Sencha

Sencha has the perfect balance and harmony of refreshing aroma, mellow flavor, and bitter taste. When brewed, Sencha has a lovely golden yellow green color.The highest grade Sencha has the most mellow flavor, excellent refreshing aroma, and more balanced bitter taste.

Tea leaves of Sencha Fukamushi are steamed heavily for a longer time. This special steaming process causes the tea leaves of Sencha Fukamushi to split, so that the taste of the tea is stronger yet more mellow. When brewed, Sencha Fukamushi has a cloudy green color, because the constituents are more easily extracted in water and more of the tea dissolves into the water.

Sencha Karigane is composed of stems selected from high grade Sencha tea leaves. Karigane contains much Teanin, which gives the tea a sweet and mellow taste. Karigane stems are less expensive than tea leaves because stems are a by-product of tea leaf production, though it has an excellent flavor. When brewed, Sencha Karigane has a yellow green color. If you are looking for a unique product or a good value then this tea is perfect for you.

– Other teas

Genmaicha is a combination of Sencha tea leaves mixed with puffed brown rice, which adds a delicious popcorn and roasted grain flavor. And it contains less caffeine. When brewed, this tea has a golden yellow green color. Due to the rice, Genmaicha has the rich and hearty flavor of roasted grains or coffee. This also makes a good breakfast tea.

When You Still Wonder Which Tea To Choose

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Japanese Tea: Where To Buy And Drink It

Drinking Japanese tea is one of the things you can enjoy when visiting Japan. You can find tea everywhere in Japan. You can find it in vending machines, at convenient stores, and of course at restaurants. A lot restaurants serve tea instead of a glass of water. Not many people may know that there are not just one but lots of types of Japanese tea.

What They Say About Us

All About Matcha Green Tea (Benefits, Uses, Where to buy)

at our testimonial page here Iâve been waiting for this kind of tea.So pleased to be able to cold brew.And multiple times the same amount.The taste is great and as expected.Iâm very pleased that each product is described in so many details.It helps a lot as I am a beginner and need to know how to choose according to what I expect in the taste.Great job also in how you inform us about the brewing process.

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Make Your Own Japanese Tea Ceremony

Want to brew your tea the traditional Japanese way? We have tips to help you serve every kind of Japanese tea as well as all the matcha brewing essentials you need to prepare the perfect cup of green goodness. Alternatively, for those who like to explore Japanese greens often make excellent iced teas.

Tea Grown In The Shade

Shading from sunlight traditionally by straw and reed. It is called “Honzu”

Shading from sunlight by “Tana” Shading from sunlight by “Jikagise”

– Matcha

After harvest, tea leaves for Matcha go through steaming, drying, and grinding with a stone mill.The highest grade Matcha is the brightest green and has the most sweet and mellow flavor, without any hint of bitterness, such as our Matcha Pinnacle and Matcha Super Premium. Lower quality Matcha is less green and more yellow and the flavor is less mellow. Matcha is special because since it is ground into a powder and completely dissolved in water when brewed, you drink the whole constituents of the tea leaves and ingest all of the healthful nutrients without throwing away the leaves as one does with other teas: Gyokuro, Sencha, Genmaicha, and Houjicha. Besides, by drinking Matcha you can also ingest oil soluble constituents , which are not extracted into water when brewed.

– Gyokuro

– Gyokuro Karigane

Gyokuro Karigane is composed of stems selected from Gyokuro tea leaves. Karigane stems are less expensive than tea leaves because stems are a by-product of tea leaf production, though they have an excellent flavor. When brewed, Gyokuro Karigane has a grassy green color. If you are looking for a unique product or a good value then this tea is perfect for you.

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