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How Hard Is The Teas Test

Five How To Prepare For The Teas Exam


Allow yourself a minimum of 6 weeks to prepare for the exam. There are also many study resources available for purchase and for free on the website. ATI has a recommended study plan for students taking the TEAS:

  • Week 1: English and Language usage
  • Week 2: Reading
  • Week 5: Science
  • Week 6: Math

Each subject can be studied using a manual, lessons, pre-tests, post-tests, quizzes, and practice assessments. Depending on your comfort level in a particular subject, you may want to spend more time on some subjects and less on others. However, the ATI recommended study plan includes recommended hours of study as well.

Teas Scores And Ranges

  • Advanced – 78.0% to 90.0%
  • Exemplary – 90.7% to 100.0%

TEAS scores that are developmental are indicative of a “very low level” of preparedness to study in the health sciences.

Basic scores are still at a low level, and these students will probably need additional help in getting ready.

Students earning proficient TEAS scores are moderately prepared, and those with advanced scores are highly prepared to learn in the health sciences field.

They will be unlikely to require any further preparation prior to starting a program.

Exemplary TEAS scores mean that the student is very highly prepared to take on and succeed in studying health sciences-related content.

It is a very good score that will likely lead to acceptance into most nursing schools.

Ati Teas 6 Math Practice Test

The free ATI TEAS 6 Math practice test is specifically designed to ensure that the test-taker is knowledgeable about the TEAS and is able to know what to expect when it is time to take the Mathematics portion of the TEAS.

The Math portion will consist of around 36 multiple-choice questions that address two main topics:

  • Number and Algebra
  • Measurement and Data

We have ensured that the free ATI TEAS 6 Math practice test will cover these topics thoroughly.

You have 54 minutes to complete the math portion.

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What Is The Teas

Many programs require TEAS scores to determine the academic fitness of potential nursing students. You should prepare to take the TEAS before applying to any nursing program, since a favorable score can give you a competitive edge even if the exam is not explicitly required for admission.

ATI administers the TEAS and also offers preparation services. You can sit for the TEAS in person at school, at an ATI testing site, or online by using a school- or ATI-approved proctoring service. Some schools specify which type of TEAS format is required, while others let you choose whether to take the test in person or online.

ATI scores the test by assigning a weight to each question. While you may sense fluctuating levels of difficulty throughout the test, you won’t be able to differentiate the point values of each individual question. Each school sets its own requirements for a passing score.

Register At Least Two Weeks Ahead Of Time

TEAS V Test Overview

Another smart TEAS test tip is to register for the exam early. While you can do plenty of independent preparation beforehand, ATI may send you a study guide and other important materials once you do officially register for the test.

Providing yourself with that extra time can help you stay calm and collected as you parse through the study guide materials. Going into the test stressed out will only lead to more stress when it matters most to keep a calm head.

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Starter Tools And Tips

  • Begin your TEAS prep six weeks before you take the exam.
  • Maintain a consistent study routine to remain on track.
  • Develop efficient study habits based on how you learn best.
  • Focus on the subjects you find most difficult first.
  • Sign up for Mercers free TEAS preparation workshop.
  • Get a copy of ATI TEAS 6: Secrets Study Guide.
  • Consider downloading the Pocket Prep phone app.
  • Join the ATI TEAS 6 study group on Facebook.
  • Make use of the online Anki flashcard app.

Teas Science 53 Questions In 63 Minutes

Youll have 47 scored questions and 6 questions that are not scored. TEAS scores are decided by 3 types of science questions. A TEAS Science passing score is roughly a 67%.

Anatomy and Physiology 32 scored questions

  • Body Basics & Organization Cavities and Planes
  • Cells, Tissues, and Organs in the Human Body
  • Respiratory System Structures and Functions
  • Cardiovascular System Circulation, Cells, & Pathology
  • Gastrointestinal System Structures, Hormones, and Enzymes, Digestion & Absorption
  • Reproductive System Structures, Hormones, and Key Differences
  • Endocrine System Organs, Hormones & Communication
  • Immune System Cells and Types of Immunity
  • Integumentary System Skin Layers and Functions
  • Genitourinary System Kidney Anatomy and Urine Production
  • Skeletal System Cells, Bones, & Structures
  • Neuromuscular System Nerves, Muscles, and Signaling
  • Human Anatomy & Physiology Pathology

Biology, Chemistry, and Physical Sciences 8 scored questions

  • Phase Changes & States of Matter
  • Chemical Bonds and Reactions

Scientific method and reasoning 7 scored questions

  • Experimental Design & Analysis
  • Scientific Relationships & Sequences
  • Scientific Reasoning & Logic

The vast majority of your TEAS science questions will be about human anatomy and physiology. In fact, youll have twice as many anatomy and physiology questions than the rest of the science section. Focusing on anatomy and physiology is one of the best ways to improve TEAS scores and make sure you pass your TEAS exam.

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What Is A Passing Score On The Ati Test

The passing score for the ATI is around 65%. This is quite a high mark to achieve as the national average on the test is around 60%. However, the passing score will not grant you admission to all nursing colleges or courses. If you are applying for the top schools, you will likely need to score higher than 65%.

The 5 Key Tips To Passing The Teas V Test:

How to Pass the TEAS Exam | Where To Start & How To Study for the TEAS
Tip #1: Cover all Test Subjects
Cover all the subject areas and topics of the test. The key topics to focus on, under each test section are listed on the official ATI website. You must concentrate on these key topics during your test preparation. The list of topics is also available at
Tip #2: Study Thoroughly Using the Top Study Guides
To be best prepared for the test, you must master at least 2-3 top-notch study guides such as the ATI TEAS V Study Manual, McGraw-Hills Nursing School Entrance Exams and Cracking the Nursing School Entrance Exams.
Tip #3: Take Practice Tests
Try as many full-length practice tests as possible. Some full length practice tests that mirror the actual test are available on the official ATI website. Also, we recommend practice test guides such as McGraw-Hills 5 TEAS Practice Tests. With each test, your scores must improve. If not, identify your problem areas, study and re-test, until your scores improve in those.
Tip #4: Time your Questions
During the practice tests, make sure that you do not spend more than one minute per question. Follow the same rule during the actual test too. If any question is tough and you have already spent more than 30 seconds on it, without a clear direction, then flag the question and come back to it at the end of the section.

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Practice More Than Once

The last thing you want to do with any major test is go into it cold. If youre going to pass the TEAS on the first try, you need to practice. Get the ATI Study Manual, and make sure you have the most up-to-date edition for the version of the TEAS that youre taking. Its published by the company that makes the test, so you can be assured that the material will be up-to-date and relevant.

Also, go online and try a few sample questions and prep tests, like Kaplans practice TEAS. You might have to pay for a few online tests, but its worth it. You dont want test day to be the first time you see the TEAS. Doing practice like this will give you insight into how questions are worded, what the test generally asks about, and how you should come to an answer. Itll teach you the language and the rhythm of the test, so when you sit down on test day youll be in familiar territory.

Heres Your Standardized Breakdown Of Your Teas Math Scored Questions:

You will have 23 scored questions on, essentially, solving equations.

Pretty informative, huh? The TEAS calls these questions numbers and algebra. The vast majority of questions you see will be on these topics.

More specifically, these questions can involve

Working with decimals, fractions, and percentages, including in word problems.

Applying the order of operations in various ways, like with numerals, fractions, or with one variable.

Solving word problems that test you on your ability to translate words into expressions. .

Solving word problems that can involve formulas for speed, average, or proportions.

You will have 9 scored questions about interpreting data.

For example, you might need to answer questions based chart, table, or graph. With some questions, you might need to read the units and axis and interpret the graphic. For other questions, you might need to apply some statistical terms like correlation or skew.

Youll also see questions that require you do conversions using the metric system.

Finally, youll have questions that require you to calculate the perimeter, the area, the surface area, or the circumference of certain shapes.

Keep Reading:Algebra Tips for the TEAS

Youll need to memorize some formulas as part of your ATI TEAS math prep.

We talk about exactly what you need to memorize in the my TEAS preponline course , but you can probably tell from the question breakdown that youll need to memorize formulas for things like

The average

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Ati Teas 6 Full Study Guide

This is the newest book on the market and one of the best one there is.

The only reason this book isnt number 1 is because many of the questions are a bit harder than the actual exam so if youre in a time crunch you will feel underprepped and stress too much.

However, if you have plenty of time, we recommend starting with this book and then returning to the practice tests in the book above to truly test yourself before the test.

A huge benefit are the online flashcards that come with the book so if you dont want to purchase or log around physical ones, this combo is perfect!

What Is The Teas Test

TEAS Science Practice Test (updated 2020)

Before we get started, lets review some of the basics. Understanding the basics of this exam will help you better understand the difficulty of the TEAS exam.

The TEAS test is required by candidates who wish to apply to certain nursing school programs. Its built on 170 multiple-choice questions.

Typically the number of questions is not what overwhelms students, rather the time limit that is tricky. Its designed to simulate a stressful environment. The format looks like this:

*The TEAS 7 exam is scheduled to be released in June of 2022. Both the TEAS 6 and TEAS 7 contain 170 total questions with 150 of those questions being scored.

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Have Posters And Notes Visually Around You

Some people learn and remember things visually. If this sounds like you, it might help to create visual posters that can be placed in areas where you will see them.

Some people find that it helps to put notes on their fridge or in the bathroom so that they are constantly surrounded by information that they remember without necessarily realizing it.

Teas Section : Reading

Registered nurses frequently send and receive documentation while on the job. Therefore, it is necessary to be able to convey, read, and interpret different types of information. In this section, you will have 53 questions to answer within 64 minutes. Six will be sample questions that do not contribute to your score.

Questions fall into three categories:

  • Key ideas and details
  • Integration of knowledge and ideas

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After Passing The Teas

Once you earn a composite score of 76% or higher on the TEAS and submit your application for Mercers ABSN track, you will receive an admissions decision as soon as possible. Take note that your TEAS test date must be within one year of the entry term.

If admitted to Mercer Universitys College of Nursing, you will complete a comprehensive education that enables you to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree in 12 months.

Mercer is consistently ranked among the top 15% of colleges and universities nationwide by the Princeton Review, including recognition among The Best 386 Colleges.

Two Why Do You Need To Take The Teas Exam


Many universities use the TEAS exam to determine how well a student will perform in a higher academic setting. Studies have shown that students who do well on the TEAS also do well in nursing school.

Most schools that include the TEAS are a part of their application process, application, transcripts, an essay, letters of recommendation, and other fees.

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Sections Of The Teas Exam

According to the ATI TEAS website, the test has the following sections:

  • Reading: 53 questions
  • Including questions on the integration of knowledge and ideas
  • Math: 36 questions
  • Questions include measurements, numbers, and algebra
  • Science: 53 questions
  • Human anatomy and physiology, life sciences, and scientific reasoning
  • English and language usage: 28 questions
  • Knowledge of language and vocabulary
  • Is 70 A Good Teas Score

    For students applying to an associates degree program, the typical score is about 66 percent. Students applying to a bachelors degree program have an average score around 70 percent. For very competitive programs, youll need a score in the Advanced category, which shows TEAS test scores between 80 and 91.3%.

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    Anatomical Planes And Terminology

    To help in understanding anatomy, the human body is discussed in three planes: the coronal, sagittal, and transverse planes. If a person is standing upright and facing forward, with their arms by their side, palms facing forward and fingers pointing down, they are in the resting pose. Then, the coronal plane separates the front and back halves the sagittal separates the left and right halves, and the transverse plane separates the top and bottom halves.

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    Free Teas Practice Tests

    Pin on Teas test

    As part of your TEAS preparation, we encourage you to take advantage of ATI study packages, as well as supplemental online and print resources, including:


    Many of these websites provide free TEAS practice tests. When taking these tests, make sure the material covers the sixth edition of the TEAS exam, or TEAS 6.

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    Dont Just Prep To Pass Prep To Earn Your Highest Score

    Passing the TEAS is a key component of getting into nursing and allied health schools, but 30% of qualified applicants are turned away from ADN, Diploma, and BSN programs. Because its a comprehensive exam, youll be tested on four different subject areas, so thorough preparation is crucial. We recommend allowing at least 6 weeks of preparation prior to taking the TEAS. On a tighter schedule? Dont worry we have solutions that fit any timeline.

    We help more than 50,000 students prepare for the TEAS each year.

    Read what students say about studying with ATI.

    “These materials from ATI not only helped me to figure out how I should prioritize my studies, but they also gave me the confidence that I needed to perform well on this test. As someone with student loans, I think twice about everything that I choose to spend my money on however, when I purchased these prep materials, I saw the purchase as an investment in my future. And now as a current nursing school student in my first semester, I am happy to say that it more than paid off!”

    Sabiha K.

    Ati Teas Reading Tips

    • The ATI TEAS Reading section is 64 minutes long and contains 53 questions. The questions are often preceded by a long or short passage.
    • It is helpful to read the questions first and then read the passage. This will give you an idea of what to focus on when reading the passage.
    • You will often see questions beginning with logically conclude. This is a trap! Dont be tempted to make assumptions about the text based on your own personal understandingtry to keep to the facts in the text.
    • Many questions will focus on your ability to determine the difference between opinion and fact. These questions can be tricky if you are not used to them, so practice recognizing the difference between fact and opinion .
    • Familiarize yourself with different writing styles, such as persuasive and informational writing styles.
    • Try to improve your reading speed and comprehension in advance. You want to ensure that you can finish the section before the time is up.
    • Manage your time! Make sure you pace yourself. Practice at home with TEAS practice reading materials, and estimate how much time you need to allot to each question.
    • Pay attention to the wording in questions. The wording in the question itself will usually provide helpful hints that can lead you toward the correct answer.

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    Teas Math 36 Questions In 54 Minutes

    Youll have 32 scored TEAS Math questions and 4 unscored questions. TEAS scores depend on two general areas. A TEAS Math passing score is about 70%.

    Numbers and algebra 23 scored questions

    • Operations with Numbers and Fractions
    • Rational Numbers

    Measurement and data 9 scored questions

    • Data, Statistics, and Variables
    • Conversions and the Metric System
    • Charts, Graphs, & Tables

    In general, a passing score on this section requires working with word problems, knowing a few formulas like the back of your hand, and doing TEAS math practice question drills so that you can be ready for test day.

    Youll want to do drills with PEMDAS questions , and converting decimals, fractions, and percentages. Its also a great idea to practice solving algebra questions with one variable, especially with negative numbers and fractions.


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