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Does Green Tea Help You Sleep

Get In Shape For A New You

Green Tea Before Bed Benefits – Can you sleep after drinking green tea?

Ever wondered whether drinking green tea before bed burns calories? Yes, it does. Start with drinking green tea at night for weight loss before you go to bed and feel an increase in your metabolism.

You will be amazed to know that green tea has thermogenic properties that can actually promote fat-burning in your body. A cup of green tea can regulate your blood sugar levels and help in reducing your appetite. With a good nights sleep, improved metabolism and a healthy body, getting into shape is now easy.

Best Time To Drink Sleep Tea

Drinking tea before bed can create a wonderful bedtime routine to enhance quality sleep. Yet it can also cause you have to wake up and use the bathroom when you least expect it. I recommend drinking a sleep tea about 30 minutes before bedtime so it gives you a chance to relieve yourself before you crash.

I recommend you use my recipe below to get a great night sleep night after night. Having a little bit of protein and healthy fats from the almond milk will help your brain and body recharge itself as well.

This is the best tea for sleep and happens to be a part of our 7-Day Plant-Based Reset. If youre wanting to not just sleep better, but feel better all the time check out my best-selling program. Over 25,000 woman have gone through it and discovered the tranformational power of a plant-based diet. Youll lose weight, gain energy and sleep better than you have in years.

Lemon Balm For Anxiety

Lemon balm aids and protect the human body. Associated with calming effects, this herb has a soothing aroma. Its therapeutic properties may have an incredible impact on certain neurotic disorders like anxiety, depression, panic attacks, etc.

The potential qualities of this herb include relief from stress, insomnia, indigestion, restlessness, and pain. To benefit from this herbal plant, you can prepare a decoction by simmering some lemon balm leaves with water.

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First Off What Is Green Tea

Green tea is an unoxidized tea made from the leaves of camellia sinensis . Leaves are plucked, withered slightly, and cooked to preserve the green-ness and prevent oxidation, then either pan-fired or steamed . It would fill a whole book explaining all the variants and production methods of green tea, but in short, it comes in a dried form, powdered or as loose leaves, that you put into the water at 180-185 degrees F and steep for about 3 minutes. The tea is grassy and aromatic and has been enjoyed as far back as the Tang Dynasty for its enjoyable flavor though the Han Dynasty drank green tea for its medicinal purposes, of which there are many. You can find green tea at pretty much any shop that sells tea. Green tea benefits are numerous, and luckily, some of them pertain directly to your ability to fall asleep.

Why Green Tea Is So Powerful

Does Green Tea Help You Sleep or Stay Awake? Let

Green tea not only has a reputation for being one of the most delicious teas, it is also known for its ability to boost energy, increase brain power, promote relaxation, curb your appetite and aid in weight loss.

But what makes this tea so powerful?

Green tea is loaded with three main plant compounds that are very beneficial to your health. These compounds are:

  • Caffeine
  • Catechins
  • Amino acids

Caffeine is a powerful stimulant thats found in other teas, chocolate, and coffee. It can improve mood, improve mental focus and clarity, and can even improve your reflexes.

Catechins are antioxidants and theyre what makes tea so powerful. This group of antioxidants includes epigallocatechin and epigallocatechin gallate.

L-theanine is the most abundant amino acid found in green tea and its believed to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and improve brain function.

Together, these compounds provide many of the important health benefits that are associated with green tea, such as improved sleep, relaxation, mental clarity, a lower risk of diabetes, protection against certain cancers and heart disease, and weight loss. Green tea before bed can even potentially improve sleep quantity and quality.

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Can Herbal Teas Really Help You Sleep

Some people refrain from drinking any kind of tea at night. But the truth is that herbal teas are very different from regular caffeinated teas. They contain anti-anxiety ingredients that help your body relax and get to sleep easily. You must have heard of how valerian root can help people with sleep problems. Herbal teas contain the same ingredient as valerian root to soothe your physical and mental system and help you relax before you go to sleep.;

The advantage of drinking a herbal tea instead of taking the raw supplement is that you dont have to deal with the stinky herb and bad taste. Moreover, taking raw herb with water isnt a soothing experience in itself. On the other hand, drinking tea at bedtime has an inherent relaxing effect on your brain, just like taking a hot shower helps you feel instantly relaxed.

Some sleep teas have ingredients that have a sedative effect, such as chamomile and valerian. On the other hand, some teas have ingredients that reduce stress and anxiety. Some sleep teas help ease digestion so that the body can relax and go to sleep.

Fat Burning And Weight Loss

There have been claims that green tea consumption before bedtime results in increased metabolic rate and fat burning. This could be essential information for anyone trying to lose weight. Green tea is known to improve your overall metabolism, but imagine if you could lose weight in your sleep.

Green tea apparently has thermogenic properties that promote fat burning, and also lower your appetite. Now, there isnt enough research showing that this effect comes solely for green tea consumption in the period before going to sleep. But, it has been proven over the years that green tea is generally great assistance when it comes to weight loss.

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Green Tea Side Effects

It isnt suitable for pregnant women and nursing mothers due to caffeine levels.

It is also not good in large quantities, if you have a sensitive stomach, as drinking large amounts of green tea stimulates the increased secretion of gastric acid.

This drink shouldnt be used in combination with certain medicines. If you are taking medication, ask your doctor about drinking it.

If you have trouble sleeping , enjoy it only in the morning.

The invigorating effect in this tea doesnt occur immediately after drinking, and although it is weaker than coffee, it lasts longer.

What Are The Side Effects


Research published in the journal BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine shows that herbal remedies have little to no side effects, so they can be effective in treatment of sleep problems.

But you need to really know which herb youre drinking and its side effects. Because herbs can cause allergic reactions, headaches, heartburn and stomach pain. If youre taking medication, you should ask a doctor whether drinking herbal tea is safe for you.

If you have a serious health condition, you should consider using the herb Rooibos for your herbal tea, after consulting with your doctor. Rooibos is known to have no side effects, nor it interacts with any drugs. Also known as Red Bush tea, it is the national drink of South Africa.

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Helps Lower Blood Sugar

High blood sugar levels have become a bigger problem in recent years. This is largely due to the sugar-saturated foods that have flooded the market.

Research has shown that regular consumption of green tea can help lower blood glucose levels and decrease the chance of developing diabetes and becoming obese.

The Best Teas For A Peaceful Night’s Sleep

Like taking a warm bath before bed, drinking a hot cup of soothing liquid can help you get to sleep faster. Compounds in tea trigger chemical reactions in the nervous system that encourage your body to relax and prepare for sleep. Many herbal teas and even some decaf true teas feature additional chemical compounds that further enhance sleepiness and resolve sleep problems to help you rest easier.

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Benefits Of Drinking Green Tea Before Bed

Would you believe that having a cup of green tea right before bed time is actually beneficial?

Its true!

Not only does this give you a nice boost of some seriously healthy compounds right before going to sleep, green tea actually aids in relaxation and sleep.

The only potential problem is the caffeine.

Most green teas contain fairly low amounts of caffeine. A small cup will not keep most people awake, but those who are extra sensitive to caffeine will suffer.

That said, different varieties of green tea have greatly different amounts of caffeine. Matcha has the highest by far. Houjicha has the lowest. If you are worried about caffeine, that is the one to drink.

Why should you risk lying awake unable to sleep? Are the benefits of drinking green tea before bed really worth that risk?

Youll have to decide that for yourself. But you should definitely give it a try at least once.

How To Make Sleep Tea

Does Green tea help you sleep or stay awake? Here

All our teas and tisanes have brewing guidelines, so follow the directions on the pack to make the perfect herbal sleep tea as part of your bedtime routine. Well tell you how long to brew your loose leaf tea or tea bag, and at what temperature – so dont worry, its easy.

T2 brewing guides also give great tips on which teas like to perform solo and which will happily team up with a little milk or honey. Well also suggest which teas can multi-task as a scrumptious hot brew and as a refreshing iced tea to cool you down on hot summer nights.

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Homestead Apothecary Dream Time

Packaged in an open-shelf-friendly octagonal jar, there was a big, green dried hop on the top of the tea when I twisted off the lid. What a nice touch! This is a very unique tea, with mugwort and hops, and I love anything that gives me Macbeth witch vibes. I used to make potions like this when we camped in the Michigan woods in my childhood, and this was the tea I was trying to make. Lots of dried pieces of actual nature, without the flavor of sticks, mud, and Off! Bug spray. After steeping the suggested 1030 minutes, the tea still had only a hint of rose-chamomile flavor. To bring out the floral notes, cold-steep the tea before you leave for work in the morning and then strain it to reheat before bed. You can drink it more concentrated this way, which means less liquid before going to bedif youre working hard to go to sleep, you might as well try to stay asleep. A note that this tea used to be called Sweet Dreams, but now goes by Dream Time. Same witchy stuff.

Verdict: Pleasant, neutral flavor. After having a cup at 3 p.m. on a Monday, I felt a little dizzythis is definitely better for nighttime. Did it give me epic dreamtime adventures, as Homesteads website promises? Not really. As someone who sometimes would rather not remember her dreams, thats fine with me.

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Improve Your Cardiovascular Health

Drink this light and aromatic tea and reduce your LDL cholesterol. It also helps in reducing triglycerides. A reduced cholesterol level keeps your heart healthy. Enjoy good cardiovascular health with this beverage. A study in Japan observed that drinking a minimum of 5 cups of green tea daily has the potential to reduce heart attacks or stroke by approximately 15%.

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The Best Teas For Energy Digestion Sleep And More

Tea is the second most widely consumed beverage in the world , according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. While coffee drinking overshadows tea consumption in the United States, the Tea Association of the U.S.A. reports that 80 percent of American households have some form of tea in the cupboard, and more than 159 million Americans drink it on a daily basis.

With these impressive stats, its no wonder that new brands of tea and tea blends are constantly popping up on store shelves. A quick for types of teas returns an overwhelming 20+ selections, and that doesnt even include the many different flavors.

Almost 80 percent of US households have some form of tea in the cupboard.

While the sheer magnitude of tea options may be overwhelming, the good news is that many studies suggest that tea is a generally healthy beverage especially if you’re using it to replace sugary beverages or fight the midnight munchies. But some of the touted benefits should be taken with a grain of salt: Many believe that drinking green tea can help you shed pounds or lower stress levels, but both claims are a bit exaggerated. No tea alone will shrink your waistline , and the calming effects have only been observed when drinking caffeine-free green tea.

Instead of wandering down the tea aisle dazed and confused, try these sips for their science-backed benefits.

May Increase Nighttime Wakings

5 Drinks to Help You Sleep Better

Drinking any fluids before going to bed may increase your need to pee at night.

Having to get up to use the toilet in the middle of the night can interrupt your sleep, causing you to feel tired the next day.

Nighttime peeing is particularly likely when you drink fluids less than two hours before bedtime and consume caffeinated or alcoholic beverages, whose diuretic effects can increase urine production .

Finally, theres currently no evidence to suggest that drinking green tea at night is any more beneficial for sleep than drinking it throughout the day. Therefore, it may be better to drink it throughout the day, or at least two hours before bedtime.


Green tea contains some caffeine, which can make it more difficult to fall asleep. Drinking this tea before bedtime may also cause you to need to pee at night, which can interrupt your sleep, leaving you feeling tired in the morning.

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How Cbd Tea Helps With Sleep And Pain

December 2, 2019 by beaverbud

For those who need help sleeping or have some pain and soreness at the end of the day, a cup CBD tea for sleep is the perfect addition to your nightly routine. As the name would suggest, CBD tea is tea with the added benefits of CBD extract, but without any of the psychoactive properties of marijuana. You can buy CBD tea bags at some cannabis dispensaries. Alternatively, you can simply add a few drops of CBD oil to your favorite tea. However, oil is not water-soluble so you might need to mix the CBD oil in some honey before adding it to your drink.

CBD is a natural pain reliever thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties which can help treat headaches, arthritis and other chronic pain conditions. It also has powerful anti-anxiety effect which can help you relax for a good nights sleep. The collective benefits of both tea and CBD can ease nausea and promote better digestive health by reducing stomach irritation. Regulating your body rhythms with CBD will make you feel healthier and improve your overall mood. Whether you are looking to have CBD tea for sleep aid or to manage pain, there are some things you should know before getting started.

How Does Sleep Tea Work

The best sleep teas have a blend of herbs recognised for their natural sedative properties like chamomile, valerian root, lavender, lemon balm, passion flower, rose petals and hops to encourage restful sleep. These herbal tisanes are caffeine free to gently and oh-so-softly prod you towards the land of nod without a care in the world.

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How Much Green Tea Before Bed Is Good

A cup of 250 ml of green tea has approximately 30-50 mg caffeine content. A cup of 100 ml at bedtime is sure to get you a good nights sleep.

Green tea is surely a great beverage, but moderation is the key to reap in the maximum benefits from it. If you have any doubts, consult with your doctor and ask for the recommended dose you should take based on your individual requirement. Remember to drink your cup of green tea at least 1 hour before your bedtime to prevent yourself from the annoying feeling of getting up late in the night to use the bathroom! Drink green tea and help your body burn fat and fight illness while you rest and sleep.

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Fall Asleep Fast: The Best Tea For Sleep

Does Green Tea Help You Sleep And Provide A Quality Sleep ...

Tea is one of the most versatile drinks out there, offering health benefits that are almost endless. It has been used as a health elixir by everyone from monks in Southeast Asia and the ancient Greeks to the British monarchy and South American spiritual gurus.

Tea is regarded widely as a drink that can awaken your senses and replace coffee as an alternative to get through the day. With thousands of flavors ranging from true teas such as black tea and oolong tea to herbal tisanes like hibiscus tea, the health benefits of this libation are numerous.

While certain types of tea wake you up in the morning, others can help ensure that you get a better night’s sleep. With naturally calming sedative effects, these nighttime teas can help alleviate sleep disorders such as insomnia and ensure higher sleep quality. We’ve put together a list of the top 7 bedtime teas to help you relax in the evening and get to sleep faster so you can wake up feeling rested.

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