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What Is Soursop Tea Good For

Can Help Manage Diabetes

Benefits of Soursop Tea

Soursop has long been believed to help manage diabetes, but only recently did a study in Nigeria prove this to be true. It was found that rodents consuming soursop had significantly lower blood sugar levels than rodents which did not. The mechanism behind this action is likely to be inhibition of enzymes which help break down complex carbohydrates into glucose, or block its absorption. Plus, use of the leaves was found to decrease the effect of oxidative damage on the liver which was exacerbated by diabetes. But thats not all, as soursop could potential help the pancreas to produce new insulin producing cells, which can compensate in cases when these cells stop functioning. Just dont drink your soursop juice sweetened with sugar, or you can kiss these effects goodbye!

Should I Drink Soursop Tea

Probably not. Though soursop has promise, theres not enough evidence to support the claims and too many incredibly serious side effects to give this a thumbs up.

Even if youre tempted to try it for the antimicrobial or anti-inflammatory properties, be careful and consult your doctor before you grab a supply of tea bags. Potential nerve damage may not be worth the possible positives.

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Most Dangerous Side Effects Of Soursop Leaves You Need To Consider

Soursop leaves have long been used as an alternative ingredient for cancer treatment. Soursop leaves contain various compounds that are believed to have the ability to fight the growth of cancer cells, namely acetogenins. In addition, boiled soursop leaves can also cure various diseases such as symptoms of gout, hypertension, cholesterol and various other diseases.

But apparently, using soursop leaves for alternative medicine also has several risks. The following are some of dangerous side effects of soursop leaves that you need to pay attention to.

  • Dehydration
  • Dehydration is one of the most common effects in people who drink tea or soursop leaves decoction. This condition is caused by the body receiving compounds in soursop leaves which remove all toxins of body through sweat and urine.

    The balance of fluid in body will experience interference so that your body needs more fluid. But the imbalance of fluid that comes in and out, causing body to overfill. if it is not overcome by drinking lots of water, body can experience dehydration. Indeed, also check out more about Dangers of Coconut Milk for Gastritis Patients

  • Gastric Acid Disorders
  • Stomach has function as one of the digestive tract in the body. The content of soursop leaves compounds turned out to actually cause stomach acid to rise up into esophagus. When stomach acid rises then all food will return to esophagus then make excessive acid conditions. This is indicated by symptoms of rising stomach acid.

  • Constipation
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    It Can Help Stabilize Blood Pressure

    There are a whopping 626 milligrams of potassium in a cup of soursop, in addition to 47 milligrams of iron. Because potassium and sodium go hand-in-hand, low potassium levels often means high sodium, which translates to high blood pressure. Potassium works to filter the bad stuff from your body, including excess salt. Potassium also helps your blood vessels relax, allowing better circulation.

    Keeps Away From Boils

    Soursop Tea: 13 Potential Benefits You Should Know About ...

    Boils sometimes happen randomly somewhere on your skin, whether it appears on your face or other parts of your body, and it is very disturbing as it will affect your appearance and thus affect your confidence as well. This could also lead to an infection that could be dangerous for your skin.

    Soursop leaf offers you the solution as an herbal remedy for boils. You should take some young soursop leaves and rub them on the place where the boils occur.

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    May Help Regulate Diabetes Symptoms

    Daily administration of 100 mg/kg of aqueous soursop extract to rats exhibited strong glycemic control. The leaves of the plant may help improve glucose metabolism .

    Prolonged soursop treatment in the rats reduced blood glucose levels and serum creatinine levels. It also balanced the activity of liver enzymes . The levels of total cholesterol and triglycerides were also restored .

    Soursop Can Kill Cancer

    Starting out with perhaps the most prominent effect of soursop, is its ability to actively result in the death of cancer cells, with lab studies confirming this effect on breast and liver cancer cells. Though this effect is attributed to an extract of the actual fruit, its leaves have also been found to suppress cancer cells to the efficiency of about 80%. What makes it a promising alternative remedy to potent chemotherapeutic drugs is that its effects are specific to cancer cells and do not harm healthy cells. Quite a catch!

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    It Has Antioxidant Properties

    Antioxidants keep cells healthy by hunting disease-causing free radicals in the body and destroying them.

    According to a 2014 study, graviola extract has many compounds with antioxidant abilities.

    These include:

    on rodents, graviola has anti-inflammatory properties that may relieve pain. The studys researchers supported graviolas use as a folk remedy for pain and inflammatory conditions.

    A 2010 rodent study found graviola blocked pain receptors and reduced inflammation in rats.

    Still, researchers cautioned more study is needed to determine if graviola is safe for humans. It is unclear if it would have the same pain-relieving effects.

    Introduction To The Soursop The Soursop Tree

    How to make Soursop Tea (Where to Buy? What’s the Benefits?)

    Lets start with a small part oriented general culture

    The seed Annona muricata is above all the fruit of the Soursop. It can be found in South America as in Brazil, in Mexico where it is called G uanabana . It is also grown in other tropical regions as in West Africa, Madagascar, the West Indies, or on the island of Reunion. Asia and Thailand is also a favorite spot in the cultivation of soursop.

    is a shrub that can measure 3 to 9 meters tall and whose leaves measure 6 to 20 cm these are very interesting for their anti-cancer property , to which we will focus in more detail later in this article.

    The soursop fruit can measure up to 30 cm in length and its weight can reach 4-5 kg. Its bark is dark green covered with thorns, it has a pulpy white flesh and has indigestible black seeds. There are varieties of soursop seedless, but the one has a more fibrous flesh.

    The Soursop, which is not widely known in France, is widely used in traditional medicine in many parts of the world.As we shall see, in the soursop everything can be consumed or used, from pulp to bark, leaves and even seeds.

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    What Does Soursop Do For Your Body

    Soursop contains numerous phytonutrients that can fight disease-causing cells and even certain kinds of tumors. These phytonutrients contain antioxidant properties that enhance the overall health. They help fight cancer, enhance eye health, and treat a range of infections .

    But why are we talking about all this? Is soursop that good a fruit?

    You bet. Read these benefits and find out for yourself.

    May Help Improve Skin

    The leaves of soursop have been used in folk medicine for the possible treatment of various skin conditions like abscesses. Studies also show that it has anti-inflammatory properties that help to keep your skin healthy.

    Furthermore, there is some evidence demonstrating that wounds treated with soursop showed decreased inflammation around the wound area and an organized generation of collagenfibers.

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    Promotes Health Of The Stomach And Digestive Tract

    Soursop consumption is associated with decreased stomach ulcer development, as it helps strengthen the structural integrity of the mucus linings on these organs, important as they are subject to the effect of hydrochloric acid from the stomach.

    Soursop also helps decrease the effects of oxidation on these organs, possibly helping to offset chronic diseases afflicting them, such as irritable bowel disease and Crohns. Soursop may also offer a safeguard against the stomach bacteria Pylori, which is implicated in a significant amount of stomach cancer cases and gastric ulcers.

    Benefits Of Soursop Leaves

    Soursop juice drink: A soursop drink recipe for healing or ...

    Soursop, otherwise called graviola, is a common fruit of Southeast Asia, Africa and South America, reports Cancer Research UK. The scientific name for this fruit is annona muricata, and chemicals called acetogenins are believed to feature prominently among the active ingredients. The fruit has a tropical flavor that is sweet and slightly sour.

    Test tube studies show that extract of soursop is effective against an array of parasites, bacteria and viruses, including the herpes virus, according to the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Preliminary lab studies indicate soursop has pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory and anti-ulcer properties. Early investigations also show the value of soursop leaves for treating diabetes.

    Although no human studies have been done, test tube and animal experiments have demonstrated the potential use of soursop leaves to treat cancer. This research suggests it may have value in fighting lung, breast, prostate, skin, pancreas and liver cancers.

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    People have traditionally used soursop to treat other ailments, including obesity, insect stings, respiratory tract infections, kidney disorders and heart disease. These uses aren’t backed by any science yet, according to a July 2018 study published in the Arabian Journal of Chemistry.

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    Are There Any Soursop Side Effects

    Its easy to think that, despite the lack of human trials, soursop tea might be worth a try. So many people claim health benefits, so whats the worst that could happen? Well, with graviola, the worst is pretty severe. Some of the studies found that the seeds contain annonacin, a neurotoxin that may contribute to the development of Parkinsons disease, says Wood. Even without ingesting the seeds, the tea itself might do some harm. It may cause nerve damage and movement problems, especially with long-term use, says Wood. In addition, soursop may be toxic to the kidneys or liver with repeated use.

    According to Cancer Research UK, a study of Caribbean citizens found that those who ate the most soursop were the most likely to develop nerve changes and start hallucinating. Some studies found that soursop tea may cause toxicity to the brain and nervous system. Even if you risk these side effects to fight cancer, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America says that the tea could reduce the effectiveness of chemotherapy.

    Boosts Kidney And Liver Health

    As per one Malaysian study, soursop extract was found to be safe in rats that were being treated for kidney and liver ailments . Similar observations could be observed in humans as well. According to another Indian study, the acetogenins in soursop can kill the malignant cells of 12 types of cancer, with liver cancer being one of them .

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    Phytochemical Composition Of Soursop Leaves

    Soursop plants contain several kinds of phytochemicals, including alkaloids, phenolics, and terpenoids. However, a few species of soursop are rich sources of annonaceous acetogenin compounds . AGEs are considered crucial for their antimicrobial, antiprotozoal, antiviral, and anthelmintic properties .

    Annomuricin, annomutacin, annohexocin, muricapentocin, anonaine, isolaureline, xylopine, gallic acid, epicatechin, quercetin, catechin, chlorogenic acid, kaempferol, annonamine, norcorydine, vomifoliol were identified in these leaves .

    They also contain rutin, blumenol, solamin, epomuricenin, reticuline, coreximine, coclaurine, stepharine, atherosperminine, and anomuricine. The seeds, fruits, roots, and other aerial parts contain these phytochemicals in varying proportions .

    Soursop leaf oils also contain sesquiterpenes. The most abundant compound is -caryophyllene. These volatile oils have -pinene, germacrene-D, -pinene, elemene, -cadinene, epi–cadinol, and -cadinol .

    A cognitive effect of all these phytochemicals results in the benefits discussed above. Heres how you can use these leaves to reap their benefits.

    Health Benefits Of Soursop Tea

    How I prepare my Morning Soursop Tea

    Day by day, people are switching to natural solutions for all health issues, whether minor and major. Herbs have a centuries old medicinal value and one of the popular ways of taking the herb in the form of tea.

    One such tea is Soursop tea which has achieved a lot of acclaim in recent years all because of its immense benefits.

    If you want to know more about soursop tea regarding its benefits, nutritional facts, then you are on the right page. We are going to enlighten you in detail so lets start.

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    How To Make Soursop Tea

    Soursop tea is a caffeine-free beverage that can be easily brewed at home, provided you have access to fresh soursop leaves. Soursop is locally grown in certain tropical parts of the Americas, so you may find it difficult to purchase the leaves. They are generally available at herbalists, natural health stores, and exotic import stores.

    Tea lovers who have tried this tea say that soursop tea has an aroma that resembles freshly cut grass. It tastes like an herbal leaf tea on its own. You can mix the tea with other teas like green tea, matcha tea, or herbal teas for a better flavor.

    Can Help Reduce Your Stress Load

    When you are under high stress, your body produces an increased amount of adrenalin and cortisol. These hormones are essential for your overall health, but high levels dont do favors for anyone. In fact, chronically high circulating levels of cortisol is implicated in a number of negative health effects, ranging from insomnia to anxiety and alerted sexual function. Soursop consumption can help buffer the negative effects of cortisol elevation, reduce anxiety and promote restful sleep.

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    Prevent You From Hypertension

    Hypertension is a condition which can lead to some serious diseases such as cardiac issues, strokes, and other complications. Past research on older women concluded the positive effects of soursop extractions in decreasing blood pressure. Hence it has been recommended that older adults suffering from hypertension should take soursop tea regularly.

    May Aid In Weight Loss

    Soursop Tea Benefits and Side Effects

    Obesity can play a key role in increasing your risk of metabolic diseases.

    A 2019 study published in the Nutrients journal has tried to analyze if soursop leaf tea can help in weight loss. The extracts of graviola leaves were given to obese mice for 12 weeks. Results showed that soursop tea can help in reducing body weight.

    Start small by having one small cup a day and see how effective it is for you.

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    Does Soursop Tea Has Any Side Effects

    Generally, drinking soursop tea moderately, should not produce any adverse effects.

    For as many benefits as there are for drinking soursop tea, this seemingly amazing health-giving drink can cause adverse effects if over-consumed. Some soursop tea drinkers have reported:

    • Nausea
    • Fatigue
    • And some neurotoxic impacts.

    Most of these side effects are a result of allergies or excessive or over-consumption of the tea. It is always wise to speak to your doctor of naturopath about potential risks or adverse reactions you may encounter with soursop tea.

    May Boost The Immune System

    A healthy immune system is important to fight infections and chronic diseases.

    A study published in the Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine journal suggests that Graviola leaves and stems may help boost your immunity. It is possibly rich in antioxidants that can seek out free radicals and reduce the chances of oxidative stress in the body.

    So, if you are looking for a natural immune system booster, you can include soursop leaf tea in your diet.

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    Studies In Soursop Supplement Effect In People With Hypertension

    Hypertension is still the main health problem in the world with nearly 1 billion of people experiencing it.

    dr. Haidar Alatas, Sp.PD. KGH, internal disease specialist in Banyumas Regional Hospital, said, “The hypertension incidence may increase by 10 percent at the age of 30 years and increasing by 30 percent at 60 years old, in auditorium of Faculty of Medicine, Public Health, and Nursing UGM on Thursday in his doctoral promotion on Thursday .

    Haidar said hypertension was the main risk factor for disease and fatality rates due to cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, and renal failures.

    Furthermore, Haidar mentioned the campaigns for going back to nature due to the side-effects of modern drug as well as the crisis that reduces people buying power, hence they turn to herbal medicine.

    Soursop is one plant that is traditionally used for maintaining health, as well as preventing and treating diseases. It can reduce blood pressure and uric acid and is beneficial for renal and cardiovascular functions.

    Can Kill Intestinal Parasites

    Benefits Soursop Tea For Healthy

    Drugs that kill intestinal worms are known as anti-helminthic, which is what soursop leaf extract can be called. The extract made from soursop leaves was found to be able to kill both adult worms as well as their larvae, which is something not many prescription anti-parasitic drugs do. Though it needs to be standardized into a dose that is approved for use for this purpose, so far the results via studies are promising.

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    Can Soursop Really Help Fight Cancer

    Theres some evidence that extracts from the plants leaves could kill cancer cells or fight inflammation. But slow your roll: Those findings came from test-tube and animal studies, which often involved huge doses of extracts from soursop leaves.

    Keep in mind that there havent been any human studies, so its too soon to tell if there are any benefits, Supan says.

    May Aid Cancer Treatment

    Studies demonstrate antiproliferative and cytotoxic effects of the extracts of soursop plant against cancers of the breast, colon, prostate, lung, blood, liver, cervix, ovary, the mouth, and the skin .

    The active bio ingredients that may be beneficial are called annonaceous acetogenins . These AGEs are involved in the anticancer properties of soursop. They kill cancer cells by inhibiting the mitochondrial complex I, a cancer cell protein .

    However, more rigorous studies are needed to confirm the safety and effectiveness of soursop and its leaves .

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