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Where To Buy Tea Towels

Great For Cleaning Cooking And Creating

Decorated Tea Towels

Flour sack towels are the answer to a variety of cooking and crafting needs. From cleaning counters, straining jam to decorating fine dining establishments, 100% cotton flour sack towels are setting the quality standard. Our cotton towels are pre-washed and preshrunk, so you can trust the integrity of the shape and weave. These reusable cloths are extremely adaptable inside and outside of your home and serve a range of purposes! Never underestimate the convenience of keeping clean, absorbent linens in drawers and closets around your home.

Another fantastic and famous use for our tea towels is craft projects. Used by schools, day cares, and grandmas worldwide, our flour sack towels are a unique and different medium for kids and adults to work with. Not often can kids color and paint on Moms white tea towels! Think out of the box with our plain flour sacks. From custom printing, stamping and tie dying with flour sack towel crafts the ideas are limitless. Head over to to see ideas for customizing your flour sack towels for holidays, special events, birthday parties and more!

Blank flour sack crafts are perfect for parties, ladies nights, your home décor Etsy shop, or even just a creative weekend afternoon with the kids. Not to mention, crafting and customizing can be very expensive. Flour sack towel crafts are an affordable way to get cute, creative and personal without breaking the bank!

Are Special Orders For Bulk Tea Towels Available

Yes, we offer special tea towel wholesale orders, along with many other items. Fifty pieces of the same item and a minimum order of $250 are required for all special orders. Simply submit the form on our special order page, and we’ll take care of the rest. Once we know if the item is available, we’ll provide pricing for the tea cloth you wish to order. Prepayment is required, and special orders are not refundable.

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Shop Tea Towels Online And In Store

At Bed Bath N Table we have been designing, developing and supplying top quality, stylish and durable home décor in Melbourne for over 60 years. Whether you buy online or in store you’ll find products youll love for years to come.

Need some expert help and advice? Call into one of our many stores across Australia or contact us online today. Let us help you choose tea towels to suit your style.

The Difference Between Napkins Tea Towels And Flour Sacks

China Supplier Wholesale Printed Tea Towels Custom Linen ...

At Cotton Creations, we offer high quality linens available in a variety of sizes and shapes to best fit your needs. We are proud to offer the most comprehensive line of flour sack and tea towels in the industry. While you are navigating your options, it helps to know the difference between the linens we offer. The main difference between napkins, tea towels and flour sack towels are the size dimensions! All of our Craft Basics towels are constructed from top-quality 100% cotton material, but our product offering is set apart by our wide range of sizes. Choose from napkins, tea towels and flour sacks in light-weight, medium-weight or heavy-weight cotton.

First, napkins are the smallest group of towels we offer. Mostly smaller squares meant for handheld and smaller tasks, napkins are ideal for drying your hands or wiping your face during mealtime or keeping in your pocket to dust off your glasses. Napkins are perfectly suited for large custom orders, like personalized wedding napkins or linens for your hotel bar. Flour sack napkins are handy, absorbent and reusable towels that are meant to be put to use.

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What’s The Difference Between A Tea Towel And A Dish Towel

Call ’em tea towels, call ’em dish towels: The only time that you shouldn’t use the names interchangeably is when you’re using a towel made of terry cloth. , whereas dish towels can also be made of terry cloth. Both types of towels, however, are roughly the size of a hand towel, ranging from 16 x 28 to 18 x 30.

What Are Flour Sack Towels

Flour sack towels are made from 100% pure cotton that is weaved diagonally to make a soft and absorbent fabric that is quick-drying, highly absorbent, and superior in quality and come in 3 sizes : 27×27, 19×28 and 19×19. Unlike cheesecloths, flour sack towels are threaded more tightly together, making them heavyweight and more durable. They are lint free, dry quickly, and wash beautifully. They can be used for a variety of household chores, as well as craft projects such as blank tea towels for embroidery, screen, digital printing and vinyl. Their meticulously hemmed edges and hanging loops are delicately made for quality and product durability, helping the towels last for many years. For decades, cotton flour sack fabric was a material much loved by thrifty women and farmers wives, who recycled the colorful, absorbent flour sacks into towels, tablecloths, wholesale aprons, wholesale pillow cases, frocks, slips, bloomers, and infant layettes well into the 1940s.

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Everything You Need In A Tea Towel

Cotton Creations has worked in the cotton linen industry for years, and we know the value of high-quality cotton and durable construction. No matter if you use plain flour sack towels on a daily basis to wash and clean, or you customize them to sell as decoration, you can trust they will last. The weave is strong enough to grab on to liquids and scrub surfaces without leaving marks behind. The variety of fabric thickness also allows you to choose reusable cotton for delicate healthcare tasks, or tough construction site clean-up. Buy blank cotton towels to increase the efficiency of your daily responsibilities.

Flour sack towels from Cotton Creations are washed, ironed and inspected all in-house. This keeps our production times low and quality levels high. Each towel is thoroughly washed and sterilized, dried and ironed, and then measured and inspected during multiple quality control processes. We consistency launder and stock the tea towels you rely on.

The Benefits Of Buying Dish And Kitchen Towels In Bulk

Gourmet Flour Sack Tea Towels – FREE CUT FILES

Whether you run a busy kitchen at a healthcare facility or own a mom and pop diner, having a large stock of cottn kitchen towels on hand is a must. These items are an essential part of your day to day operations, ensuring your kitchen stays neat, tidy and, most importantly, sanitary.

One day in the kitchen means you might go through a pile of towels. You dont have time to wash more kitchen towels if you run out. Thats why buying in bulk makes sense, no matter what the size of your food service facility. Here are just a few of the advantages of buying wholesale dish towels from Now Linens:

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Dish And Kitchen Towels For Sale From Now Linens

Treat your kitchen staff to durable, high-quality cotton towels from Now Linens. With ship locations in California and Chicago, we can get your order shipped out in just one business day. We even offer same-day delivery to food service facilities in Chicago and LA.

Ditch the paper towels and browse our assortment of quality dish towels and order the quantity you need to keep your kitchen fully stocked.

Can I Buy Tea Towels From Spotlight

Yes, you can. At Spotlight, we have a huge range of super-absorbent tea towels that will match your kitchen perfectly. With tons of vibrant and unique designs to choose from, you will be able to add a splash of colour to your kitchen with one of our fabulous options. Whichever top quality tea towel you choose from this stylish range of colours, textures and patterns, shop Spotlight now for great value deals and guaranteed low prices on all of your kitchenware needs.

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Wholesale Kitchen Towels A Food Service Essential

If you work in a diner, bakery, restaurant or bar, having access to clean dish towels can make or break an efficient workday. You need clean towels for so many tasks throughout the day, and you cant afford to lose time or efficiency due to a lack of quality supplies. Now Linens is proud to bring the cotton dish towels you need right to your door.

We have bright white dish towels perfect for everyday tasks such as drying dishes, wiping up spilled drinks or handling hot pans. We also sell towels with a reinforced, colored border to match uniform colors or business logos. Customize your dish cloths for an added touch of professionalism and uniformity.

When working with food and dining ware, presentation is everything. Absorbent cotton towels simply perform better than paper towels or napkins because the strong fibers hold together through wiping, ringing, scrubbing and stretching.

This ensures your workspace is blemish-free and sanitary. Our dish towels are lint-free to dry off dishes and tabletops without leaving fibers behind. Keep your prep area super clean and make glass shine bright with our highly absorbent dish cloths. Treat customers to a fresh bar top and crystal clear glassware using the Kitchen Basics brand bar mop. Plus, cotton dish towels and bar mops are 100% machine washable and reusable. Spend less money on paper supplies and stock up on cotton textiles.

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How Do I Buy Tea Towels From Spotlight

Wholesale Tea Towel Waffle Dish Towels Cotton Waffle Weave ...

To purchase our fabulous selection of tea towels, shop online and follow the instructions right through to check out. We accept all major payment methods, including Visa, MasterCard and PayPal and we will deliver right to your door. You can also shop our full range of tea towels at one of our nationwide stores. We have a wide selection of kitchenware available, and one of our team will be more than happy to help you in any way that they can.

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Add Colour And Pattern To Your Kitchen With Tea Towels

Its no secret tea towels are an essential for every kitchen but they are also a great way to bring your own personal style to your home. Choose from a range of colours and patterns classic, contemporary and playful prints.

Pick a pattern that suits your style. Designed in house, most of our tea towel prints are hand painted in our beautiful Melbourne studio and feature beautiful botanicals, novelty prints, intricate florals and friendly animals. During the festive months, our Christmas and Easter cotton tea towels bring joy to the kitchen through charming designs.

Bring a touch of colour and pattern to your kitchen with our tea towel range. Discover a style that suits your kitchen.

How Should I Wash My New Tea Towel

Well, that depends on which product you have chosen, and we always recommend reading the individual care instructions that come with your new item fully before cleaning it. However, it is quite easy to refresh your kitchen essentials, with most tea-towel being machine washable. It is recommended that you do not wash tea towels and dishcloths with your normal laundry, and you should change it regularly as germs can harbour. Always be aware of the dangers of cross-contamination, and wash your hands frequently, particularly after handling raw meats.

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A Wonderful Cooking And Baking Companion

The cotton tea towel is a linen that has stood the test of time. Reusable dish towels and cotton cloths were trusted long before disposable paper towels. Many professional and amateur chefs alike know the value of using flour sack tea towels in the kitchen. Our light-weight and medium-weight flour sack kitchen tea towels are highly adaptable to baking and cooking purposes, while the heavy-weight towel will handle all of the clean-up.

Craft Basics tea towels are soft and light, making it easier to multi-task and move around while working. Tucked in your apron or hung on a hook, keep these light-weight towels close by for any spill or cleanup needs. A quality towel doesnt need to be bulky and heavy to be absorbent and tough. Shop wholesale tea towels with Cotton Creations and equip your team and business with the best resources. Bulk discount towels are available for anyone to purchase directly on!

Cotton tea towels are your trusted sidekick in the kitchen every step of the way. From prepping the basics to final touches, cotton linens are an essential element. The thin flour sack fabric works great with floury dough or fragile pastries but can also take care of sticky and oily messes. The lint-free material allows you to roll out dough or other ingredients with ease, and can even be used to sift. Choose cotton tea towels as an alternative to wax paper or expensive storage containers!

Mix Or Match Colours With Your Interior

Embroidering on Tea Towels

Before deciding which tea towels to buy, think carefully about which colours will match with your kitchen furnishings. Also think about the existing textiles in your kitchen, such as the curtains, rugs and tablecloths. If you want kitchen hand towels that blend in with your furnishings, it is advisable to choose tea towels with similar colours. However, if you want to add a burst of colours to the kitchen, why not choose colourful tea towels with contrasting colours and exciting patterns?

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Canada’s #1 Turkish Market Online

Best in Canada with a Trusted Name

Established in 2013, we are the first Canadian Turkish online store and trusted name that delivered thousands of orders across Canada and USA. We only carry the BEST brands.


For your confidentiality and security, Turkish Bazaar proceeds your payments through PayPal. We do not store your credit card information. The entire transaction is done under Paypals robust security

SSL Secure Connection

Our website is secured by SSL certificate and uses the best industry-standard security features. Feel free to use the choice of your payment including Visa, MasterCard, American Express or PayPal account for the payment.

Free Shipping options are available in Canada starting from $49. Enjoy it!

Which Tea Towel Is Right For Me

Tea towels offer a practical tool in the home and are often used to dry hands and pots as you are cooking and cleaning your kitchen. These beautifully soft super absorbent essentials are fashionable and functional, and the tea-towel that you choose depends on the style that you prefer. Available in both cotton and microfiber materials, these tea towels will leave glasses sparkling and pots and plates thoroughly dry. There is both single tea towels and multi-packs in coordinating colours. Stock up on tea towels, and always have a clean one to hand, with this fabulous range at Spotlight.

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Tea Towels Main Usage Areas


When you are cleaning your home, you never want to leave behind lint. Our flour sack dish towels are the perfect solution. They will not let you down and can be used for a number of cleaning task, such as cleaning windows, dusting, drying dishes, removing stains and so much more. These lint free cloths are absorbent and soft, which will not cause streaking, scratches or lint when cleaning. They can be used to polish glassware, TV screens, chrome and much more.


Quality flour sack towels are extremely popular in the food industry, because they are safe to use around food. They are used in individual kitchens all across the world, as well as large food corporations. Gourmet chefs swear by them. They can be used to proof bread, strain sauces, make cheese, dehydrate fruit, cover rising bread and washing veggies. These multipurpose towels are a great addition for any kitchen.


Crafting can be a great way to customize your home decor. These blank flour sack tea towels can be used for craft projects, embroidery, needlework and any other creative crafts that you may have in mind. Perfect way to bring a personal touch to your home or to give as a present. You can add a monogram, a logo or name. The possibilities are endless.


Tea Towels For Every Kitchen

Wholesale Tea Towel Waffle Dish Towels Cotton Waffle Weave ...

The perfect accessory for style and function, kitchen towels are a great way to add a personal touch to your kitchen. From classic patterns and neutral colours to designs hand painted in our Melbourne studio, find tea towels that complement your home.

Tea towels have many functions in the kitchen from drying your dishes, cleaning spills and many more. They also make a great house warming gift and can double as gift wrap for a reusable gift idea

View our tea towels and kitchen towels online or visit one of our Bed Bath N Table stores right across Australia to discover the full range.

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Custom Printed Design Your Own Flour Sack Towels

The Cotton Creations Design Station is proud to be your premier industry provider for personalized flour sacks. It has never been easier to add a simple monogram or even an intricately designed logo onto a cotton tea towel.

Branded linens are a wonderful gesture when providing a luxurious and sophisticated experience to customers. Take just a few minutes to add your artwork file into our user-friendly design tool and create a customized towel you cant get in-stores. Whether youd like to enhance your home or your business, our Design Station team can help you create distinctive, high quality unique pieces. We treat each order with careful attention to detail and offer pricing for all budgets and quantity needs.

Blank flour sack towels can be transformed into branding materials, home décor, informative flyers, educational craft projects and more. Cotton towels are so useful in all kinds of environments and have come back as a trendy and valuable piece of home design. If you are an artist looking to expand your product offering, or even just looking for a place to start, flour sack towels are in-demand and super affordable to produce.


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