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How To Drink Green Tea

When Is The Best Time To Drink Green Tea

7 Health Benefits of Green Tea & How to Drink it | Doctor Mike

Green tea is a great option for a morning drink. It has just enough caffeine to give you a good morning energy boost. Unlike coffee, tea contains an amino acid L-theanine, that prevents caffeine rush and gives you sustained energy throughout several hours instead. In other words, green tea shouldnt make you drowsy. Then what is the best morning energy boost green teas? Shaded types like matcha, gyokuro or kabusecha, and Japanese sencha.

Japanese Sencha

You can drink green tea in the evening too. Be careful which tea you choose, because the amount of caffeine in each tea is different. Some green teas might have more caffeine than black tea, so the best evening green teas are those with old mature leaves or roasted, like kyobancha, hojicha or kukicha with very little leaf parts in the blend. To reduce caffeine, even more, use cooler water and reduce steeping time. However, this method will also extract less EGCg.

How To Drink Matcha Green Tea

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Using matcha is a great way to upgrade your tea time! Native to Japanese culture, matcha is powdered tea that’s packed with antioxidants useful for boosting metabolism and preventing cancer, among other health benefits. It’s quite simple to make. The basic method is to add boiled water to a small bowl with a bit of matcha in it. After carefully whisking the tea, it’s ready to drink!XResearch source

Do Not Take Your Green Tea On An Empty Stomach

As much as starting your day with a cup of green tea gives you the much-needed concentration during the day, you should not take it on an empty stomach. Green tea on an empty stomach may affect your stomach balance adversely.

You can opt to take a fruit before enjoying your cup of tea or take a glass of warm water with lime or honey.

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What Can You Mix With Green Tea

Some do not like green tea for its taste. That shouldnt prevent anyone from taking it. While many prefer to take it as a pure brew, it wouldnt harm you mixing a few things with it to please your taste buds.

You can add some lemon to it or some honey to sweeten it a bit. If that doesnt suffice, ginger and some mint leaves would add some flavor to encourage you to drink green tea.

For example, I prefer mixing mint and honey in my iced green tea.

Best Times To Drink Green Tea

Drink Green Tea to Lose Weight and Thank Us Later

If you love drinking tea, any time would be a great time for your favorite cuppa. But, if you wish to maximize the benefits or make sure you will be able to fall asleep even after drinking your favorite caffeinated tea, some times and some green teas may be better than the others. So, what is the best time to drink green tea?

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May Impair Nutrient Absorption At Mealtimes

Several compounds in green tea can bind to minerals in your body and block their absorption.

Particularly, tannins are compounds found in green tea that act as antinutrients and reduce iron absorption .

Furthermore, research shows that the epigallocatechin-3-gallate in green tea can bind to minerals like iron, copper, and chromium, preventing their absorption in your body .

Several studies have demonstrated that drinking this tea with meals can reduce iron absorption, which may lead to a deficiency over time .

Therefore, its best to drink green tea between meals if possible, especially if you are deficient in iron or other key minerals.

Anemia And Iron Deficiency

Green tea contains antioxidants that hinder the iron absorption in the human body. A meta-analysis showed that this side effect can be a particularly dangerous for people who suffer from anemia or other disease where iron deficiency is present . One case study found that green tea caused anemia in a 48 year old businessman who consumed 1500 milliliters of green tea every weekday for years . To avoid this side effect, add lemon to your tea. The vitamin C in lemon promotes iron absorption, counteracting this side effect. Alternatively, you can consume gren tea one hour before or after a meal. This gives your body time to absorb iron without the inhibition caused by tannins. As a precaution, avoid green tea if you have anemia.

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If Tea Isn’t Your Fave Try One Of These Tricks

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It took me a while to love green tea, but now I can’t get enough of it. It’s got antioxidants,;properties that help you lose weight, and;also contains caffeine . With a little bit of diligence, I’ve found ways to work green tea into my sugar and caffeine addicted body. If you’re not a regular tea drinker yet, here’s how to make green tea taste better. Before you know it, you’ll be hooked.

What Is The Best Season To Drink Green Tea

How to drink Green tea for weight loss? Green tea benefits | how prepare green tea for weight loss

Every type of tea has its own season, usually related to the harvesting time. Green tea is a great spring and summer choice, with the best green teas harvested in the early spring. It may help to cleanse the body and offer much-needed energy after a long winter. Unlike the common belief, drinking hot tea wont make you feel more hot. In fact, hot green tea might freshen you up more than ice-cold drinks. A cup of hot green tea will make you sweat though, so make sure you drink it under conditions permitting full sweat evaporation. Fall is usually reserved for oolong tea, while winter is great for black and dark teas like puerh.

Disclaimer: The purpose of this article is not to diagnose or treat any diseases, or to replace an opinion of a professional doctor. Never self-treat any diseases, or drink large quantities of tea, real or herbal, if you are suffering from serious diseases, are pregnant or breastfeeding. Green tea contains caffeine and is best avoided by children, people with caffeine sensitivity and other problems related to caffeine intake. Every person is different and its impossible to make a general statement about the benefits or side-effects.

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Stop Using Flavored Green Tea

Many brands have introduced green tea with fruit juice extracts, which has resulted in people buying more flavored green tea than natural green tea. As bad as it may sound, but the truth is no matter how fruity and flavorful your green tea may taste, but it is poison for you in the long run.

If you consume flavored green regularly for health purposes, then know you are causing more harm to yourself than good. It is because flavored green tea is acidic because of the fruit juice extracts, which can lead to heart and stomach problems. It is better to have a bland taste of natural green tea than to have fruity green tea.

Things That Happened When I Drank Green Tea Every Day For A Month

It seems like every day there’s a new natural remedy being touted by magazines, doctors, and even your best friend. But green tea doesn’t seem to be a passing fad: It’s been consumed all over Asia for centuries, and over the past decade tons of research has linked green tea;to a myriad of health benefits, from lower blood pressure and blood sugar to less belly fat.

Because green tea isn’t processed very much, it’s loaded with catechinsa type of antioxidant that fights free radicals and repairs damaged cells. Catechins also seem to play a role in weight management: One study found that people who drank green tea lowered their body fat percentage and body mass index in just 12 weeks.;

I’ve struggled with my weight for years, and while I know that limiting portions and exercising is most important, I’d certainly welcome a little extra help. Plus, who wouldn’t want to lower their risk of dreaded conditions like heart disease and cancer? I decided to drink at least one cup of green tea every day for a month to see if I’d notice any difference in my health. Here’s what happened over the course of 30 days.

I consumed much less aspartame.

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I learned how to unwind without wine.;

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Do Not Reuse Green Tea Bags

As a rule, you should not use a green tea bag more than two times. First, the caffeine level in an already used green tea bag is high. As such, if you were taking green tea to avoid the high caffeine levels in coffee, a reused green tea bag beats the logic.

Secondly, a wet tea bag is more prone to microbial infestation, which may have adverse health repercussions.

Make Your Own Iced Tea

Why Can

Chilled green teas are popular in refrigerator section at the grocery store, but you can make your own version at home. Triple or quadruple a batch of green tea and let it cool overnight to take in the morning, or make more green tea bags in less water, then add ice. Put it in a large cup, and you’ve got yourself a homemade venti green tea.

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Although Black Tea Is The Most Popularit Accounts For About 84 Percent Of All Tea Consumedgreen Tea Is Reported To Be Growing At A Much Higher Volume Than Black Our Guess Is That’s Because Of Green Tea’s Potential Role In Weight Loss

If you like tea, and you like healthy beverage options, youve joined the ranks of the other 158 million Americans who are enjoying a cup on any given day. Its estimated that last year, over 80 billionthats right, billionservings of tea were consumed by the tea lovers of America. That translates into roughly 3.60 billion gallons.

Although black tea is the most popularit accounts for about 84 percent of all tea consumedgreen tea is reported to be growing at a much higher volume than black. Our guess is thats because of green teas potential role in weight loss. We decided to take a closer look at how you can drink green tea for weight loss.

What Is Green Tea Good For

Green tea has been used as a medicine for thousands of years. Originating in China but widely used throughout Asia, this beverage has a multitude of uses, from lowering blood pressure to preventing cancer.

The reason that green tea has more health benefits attached to it than black tea is due to the processing. Black tea is processed in a way that allows for oxidation , whereas green teas processing avoids the oxidation process. As a result, green tea retains the maximum amount of antioxidants and poly-phenols, the substances that give green tea its many benefits.

Furthermore, green tea has significantly less caffeine black tea, meaning that it leads to less of a slump after drinking it. It will offer you energy without the intense caffeine kick that black tea and coffee often lead to. The extra energy helps you focus.

Lets dive more into the various benefits of drinking green tea.

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How To Drink Green Tea If You Dont Like It

May 23, 2016 by admin

How to drink Green Tea if you dont like it Green Tea has so many benefits on health and many people advice to drink green tea to stay fit and for weight loss. Every people, including myself, hate to drink green tea because of its taste. I tried Green tea long before and stopped tasting it again . Since many of my friends keep on insisting me to drink green tea, I tried Jasmine Green Tea, whose taste I like, but it contains sugar. But I want to avoid the sugar and hence tried alternate methods to make myself like the Green tea.

Switch To Matcha Green Tea

Healthy ways to drink Green tea

If you are looking for more benefits from green tea, then you can also switch to Matcha green tea. Matcha green tea is a type of powdered green tea that is made by picking young green tea leaves and crushing them into powder form.

Research has shown that Matcha green tea is very high in anti-oxidants and has up to three times more antioxidants than other green tea variants, which makes it more beneficial overall. However, excessive consumption of this green tea is also not recommended.

There are many ways you can consume Matcha green tea. For example, you can make Matcha latte, Matcha coffee, coconut latte with Matcha, and more. However, the best way to drink Matcha tea is to: Boil a cup of water, add the Matcha powder after letting the boiled water sit for a minute and then mix water and the powder. Make sure no lumps are left. Moreover, you can also use skimmed milk instead of water.

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How Much Green Tea Is Optimal

Studies that explore the benefits of green tea show conflicting evidence about exactly how much you should drink each day.

Some studies show health benefits in people who drink as little as one cup per day, while other studies deem five or more cups per day to be optimal .

Green tea may help lower the risk of several diseases. However, the optimal amount to drink may depend on the disease.

Based on the above studies, its optimal to drink three to five cups of green tea per day.

However, its important to note that some studies did not find any association between drinking green tea and disease risk, so these effects may vary from person to person .

One thing most studies have found is that green tea drinkers are in better health than those who do not drink tea at all.

Summary:The amount of tea required for health benefits varies greatly among studies. Drinking a minimum of three to five cups of green tea per day seems to work well, but the optimal amount may vary from one person to the next.

Green And Chamomile Tea With Aniseed

If you have digestive problems, this is one of the best ways to resolve them.

This is because according to a publication in Molecular Medicine Reports chamomile has properties that help with digestion and relieve stomach pains and heaviness.

By combining its properties with those provided by green tea and aniseed you get a natural drink that stimulates waste elimination and reduces swelling.


  • 1 liter of green tea
  • 1 tablespoon of:
  • First, heat up the green tea. Before it boils, add the aniseed and chamomile.
  • Next, take it off the heat and leave to steep;for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Then, drink it immediately.

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Do Not Take Your Tea Immediately After A Meal

You are probably wondering, Why cant I enjoy my cup of green tea after I have taken lunch?

Well, many people make the mistake of taking green tea immediately after a meal without realizing that the tea inhibits the absorption of nutrients. The caffeine and tannins in the tea act as an obstruction to the absorption of the nutrients.

Therefore, you should take green tea 30-45 minutes after eating.

Making Matcha Green Tea The Traditional Way

Can we drink green tea empty stomach in the morning ...
  • 1Boil 3/4 cup of water and pour it into your matcha bowl. A matcha bowl is a traditional tea drinking bowl of Japanese culture. It’s small and usually doesn’t have handles.XResearch source
  • 2Whisk the hot water with a chasen. A chasen is a Japanese tea whisking tool made of bamboo.XResearch source This step warms up the bowl and softens the whisk’s bamboo tines. As a result, the chasen becomes flexible and springy for effective whisking.
  • 3Discard the hot water from the bowl. Dump it into the kitchen sink. Dry the inside of the bowl with a clean, dry cloth.
  • 4Scoop 2 tsp of matcha into a fine mesh strainer. If you use a chashaku, the scoop should be round. A chashaku is a Japanese tea ladle .XResearch source The matcha should reach the point where the chashaku starts to bend.
  • For thin matcha , use 1 tsp. of matcha and 2 oz. of boiling water.
  • For thick matcha , use 2 tsp. of matcha and 1.4 oz. of boiling water.
  • 5Sift the matcha into your empty, dry bowl. This gets rid of the clumps. As a result, your tea will be smooth enough to enjoy drinking.XResearch source
  • 6Pour boiling water into a teacup. Let the water cool down for a minute. Aim for 185F or 85C.XResearch source
  • 7Add a small amount of hot water into the matcha bowl and whisk it. Take the chasen in one hand and the rim of the tea bowl in the other hand. Carefully blend together the matcha and hot water until you have a solid mixture.XResearch source
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