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Best Online Tea Store 2021

How Online Tea Stores Bring Value To You And The Farmers

Best Milk Tea Shops In The Philippines 2021 | Milktea Shop | Franchise Republic

The best tea brands have personal connections with tea-growing communities. They export directly from the producers as opposed to wholesale importers. Tea drinkers get their garden fresh loose leaf tea in a matter of just a few weeks. This economically straightforward business model eliminates the middleman. As such, the value goes only to the two key parties the consumer and the tea grower. Moreover, since harvesting, processing, and packaging in one place leaves more money within the tea growing community, this business model also supports better social programs such as schools for kids and healthcare for families.

Japanese Green Tea Co The Best That Japan Can Offer

Japanese Green Tea Company is dedicated to bringing you the best green teas imported directly from Arahataen Green Tea Farms in the Shizuoka prefecture in Japan.

Their green teas are cultivated in fertile soil following the traditional methods of farming. The company has also developed a special deep steaming technology for better taste and enhanced health benefits.

The online store has a large selection of various types of green teas, matcha teas and sets, as well as teaware and gift sets. Kei Nishida, the founder and CEO of the company, is also a writer and you can order his books from the online store.

As proof of their excellency, Japanese Green Tea Co has won several awards in the Global Tea Championships.

Kei also has an online coffee store called Japanese Coffee Co.

Bigger Is Not Always Better

Do not use tea brand recognition as your only guide. Larger brands may play it safe and limit their portfolios to basic choices to market to more consumers. In contrast, smaller tea companies are typically more enthusiastic and passionate about their business. New tea brands often create unique artisan tea blends, smart teaware, and inventive packaging. Many online merchants specialize in bringing rare loose leaf teas to the market in limited quantities. These products wouldnt fit large tea brands due to their lack of scale and limited supply.

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An Elegant Light Floral Tea

What: Bellocq Tea Atelier No. 96 White Wedding

Why: I bought this tea as an engagement gift for a tea-loving friend, and it smelled so good that I had to splurge on some for myself, too. Its the kind of tea you take time to appreciate, not for everyday drinking. A blend of jasmine silver needle tea, lavender, red rose petals, and orange blossoms, it looks and tastes as good as it smells.

Sarah Witman, staff writer

Other varieties to try from Bellocq: Bellocq Breakfast No. 01, a robust blend of organic Indian, Chinese, and Ceylon black teas

Other notes: In addition to teas, this atelier sells honey, mulling spices, candles, and other household items. US shipping is free on orders over $100.

And The Whistling Kettle Because Why Not Fill The Coziest Corner Of Your House With An Aromatic Tea You Likely Wouldn’t Have Picked Off The Supermarket Shelves

10 Best Bubble Tea in Singapore For the Perfect Pick

Why they’re great: They have five various subscription box options in addition to their standalone teas, so you’re bound to find one that fits your needs. Many of them come in “basic” or “plus” editions. In addition to getting five different types of tea you’ll also receive a 20% off coupon you can use on other Whistling Kettle items! I’d also suggest trying their white peach tea â it’s made with delicate hints of citrus that’ll be nice for the warmer seasons.

Items we love: the basic “adventure” box for $16 a month and the white peach tea for $4

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What Water Temperature Is Best For Brewing Tea

The best water temperature depends on the type of tea you are making. Gentler teas naturally taste best when brewed at lower temperatures, while bolder teas require hotter temperatures. White tea, for example, is best brewed with water that is 160 degrees. Green tea ranges from 150 to 180 degrees. Oolong is best around 190 degrees. Moving into the stronger teas, black tea ranges from 180 to 212 degrees. Finally, herbal teas sit around the 212-degree mark. Many electric kettles can be pre-programmed to reach a specific temperature, and some even come with designated buttons for different tea varieties.

Tea Box Is Great For Anyone Who Is Looking To Swap Out Their Second Cup Of Coffee For Tea Instead *and* Truly Appreciates A Theme

Why they’re great: They have free worldwide express shipping fun themed boxes, and come with five premium teas per box. For example. this month’s box is floral-themed and comes with an array of fragrant teas to make you excited about the changing seasons.

Items we love: the three month subscription for $35.99 a month

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Art Of Tea: Best Loose Leaf Tea Brand

Performing the ritual of brewing loose-leaf tea is a therapy in itself, beginning long before the aromatic liquid reaches your lips. Art of Tea earns the gold for our favorite loose-leaf tea brand, well-deserving of an invite to your next afternoon tea get-together.

Simply gather your most exquisite tea set, add one of Art of Teas delectable tea blends, and sit back while those exquisite flavors infuse.

Comforting, exquisite, and refined, there are few loose-leaf tea brands who appreciate the fine ritual of tea-brewing quite like Art of Teathats a fact.

Our favorite tea: Art of Tea Earl Grey Crème

Start your day with a full-body cup of Earl Grey Crème tea. Hand blended with fragrant oil of bergamot for silky notes of citrus and a touch of French vanilla for a rich and robust finish.

Next time youre spilling tea, youll have the best Earl Grey to sip.

Best for: Adding an elegant touch to your morning rituals.Price: $$$

Collection: Loose Leaf Tea

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Experience premium loose leaf tea with our handcrafted signature blends and single-estate full leaf teas. Our selection of organic leaf tea supports traditional harvesting methods and skilled tea masters while offering fresh flavor and natural health benefits. Whether you need a kick to get you going in the morning or just a small escape, theres a handcrafted tea here for you.

  • Black Tea Club Quarterly Box
    Regular price
  • Boulder Blues Iced Tea Pouches $3.50 $25.95
  • Flat Belly Hibiscus Cucumber, Organic $4.00 $39.95
  • Flat Belly Hibiscus Cucumber, Organic Iced Tea Pouches $4.50 $33.95

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What Are The Best Online Loose Leaf Tea Stores

There are so many online tea stores now that it is overwhelming to figure out which stores provide the best selection, quality and prices. You may be stuck relying on pictures of the tea and the sellers own description.

While there are review sites out there, each of us has our own preferences with what flavors we enjoy. Some tea stores offer sample packs and tea of the month clubs, which can help eliminate some of these issues.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the best online loose leaf tea stores, along with details on each one:

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Best Loose Leaf Tea Made In Hawaii

There are plenty of places in the world that produce high-quality loose leaf teas. Hawaii may not be the biggest producer, but it definitely grows premium and quality tea. Hawaiis soil produces extremely healthy and delicious loose leaf teas, most of which are hand-picked and attended to with care.

These are the best loose leaf teas that are made in Hawaii:

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The Elevation Tea Company

The Elevation Tea Company is a group of people who are doing really cool and innovate things. First off, they offer a tea quiz on your website, to help customers decide on exactly what the right type of tea is for them in that moment.

Another cool thing theyre doing is making their tea bags from abaca pulp teabags. Abaca pulp is made from a species of banana tree that comes from the Philippines. Not only is this creating jobs in the area, but the teabags are entirely biodegradable.

These guys also offer a subscription box so that each month they give you an entirely unique selection, for those of us who just cant decide on what tea to get. They offer crazy unique flavors, have you ever heard of bonfire smores tea?! I think not!

Some Of The Best And Favorite Tea Stores

The Best Boba / Bubble Tea Shops in Orlando âBoBa

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One of the most popular tea brands and probably the best place to buy loose leaf tea online is Art Of Tea. This tea company is very diverse, offers a good selection and exquisite products for you to fix a perfect cup of tea. Art of Tea brand is not exactly cheap, but worth the price. You will notice the high quality in every detail, from tastefully designed packaging to a rare loose leaf tea assortment sourced from the best tea estates of the world. These luxurious teas would make for amazing gifts, both corporate and personal, as well as self-care treats. High-quality tea bags are perfect for parties.

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The Best Teas According To Wirecutters Obsessive Staff

A great cup of tea can make everything better. Even though tea is not as popular as coffee in the US, we think it deserves its place as the second-most widely consumed beverage in the world . Tea is part of a daily routine for billions of people who drink it for pleasure, comfort, and myriad health benefits, such as lowering blood pressure, reducing inflammation, and even reducing the risk of various types of cancer.

Tea is truly versatile. There are more than 3,000 varieties in the world, so theres something to suit just about any palate. Like fine wine and chocolate, tea can have a subtle, nuanced flavor and aroma, or it can be rich and bold . You can drink it hot or iced. And you can choose from caffeinated or decaffeinated tea.

Dozens of my coworkers here at Wirecutter love tea. You can see that in our list of essential equipment we recommend . And when I asked my coworkers for specific tea recommendations, they really showed up. We hope this list of tea companies and our favorites from each will set you on your way to your next delicious cuppa.

Best Chai: Vahdam Teas Original Masala Chai Tea Loose Leaf


  • Caffeine content too high for some

Masala chai, meaning spiced tea, is an ancient drink that dates back thousands of years to the Indian subcontinent. Made from black tea leaves, its flavors can range from sweet to creamy to spicy. Today, the beverage and all of its wonderful variations, from chai lattes to dirty chai, are popular in coffeehouses around the world.

Those who want to make the drink at home cant go wrong with the Vahdam Teas Original Masala Chai Tea. This loose-leaf blend uses spices like cardamom, cinnamon, and black pepper to procure a bold and delicious taste. The item is typically sold in 3.53-ounce bags, which yields about 50 cups. Many happy customers recommend adding a splash of milk for the fully authentic chai experience.

Vahdam Teas was formed in India over 80 years ago and sells a variety of other chai options, including unique flavors like Ginger Chai and Earl Grey Chai. While prices vary, this Original Chai is the most affordable and most popular choice.

Form: Tea bags and loose leaf | Size: 3.53 or 16 ounces | Origin: India | Caffeinated: Yes

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Simple Loose Leaf Has A Variety Of Subscription Box Options Thatll Ensure Youll Have All The Tea You Might Possibly Need At Any Given Time

Why theyre great: You can choose from four kinds of boxes depending on your tea preference: a sampler box, an herbal tea box, a green tea box, and a black tea box. Theyll send you four different loose teas each month and four reusable linen tea filters. You can also choose how often you receive the deliveries and how many deliveries youd like to pay for up front.

Items we love: the sampler tea box for $10 a month because it comes with a black tea, a green tea, an herbal tea, and a seasonal tea

And The Whistling Kettle Because Why Not Fill The Coziest Corner Of Your House With An Aromatic Tea You Likely Wouldnt Have Picked Off The Supermarket Shelves

How To Create The Perfect Afternoon Tea At Home 2021

Why theyre great: They have five various subscription box options in addition to their standalone teas, so youre bound to find one that fits your needs. Many of them come in basic or plus editions. In addition to getting five different types of tea youll also receive a 20% off coupon you can use on other Whistling Kettle items! Id also suggest trying their white peach tea â its made with delicate hints of citrus thatll be nice for the warmer seasons.

Items we love: the basic adventure box for $16 a month and the white peach tea for $4

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Best Online Tea Stores Compared

To scroll the table, use the scroll bar below it. You can also swipe on the table with your finger or click on the table then use the arrow keys .

  • huge selection of Chinese teas, especially pu-erh
  • worldwide shipping
  • very high quality Chinese teas
  • huge selection of pu-erh
  • best place to get matcha
  • only ship to US and Canada
  • only carry Chinese teas
  • not a lot of reviews on individual teas
  • not the nicest website
  • quality to price ratio a bit low
Current Deals

Highly recommended for Chinese teas.

The place to get the absolute highest quality Chinese teas, including pu-erh.

Recommended for the highest quality Chinese teas.

The best place to buy matcha and matcha accessories.

Recommended for low priced teas.

Large selection of teas from all over the world. Good quality, at a good price.

If youre curious about the criteria used to come up with the ratings, youll find a quick explanation at the bottom of this post.

How Much Caffeine Is In Tea

It’s not always easy to tell how much caffeine is in a cup of tea. Caffeine content varies depending on the type of teaeven two black teas can have disparate levels of caffeineand how the tea is prepared. Water temperature, steep time, and the amount of tea used all affect caffeine content. On average, an 8-ounce cup of black tea contains around 50 milligrams of caffeine, which is roughly half a cup of coffee. Some black teas have as high as 120 milligrams of caffeine, however. Oolong averages slightly less caffeine than black tea at 40 milligrams per cup. Green tea ranges from 12 to 75 milligrams, with an average of around 30 milligrams. Some white teas have caffeine levels up to 75 milligrams, but the majority are between 15 to 20 milligrams. Finally, herbal tea is naturally caffeine-free.

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Lotus Flower Herbal Tea

$40.00 Sold Out

The lotus is one of the most significant flowers of Asia and the East, symbolizing enlightenment, holiness, and perfection that springs forth from imperfection. It is revered from Egypt to Japan and holds the distinction of being the national flower of two countries: India and Vietnam. Almost every part of…

Vahdam: Overall Best Tea Brand

The 8 Best Green Teas in 2021

Ok, lets spill the tea: A celebrity favoritethink Oprah Winfrey, Mariah Carey, and Ellen DeGeneresVahdam is one of the buzziest tea brands of the moment with a growing number of tea beginners and connoisseurs alike enjoying its exotic Indian teas, Luxe Digital included.

We have been drinking Vahdam teas for over a year now, and will only tell you this: Vahdam is the next best thing to booking a first-class flight to the Indian countryside for a traditional cup of the finest tea in the world. Vahdam sources their teas directly from tea growers in India and cuts the middlemen to sell exclusively online. This ensures that you get the best prices and the freshest, high-quality teas.

Even cooler: The brand also cares for its producers, with 1% of its revenue going towards the education of its tea-growers children.

We warmly recommend Vahdam for yourself, of course, but also as a beautiful gift for the tea-lovers in your life. The brand makes exquisite gift boxes with an array of delicious gourmet teas that are sure to be, well, your cup of tea. Get it while its hot.

Our favorite tea: Vahdam Earl Grey Citrus Black Tea

Vahdams Earl Grey Citrus Black Tea is a blend of the finest Indian black teas and premium Bergamot oil. With a refreshing citrus after taste, this tea is a delicious morning wake-up call and afternoon pick-you-up. Perfect for an iced brew pot too.

Best for: A-listers cup of teaThe perfect balance of hearty and fresh.Price: $$

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Sips By Subscription Box Perfect For Any Tea Drinker Who Wants To *mix Up* Their Go

Why they’re great: Personalization is key! You’ll create a free profile, answer some questions, then enjoy the four curated teas that have been selected just for you! Sips by has over 150 tea brands in their line up, so you’ll always get a chance to enjoy something new. I’ve also personally tried out this subscription box and can confirm it is *delightful*.

Items we love: the Sips By Box for $15 a month


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