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Lion’s Mane Mushroom Tea

Cordyceps Mushroom Mint Tea Recipe

Medicinal Mushrooms Explained: Lions Mane, Cordyceps, Reishi, Chaga

Adding the refreshing flavor of mint to this natural energy booster of a mushroom is perfect for a productive day. An acid such as lemon juice also helps to bring out the active components of this cordyceps-infused drink.

  • Start by boiling 2 cups of filtered water.
  • Add one gram of dried cordyceps to water.
  • Simmer for 10 minutes.
    • antidepressant

    What Are Lions Mane Mushrooms?

    As its name suggests, this mushroom looks like the long, thin, shaggy hair that frames a lions face. Instead of producing flowering caps, Lions mane is a hydnoid, a type of fungi that produces long, teeth-like pores. They thrive in the wild from late summer through the fall, on hardwoods found in the northern hemisphere.

    Research and Studies on the Benefits of Lions Mane

    Food Chemistry, a peer-reviewed scientific journal, that analyzed the chemical components of lions mane in leukaemia cells. The anticancer effects were promising, noting significantly reduced cell proliferation and induced apoptosis , ultimately suggesting the compounds in lions mane to be suitable for use in potential cancer treatments.

    Students at the Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences tested cognitive levels in mice that had been injected with neurotoxic peptides to evaluate Alzheimers disease in relation to lions mane. The mice had to then maneuver through the standard Y maze to test their memory.

    How To Make This Tea


    • 2 teaspoons grated ginger*
    • 3/4 teaspoon ground cardamom*

    *Ginger & cardamom are optional in this recipe. If you want your magic mushroom tea to have the same Starbucks Chai Tea tastemake sure to add these 2 ingredients.


    How To Make Lions Mane Chai Tea

  • Boil Your Water

    Place water on heat for 15-20 minutes . Add in your chai powder which consists of black pepper, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, and ginger. Mix well.

  • Mix Remaining Ingredients

    Add your lions mane extract, coconut milk, coconut oil, sugar, and honey to a bowl and mix well. If necessary, use a blender to ensure everything mixes uniformly.

  • Put It All Together

    Now mix it all together by adding your lions mane powder to the chai mix. Serve in your favorite mug and enjoy! If you want to get fancyadd a cinnamon stick and some frothed milk.

  • Lions Mane Mushroom Goes Great With Coffee

    Lions mane mushroom coffee is the latest trend to hit the internet, and for good reason. The flavors of coffee and mushrooms complement each other perfectly.

    Plus, lions mane mushrooms are known for their nootropic properties, which means they can help to improve focus and concentration. So if youre looking for a delicious way to get your daily dose of caffeine, look no further than lions mane mushroom coffee.

    If the flavor of coffee and lions mane powder doesnt sound great, then you can try adding your favorite creamer to the mix.

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    Make Sure That Its Made From The Right Stuff

    Lions Mane mushrooms contain beta-glucans, which are proteins with polysaccharides attached to them. While there are many different types of beta-glucans within Lions Mane, were going to focus on hericenones and herinacens.

    Thats because these are special beta-glucans that can stimulate the body to produce nerve growth factor, aka NGF. Why is this important? Because nerve growth factor is a neurotrophic factor thats responsible for the growth and maintenance of certain neurons.

    Basically, it could help you side-step impaired cognitive function and even boost brainpower, since its mostly produced in the pituitary gland and hippocampus regions of the brain. Both of which are concerned with brain development and performance.

    I know Im using a bunch of fancy words here, but the takeaway is that these beta-glucans are very important when it comes to maintaining brain health, and its part of the reason why lions mane is famous for its wealth of mental health benefits.

    Now, these powerful beta-glucans are present in the mushrooms fruiting body, which is also known as mycelium.

    While the best Lions Mane supplements use 100% of the fruiting bodies , there are also manufacturers that choose to use mycelium with rice and other grains, which generates different hericiums that produce different results.

    In short, avoid supplements with fillers like rice and grains. Choose supplements that use 100% fruiting bodies.

    Lions Mane For Digestive Health

    Lions Mane Mushroom Extract Powder by Real Mushrooms

    Lions Mane may help with stomach discomfort and overall digestive health . Inflamed digestive tissues decreased and microbiome diversity increased in a study using a Lions Mane protein, two favorable outcomes in irritable bowel diseases . Lions Mane is used traditionally to support the digestive organs in Chinese medicine. Recent discoveries in the gut-brain axis suggest that the connection between the two systems is very important to brain health .

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    For Alleviating Depression And Anxiety

    Lion’s mane does not just work on people who have done cognitive tests and realized they have cognition issues. One of the positive effects of lion’s mane is in helping the users eliminate depression and anxiety. Numerous research reviews have shown the product works extremely well and may even replace depression and anxiety medications.

    If you are experiencing the symptoms of anxiety and depression, consider getting yourself Lion’s mane powder. The powdered fruiting body, in the dosage of 2g/day, has shown to be effective in reducing the symptoms of depression and anxiety. The results are observed after 4 weeks of usage.

    When taking Lions mane for depression, the mushroom increases the level of brain-derived neurotrophic factor, which is a natural antidepressant. This brings about Lion’s mane anxiety relief without causing side effects like most medications used in the treatment of anxiety.

    Lion’s Mane Mushroom Benefits: A Tea Drinkers Guide

    Lion’s mane mushroom is a type of medicinal, adaptogenic mushroom. Its been used in traditional Eastern medicine for thousands of years .

    So, whats so special about this fungi anyway? Studies & anecdotal evidence reveal that lions mane mushroom benefits range from improved focus to improved brain health. Its also been shown to exhibit antioxidant and neuroprotective effects that slow and reduce symptoms of memory loss in mice, and even prevent neuronal damage .

    Mushroom tea is one of the most popular and oldest ways to consume these mushrooms, and it also happens to be one of the most delicious. In this post, were going to go over the amazing qualities of this functional mushroom along with benefits and teas you can try.

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    Vanilla Chaga Mushroom Tea Recipe

    Because chaga produces small amounts of vanillin, a fragrant compound in vanilla beans, the added vanilla ingredient in this recipe enhances the taste of this mushroom tea.

    Here are the steps to make it:

  • Boil one liter of filtered water
  • Add three chunks of cleaned and pre-washed chaga to water, or place coarsely ground chaga in a reusable tea bag infuser and place in hot water.
  • Place on low heat and let the tea simmer for 30 minutes. Be sure not to over boil because the nutrients will corrupt and denature.To achieve a stronger brew, allow the chaga to simmer longer.
  • Remove chaga chunks and store in freezer. Leftovers can be reused to make tea until the tea no longer resembles the dark hue of coffee.
  • Add half a vanilla bean or a few drops of vanilla stevia, strain and enjoy.
  • Brewed tea can be stored in the refrigerator for two weeks.
  • How Much Lions Mane Should You Take

    A Beginner’s Guide to Medicinal Mushrooms – Reishi, Lion’s Mane, Chaga, Cordyceps and Turkey Tail

    Lion’s mane has been approved by the food and drug administration for use in managing various conditions. However, even with the food and drug administration approval, most people are still not familiar with how to use this medicinal fungus.

    If you are wondering how much Lions mane to take daily, you are not alone. This question is extremely common among new Hericium Erinaceus users. The Lion’s mane dosage varies depending on the form. People using different types of lion’s mane supplements may have to switch between different dosages.

    However, according to research information, Lion’s mane recommended dosage is 250 to 1000 mg when used in the form of lion’s mane mushroom powder extracts. The oral dose is 1000 to 3000 mg for tablet forms and approximately 5000 mg when the raw fruiting bodies are used in food.

    The exact Lion’s mane mushroom dosing has not been studied extensively. Human studies determining the side effects of Lions mane are also lacking. However, it is considered to be a safe supplement even at higher doses.

    The compounds in Lions mane mushroom products have no known side effects. For this reason, unless you are exceeding the recommended Lion’s mane mg per day by a very high figure, the lion’s mane supplements will never compromise your health and safety.

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    So What Do Powders Of Lions Mane Taste Like

    Most Lion’s mane powder has a taste that is slightly milder than the fresh form of the mushroom. The texture of the powder is close to powdered sugar, as it is finely milled. It goes well with a boldly flavored beverage as it is not nearly as bold and bitter as some medicinal mushroom powders.

    That is why the best way to enjoy Lion’s mane mushroom powder is to mix it in tea, coffee, or even a cup of hot cocoa.

    There are also different pre-blended powder preparations that can perfectly complement the flavor profile of Hericium erinaceus mushrooms. Many of these supplements may even contain additional nootropic and apoptogenic properties, so it’s a win-win situation all the way!

    Lions Mane Mushroom Origins & History

    Lions mane grows on fallen hardwood trees in temperate forests throughout the Northern Hemisphere. It is native to Asia, Europe and North America. For thousands of years, lions mane has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a tonic for supporting cognitive health, longevity and overall wellness.*

    Once known as the mountain priest mushroom in China, it was used by Buddhist monks to enhance focus during meditation. Other regional names for lions mane mushroom include monkey head, satyrs beard, hedgehog, bearded tooth and pom pom mushroom.

    While this mushroom has been harvested from wild forest for thousands of years, cultivation of lions mane first began in 1988 in China. Lions mane is most commonly consumed in the form of powders or teas. In addition to its medicinal benefit, lions mane mushroom has also become a sought-after ingredient in gourmet cuisine over the past decade.

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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    When Should I Take Lions Mane

    Lions mane benefits influence the ideal time to take the mushroom. For example, if you want to take the mushroom for its energizing effect, the best time to take Lion’s mane will be in the morning to early afternoon. However, it is worth noting that most supplements can be taken at any time throughout the day.

    Irrespective of the time when you take the mushroom, its bioactive compounds will still do their job as required. However, in some cases, the medical condition you are trying to treat may affect the ideal time to take the mushroom.

    You can take the lion’s mane mushroom extract as a brain-boosting nootropic snack containing caffeinethis should help you enjoy lions mane brain fog elimination advantages. You can also pair the mushroom with coffee or take coffee infused with the mushroom itself. This guarantees Lions mane brain health benefits such as improving your focus, energy, and clarity.

    Amorning dose of the mushroom will also make you alert, awake, and energized for the entire day. It is important to note that if you are taking this mushroom for such effects, consumption at night should be avoided as it will disrupt your sleep.

    Current research shows that some people prefer taking Lions mane before bed because of the calming effect it provides, which translates into a good nights sleep. Lions mane stimulates the synthesis of nerve growth factor which is known to support healthy sleep-wake cycles and promote REM sleep.

    Lions Mane For Memory & Cognition


    Animal tests indicate compounds from Lions Mane may support nerve impulse transmission as well as support short and long-term memory . Interestingly, the same compounds were found to counter oxidative stress on the brain .

    Research on Lions Mane effect on brain health has also been conducted in humans. A study in Japan showed that adults with mild memory problems associated with aging who were administered Lions Mane mushroom powder scored better on a test of brain function than those who did not take the extract . Their scores then worsened after ceasing the mushroom consumption.

    A study on healthy middle aged individuals using Lions Mane alsoshowed beneficial results of improving cognitive function and short term memory . Lions Mane has potential for promotion of cognitive health based on these findings.

    Clearly, Lions Mane is showing itself to be an incredible ally in supporting cognitive function. Research into how it can help improve the quality of life for many is ongoing. Feedback from some of our customers about our Lions Mane supplements provides even more insight into how effective these supplements can be for memory and cognition:

    Since starting to take Lions Mane Mushroom capsules I have seen a significant improvement in my memory. Nancy

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    What Is Lions Mane Mushroom Coffee & Tea

    While lions mane mushrooms boast a host of health benefits, they are most known for helping promote mental agility, focus and overall cognitive performance.

    Lions mane mushroom powder is commonly enjoyed in coffee and tea. Simply add Rrituals lions mane mushroom powder to your coffee or tea and enjoy. This easy-to-consume format provides you with all the benefits of lions mane mushrooms, with added adaptogens like rhiodola rosea root and bacopa monnieri to help create clarity of mind and laser sharp focus.

    Buy Lions Mane Focus Tincture

    Cut through all the bullsh!t with our Lions Mane Focus Tincture. Our tincture is easy to add to food or beverages or to even consume on its own. Our tincture supports mental clarity, promotes gut health, and enables normal nervous system functioning.* With high-quality Lions Mane and cinnamon bark, this simple tincture is simply amazing!*

    For more tips on how to take Lions Mane mushrooms, read Mushroom Revivals Blog or listen to Mushroom Revivals Podcast.

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

    Find your perfect Mushroom Match

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    Inflammation And Oxidative Stress

    Research has also shown that Lions Mane contains powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds that may help reduce the impact of certain illnesses .

    One study examining the antioxidant abilities of a variety of different mushroom species found that Lions Mane had the fourth highest antioxidant activity and recommended it be considered a good dietary source of antioxidants .

    Several studies have found that Lions Mane extract reduced markers of inflammation and oxidative stress in subjects and may be especially useful in the management of inflammatory bowel disease, liver damage and stroke.

    What Are The Benefits Of Drinking Lion’s Mane Tea

    Chaga & Reishi Mushroom Extracts: Real Health Benefits? Lion’s Mane & Turkey Tail Too!

    Lions mane has numerous health benefits that make it a top choice for supplementation. This is due to the mushroom containing a plethora of antioxidants that boost the bodys natural immune response and aid in good cell regeneration.

    Most notably, drinking lions mane tea regularly has been linked to better cognitive performance and, overall, better brain health. When we say better brain health, we mean:

    • Improved episodic memory
    • Better executive function and decision making
    • Prevention of neurodegenerative disease

    Beyond these perks, consuming lions mane has also been shown to help with heart health, cancer prevention, injury recovery, gut health, ulcer development prevention, and more. Sounds pretty ideal all around to us.

    We put together a complete guide to lion’s mane benefits for the body AND mind here.

    Drinking lions mane tea is an amazing, and easy, way to add lions mane supplementation into your daily routine. It just takes a few short minutes – the same amount of minutes it would take you to prep your morning coffee, might we add – and there is a lot of upside to it .

    If youre thinking about ditching that extra cup of coffee and going for lions mane instead, keep reading. Lets look at where you can find fresh lions mane.

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    Lion’s Mane And The Nervous System

    The main groups of compounds in Lion’s Mane that exhibit neuroprotective properties are Erinacines and Hericenones. These related compounds stimulate the synthesis of nerves growth factors involved in maintaining and organizing neurons’ function, thus preventing neurodegenerative diseases, such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

    Mushrooms are currently considered the most potent natural inducer of NGF, addressing and modulating neuronal plasticity. It is a property of the nervous system that allows you to adapt to the surrounding conditions and continue learning and memorizing from both experience and study.

    It is also a brain’s response to changes in the external environment, aging, and possible pathologies. Thanks to neuronal plasticity, your neural networks can acquire new functions and also maintain a sufficient number of brain connections over time.

    NGF also has a neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory action and prevents brain damage caused by ischemia by reducing the accumulation of free radicals.

    Thanks to these benefits related to the nervous system and the brain, Lion’s Mane is helpful to treat a large number of critical conditions such as anxiety, depression, memory deficit, insomnia, Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease.

    I Took Lions Mane Mushroom For 30 Days Here Is What Happened

    As natural supplements become increasingly popular, more and more people are turning to nootropics like Lions Mane. Lions Mane is a mushroom that has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for many years. It has recently spread throughout the world and many people have begun to recognize its power as a potent nootropic.

    This article will explore what its like to use Lions Mane for 30 days. The experience is more profound in retrospect, as the mushroom doesnt produce much acute effects as you would expect from something like Noopept or a nootropic from the -racetam family.

    Instead, Lions Mane produces a gradual, positive change in thinking, emotional regulation, memory, and verbal fluidity. Since these changes arent too intense, theyre easy to incorporate into daily life.

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