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What Is Essiac Tea Good For

Limited Research On Effectiveness

How To Make Essiac Tea

Current research on Essiac tea is limited, and most available studies are in animals and individual cells in a lab rather than in humans.

Additionally, though its effects on cancer have been studied, research on other health claims of Essiac tea such as its detoxifying and immune-boosting properties is lacking.

In fact, many of the purported health benefits of Essiac tea stem solely from anecdotal reports.

Furthermore, the product has not been approved for the treatment of cancer or other medical conditions by the FDA .

It may also be associated with numerous side effects, including nausea, vomiting, frequent urination and increased bowel movements .

Therefore, more research on Essiac teas potential effects on health is needed before it can be recommended.


Current research on the effects of Essiac tea is limited to animal and test-tube studies, as well as anecdotal reports.

Health Benefits Of Essiac Tea And Side Effects

Discover the 15 shocking health benefits of essiac tea and side effects.

Essiac tea is an herbal remedy originated in Canada that is promoted as a treatment for cancer and other diseases.

About 100 years ago, a Canadian nurse named Renee Caisse first heard about the powerful benefits of an herbal tea made from a combination of different plants from her patient.

Read on and learn more about the properties and benefits of Essiac tea and what it can do to improve and protect your health.

Despite being diagnosed with cancer, the patient survived for many years without any surgery or medical treatment, all because of the power of herbal tea.

After personal research and testing on her mother who also suffered from cancer, Caisse began promoting tea as a remedy for cancer and other diseases.

The tea was named Essiac as a backward spelling of the nurses name due to her work making the tea popular.

Finding The Right Blend Of Essiac Tea

Most companies make essiac tea and strain out the herbs, but in actuality, it is better to consume the herbs along with the tea for the maximum benefit. That is why Discount Essiac Tea has a powdered blend of essiac that makes it easy for you to consume the whole herbs. It may look different than many other teas out there, but it is the best way to consume it.

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Essiac Tea Recipe Variations

Below are several easy essiac tea recipe homemade that will taste nice and fresh. To perform this recipe, it needs a pot of extracted essiac tea. Therefore, make sure to prepare the tea extract first. After that, it can mix with several other ingredients.

  • Essiac Tea with Honey

Prepare some tablespoon of honey. Easily mix the honey with the tea. Mix it well and the tea is ready to serve. This is one of the common way to consume the tea.

  • Essiac Tea with Ginger

Adding ginger also another good way to bring the enormous advantages of tea for inflammation. Since ginger is a natural way to fasten recovery of any inflame body. To prepare the tea with ginger, easily get some pieces of ginger. Peel it off and smash into pieces. Then, boil up some water and put the ginger. Wait up to several minutes until the water turns to a little bit brown. Strain the boiling water and mix with the essiac tea.

  • Essiac Tea with Lemon

To mix the tea with lemon, easily cut off some pieces of lemon. Put it inside the tea and let it blend for several minutes. The tea with lemon is ready to consume.

Top 3 Health Benefits Of Essiac Tea

The Truth About Cancer Book Excerpt: Essiac Tea
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • With all the individual benefits discussed previously and like most herbal supplements it must do some good. The health benefits of Essiac tea help with inflammatory and irritant conditions.

    2. Cancer Fighting Effects?

    As with many herbal teas, various large and small scientific studies have been carried out to ascertain how effective it is, but to date these have all been lab or animal trials.

    One study in test tubes found the tea had antioxidant properties that could help protect cells and therefore potentially have positive results in protecting against cancer.

    Another study suggested that for best results, high concentrations of Essiac tea blocked the growth of breast cancer cells and Leukaemia.

    There have also been some limited cases of individuals responding well to the drink including one man who attributed his recovery from Prostate cancer to his use of Essiac.

    However, on the flip side plenty of studies have shown little to no effect of Essiac tea on cancer development.

    In fact, over 15 animal studies in have produced no positive data on its effects on cancer cells and in some cases even became associated with stimulating breast cancer cells in Rats.

    It is important to note however that as it stands no human trials have ever been carried out, so the evidence is inconclusive to its effects on the human body and its general health benefits.

    3. Boosts The Immune System

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    Bottom Line: Essiac Isnt A Cure For Cancer

    When we are sick with a disease like cancer for which doctors dont have all of the answers, a simple and cheap purported cure like Essiac tea can seem awfully appealing. But the easiest solutions arent always the best ones. Essiac may cause dangerous interactions with some types of cancer treatments, which is why its important to let your doctor know if you are thinking of using it or any other alternative treatment.

    Even though you cannot cure cancer with a dietary supplement like Essiac, there are many benefits to a healthy diet for cancer patients. Working with a registered dietitian can help ensure that you are eating well during treatment for cancer as well as post-cancer treatment.

    As for Essiac, while this tea may have a murky history, the evidence is clear. Essiac tea isnt an effective treatment for cancer or any other condition, and it comes with plenty of risks.

    This guest post was written by Danielle Penick, RD. Danielle is a writer and registered dietitian who connects cancer survivors with evidence based research on nutrition and health. She is the creator of Survivors Table, an online resource for cancer survivors, and she is a practicing dietitian in Phoenix, AZ. For updates, you can follow Survivors Table on Facebook

    Essiac Tea: Ingredients Benefits And Side Effects

    Essiac tea is an herbal tea that has gained widespread popularity among natural health enthusiasts in recent years.

    Proponents claim that it can kill cancer cells, stimulate immunity and aid detoxification.

    However, others consider it a questionable cancer therapy, noting that evidence to support its use is insufficient.

    This article looks at the ingredients, benefits and potential side effects of Essiac tea.

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    Research Into Essiac In Cancer Treatment

    Most of the websites that promote Essiac use opinions not backed up by research. Some of this information is often anecdotal evidence. That means it is based on hearsay.

    The Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre tested Essiac in the laboratory. They found it had no anti cancer features.

    The National Cancer Institute in the U.S tested Essiac several times. Their testing found that Essiac had no anti cancer effects. One study in 2006 found that when Essiac was added to breast cancer cells in test tubes, it stimulated the cancer cells to grow.

    In 2009 researchers reviewed all studies into Essiac and Essiac preparations. They found there were no well carried out clinical trials to show that Essiac can help with cancer.

    The CAM-Cancer organisation reviews scientific research evidence. In 2011, they looked at all the reviews about Essiac and Flor Essence. They couldnt find any well carried out clinical studies. They said that some of its ingredients could cause harm.

    We need well designed clinical trials to test Essiac and its herbs. Only then will we know if Essiac works or is safe for people with cancer.

    Side Effects Of Essiac Tea

    How To Make Essiac Tea Taste Better

    Even tea is really good for your health, yet numerous side effects possibly happen.

    Of course, not all people consuming this tea will experience the same effects. However, for safety reasons, here are several tea side effects to consider:

    There are some mild side effects, such as an upset stomach and nausea. Therefore, do not continue to consume if this effect occurs.

    It can be dangerous for those with a kidney problem. Therefore, avoid consuming the tea if you have kidney disease.

    It is even good to consume the tea for inflammation, however, it can lower your blood sugar level. Therefore, stop using if you experience dizziness.

    People with various herbal allergy symptoms should avoid consuming the tea if they experience itching or redness of the skin.

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    Helps Stave Off Inflammation

    One of the biggest contributors to health issues is chronic inflammation. Most people equate inflammation with swelling or aches and pains. Although this can be one way that inflammation is displayed, it is also an unseen issue within the body that can lead to heart, metabolic or other degenerative issues.

    That is why is is so important to keep inflammation low for disease prevention. Essiac tea is known for helping keep inflammation at bay. The antioxidants present in these herbs also contribute to its anti-inflammatory properties.

    Essiac Tea Side Effects

    While there is very little evidence to support Essiac tea benefits, there is some evidence regarding side effects. Drinking this herbal compound or the similar Flor-Essence may cause increased bowel movements, frequent urination, swollen glands, skin blemishes, flu-like symptoms, or slight headaches.

    Burdock may increase or decrease blood sugar levels, which may be harmful to Essiac tea drinkers with diabetes or hypoglycemia. And oxalic acid may cause nausea, vomiting, mouth/throat burning, dangerously low blood pressure, blood electrolyte imbalances, seizure, throat swelling that interferes with breathing, and liver or kidney damage when consumed in large doses.

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    Benefits Of Essiac Tea


    Immune stimulating

    All of these herbs are either antioxidant, anti-inflammatory or antimicrobial. They also have immune stimulating properties and when taken together they create a beneficial synergistic effect ie. the sum of the whole is greater than the sum of the parts!

    The combination of these herbs is said to support the body in removing toxins and wastes, therefore paving the way for improved and increased hydration and nourishment.

    How Is Essiac Used

    Pin on Health

    A review of the scientific literature on Essiac concluded that there were no studies to support Essiacs traditional uses.

    Many providers of Essiac claim that the only correct way to use the product is to drink a freshly brewed tea, one to three times a day on an empty stomach. Essiac is available in liquid form but is also sometimes sold as a mixture of herbs to be boiled and steeped by the user, or in capsule form.

    Caisse reportedly had several variations of the recipe to treat different forms of cancer. Some versions of Essiac have more than the original four ingredients. The added ingredients are supposed to enhance the product’s effectiveness and improve its taste. Two common additions are watercress and Pau d’arco. Yellow dock or curly dock are sometimes used instead of sheep’s sorrel.

    Advocates of Essiac suggest using it only if it is made in small batches with the freshest possible ingredients. They also disagree with using Essiac pills, capsules, or tea bags.

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    My Favorite Easy Essiac Tea Recipe:

    When I drank Essiac during my cancer season, I didnt feel confident enough to make my own and ended up buying REALLY expensive pre-made Essiac

    Nowadays I definitely feel better about making my Essiac tea. It turns out it wasnt really that hard to make in the first place.

    After much research, my favorite version of pre-blended dry Essiac is from at Ojibwa: Tea of Life.

    Ojibwa: Tea of Life is intentionally crafted and blended by master herbalist Michelle Kalevik, The herbs are gathered at their appropriate time and season and are used immediately or are properly stored and cleaned.

    One bag will make MONTHS worth of Essiac tea.

    Why Some Use Essiac Tea To Cure Disease

    Verywell / Alexandra Shytsman

    Essiac tea is an herbal drink that is made from four ingredients: burdock root, Indian rhubarb root, sheep sorrel, and slippery elm. Flor-Essence is a similar blend of herbs that contains the primary ingredients of Essiac tea plus four others: watercress, blessed thistle, red clover, and kelp. Both Essiac tea and Flor-Essence are widely reported to provide numerous healing benefits but published scientific studies do not support those claims.

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    Holistic Pet Tip: Essiac Tea

    Essiac Tea was developed by a cancer nurse, Rene Caisse, in the 1920s. It contains four herbs, burdock root, Indian rhubarb root, sheep sorrel, and slippery elm. It works for cancer by gently detoxifying the body, boosting the immune system and decreasing inflammation. It is very safe and can be used on dogs and cats. It is also good as a general detox. Essiac is Caisse spelled backwards.

    Flor-Essence is a brand name product that comes in liquid or in tea bags that contain Essiac tea in it. You can also find Essiac tea bags.

    A general dose for dogs and cats:

    15 to 40lbs : 1/2 ounce of tea, twice per day40 – 80lbs : 1 ounce of tea, twice per dayOver 80lbs: 2-3 ounces of tea, twice per day

    Why Do People With Hiv Use Essiac

    The essiac tea ingredients

    All of the claims that Essiac can help people with HIV seem to have come from Dr. Gary Glum, a chiropractor. In 1988 he wrote “Calling of an Angel,” a biography of Rene Caisse. Glum claims to have treated several AIDS patients with Essiac with good results. There are no published reports on the effectiveness or safety of Essiac in people living with HIV.

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    Serves As A Potent Antioxidant

    The Ojibwe, the indigenous group in the North America which inspires the formulation of Essiac tea, have been known to use the original four herbs to create a concoction that can maintain physical and spiritual balance. This ability refers to the effects of antioxidants that are found in the Essiac tea. The antioxidants scavenge free radicals and prevent dangerous reactions that can lead to inflammation, disease, heart problems, liver damage, Parkinsons and premature aging.

    Each ingredient that comprises Essiac tea is rich in vitamin A, C, E, tannins, beta-carotene, and selenium. These substances are among the most powerful antioxidants that can help human to fight free radicals. A 2007 report detailed the potent antioxidant properties in Essiac tea and its significant effects. Surprisingly, the study discovered that Essiac tea has more potent antioxidants than red wine, black tea, and even green tea. Because of this, the herbal drink can be used to delay aging symptoms and prevent disease.

    Restoration Of The Immune System

    Cleaning the body of toxins and impurities frees up the immune system to focus on killing cancer cells and protecting the body. With Essiac Tea, complete body purification occurs, with a significant boost in the bodys immune system to combat any pre-existing disease by producing more lymphocytes and T-cells, the bodys natural defenses. Your immune system is the #1 defense against ALL disease and its proper functioning is absolutely vital! Pharmaceutical drugs have been successful at masking the symptoms of disease, but not ridding the body of the root of the problem. Unlike most alternative treatments, modern medicine focuses on treating the patients physical symptoms, rather than the underlying causes of the disease. In many cases the underlying cause of cancer is a weak immune system. Your body is constantly fighting cancer cells but when it is compromised, the cancer can gain a foothold.

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    Essiac Tea: Not Your Ordinary Herbal Remedy

    Image courtesy of: tlhowes2012

    Although some people might be hesitant to try essiac tea because of the time and effort required to make it, the potential impacts it can provide for your health cannot be ignored. Its herbs deliver numerous nutrients and benefits, such as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and even potential anticancer abilities.

    If you would like to learn other solutions to help control your health ?

    Read More Article Source:

    Where To Buy Essiac Tea

    THE BEST Essiac Tea

    As I discussed above its important to find a blend of essiac tea that has all eight herbs originally developed by Rene Caisse as well as the whole powdered organic herbs . That is why I recommend Discount Essiac Tea since they check all of those boxes.

    I also love that Discount Essiac Tea has so many dedicated repeat customers which tells you that their blend really is effective. They are so confident in their tea that they even offer a money back guarantee. If you dont notice improvements they will refund your money.

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    Amazing Health Benefits Of Essiac Tea For Cancer Patient

    Tea is one of the common beverages that known by everyone in the world. Even though the history of drinking tea is coming from old China. But the tradition is now widely spread around the world and many people love to consume a cup of tea. This is happening for any type of tea, whether it is a green tea or essiac tea. Not only have a unique taste but there also some health benefits of essiac tea for the body health.

    Many people might feel familiar with green tea benefits, but not all the people be familiar with essiac tea benefits. It can be seen that in the market green tea is spread out wide, while finding an essiac tea is not as easy as we wish. Even if both having the same way to extract and the same benefit for the health. But green tea usually more common than essiac tea. This is because green tea is more popular and influenced by Japanese habit of drinking green tea every day. While essiac tea is only known by some peoples and not parts of any tradition. Therefore, below are some brief explanation about essiac tea to bring a better overview and information about this tea.


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