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Where To Buy Boba Tea Supplies

Bubble Tea Cups Straws And Sealer Film

What Makes Bubble Tea Supply Products So Good?

The first thing to decide for your cups is if you want to use clear cups or custom print cups.; Most store owners choose to use custom cups but if youre just starting out you can also use clear cups until your business is more established.

There are two main types of plastic cups, PP and PET.; PP cups come in 12oz, 16oz and 24oz sizes and have a 95mm diameter.; They are also usually cheaper than PET cups because they are made out of a softer material.; PET cups are usually 12oz, 16oz and 24oz and have a 98mm diameter.; Their material is harder than PP cups and will be more expensive.; Both types of cups can be ordered either clear or custom.

Custom Bubble Tea Products:

Putting your logo on your bubble tea cups, sealer film and machines is a great way to establish brand consistency and customer loyalty.; Every time a customer walks away with your drink they are walking away with an advertisement in their hand.; A clean and sharp looking logo on your cups will help build your brands reputation.

What Equipment And Supplies Do You Need To Open A Bubble Tea Shop

To open a boba tea store you will need some basic supplies and equipment like cups and straws, utensils a Sealing Machine, Shaking Machine and Fructose Dispenser.;Depending on the budget of your store you can start with custom cups and all of the machines or if youre on a low budget you can start with clear cups and just a sealer machine.; Custom cups and other machines can be added later once your business starts to grow.

The most basic bubble tea machines are a Sealer Machine, Shaker Machine and Fructose Dispenser.; We also carry Automatic Boba Cookers, Tapioca Pearl Makers blenders and Automatic Tea Brewers.

Sealer Machines;are one of the most iconic bubble tea machines.; They put a plastic seal on your plastic or paper cup which the customer then breaks open with their fat straw.; This creates part of the bubble tea experience and adds to the fun of drinking bubble tea.; Sealer machines can seal PP, PET and Paper cups.; Just make sure that you order the correct size sealer machine and sealer film.; For example, for PP cups you will need to use a 95mm Sealer Machine with PP sealer film.; While with PET cups you will need to use a 98mm Universal Sealer Machine with PET sealer film.;

Shaker Machines;make shaking your bubble tea easy and fun.; The most popular model is the SK300 table top model which is easy to use.; All you need to do is plug it in, place your shaker cups in the machine and press start.

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Buy Bubble Tea Straws For Wholesale Prices

Bubble tea straws are a crucial part of the whole boba tea experience. The satisfaction of piercing the seal in the lid with the angled tip, sliding the straw into the frothy liquid, and sipping the bubble tea and its tapioca pearls through it contribute to the adventure. Boba tea took off after one of its creators added the iconic tapioca pearls into the recipe back in the late 1980s, yet its popularity in the world today is primarily due to the specially designed bubble tea straws that enhance the overall experience. These boba straws have angled tips cut specifically to plunge through the seal, are the most important “ingredient” for the famous bubble tea drinks.

Most Boba tea enthusiasts agree that the bubble tea experience would not be the same without that wide straw to enjoy it with. A “fatter” bubble tea straw, as it’s sometimes called, adds to the fun by fishing out a chewy bonus when sipping the drink. One sip, using a bubble tea straw, and your taste buds will come to life. Any other drinking utensil could not provide the same satisfying sensation of stirring the contents and sipping the pearl balls or bubble tea jellies out of the cup with the tasty drink.

Add Colorful Bubble Tea Drinks To Your Menu With Our Boba Ingredients

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Bubble tea is an increasingly popular Taiwanese drink with a tea base and a variety of toppings, like boba balls and pudding. Whether you operate a coffee house, tea bar, or Asian restaurant, we have a large selection of bubble tea ingredients and supplies that are ideal for your needs. We carry many flavors of powder so you can offer different types of bubble tea to appeal to your customers. Stock up on all of the necessary wholesale bubble tea supplies you need in order to make boba efficiently without sacrificing quality.

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Discover All The Bubble Tea Supplies And Boba Pearls You Need

Are you thinking to start your bubble tea store or boba pearls desserts outlet? Do you know where to buy bubbles tea pearls in Western Australia? Zeroz is the wholesaler in Perth for Sunwide bubble tea supplies and boba pearls.

Bubbles tea is sometimes known as boba pearls tea. The bubble tea is a refreshing sweet drink that originated from Taiwan in early 1980. It has taken Australia by storm, and you can now see bubble tea stores across all major cities.

Sunwide is the ultimate bubble tea/ boba supplier in Australia. Zeroz supplies many varieties of Sunwides pearls, bursties, boba pearls, powders and creams, syrup flavours, etc. You can rest assured Zeroz will help your bubbles tea shop to a flying start.

Zeroz can supply all the bubbles tea ingredients such as matcha milk tea and flavouring, concentrated fruit juices and fruit powders. We also supply Sunwides agar-agar jelly, coffee, tea, tapioca pearls, popping pearls and boba pearl. Customers satisfaction is assured.

We offer our experience to get you started without the fuss, advising you on everything you need from tea processor, blenders, fructose dispensers, sealing machines. Our help will add value and sustainability to your business. Consider Zeroz your one-stop supplier for all your bubble tea business needs in Perth.

In 1 Bubble Tea Smoothie Frappe And Latte Mix

Top Selling 4 in 1 Bubble Tea, Fruit Smoothie, Frappe and Latte Mix .;;

Our;4 in 1 Mix is;perfect for Bubble Tea Stores,;Smoothie Stores, and Coffee Houses.; Serve your customers amazing smoothies, bubble tea, frappes and lattes.; Great for both hot and cold beverages.; Make it in a blender, serve it on ice, make hot lattes. Perfect for Slush and Creamy Granita too!

Serve it blended, shaken or make delicious hot lattes.; No need to add any fruit flavor, sweeteners or syrups.; This product creates amazing One Step Bubble Tea that your customers will love and keep coming back for more.;Made in the USA

Making Roll Ice Cream? 4 in 1 Bubble Tea Mix;can be used for Roll Ice Cream as well.; Simply add 3 tablespoons of your choice of Bubble Tea mix with 100 ml of whole milk or 5% cream.; Mix it well and then pour onto the freezing pan for delicious Rolled Ice Cream.;

Grow your frozen dessert business, coffee house, bubble tea store, restaurant, smoothies and juice bar with free resources available at Fun Foods Central.; In addition, get FREE high res pictures, videos, digital posters and banners, marketing and new revenue ideas;at;;

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Popping Bursting Boba Entire Collection

Our Bursting Bobas® is a pop of fresh, fruity flavor to your bubble teas, desserts and more! These tantalizing juice balls, aka popping bobas, are ready-to-serve toppings for fast, easy drinks. Each boba is filled with REAL fruit juices in an edible, gel membrane that bursts on the tongue.

Try our entire Bursting Boba® Collection:

PURE 25: almost 2X the fruit juice inside at 25% REAL juice!EMBRACE: unique tongue-tingling exotic flavors.ORIGINALS: contain 14% REAL juice!MINIs: small size containers for portable sweet treats.

Your One Stop Shop for Fun Asian Eats Enthusiasts.

  • Toppings: Bursting Boba®, Tapioca Pearls, Crystal Boba, Mini Mochi, Jellies, Canned Toppings, Puddings & Grass Jelly
  • Beverage & Snow Ice: Powder Mix, Concentrated Syrup, Tea Leaves, Fruit Jams, Snow Ice Powder & Equipment
  • Supplies: PP/PET Cups, Lids, Sealing Films, Food Containers, Coffee Cups & Sleeves, Straws, Spoons & Cup Trays
  • Equipment & Tools:Tea Espresso Machine, Kitchen Utensils, Spices & Seasonings, Boba Posters & MORE!
  • Boba Academy

    Why Sell Bubble Tea

    How to make Milk Bubble/Boba Tea!!!

    Youve probably seen the explosive growth of bubble tea in your area or the coverage on television, magazines and newspapers. Let us address the most common questions that businesses ask themselves about bubble tea.

    • Bubble tea is very easy to make and prepare. Thats why its the best-kept secret amongst the businesses that sell bubble tea. The preparation of the tapioca is as simple as cooking pasta, spaghetti, rice or ramen noodles. If you can boil water, you can prepare the tapioca. The base or drink portion of the drink is no harder than mixing instant coffee or cocoa. After you make your first bubble tea, you will be amazed at how easy it was.
    • Bubble tea is very easy for your staff to prepare. Bubble tea may be prepared ahead of time to serve in a high volume situation. That leaves a quick pour-n-shake or pour-n-blend for your staff. We offer business starter kits so that you and your staff can become acquainted with bubble tea.
    • Can I make money selling bubble tea? The average bubble tea shop serves between 150-300 bubble teas per day. A shop with a good location can serve between 500-1000+ bubble tea drinks per day. Bubble tea can add an entirely new revenue source for your existing business while giving your business access to new customers.
    • Bubble tea is perfect for:
    • Bubble Tea Shop

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    * Bubble Tea * : Recipes & Where To Buy Ingredients


    a warning about dry tapioca:

    mtevel wrote:Thanks for the great detail chellemi! This is great info … I can’t wait to start making my own bubble tea!

    chellemi wrote:once you open the shrink wrapped bubbles, you have to KEEP THEM in a sealed container in the FRIDGE. they go bad after awhile so don’t buy too big a bag unless you intend to make it for your whole family. also, don’t try to pre-make bubbles and store them in the fridge for too long. they’re only good for AT MOST 24 hours, although even then i don’t recommend that you keep them for so long. they get really gross and hard in the middle.

    Why Choose Bubble Tea Supply

    Bubble Tea Supply’s Quality and Taste

    Here’s a copy of our congratulations letter:

    The American Tasting Institute, a division of Quality Institute International is pleased to announce Bubble Tea Supply as a 2005 Gold Medal Taste Award winner for the 4th straight year in the Bubble Tea category.

    As the Gold Medal Taste Award winner, Bubble Tea Supply’s products received the highest rating over all other nationally distributed manufacturers, winning on a range of criteria including appearance, flavor, taste, and texture as judged by the professional chefs of the American Tasting Institute.; The judging was conducted in San Francisco earlier this year by a panel of independent, professional chefs for the American Tasting Institute.; The products were evaluated on a broad range of criteria including appearance, flavor, taste, and texture.; The judging was performed double blind, without brand distinction and conducted in the most efficient and accurate environment.; Bubble Tea Supply’s Bubble Tea Mixes and Tapioca products met our stringent standards of distinction and share this 2005 Best Taste Distinction for the entire line.

    Best Cost per Serving

    Order Anytime

    Bubble Tea Supply offers ordering via toll free order line, internet, email and fax.; We have order agents ready to help you, available from 9am to 5pm PST.; Bubble Tea Supply is proud to be the only company able to offer this wonderful convenience.

    24 hour Shipping

    Same Day Shipping Available

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    Who We Are

    The company started in 1999 as a family business in Taiwan. Under the name Yu Cha Corp., the company grew over the years into a leader in the bubble tea and wholesale food distribution business in the New York Metropolitan area.

    With numerous brands and distributors on the market, the company decided to teamed up with Hoja Food in 2017 and became its exclusive distributor in the Tristate and New England area for their complete line of products, including ice cream, frozen foods, coffee, concentrate syrups, all natural liquid cane sugar, frying powders and pastries under the brand;hoja;.

    ;This decision broadened our bubble tea and wholesale food business to more areas with better quality control and the latest equipment and materials you can find on the market.

    ;This also gives us the luxury to dedicate more of our time to focus on what our customers want and to provide a better service and relationship with our customers.


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