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How To Make Wintermelon Milk Tea

Winter Melon Milk Tea Recipe: Chilled Delight

How to make your own Wintermelon Milk Tea

You will like this chilled Winter Melon Milk Tea Recipe! It infuses a sharp winter melon flavor with a pleasant Jasmine green tea taste.

The agave nectar blends a light fruity sweetness.

Furthermore, winter melons bold flavor is well-matched with its extensive medicinal properties!

It energizes the body, boosts brain powder, and has a cooling effect. Learn how to make winter melon tea by following these steps:

  • Recipe Marker
  • 1 cup green Jasmine tea
  • 1.5 Tbsp winter melon syrup
  • 1.5 Tbsp agave nectar
  • 45 ice cubes
  • First, transfer the creamer to a large shaker or mixing glass.
  • Now, pour in the prepared green Jasmine tea. Mix well.
  • Next, add the winter melon syrup and agave nectar. Stir nicely.
  • Lastly, add the ice cubes, cover the shaker, and shake for 10-15 seconds.

Pour into a glass and enjoy right away! If desired you can also add some cooked tapioca pearls for a fun textural delight.

It Can Help Digestion

Wintermelon is rich in fibre, low in carbs, and has high water content. This combination not only promotes digestion but could alsohelp you lose weight!

Could you lose weight by drinking wintermelon milk tea? We cant say for certain, but the high amount of soluble fibre it has can make you feel full!

Wintermelon Milk Tea Recipe

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Wintermelon milk tea is a quirky new beverage trend that became increasingly popular after the surge of influencers endorsing boba drinks. As summer approaches, you are naturally going to steer towards cooler and more refreshing drinks. A boba drink like this one is a perfect way to combat the summer heat and chill out.

With its increasing popularity, you will find different variations of its recipes online. We have compiled a recipe with ingredients you can easily get a hold of from your nearby supermarket. Our recipe is simple and can be done within just 15 minutes at home!

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Winter Melon Iced Tea And Milk Tea

Who doesn’t love boba teas? These teas are famous in Taiwan. My kids are a great fan of those and along with them, my journey exploring the different teas began. I tried winter melon milk tea in one of the joints and really liked the flavor. I wanted to try making it and hence began this post. I like this soft flavored tea, its quite different. I checked the syrup recipe from the dole website but used only brown sugar to make . I didn’t add any water while making the syrup . I made the syrup a couple of times and hence wanted to stick with 2 cups sugar, as I was able to get the taste similar to the one from the boba shop.

The tea can be made in a couple of ways. The syrup can be diluted in a 1:3 ratio with ice water and poured over ice for the winter melon iced tea. This version is very much similar in taste to our traditional panagam drink with a hint of winter melon . Adding any flavored tea is always optional. You can steep oolong or jasmine tea and add to the syrup for a tea flavored with winter melon. Also, can add a little evaporated milk on top to make the milk tea. Bobas are optional and should be added first to the serving glass, followed by the tea. Try this tea and you won’t be disappointed that a yummy tea can be made with the vegetable that is more often used in many stews and curries.

I am posting this recipe for the Must-Try International Recipe- Blogging Marathon #117.

What Is In Wintermelon Milk Tea

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Winter melon milk tea is a fruit-based beverage made with winter melon, milk and sugar. It is a milky variation of a traditional Chinese drink, winter melon tea, also known as white gourd drink, ash gourd juice or winter melon punch, and it gained popularity after the success of Boba tea, a milky tea from Taiwan.

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Side Effects Of Winter Melon Milk Tea

We have already explained to you so many benefits of this, but it is our responsibility to guide you about its possible side effects. So here is the list:

  • High intake of winter melon milk tea may lead to harmful heart diseases.
  • Excessive drinking of this tea can upset your stomach, and you may face problems like diarrhea, constipation and other issues.
  • Some people even reported nausea after consuming this tea. But this is not a significant issue as exceptions are always there.
  • This tea is not advisable for pregnant women as they may have to face some complications after its usage.
  • The same goes for Breastfeeding women. If you are one, we advise you to stay safe and ask your doctor about it.

Winter Melon Fruit Tea Recipe

Easily confused with Watermelon Fruit Tea, the Winter Melon Fruit Tea Kit brews a deeply caramelising bubble tea thats perfectly suited with ice and a hot day . Winter Melon tea is traditionally very popular in the warmer areas of South East and East Asian countries for its smooth flavour and hydrating properties. With our Winter Melon Fruit Tea Kit, you too, can brew a delicious serving of Winter Melon Bubble Tea. Lets find out how to make it now!

What does Winter Melon Bubble Tea taste like?

The best way to describe Winter Melon Bubble Tea is smooth, smokey & caramelising, reflecting the natural caramelisation winter melons undergo when cooked. We dare to say that the Winter Melon Bubble Tea is the dairy-free, fruit tea version of the popular Brown Sugar Milk Teas as they both exude pronounced caramel flavours. Brewed with lighter teas such as Green Jasmine or Chamomile takes the heaviness out of the caramel flavours, while the darker profile of Classic Black teas strengthens the Caramel flavour. Its best served with ice and some of your favourite jellies!

Winter Melon Fruit Tea

  • 1 Pyramid Tea Bag of Your Choice
  • 2 tbs of Winter Melon Syrup
  • 3 tsp of Fructose Syrup
  • 1/2 Cup of Ice
Our DIY bubble tea kits are all you need to become a bobarista.Youre in control of everything, from the fructose level to the tea steeping time. Just like that, you can craft up the perfect cup of bubble tea better than the shops.

5-10 minutes prep time

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What Is Winter Melon Milk Tea

Winter melon milk tea is something like a regular milk tea but with an exotic twist. Instead of your usual black tea or oolong leaves, you are boiling and infusing the fruit itself. Thanks to the unique flavor of the Asian fruit winter melon, this extraordinary beverage is like nothing else youve ever tasted.

Originating from Southeast Asia, where it is a staple in traditional cuisine and an essential part of Eastern Medicine, this squash-like ingredient definitely has a mild taste but a lot to offer. But dont be fooled thinking that this long jewel is limited to Taiwanese tea enthusiasts. Also thriving on the Hawaiian coasts, winter melon is practically within reach.

When combined with the smooth and creamy mouthfeel of milk, winter melon milk tea creates an explosion of taste on your palate, so irresistible that this beverage is practically intoxicating.

Okinawa Milk Tea Vs Brown Sugar Milk Tea


The Japanese speciality traditionally uses black tea as its foundation whereas brown sugar boba tea isnt actually tea at all despite its name. The latter beverage that originates from Taiwan, which is also known as Mudflip or Tiger Boba, does not contain any tea ingredient within its recipe.

Due to this, many prefer the first option due to its hearty and fulfilling flavour. Its perfect for when you want to unwind and relax especially since it has a pleasant scorch aroma. Moreover, its way healthier than brown sugar bubble tea because kokuto is packed with calcium, potassium and iron instead of raw unhealthy sugar.

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Source Of Natural Vitamins:

Winter Melon is an excellent source of natural vitamins, especially vitamin B2. The deficiency of Vitamin B2 causes a lack of energy, and it can even lead to increase migraine pains.

Vitamin B2 is a must when it comes to maintaining your energy levels in the body. Its not only keeps energy but also provides soothing relief from chronic migraine pain.

Need Ingredients To Make This Recipepurchase The Products Used For This Recipe Here

Wintermelon Fruit Tea

Jenny and Pam

What is Wintermelon Tea?

Wintermelon tea is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a soothing, but refreshing drink. If you’re craving a drink that’s revitalising, this will be it!

How to Make Wintermelon Tea?

We’ve tried our best to create this recipe for you so we hope you enjoy it! We use premium ingredients from Taiwan in our recipes. To make this recipe you will need ingredients that can be found in our delicious packs.

Feel free to adjust to suit your own taste . Let’s get into it! 馃檪

PS, you can even try adding milk to the recipe for a cup of Wintermelon Milk Tea!

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What Is Wintermelon Milk Tea A Refreshing And Sweet Beverage

Wintermelon milk tea, although refreshing, isnt made with snowballs, icicles, or anything else you might associate with the winter season!Invented in Taiwan, bubble tea cafes worldwide have endeavoured to stay true to the tastes, traditions, and preferences of their native homeland.

Alongside other popularbubble tea flavors and ingredients, wintermelon is a unique and classic flavour that can be seen peddled throughout the streets of its native Asia.

With Baroness Bubble Tea now established in Canada, were so excited to introduce and share this popular drink with bubble tea lovers looking for something thats subtly sweet yet completely refreshing!

Want to learn more about wintermelon milk tea, the benefits that winter melon has, and how Baroness Bubble Tea makes the best wintermelon milk tea in Canada?

Lets learn more together!

Wintermelon Is Nutrient And Antioxidant Rich

Winter Melon Tea Taste

Like its cousin, the cucumber, a wintermelon iscomprised of 95% water but is rich in fibre, vitamin C, and flavonoids and carotenes, twoantioxidants that help protect your body against cell damage and disease. Wintermelon also contains iron, magnesium, phosphorus, and other essential minerals and vitamins.

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Wintermelon Milk Tea Powder

Premium Quality Wintermelon Milk Tea Powder

Product Details

Shelf Life You may contact us regarding this information.Storage Condition Store in an area away from constant exposure to light, heat and moisture.Ingredients Sugar, Skimmed Milk, Non-Dairy Creamer, Whey Powder, Stabilizer , Nature Identical Flavor, Artificial Colors, Anti Caking Agent Suggested Servings One pack can yield 11 to 15 servings . May also be used for personal/home consumption.

Why Order Our Wintermelon Milk Tea Powder?

High Quality Products to be able to offer high-quality best milk tea powders for your best-selling dessert and refreshing beverages, great effort is put in choosing the best raw materials that can be made into great-tasting products

Guaranteed Great Tasting we offer products that are locally manufactured in the country, so, you are sure that we only give you recently prepared products that has the best aroma and flavor

Easy Preparation providing you with easy to use recipe products without compromising your menu drinks to taste authentic and flavorful is achievable and

Cost Effective at guaranteed best price, you are assured that you get your moneys worth and thats what we would like to contribute so that you can grow your business well.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I serve Wintermelon Milk Tea Powder?

Wintermelon Milk Tea Powder can be mixed to create tasty iced drink, shakes, frappe, shaved ice desserts and most especially, milk teas drinks.

Okinawa Milk Tea Recipe From Scratch Or Powder Form

Last Updated: 路 Author: Arianna Saiful 路 This post may contain affiliate links 路

Okinawa milk tea is a cool refreshing treat to beat the hot summer heat. This cold Assam black tea is smooth with a rich velvety flavour. Its intense tang is perfectly balanced with the sugary taste of the natural Japanese kokuto sweetener.

For a well-loved local recipe that is sure to wow your family and friends, read on!

The recipe weve prepared is for making the drink from scratch using Okinawa brown sugar. However, we will also cover how to make it using roasted brown sugar Okinawa milk tea powder.

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Wintermelon Milk Tea Syrup:

  • Start by washing and peeling the fruit. Deseed the fruit and cut it into small pieces, enough to be cooked easily.
  • Make sure not to discard the seeds, just set them aside. Get a large pot and add the cubed fruit into it.
  • Sprinkle powdered sugar on the fruit as you turn on low heat and let it sit for an hour or so.
  • After a while, you will start noticing a layer of water at the bottom of the pot. The water from the melon is collected in this way. Dont get rid of the water just place the pot over medium heat afterwards.
  • When the water starts to boil, add the rock sugar to the pot. As an option, add the seeds we previously set aside to intensify the taste of the melon.
  • Reduce the heat from medium to low, cool the infusion for 90 minutes as you want the fruit to turn transparent.
  • Remove the pot from heat and let it cool. Extract the wintermelon syrup from fruit with a linen cloth or mesh strainer.
  • Where Is Winter Melon Tea From

    how to make wintermelon milk tea

    Winter melon tea is originally from South East Asia, where it would be traditionally served without milk.

    In its original form, you make winter melon tea by boiling the winter melon in water and sugar for several hours and then drink as a refreshing and healthy tea.

    Traditional Chinese medicine considers winter melon tea as a longevity drink and tends to recommend it to reinstate stomach and bowel balance.

    The current version with milk has taken inspiration from this Chinese drink and has developed a faster recipe that delivers a taste more familiar to western palates, bringing this tea to the world stage.

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    Preparing The Other Components

  • Brew the Jasmine green tea as indicated on the package. Let it cool down completely, then refrigerate until cold. See my post on How to Brew Perfect Jasmine Tea.
  • Cook the brown sugar boba pearls as indicated on the package.
  • Pro tip: never steep Jasmine green tea for longer than 3 minutes, as it can make the tea taste bitter. For a stronger tasting flavour, just add more tea

    Okinawa Milk Tea Vs Wintermelon Bubble Tea

    While wintermelon bubble tea has a light and fruity flavour, the black sugar drink has a much more refined and nuanced taste.

    Although wintermelon is a more common boba drink flavour, it surprisingly has a milder taste compared to the former. Additionally, wintermelon bubble tea just doesnt have the smooth creaminess of this Japanese beverage.

    For fans of jasmine or oolong boba drinks, we recommend going for wintermelon bubble tea. And for black tea lovers, go for kokuto bubble tea!

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    What Does Wintermelon Milk Tea Taste Like

    Wintermelon by itself has a very mild and somewhat bland flavor when the fruit is still unripe.

    The taste is similar to that of cucumber refreshing and vegetal, with a slight grass-like flavor.

    When aged, wintermelon loses some of its taste and becomes slightly bland but still retains its refreshing properties.

    The exact flavor of ripe wintermelon is hard to describe, but many enjoy its mild, subtle sweetness.

    Many in Southeast Asia and Taiwan often drink winter melon tea in the hot summer months to cool themselves down.

    Combining wintermelon juice with water and sugar, its an instantly refreshing drink thats natural and healthier than sugar-packed sodas!

    Many boba enthusiasts have picked up the various recipes and are fervently looking to introduce them to their own countries and cultures.

    The fruit thrives on the Hawaiian coast so it is now more within reach even for commercial purposes.

    Combined with milk and tea, this fruity beverage is an explosion of taste likely to leave you asking for more.

    The wintermelon syrup is still widely used in traditional medicine.

    It is used in the form of hot soup or drinks for relief from high blood pressure.

    Of course, adding milk and/or artificial sweeteners to wintermelon milk tea would work against its health benefits.

    As a high-sugar diet is generally unhealthy, its recommended to reduce the sugar content if you would like to enjoy this beverage regularly.

    The beverage can be made in more than one way.

    Diy Winter Melon Milk Tea

    Wintermelon Milk Tea Recipe

    Pin ItAs the title of this post suggests, here’s my own concoction of ice cold winter melon milk tea – my usual order from popular milk tea houses I frequent. Sometimes, I order it plain with rock salt and cheese topping shared with my girl – it’s her favorite too! Making this large serving at home gives me a lot of savings! =)ICED WINTER MELON MILK TEA DRINKOwl Teh Tarik

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    How To Make Wintermelon Milk Tea

    You can make the drink at home provided that you have the fruit on hand, along with a few spices to give it a necessary kick. The beverage can be made in more than one way. Usually, the preparation process includes boiling, extracting juice, and straining the fruit into a cup. After that, you simply add it to some already-prepared milk tea.

    Can this beverage be made in advance? Yes and no. The tea itself is likely to last a few hours. However, homemade syrup used can be stored for up to 2 weeks in your fridge. We recommend you use it within a week or use a store-bought one as the preservatives help it last longer.

    Instead of a warm beverage, you can also use the wintermelon syrup to make an ice-cold beverage. Therefore, making it all the more refreshing beverage for the coming summers. Here is what you need for a chilled cup of wintermelon milk tea.


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