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What Is The Best Chamomile Tea

When To Drink Chamomile Tea For Sleep

Best Chamomile Tea

Chamomile can help make you feel tired because of a chemical it has called apigenin, a chemical compound that encourages sleepiness when it binds to the GABA receptors in the brain. These receptors are bound by anti-anxiety drugs, and therefore results in a relaxing effect.

Its best to drink the tea 45 minutes to an hour before bed in order for your body to start metabolizing it and begin making you feel sleepy. However, there isnt any evidence that the tea can improve the quality of sleep.

How Chamomile Tea Helps With Anxiety

Chamomile has some special properties that can help you sleep better. It contains apigenin, an antioxidant that attaches to specific receptors in the brain, promoting sleepiness and reducing insomnia, or the inability to sleep for a long period of time. Read evidence here.

In one study, postpartum women who drank chamomile tea for two weeks had better sleep quality than women who did not drink the tea. They also showed less signs of depression, which is often attributed to sleep issues.

Another research showed that people who took 270 mg of chamomile extract twice daily for 28 days woke up 1/3 less at night and fell asleep 15 minutes faster than those who did not. These results are encouraging, but further research is needed to assess the full extent of chamomile teas sleep benefits.

If you have trouble falling or staying asleep, however, drinking chamomile tea before bed is definitely worth a try. Women who had just given birth showed less physical symptoms of poor sleep and less depression when they drank chamomile tea, according to a 2015 study.

Apigenin is a flavonoid that can be found in a variety of foods, including chamomile. Chamomile tea did not improve the participants sleep quality or pattern, but it did improve their daytime functioning slightly, according to research into the role of apigenin. The authors of a 34-person study published in 2011 observed similar findings in insomniacs.

Davidsons Tea Bulk Herb Chamomile Flower

If you prefer full buds of chamomile flowers, Davidsons Tea is your go-to tea.

This Egyptian chamomile tea has beautiful yellow flowers with a buttery, sweet taste. When brewing properly, it features a nice, rich and balanced flavor.

The tea soothes your mind and body as a result, it helps you sleep better and feel more rested after waking up. When youre under the weather or just want a cup of relaxation, reach for this.

It is packed in a paper/kraft stand up pouch with an aluminum foil lining to maintain freshness.

Although Davidsons Tea doesnt come in a fancy package or name, it delivers high-quality products and excellent customer service.

Key features

This product is more than meets my expectation for some reasons:

Firstly, it has a smooth, sweet and floral aroma which makes you feel calm and soothing after just one sip. This product is definitely my cup of tea.

Secondly, its organic and Fairtrade. Once I bought it, I not only had a good cup of tea but also supported farmers life a little bit better.

Thirdly, its 100% environment-friendly with natural fiber tea bags and packed in biodegradable boxes.

Its up to you to enjoy this caffeine-free tea hot or cold day or night. Just remember to use 2 tea bags if you intend to serve it with iced.

Key features

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Best Time To Take Chamomile To Support Digestion

If youre using chamomile to support a healthy digestive system, you need to use it consistently.

Many people report sufficient benefit in taking a twice-daily dose of chamomile.

To soothe your stomach, the best time to drink it is about thirty minutes after your meal.

This should help improve the process of digestion, prevent bloating, and encourage rapid and complete elimination of waste products.

A few studies and even more anecdotal evidence support the effectiveness of chamomile for common issues like sleeplessness and nausea.

Its important to time your dose right. Its equally important to drink chamomile or supplement with a chamomile tincture consistently.

For many people, drinking chamomile twice a day – in the morning and about 30 minutes before bed – is the best time.

Soothe And Relax With The Best Chamomile Teas

Chamomile Tea 3

Chamomile tea is one of the best teas from Canada to India and Western Europe to Africa. Organic chamomile herbal tea offers a subtle crisp apple flavor that is softly sweet and floral.

Chamomile tea can help induce sleep and reduce pain or stress thanks to its calming effects. The best chamomile tea is Egyptian chamomile followed by German and Roman varieties. Try them all and you’re sure to discover a chamomile tea you love.

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Us Wellness Naturals Tea

This is the tea for you if you want to experience the true flavours of chamomile and are most interested in the medicinal benefits of chamomile. Its a chamomile flower bag that has been dried. This is the Matricaria Chamomilla herb, which is sourced from Egypt. The brand name could be enhanced, but the product itself is great. Buyers are also preferring this pure product for other applications, such as infusing it into facial products.

Chamomile Tea Where to buy it from?
Chamomile Tea 1LB 100% CERTIFIED Organic Chamomile Flowers Herbal Tea in 1 lb Bulk Kraft BPA free Resealable Bags from U.S. Wellness

This article was a review of the best Chamomile teas available.

Who Should Not Use Chamomile

There is little information about the safety of chamomile herbal tea during pregnancy, as noted by the US reference institution UC Berkeley in a health newsletter published in 2018 .

It is recommended that chamomile use should be discontinued at least two weeks before a scheduled surgery or dental work because of the increased risk of bleeding.

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Combine It With Totally Different Forms Of Tea

Chamomile tea will be successfully blended with several types of tea on account of its delicate taste.

Some teas that may be blended with chamomile tea are:

  • Spearmint tea
  • Lavender tea and
  • Hibiscus tea.

Hibiscus tea can add a pleasing fruity kick with slight astringent notes to your chamomile tea.

Lavender is one other in style tea thats used for its calming results. The distinctive flowery taste mixed with the slight earthy and smokey notes can complement the flavour of chamomile rather well. The mix of those teas could make for the proper late night tea that may support your sleep and enable you to unwind.

Chamomile tea will also be blended with each spearmint and peppermint, though the previous is often higher.

With that being stated, the good factor is that you just should not have to restrict your self to mixing simply two kinds of tea.

Some nice tasting examples are:

  • Chamomile, rooibos, and hibiscus
  • Chamomile, lemongrass, and spearmint and
  • Chamomile, spearmint, and hibiscus

Youll be able to really mix two several types of tea with a few of the different issues talked about on this article. For instance:

  • Chamomile, rosebuds, somewhat pure honey, and apples.

For extra concepts, try the subsequent sections of this text, the place I am going over a few of the finest meals and condiments that can be utilized with chamomile tea to make it style higher.

How To Make A Great Cup Of Chamomile Tea

The BEST TEA for Anxiety, Insomnia using Chamomile, lemon and ginger!

It is very easy to make a refreshing cup of healthy chamomile tea.

The easiest way is to pour boiling water into a cup of water and let a chamomile tea bag infuse for a few minutes.

You can decrease or increase the steeping time for a weaker or stronger infusion.

Then pour the infusion through a tea strainer into a cup.

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Camomile Tea Aids The Immune System

Most of the time, our immune system a network of pathogen-fighting cells, organs, proteins and tissues does its job with steadfast precision. Not always, though.

There are occasions when it requires a helping hand which is precisely what Camomile Tea benefits can offer. The evidence in this instance is from a 2005 study published in the American Chemical Societys Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

It found that volunteers who drank five cups of Loose Camomile Tea for two weeks showed increased levels in hippurate . Hippurate is an organic compound that boosts immunity by fighting bacteria.

By increasing the amount in your system, therefore, Camomile Flowers effectively ward off common colds and the flu. This is why we consider it one of the Best Teas for Immunity.

Does Drinking Chamomile Tea Help You To Sleep Better

Chamomile tea has got so many health benefits from the natural flowers used to make the chamomile tea. Chamomile tea is made from dried daisy flowers and so its naturally caffeine free.

It is known as a herbal remedy for anxiety and natural stress relief.

Having a cup of fresh chamomile tea is believed to have calming effect on your mind and bring you a night of peaceful night of sleep .

However chamomile tea is a herbal tea and those who have allergy to chamomile or daisy flowers should not use it.

Also if you have any medical conditions for which you take medicines, please check with your doctor before taking any new herbs or herbal teas.

I am not a doctor so if you have any medical concerns over any herbal teas including chamomile tea you should check with your doctor first, and you may use the article only for discussion purposes.

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Chamomile Tea Health Benefits

Medically reviewed by Senik Matinyan, MD on January 11, 2021 Written by the Azul Tea Editorial Team

Chamomile Tea is a widely consumed beverage due to its health benefits. It has been in use over an extended period and proved its efficacy. As a matter of fact, the Greeks, Egyptians and the Romans used it to cure minor wounds. Nowadays, it is used as a natural and herbal treatment for various conditions and treatments in our body. Have you been procrastinating on taking this tea? Well, the Chamomile tea has numerous benefits that will convince you to include this herbal tea in your kitchen tea stash.

Here are 27 chamomile tea benefits:

What Chamomile Types Are The Best

7 Best Chamomile Tea Brands for Sleep and Health in 2020

Egyptian Chamomile is generally considered one of the best chamomile teas. Native to the Nile River valley, it has the most balanced and widely-appealing flavor of all types. Egyptian chamomile has a unique taste because the environmental conditions of the regionthe rich soil of the Nileproduces a fuller flavor and encourages exceptional smoothness.

German Chamomile, sometimes called Italian chamomile, wild chamomile, or Hungarian chamomile, is a widely-used annual plant grown across Eurasia but can be found in many parts of the world. The reason German chamomile is sought-after is for its high concentration of bisabolol and chamazulene. These compounds produce the teas calming effects, generally making it the second best after the scarcer Egyptian chamomile .

Roman Chamomile is sometimes simply called by its botanical name, which is Chamaemelum nobile. Roman chamomile has a bolder and more bitter taste, and so it often appears in tea blends to help smooth out the taste. While it still has chamomiles classic health benefits, the relaxation is a bit less pronounced. Given its unique flavor, Roman chamomile is generally enjoyed more as a matter of preference by those with sophisticated palettes, and probably shouldnt be chosen by those explicitly looking for health benefits.

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What Is Chamomile Tea Good For

Chamomile is mostly used for its delicious flavor and calming properties. Although both types of chamomile can provide necessary relaxation after a long day, and are often used for its sedative, anxiolytic and antispasmodic properties, and for treating inflammation. Chamomile herbal tea is not only good for drinking, making an infusion and using it as a steam bath may do wonders for skin and respiratory system. It may help for many problems in all age groupsfrom soothing teething pain in children, to crushing bladder rocks and curing eye dieseses.

Chamomile can even be used as a mosquito repellent and the sssential oils are often used in aromatherapy.

Does Herbal Tea Have Caffeine

When we talk about herbal tea, were usually talking about tea made from any plant that is not camellia sinensis . Practically, all herbal teas are caffeine-free. The only exception would be blends that have caffeine added or yerba mate, a South American plant-based beverage that contains caffeine.

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Best Bulk Tea: Fgo Organic Chamomile Tea Bags

Imported from Egypt, aka the birthplace of drinking chamomile tea, this bulk bag is best if you crave routine and want to incorporate a cup of tea into your bedtime ritual. For the eco-conscious, were glad to say these tea bags are made from hemp fiber that contains zero traces of bleach, dyes, or glues. So if youve ever felt guilty about throwing away sachet after sachet plus those tea strings and tags, this bulk bag from Fgo Organic is it.

Top 5 Best Chamomile Tea List

Top 7 Benefits of Chamomile for Anxiety | How Chamomile Helps to Relieve Anxiety & How to Take it

Only 5 chamomile teas were selected after reviewing over 30 tea brands against a set of hand-selected criteria that determine the overall quality and potential therapeutic benefit.

This criterion includes but is not limited to chamomile type, customer reviews, brand reputation, loose-leaf or bagged tea, organic, non-GMO, number of servings, and cost per serving.

The purpose of this guide is so that you can select what is the best brand for you without

To understand why this set of criteria was selected and learn what to look for when evaluating products yourself, see the What to Look For When Evaluating Chamomile Tea Products? section.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of chamomile as you determine the best brand for you, this article is a great one to explore.

Prices are as of Aug2021 listed on Amazon in the US.The links below are affiliate links which means chill chief gets a small commission if the product is purchased, at no charge to you. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.The products on this list are not sponsored.


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Recapping The Best Chamomile Teas

Chamomile tea is an easy and delicious way to add an herbal remedy into your nightly routine. A quick cup of tea has the potential to help you relax in the hours before bed time, or it can help take the edge off at moments when youre feeling anxious. Relatively inexpensive, easy to blend with other natural flavors, low-maintenance when it comes to brewing chamomile is one of the most popular teas for a reason.

Celestial Seasonings Herbal Tea Chamomile

This bagged tea from Celestial Seasonings is a popular choice among tea lovers. This box comes with six 40 count boxes of Chamomile tea, making it the perfect choice for a business or busy household.

This team is caffeine, and gluten-free contains no artificial colors or preservatives and is certified GMO-free. Their tea bags are also specially designed, sustainable pillow tea bags with no strings or staples to prevent landfill waste.

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What About Black Teas

Black tea offers many of the same benefits as green tea, which makes sense when you consider theyre made from the same plant leaves.

So why are they different? Leaves used to make black tea are allowed to age and oxidize, turning them brown or black. Green tea leaves are processed earlier when theyre still green. Hence, the name.

Black tea generally has more caffeine than green tea, too a key selection factor if youre concerned about limiting your caffeine intake, notes Czerwony.

Our Favourite Budget Choice

Chamomile Tea for Babies

Budget doesnt always have to mean low-quality, as we have seen from affordable tea brand, Celestial Seasonings.

With a medium strength and intensity, its a great tea for beginners or seasoned drinkers alike because of its low price and generous offering of 20 tea bags.

Celestial Seasonings comes in a recycled box, which is a bonus for the environmentally-minded.

At a glance

  • Pack of 6 boxes with 20 sealed tea bags in each.
  • Calming tea for sleep and relaxation, with an aromatic, floral flavor.
  • Pure chamomile tea that is caffeine-free.
  • No artificial flavors, colors or artificial preservatives.
  • A very good price for a good product.

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Us Wellness Naturals Chamomile Tea Best Whole Chamomile Flower

Okay, so if you want the real flavors of chamomile and are the most interested in the medicinal benefits of chamomile, this is the tea for you. Its a bag of dried chamomile flowers. While its sourced from Egypt this is the German Chamomile flower . The brand name could use some work but the product is amazing. Buyers are also opting for this pure product to use for other purposes like infused in facial products.


  • BPA Free
  • The loose chamomile leaves can be easily used for infusions and extracts


  • Some buyers mention there are more pieces of other parts of the flower other than the petals than with other brands
  • Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars


Does Chamomile Tea Help With Anxiety

Chamomile tea can help alleviate minor day-to-day anxiety and promote relaxation. It increases the production of serotonin and melatonin, both hormones can help improve mood and alleviate stress.

Chamomile is also rich in antioxidants! It promotes more efficient circulation, which helps with inflammation and alleviates minor aches and pains, including headaches.

While the effect is not particularly strong, it makes for a perfect tea to sip on before bed.

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