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How To Pass The Ati Teas Test

What The Ati Teas Exam Measures


The TEAS exam is used because it is a statistically valid predictor of student success within rigorous programs. CNM is committed to student success, so it is important for students to have basic proficiencies demonstrated prior to entering the programs. Please remember that this test measures high-school level proficiencies.

Follow This Advice When Taking The Teas Test

  • Do not cram just before the test.
  • Plan your route ahead of time so that you can arrive early. This ensures that you are in the right mindset.
  • Get at least 8 hours of sleep on the night before the exam.
  • Ensure that you eat a healthy breakfast and that youre properly hydrated.
  • Read the instructions carefully.
  • Read each question at least twice. A mistake that we see a lot of students make is trying to rush through questions. There is plenty of time to carefully read every question so dont rush.
  • If you dont know the answer, skip the question and come back to it later. Dont spend too much time on a single question. There will be some questions that you dont know the answer to. A big mistake is wasting too much time on those questions.
  • Dont try to keep a mental record of how youre performing. Just answer each question and then move on.

Ati Teas 6 Full Study Guide

This is the newest book on the market and one of the best one there is.

The only reason this book isnt number 1 is because many of the questions are a bit harder than the actual exam so if youre in a time crunch you will feel underprepped and stress too much.

However, if you have plenty of time, we recommend starting with this book and then returning to the practice tests in the book above to truly test yourself before the test.

A huge benefit are the online flashcards that come with the book so if you dont want to purchase or log around physical ones, this combo is perfect!

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Ati Teas Math Prep: Learning Objectives From Prenursing Smarter

Heres a sampling of the course curriculum for your online ATI TEAS Math prep plan:

  • Apply a practical math strategy to make sense of word problems
  • Recognize when a word problem can be solved with a proportion
  • Set up a proportion to solve it correctly
  • Identify fractions rules to commit to memoryand apply them with time-saving strategy
  • Identify common tricks that might make a word problem seem extra complicated
  • Lists 5 steps to approaching any word problem
  • Reframe certain word problems with the TEAS Triangle
  • Prepare for the challenges of a computerized exam and math anxiety
  • List the unique rules for adding/subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions
  • Name a common PEMDAS mistake many students make on the exam
  • List the four steps to save time with your calculator
  • Apply the order of operations to fractions with a step-by-step example
  • Identify three clues that a word problem can be solved with a proportion
  • Recognize and apply a metric system memory device
  • Identify which types of algebra questions are most likely to be scored
  • Apply the 3 main tools of your TEAS Toolbox to solve a variety of equations
  • Recognize when it might be faster to plug and chug your answer options

In the TEAS prep online program, we cover a mix of learning, practice, and strategy. Your goal is to get a great breakdown of what to expect, how to tackle it, and several tools in your TEAS toolbox so that you are prepared.

Start studying smarter and enroll in the TEAS prep program today.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Ati Teas Exam

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Youre excited to apply to nursing or allied health school but first, you have to pass the ATI TEAS Exam! What is this exam standing between you and the school of your dreams? Its 170 questions and 209 minutes of Reading, Mathematics, Science and English and Language usage.

We explain it a little more in depth by answering the top ten questions that we receive from students!

  • Do I need to bring a calculator to the test? A four-function calculator will be provided. If you are taking the test on a computer, it will be a drop-down calculator embedded in the test. If you are taking a paper- pencil test, the proctor will provide you with a calculator.
  • What score do I need to get on the TEAS? Ask the schools in which you are applying. The schools are in charge of setting their own cut-score. It really varies school-by-school. For example, one school that you are applying to may have a higher required score than another one that you are applying to.
  • When will I get my TEAS test results? This depends on the permissions set by the school. Most students will get their scores immediately following the test. However, some schools have their settings at 2 business days following the test. Be sure to check with the school or the testing center where you will be taking the test.
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    Start By Taking A Teas Practice Test

    Always start by taking a TEAS practice test. This will allow you to determine where you are at and what you need to focus on and will serve as the foundation for your entire study plan.

    The key to creating the best study plan is to be efficient. Youll gain a deeper understanding of your strengths and weaknesses by taking practice exams. You can take our up-to-date TEAS practice exams to help.

    Experts agree that students benefit from practice tests. Its also recommended that you give yourself at least six weeks to study for this exam. With that said, not all online practice tests are created equally.

    Ati Teas Math Prep Tip#: Set Yourself Up For Success With The Right Tools

    So how do you prepare? How do you apply what youve learned so far?

    When it comes to your ATI TEAS math prep, you need to understand how the test questions are structured and how you can pick the right tool to solve them. This is such a huge part of any ATI TEAS math prep plan.

    Learning how to read a word problem so that you can actually find out what the question is actually asking.

    Mastering specific TEAS toolbox strategies so that you can tackle the types of scored problems youll see with confidence.

    Recognizing when you can plug and chug answer options and if that might be the best use of your timeand when it might be faster for you to solve the entire problem.

    Watching me solve sample math problems along with you so that you can see how to set them up, how to approach them, and what type of mistakes to watch out for.

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    Types Of Reading Teas Test Questions

    TEAS Reading Question Type #1: Questions that involve finding thekey ideas of ATI TEAS reading passages and paragraphs.

    These questions might be about passage structure, organization, or topic, summary, or main idea. You might also need to follow directions.

    These questions often require looking at the big picture of, well, a big passage. In my TEAS Prep course, we talk about how to pinpoint the right answer quickly so that you dont get overwhelmed by a big wall of text.

    TEAS Reading Question Type #2: Questions that focus on specific words and details involve analyzing the authors tone or bias, determining word meaning, or working with text features like italics.

    These questions are all about the details. Many times, you dont need to read the entire passage to find the answer. In the course, we talk about strategies you can use for specific types of detail questions.

    TEAS Reading Question Type #3: Questions that involve using sources, including looking at themes, using charts or graphs, and finding primary sources.

    Answering these questions correctly often requires memorizing specific concepts. In this course, youll get guidance on what to memorize so that you can answer these questions with confidence.

    In short, youll need to recognize if a TEAS question requires you to look at the big picture, the details, or the application.

    Teas Science 53 Questions In 63 Minutes


    Youll have 47 scored questions and 6 questions that are not scored. TEAS scores are decided by 3 types of science questions. A TEAS Science passing score is roughly a 67%.

    Anatomy and Physiology 32 scored questions

    • Body Basics & Organization Cavities and Planes
    • Cells, Tissues, and Organs in the Human Body
    • Respiratory System Structures and Functions
    • Cardiovascular System Circulation, Cells, & Pathology
    • Gastrointestinal System Structures, Hormones, and Enzymes, Digestion & Absorption
    • Reproductive System Structures, Hormones, and Key Differences
    • Endocrine System Organs, Hormones & Communication
    • Immune System Cells and Types of Immunity
    • Integumentary System Skin Layers and Functions
    • Genitourinary System Kidney Anatomy and Urine Production
    • Skeletal System Cells, Bones, & Structures
    • Neuromuscular System Nerves, Muscles, and Signaling
    • Human Anatomy & Physiology Pathology

    Biology, Chemistry, and Physical Sciences 8 scored questions

    • Phase Changes & States of Matter
    • Chemical Bonds and Reactions

    Scientific method and reasoning 7 scored questions

    • Experimental Design & Analysis
    • Scientific Relationships & Sequences
    • Scientific Reasoning & Logic

    The vast majority of your TEAS science questions will be about human anatomy and physiology. In fact, youll have twice as many anatomy and physiology questions than the rest of the science section. Focusing on anatomy and physiology is one of the best ways to improve TEAS scores and make sure you pass your TEAS exam.

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    Can You Retake The Teas

    If you didnt get the score you were expecting on the TEAS test, you are allowed to retake the exam. If you wish to retake the TEAS test, you may be required to wait 30 days before re-testing, depending on the school you will be attending. Some nursing schools will allow you to retake the TEAS test twice while other nursing schools may allow you to retake the test multiple times.

    Kinetic And Potential Energy

    Understand what each means and make sure you can recognize an example of each.

    The amount of energy associated with an objects motion may be quantified through a calculation of its kinetic energy , or energy of motion. Any increase in an objects velocity will result in a dramatic increase in the objects KE. Specifically, any doubling of the velocity will cause the KE to increase by a factor of four times.

    The amount of stored energy in an object may be quantified through a calculation of its potential energy , or stored energy. Energy may be stored in several ways, as in a common battery cell or the gasoline in a fuel tank. The Earths gravity may also store energy when an object is held at a certain height. Specifically, any doubling of the height will also double the PE.

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    In My Online Teas Prep Course You Can Learn These Concepts In Several Ways So That Its Easier To Process:

    Multimedia lessons including video, text, and interactive practice.

    Practice questions, including quizzes and full-length practice TEAS math exams .

    Downloadable study resources like worksheets, reference sheets, and flashcards.

    Time-saving strategy tips and tricks specifically tailored to the TEAS math section.

    Support and guidance from a friendly instructor and communityyoull get your questions answered and study inspiration along the way.

    As you can see, youll see everything you need to know in lots of different ways. This helps the information stick and makes it easier to study.

    Ati Teas Practice Tests Version 6

    Is The Teas Test Harder The Second Time

    This book blatantly lies to your face.

    It says that the book is created for the new exam, but nothing except the cover has been updated and its still the same book that was made for the TEAS 5.

    The book also has a ridiculous amount of mistakes in the math and science section, and often the answer key doesnt match up with the questions.

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    Study The Teas Study Manual And Review The Questions

    Once you have the study manual, please read it carefully and try to answer some of the questions. You can then see at the later pages of the book if you got the right answers.If you didnt get the correct answers, you can review the question again and study the concept or subject behind it. For example, if its a question related to grammar, you may want to review sentence construction topics like subject-verb agreement.

    Furthermore, please pay attention to diagrams, charts, and bold areas as they are also likely to be included in the exam. Whenever you encounter something you dont understand, you can always research online and find out what the idea behind the topic.

    YouTube videos are also excellent resource materials that can help you understand some of the more difficult subjects in the reviewer. Overall, you want to get to know the different concepts and ideas covering the four subjects, rather than just memorizing specific facts.

    Study Guides And Textbooks

    If it has been a while since you took math, science, and English courses, you could check out some textbooks from the CNM library and review. There are also great online textbooks for chemistry, biology, elementary and intermediate algebra available through Openstax resources are free.

    These exams are designed to test high school proficiencies. There are study guides for the exam. You can check the CNM library to see if it has preparation materials, or visit a local bookstore or online retailer to purchase your own study guide.

    CNM libraries have purchased some study guides. Please note, these guides will only work on a CNM computer.

    To access these off campus, please do the following:

  • Enter your CNM log in and password
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    From The Source: Teas Talks About The Exam

    Colleen Rowley Blackwell is the marketing specialist at ATI Nursing Education, the organization responsible for administering the TEAS exam. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in communication from the University of Missouri at Columbia.

    Q: How important is a students TEAS score in relation to the rest of their admissions materials?

    Most nursing programs have a limit for the number of students that can be admitted into their program each semester or year, so the admission process can be very competitive. In fact, 30% of qualified applicants are turned away from ADN, Diploma, and BSN programs. Having a TEAS score that isnt up to par could be one of the reasons that you find yourself in this unfortunate group, so prepping to earn your highest score the first time is crucial to your success for nursing school admission.

    In addition, many schools value a good TEAS score. They want students who are prepared and ready for school. We have a research study that shows a direct correlation between a good TEAS score and a students likelihood of success the first year of nursing school. Admissions teams want to make sure they are choosing the students who will be the most successful.

    Q: What are your best tips for preparing for this exam?

    Fully understand what to expect when it comes to test day what subjects you will be tested on, how much time you have, what the testing experience looks like.

    Q: What are some common mistakes students might make in getting ready to sit the test?

    What Is The Teas Test What Questions Are On It


    The TEAS has four components covering science, math, reading, and English and language usage. You have about four hours to complete the entire exam, though not every component gets a full hour for example, the English and language usage section gets 65 minutes, but science gets only 38 minutes. You can take the test as a traditional paper exam, or you can use a computer option that is graded immediately. Computer-test grades are sent right away to the schools to which you’re applying.

    Grading for the TEAS is not done with typical numeric grades. Instead, a composite score is created, and schools compare this score to their standards for passing, which can change from institution to institution. This means there’s no way to fail the test, but you have to score higher than the minimum score set by the school, which is often listed on the school’s website if you pass that threshold, then the test and the rest of your application are reviewed.

    With that in mind, here are three huge study tips to prepare you for TEAS success!

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    How Do I Prepare For The Teas Test

    Acing the TEAS exam takes preparation. If you can, try to study for the TEAS test earlyas soon as you start thinking about nursing school. Even if youre not ready to apply to nursing school, studying in advance for the TEAS test can help you get familiar with the content.

    Start studying at least 6-7 weeks before the test day using test prep resources. Achieve Test Preps ATI Tests Review gives you everything you need to ace the TEAS exam. Our test prep includes:

    • 21 hours of live, BSN instructor-led teaching
    • 100s of TEAS® exam-style practice questions
    • 10 hours of review videos
    • 50 Flashcards and a variety of additional study materials
    • Our guarantee that youll score 80% or better on the examor you can retake our course for free*

    Register for the test at least two weeks in advance. You may have to meet registration prerequisites . You can register with your school and choose and time and date, or you can register on the ATI website .


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