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Where Can I Buy Turkish Tea

Turkish Natural Herbal Tea

How To Make Turkish Coffee / Best Brand & Where To Buy!

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What Is The History Of Turkish Tea

Tea was introduced to Turkey at the end of the 19th century and shortly afterwards the first attempts at cultivation around the Bursa region failed because the climate was not suitable. Some research and observations were made in Georgia and Russia, which had successfully cultivated tea.

It was found that the region around Rize, north-east of the country and close to the Black Sea coast, was ideal for growing tea. The tea business grew rapidly. Today, more than 50 percent of the 350,000 inhabitants of the Rize region are involved in the tea business.

The mild but snowy winters keep the tea plants free of pests and diseases. The rainy summers ensure that the plant gets the moisture it needs to thrive. About 60 percent of all Turkish tea comes from the Rize region.

Why Is Turkish Tea Made In Two Pots

The lower and bigger pot is used to bring the water to a boil, and the loose tea leaves are placed in the smaller pot that sits atop the lower one. Put the water in the bottom pot on to boil using the heat. After that, transfer part of it to the higher pot where the leaves are cooking before reducing the temperature of the fire.

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What Is Special About Turkish Black Tea

Caykur Organic Hemsin Turkish Tea in Metal Can, 400 Gr

Turkish Tea is special and famous for its preparation. Because it is produced by a kind of black tea plant, which is carefully collected from its branch. Additionally, it grows on the Eastern Black Sea coast, in Turkey. This type of tea is also called Turkish tea among the people. The Turkish tea powder is brewed in a teapot or samovar. It is served in distinctive small glasses known as Turkish Tea glasses with thin waist.

Rather than its special and meticulous preparation process, it is a special element for Turkish culture, also. Because tea has an important role for breakfast in Turkey, hospitality and friendship. In a way, it means gathering with loved ones. Additionally, it is drunk in traditional Turkish coffee houses and simit is consumed with Turkish Tea.

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Where To Buy Turkish Tea In New Jersey

Turkish Market is the best place to buy Turkish Tea in New Jersey, we sell all kinds of Turkish products and one of the most popular ones is Turkish Tea. There are all types and brands of Turkish Tea available in our store. So if you were searching for where to buy Turkish Tea in New Jersey then you have found the perfect place.

Turkish tea can be served at all times you can serve it in breakfast or at dinner or at lunchtime. Turkish Tea can be consumed at every time of the day. It is mainly served for breakfast because Turkish Tea has the effect of waking up the person giving them energy and stamina that will last throughout the day.

Because of this trait, Turkish Tea is seen as a natural energy booster. It is served with thin belly glasses that are called Turkish Tea Glasses.

Which Turkish Tea Is Best

  • What variety of tea is most often consumed in Turkey? The majority of Turkish people choose Rize tea, which is locally cultivated tea. Caykur, which offers a diverse range of black teas, including sprout tea, organic black tea, and Earl Grey Tea, is one of the most popular brands of Turkish tea in Turkey. Other popular brands include
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    Can I Drink Turkish Tea While I Am Pregnant

    Doctors generally state that one glass of tea would not be harmful and bodies generally tolerate this. One of the important points here is to drink tea not directly with a meal and to drink after 1-2 hours after the meals. This means that tea will not prevent the absorption of iron and will not cause iron deficiency. It is very important to understand iron is very important for mother and baby.

    But, please note that coffee and tea are not recommended during the pregnancy since they contain also caffeine. This may cause insomnia, anxiety, and further related issues with your body. For these reasons, you may consider drinking Turkish tea is rarely without exceeding 1 glass limit during the pregnancy.

    Things to consider if you are pregnant:

    • Not to drink with meals
    • Be careful not to drink coffee and tea on the same day
    • Not to drink late evenings/nights
    • Not to exceed 1 glass/cup per day

    Note : Before drinking coffee and tea, always ask your doctor what to do if you are pregnant!!!

    What Is Recommended As A Side How To Drink Turkish Tea

    Traditional way of Turkish Coffee with milk+4 great tips
  • Healthy way: Before talking about the standard way, here is the healthy and non-traditional way. Despite Turkish tea is consumed at breakfast or with snacks, biscuits, and cookies traditionally, this is not good for health and has some negative effects. Tea has components that affect iron absorption and may lead to anemia. The best way is to drink tea after 1-2 hours after a meal. Because tannins in tea can bind iron and cause anemia. Please consume tea after your main meals. If you drink rarely in a day, it may not be a problem to consume tea, but please dont drink too much.
  • Traditional way:
  • If you plan to come to Turkey and Istanbul one day in the future, have your Turkish breakfast including simit , cheese, olive, and Turkish tea with a Bosphorus view. This is a classic.
  • Besides Turkish bagel, you can drink tea with borek , gozleme , croissant, or a sandwich.
  • Or, you can eat a dessert and drink tea.
  • Traditional Turkish breakfast with Turkish tea

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    How To Store Turkish Tea

    • You should store Turkish tea inside of a glass jar and the jar should not be exposed to air. This will prevent getting humidity.
    • The environment should be cool and dry.
    • It should not be exposed to sunlight.
    • If you live in a humid and hot environment, it would be better to keep it in the refrigerator.
    • If it is a bag, you can store it till the expiration date. It is around two years, but you know more time is less quality.

    Is Turkish Tea High In Caffeine

    Because Turkish tea is pure black tea that is sometimes sweetened with beet sugar cubes, it contains a significant quantity of caffeine, and as a result, the recommended daily intake of this type of tea should be adjusted accordingly. A daily consumption of caffeine of no more than 400 milligrams is advised by the FDA.

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    The Form Of Black Tea Leaves To Make Turkish Tea

    When talking about which black tea should be used to make Turkish tea, there are some other points that need to be mentioned. First point is whether loose tea leaves or tea bags should be used to make Turkish tea. When you look at the black tea brands above, you will realize that they usually sell tea leaves in both forms.

    Turkish tea brewing method has longer brewing time with hotter water than English and Chinese methods, so the water has sufficient time and temperature to infuse almost all flavors in the tea leaves. If you use tea bags to make Turkish tea, the water will infuse the flavor of tea bags which spoil the taste of the tea and destroy the enjoyment of drinking it. Therefore, it is better to use loose tea leaves instead of tea bags to make Turkish tea, and use a strainer to leave the tea leaves behind while serving it. In fact, for any type of tea, you should keep in mind that the best tea always comes from loose tea leaves, and tea bags never deliver the same aroma and taste as loose tea leaves offer!

    Another point is that some black tea products come in very small, leaf-like forms. You should be aware of the fact that these leaf-like forms are mostly not real tea leaves but the crumbs or dust of the quality tea leaves. These leaf-like black tea products yield cloudy tea with no enjoyable taste. So, you should use quality black tea leaves instead of these leaf-like products for the best enjoyment from Turkish tea you brew.

    Why Is Turkish Tea So Strong

    Turkish Apple Flavour Instant Tea

    Tea drinking routine After the water in the bigger teapot at the bottom of the set is heated to a boil, some of that water is transferred to the smaller teapot at the top of the set, where it is used to fill the pot and steep several spoons worth of loose tea leaves to produce tea with a robust taste.

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    Turkish Tea Pot It Takes Two To Tango

    Peculiar Turkish tea pot is another reason to visit Istanbul and drink the Turkish tea made in it. Tea leaves on top, water on the bottom. The pot is a two-story “structure” where wonderful Turkish tea is brewed.

    “You’ll burn the tea if you boil it directly in the water” my Turkish husband believes. Despite my objections to how absurd the idea sounds, locals do follow the rule. Never boil the tea directly in the water.

    Turks consume an average of 1,000 cups of tea per person per year. This is one of the world’s highest tea consumption rates. Trust the tea recipe that comes from here. Afiyet olsun! Enjoy your tea!

    Tea is served by pouring some of the strong freshly brewed tea from the top pot. Usually 1/3 of the glass is filled with the strong tea. Boiled water from the bottom pot is used to fill up the glass.

    “Achik cai” in Turkish means less strong tea. If you say “chai” you would mean a stronger Turkish tea.

    Drinking tea only from the top part of the Turkish teapot maybe unpleasant. The tea there is usually too strong to enjoy the drink.

    Ever wondered why “tea” or “chai” are the only two words used to describe this drink almost in every language? Apparently it’s “tea” if came by sea, and “chai” if spread by land.

    What Is Tea The Difference Between Green Tea And Black Tea

    Its scientific name is Camellia sinensis. It is a type of Camellia and it is known as Chinese camellia in the Latin language. Moreover, the aromatic leaves of this plant are used for preparing tea.

    Difference between green tea and black tea:

    • Green and black tea plants are exactly the same. Processes are different after harvesting.
    • Green tea is not enzymatically oxidized, however, black tea is. This oxidation makes Turkish tea black. Phenolic compounds in tea oxidized with oxygen, and this reaction is catalyzed by polyphenol oxidase enzyme and this enzymatic color reaction gives black color.
    • Even green tea is brewed at 70-80 C around 3-5 minutes, Turkish tea should be brewed with boiled water for around 20 minutes. This is necessary to get its optimum taste.
    • This long steeping process makes Turkish tea delicious. You know, this taste makes Turkish tea different.
    • Unlike English and similar teas, milk, etc. are not added. It is consumed as plain and hot.

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    How To Make Turkish Tea:

    The proper method of making Turkish tea includes the following steps:

  • We boil water in two different pots using one small pot for a very strong tea brew, and a larger pot for additional boiled water.
  • Boil your water in the smaller pot. To the boiled water, add one teaspoon of tea into the pot for each glass you will serve. Allow the mixture to brew for approximately 10 minutes there is no need for reheating.
  • Boil the additional water in your larger pot .
  • To serve: Fill each glass only 1/3 with the brewed tea mixture. The rest of the glass should be topped with additional boiled water. However, the proportions can be adjusted to suit your taste. A good Turkish tea should be almost red in colour when served. You can add sugar to your liking.
  • We hope you will remember how to make Turkish Tea and keep brewing it. Enjoy your authentic Turkish tea!

    Originally published January 14, 2014, updated September 12, 2021

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    Which Turkish Tea Brand Is The Best

    How to Make Foamy Turkish Coffee | With Important Tips

    Please note that these brands are recommended by a food engineer, so you can be more comfortable

    Things to consider:

    • Do not buy non-packaged teas. Actually, dont buy anything w/o package. Because, we never know how these are produced, how these are stored, or whether the product is produced correctly.
    • If you want a real Turkish tea, look at the designation of origin. Some products are exported from Arabic countries and their taste is different.
    • I generally prefer tea bags and do not want to deal with powder, but this is your choice.

    Recommended Turkish tea brands:

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    Is Turkish Tea Different From Normal Tea

    There are countless varieties of Turkish tea, each with its own distinct flavor.In spite of this, they are all joined not only by the form of the glass in which they are contained but also by a distinct flavor that consists of a hint of bitterness, a little sour flavor, and an astringent flavor.Put some sugar on all of this .

    Why Is Turkish Tea Important

    We can say that Turkish tea is the number one drink within Turkish culture. It is almost closed to discussion When you come to Turkey or Istanbul, you will see many people drinking tea whenever you turn your head to somewhere, and believe me there is no exaggeration. Turkish people generally drink tea:

    • With the guests during visits
    • As a side drink with desserts
    • During the meeting with friends

    Turkish tea with Turkish breakfast

    Moreover, Turkey is one of the countries having a great amount of tea consumption per person . Basically, people love tea.

    Please note that you may see various Turkish teas on the net, but we will talk about the original one and those variants around do not represent it.

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    What Are Turkish Teapot Models

    There are two different models to steep tea. Basically, they are automated and manual ones.

  • Electric/automatic Turkish tea makers/pots: Honestly, these are the most useful ones and kettles are easier to use. Steeping Turkish tea is a relatively long process compared to other teas or coffees. Tea gets more delicious with time. This time is around 20-30 minutes. And, automated machines bring many advantages.
  • 1st advantage is safety. Classical ones are a little bit riskier to children and unintentionally turning off the ingle. Especially, we would recommend the ones having sensors and keeping the tea temperature at a certain level.
  • I have been using one of Tefals models for 5 years and it has a pleasing performance. For this reason, this is our first suggestion.
  • Another consideration before buying a teamaker is material quality. So, stainless steel is the better one since it provides more delicious quality and healthier compared to ceramic, plastic, and glasses. And, you know, especially plastics are harmful.
  • Classical manual models: If you dont want to use electrical models or want to buy something cheaper, you can prefer manual ones as well. Please note that material type and quality are again important.
  • Recommended brands:

    Note: Turkish samovar or tea kettle wood stove is also famous in Turkey. This also has a long history and using these ones in the picnics is a common thing to do in Turkish tradition.

    Turkish Tea Types And When To Consume

    Turkish Tea Set Copper Tea Set Set Of 2 Cup Copper Serving

    There are different types of Turkish Tea, and the taste and flavor differ from type to type, brand to brand. Black Tea includes tea bags, teapot tea bags, and bulk tea types. These are ideal for any occasion and you can consume them at any time of the day.

    That is why Turkish Tea is such a great consumable do not think of it as a product that can only be consumed one time of the day. It will go really well with any kind of food especially with breakfast consumables. If you still have a question about where to buy Turkish Tea you can always check out the Turkish Market for more information.

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    Is Turkish Tea Just Black Tea

    The traditional Turkish tea is black, and a great deal of it is drunk every day. The Turks are known to enjoy a variety of herbal teas, including rose hip and linden blossom , amongst other tastes. But they are typically ingested for the beneficial effects they have on ones health as well as to liven up the taste senses.


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